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Bartholomew County Young Republicans Educating and establishing conservative republican principles to young Americans here in Bartholomew County and across America.

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Bartholomew County Young Republicans are very proud of our Congressmen Mike Pence for standing up for freedom, values, and less government. We wish him the best with the tough choices he has to make regarding running for Senator. We will be praying for you Congressmen Pence.


People today are are standing up against big government, high taxes, and socialism more now than ever. 2010 is going to be a great year in this country where people simply do not vote Republican, but for conservative principles that this country was founded upon.


Do you want your voice to be heard? Are you tired of out of control spending, weakening values, and elected officials not listening to you? Become a member today of The Bartholomew County Young Republican's. Our goal is to go door to door around election time and spread the word to as many voters as possible what the Democrats are trying to do. Email Jay Phelps at [email protected]


Senate will possibly be voting on healthcare Saturday night. Our future as well as our kids future, is at stake. This bill will increase the governments role in our lifes dramatically. Please pray and call Senator Evan Bayh @ (202) 224-5623. If he is truely a moderate democrat, he would vote against this bill. Hoosier jobs are at stake!


Why are we treating terrorist of the 9/11 masterminds like they just held up a liquor store? Why are we putting them in the same court as you and I would be tried in here in America? 3,000 Americans are dead because of these terrorists, so stop treating them like criminals Mr. President, but the extremists that they are.


ABC news questions Obama's claim that 1 million jobs have been saved or created. The only problem is that there has been no proof and it simply doesn't add up. Stop lying tot he American people Mr. President and admit that the 787 billion dollar stimulus was a complete failure and waste of taxpayer dollars.


Call Indiana Senator Evan Bayh now and demand he vote against the health care bill! Washington Office (202) 224-5623 or Indianapolis office (317) 554-0750 This bill will add to the trillion dollar debt we already have and we will lose American jobs because of it. Not to mention it is 1,990 pages long and cost 1.2 trillion dollars = 22 million dollars a word in the bill


Meeting with elected officials last night went well. Republicans are fired up and ready to go for 2010.


Now more than ever, republicans and conservatives need to unite against the rapid expansion of the federal government by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. We young people can set the example for our generation and rise up to stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This starts at the local level here in Bartholomew county. Let your voices be heard and stand up for what you believe in!


Healthcare (Government takeover) has been shoved down the throats of the American people. Please pray like you have never prayed before and hope that the bill gets defeated in the senate.


Columbus, IN


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Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I work as the Leadership Institute's Field Rep in Indiana. In case you don’t know much about the Leadership Institute, we are a “Do Tank” based out of the D.C. area looking to help conservatives win. One of my goals in Indiana is to help strengthen and build a strong conservative network on campuses across the state through club creation and activism events- but I need your help. If you know any college students who are interested in making a difference on their campus, growing the conservative movement, and holding the radical left on their campuses accountable for their actions dm me! I would love to help them out.