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Village of Corrales Information on events and other fun things in the Village. The Village of Corrales is a small, treasured oasis located within a large, fast-growing metropolitan area.

The Village is bordered on the east by the Rio Grande and, across the river, by the Sandia Indian Reservation. To the south is the City of Albuquerque while to the west and north is the City of Rio Rancho. The greater metropolitan area numbers well over a half million people, but Corrales, about 7,300 in population, aggressively strives to retain a rural lifestyle. Prehistoric sites indicate the Corrales Valley has been occupied as early as 500 A.D. when the ancestors of the present-day Indian Pueblos derived sustenance from the fertile valley. Subsequent populations, including Hispanic, European and American families, settled here to raise grapes, apples, and livestock. Today, Corrales is distinguished by its broad green pastures and orchards, its rich historic and artistic character, and of course the sounds and scents of roosters, cows, horses and sheep. To cross the borders into Corrales is to step into another time and place where the stresses of twenty-first century life give way to the grace and pace of another era.


Got Junk?? Mark your Calendars! Corrales Community
Clean-Up Day is Nov 17th

The Village of Corrales is sponsoring its annual Community Clean-Up Day on Saturday, Nov 17th, from 8 am to noon. Roll-off containers will be available at the Recreation Center, 500 Jones Rd. Accepted items include:
• Household discards such as furniture, mattresses, tools, miscellaneous metals, etc.
• Green waste such as leaves, yard cuttings, tree and shrub trimmings
• Appliances such small electronics, washers, dryers, stoves and microwaves.
• PLEASE NOTE: NO Refrigerators or TVs

The Community Clean-up will not accept any hazardous materials such as household chemicals, paints, thinners, liquids. Also, no commercial or construction waste or tires.

Tires (limit of 4) can be taken to the Sandoval County/Rio Rancho Recycling Center, located at 2700 Iris Blvd., open Saturdays (except holidays) from 8 am to 1 pm. Proof of residency will be required.

Refrigerators, with Freon gas intact, can be taken to the same recycling center. Again, with proof of residency required.


Were you sad that you missed the $5 bag sale at the last Library Book Sale? Not to worry, FOCL is hosting a Pop-up Book Sale just for you! The entire Sale will be a $5 bag sale and will only be for one afternoon, so come out and support the Library and get all those books you missed last time! Sale will be on Saturday, November 3rd 10am-3pm.


For all of those that were interested in the Library's Book Sale: the $5 Bag Sale will start at noon today (Sunday) and go until we need to close down for the weather. Come out and support the library!


Don't miss Coffee with a Cop tomorrow morning at the Corrales Bistro 9-11am!

Meet your Corrales Village Employees! Here is another installment of our ongoing series.  This time, meet Village Parks ...
Village of Corrales Parks and Recreation Survey 2018

Meet your Corrales Village Employees!
Here is another installment of our ongoing series. This time, meet Village Parks and Recreation Director Lynn Siverts

He’s done three years of double duty as Public Works Director AND Parks and Recreation Director, but now, Lynn Siverts is ready to focus back on his first love. “I’ve been doing parks and recreation my whole entire life,” said the 21-year village employee. “This is what I love doing and want to continue doing.”
He started out at Rio Rancho Parks and Rec before coming to Corrales. He holds a BA in Parks and Recreation from University of New Mexico. He has run programs and coached dozens of Corrales kids during his career here.
He has a lot of ideas about improving the offerings and facilities here, but he needs a little help from citizens. That is why the Village has put out a Mail Chimp Survey on Parks and Rec. “We would really like to get 500 or more responses,” he said. The survey asks villagers about their priorities for spending on facilities, classes and infrastructure. If you haven’t responded yet, there are links up on the Village website and MainStreet or here:
The results he gathers from the survey will help determine what happens at the Jones House property, in the center of the village. Lynn says it has great potential as a community center offering classes, meeting spaces and more exercise facilities. Lynn says taking some walls down and upgrading restrooms could make a big difference. “If we had two big rooms, it would open it up to so many more activities.” Other ideas include a commercial kitchen, storage, offices and maybe even wedding rentals when the landscaping is revitalized.
A lot will also depend on what kind of funding is available, both through the village bonding process and what the state legislature does during this session.
Big projects for this year include a Gunite facelift for the swimming pool and regular maintenance of village soccer fields which now serve 400 kids.

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Friday Mayor’s Message

Beautiful fall weather is upon us. We are already starting to see a little bit of leaf change.

This week, a resident wrote to praise the efforts of our EMT team at the Fire Department. He took his wife to the main Fire Station as she was having very troubling symptoms. Immediately, the EMT team jumped into action; they ran EKG and other tests and then sent the electronic EKG strip to the hospital. The information arrived ahead of the patient and happily they were able to go home. As the grateful resident said, “I’m overwhelmed by the caring and skill of the whole Corrales EMT team and Tanya [Commander Lattin] in particular. They were superb. We are very lucky to have such great team in our little Village!” We are fortunate indeed and as mentioned, we are grateful to the Chief for building and maintaining this wonderful team. We also want to note that both the Fire Department and the Police Department will never call/solicit donations from you.

I attended a large block party this last Sunday, along with members of the police and fire departments, up on Christian Lane. It was a great turn-out (at least three dozen folks came together) for fabulous food and neighborhood interactions! I really believe this type of citizen engagement is the backbone of our community. It allows those of us who are in positions of public service to be able to respond to the wants and needs of our residents. Thank you for inviting us! It really is a pleasure to get out and meet you, if we have not already met.

Road Runner Healthcare had a red ribbon cutting ceremony this week here in Corrales. They are a homecare and hospice business run by a Corrales native Jennifer Keck. In the infancy of her business she ran it out of her home but now occupies an office space in the Village Plaza, just north of the fire station. She wanted to keep her business here in the Village and serves anyone within 100 miles. Even though her business has been in that space for just over a year, her ribbon cutting was to not only celebrate her new office space, but also to congratulate her on obtaining a Hospice Medicare License. In layman’s terms, a big deal! Jennifer’s business emphasizes patient driven care that provides the utmost love and care for each person. I want to acknowledge and appreciate the native Corraleño on her success and for wanting to keep her business here in the Village. For more information on Road Runner Healthcare and Jennifer visit her website

Mark the 23rd on your calendars as The 33rd Annual Corrales Ditch Run is fast approaching! Registration closes on the 21st, so if you are interested in a 5k, 10k or half marathon head over to in order to participate. All proceeds go to help support and maintain the Kiwanis Club’s annual Kids Kamp that takes place every June in Vanderwagon, NM. If you aren’t convinced yet you can also check out for more information.

Don’t forget to go to the Growers’ Market this weekend. Lot of produce is available right now. Al Gonzales reported that 4500 people attended last Sunday. It was a First Responders’ celebration; members of the Fire and Police were there, and as a special treat, a helicopter used for medical rescue flew in and let people look all around and talk to the crew.

As always, have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Happy September!September is Hispanic Heritage Month and that’s Corrales! I’ve included a picture of the beautiful windo...
Village of Corrales Parks and Recreation Survey 2018

Happy September!

September is Hispanic Heritage Month and that’s Corrales! I’ve included a picture of the beautiful window at the Library - it speaks to just a few parts of our important Hispanic tradition and culture. Take some time this month to enjoy, take pride in or learn more about the roots that make our Village so special. Visit our Old Church, take a walk along the acequias, consider how many centuries folks here have been farming and raising livestock and crops here. If you visit our Library, look at the photos of long-time residents that grace its walls. Explore the Library’s Southwest Room and check out a book about our past. Also, it is Second Saturday at Casa San Isidro – there are always interesting programs and a chance to wander around in that glorious space.

We have a very active Senior Center here in Corrales. Tammy Meyer, Supervisor over at our Senior Center, shared the following with us:

First of all, I love your Fire Department! They have gone above and beyond to be here when we need them. Recently, our Senior Advisory Board identified a need for a bike rack at the Senior Center. They bought the pipe with funding from the Village. One of our Advisory Board members, Don Reightly, designed the bike rack and asked for assistance from Fire Chief Anthony. Even through the busy fire season, Chief finished the rack and we would like to share our sincere appreciation for a beautiful job, well done.

Next, we have a volunteer that has been with us for at least as long as I've been here (3 years). Susan McLeod offers her computer skills to assist seniors in using technology. She helps with phones, tablets and computers. She is here every Wednesday.

And lastly, I would love to recognize one of our most vital senior volunteers, Marge Gerber. In this photo, Marge is taking blood pressures.

A task she enjoys every Wednesday during our lunch hour. In addition, she answers phones and decorates the center for each season or event. She has also been very active as our Senior Advisory Board Treasurer, for many years.

Thank you, Tammy, for all you do and to all the folks who make our Senior Center so vibrant.

Main Street New Mexico has placed Corrales on its list of communities who may be able to attain the designation of Arts and Culture District. The initial assessment took place on Wednesday. A lot more will be taking place over the next few months, and I assume we will all have a chance to give information and provide input about this very interesting project. It really offers us an excellent opportunity to get together and plan for a vision that suits our Village, now and into the future.

As you may know, the Village of Corrales, through the Parks and Recreation Commission, has prepared and made available a Parks and Recreation Survey, so that we may better assess and meet your recreational needs. If you have not already filled out a survey, please follow this link ( It doesn’t take long,and it will really help us make good decisions in the future. Thanks!

Walk and Roll began for Corrales Elementary today as about twenty students gathered in front of our Village Administration building in order to ride their bikes or walk to school. You can walk/run/bike from the Corrales Recreation Center as well. If you are interested in being a part of Walk and Roll please contact Corrales Elementary to get more information. Remember to wear a helmet if you are riding your way to school! (We also hear that there may be a pool party for any students who join at the end of the year!)

The Harvest Festival takes months to plan and needs lots of volunteers to make it work! This year, the Harvest Festival will be on the 29th and 30th of September. If you are looking for a fun and (short-term) volunteer gig, please contact Tony Messec at [email protected].

Have a wonderful weekend. Stop by the Corrales Grower’s Market on Sunday to experience First Responder Appreciation Day where you can meet some of our local Police and Fire personnel and see some of their equipment. More information can be found on the Grower’s Market webpage on the Village website. Some people might say don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, but I say, don’t forget to go and smell the chile!!!

JoAnne Roake

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The Village of Corrales is about to make up its wish list for the NM State Legislative Session in January 2019 and needs some help from you. On Thursday, Sept. 6th at 2 pm in the Village Council Chambers, there will be a public hearing on the Corrales Infrastructure Capital Improvement Program. The legislature has a little more money to play with this year, so it will be important for the Village to get its priorities in order. If you have input on an infrastructure project you would like to see the Village pursue, now is your chance. Infrastructure projects being considered have to do with the nuts and bolts of Village operations: stuff like a new municipal computer system, police and fire department vehicles, storm and flood mitigation work, animal services trucks and other equipment. If you like, you can also get a comment sheet at the Village Office to submit. No final decisions will be made at this meeting. The Village Council will take up the final list at a later date.


West Meadowlark road is now open. Thank you for you patience with the closure.


Corrales Road is now open. Thank you everyone for your patience while the police completed their work.


‪Corrales road closed north end. ‬
‪Corrales road is closed due to an MVA on north end from Calle De Coronell to Paseo Cesar Chavez. No one will be allowed through.
Seek alternate route. ‬


Another highly successful year for Cops and Crayons! The Corrales Police Department was able to provide backpacks filled with school supplies to over 100 children in grades ranging from Pre-K to High School!

On behalf of the Village of Corrales Police Department I would like to send out a HUGE Thank You to everyone that donated, without your generosity this event would not be possible. Special Thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Corrales whose support is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to next year!

Officer Julie Rogers
Corrales Police Department


We are receiving 911 calls for smoke haze throughout Corrales. The generalized haze is from numerous wild fires in California, Washington and Oregon.
Please call 911 if you see a column of smoke rising from the ground and as always if you see flames.

If you have respiratory problems please limit your time outside in the smoke.

Thank you.


Thank you everyone who has shared information to assist us in locating Harmony Bowman. Corrales police have just updated us that she has been found.

Mayor’s Friday MessageSummer is definitely drawing to a close. School started this week so please do be extra careful an...
Bosque Chile Festival

Mayor’s Friday Message

Summer is definitely drawing to a close. School started this week so please do be extra careful and watch for children and bicycles. Summer heat is still with us, but we can rejoice in the cooler mornings. And while the days of summer are waning, we can console ourselves with the sight and smell of chili roasters popping up throughout our area.

Speaking of chili, the Bosque Chile Festival is happening tomorrow at the Hispanic Cultural Center from 10-4. (Details at The Bosque Chile Festival will feature demonstrations, lectures, public art, children’s activities and music. They are even having a red vs. green poetry slam (the winner will be named the Bosque Chile Festival poet laureate). You know, perhaps Corrales should have a poet laureate as well.

Even if you venture out of Corrales, please don’t fail to take advantage of our local eateries and shops. As always, visit our wonderful Corrales Growers Market on Sunday from 9 to 12.

We are thrilled to be having another big ribbon cutting event next Monday. Thanks to the efforts of Main Street and others, we have retained the innovative company Ideum. Their new location looks beautiful. Ideum blends art and technology and creates many of those new-style digital displays that make visiting museums today such an exciting and interactive experience. Watch for pictures next week.

Take care and enjoy these last days of August. You might even want to play a little Aretha Franklin.

Jo Anne Roake

Join in the celebration of the chile harvest on Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Admission is $5. Children 5 and under are free.

This is a great news story that highlights CNM and RRPS program.  Corrales fire is very proud of Charles Molinari who ha...
RRPS Fire Academy connecting students to the workplace

This is a great news story that highlights CNM and RRPS program. Corrales fire is very proud of Charles Molinari who has been with Corrales for 21 years in both paid and volunteer positions. He is currently one of our two Commander’s.
Dennis Chavez started with Corrales 3 years ago with the Youth Conservation Corps. He stayed as a volunteer and is currently a Youth Conservation Corps Crew lead. He plans to continue his education with CNM working towards a Fire Science degree and will be back as a volunteer when the program ends in the fall.
This is Shelby Sandoval’s first year with Corrales’ Youth Conservation Corp program she plans to become a volunteer with Corrales when the YCC program ends. She also will attend CNM working towards a Fire Science degree.

A few spots remain for a special academy that's connecting the classroom with the workforce.


4324 Corrales Rd
Corrales, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00


(505) 897-0502


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