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Oregon State Bi21x Courses Bi21x is the Principles of BIology series for Life Science Majors (Bi211, Bi212 & Bi213). This page is to encourage science communication among students.

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For the experiment of analyzing the invasive effectiveness of false brome in the OAK Creek, we have roughly determined the false brome's invasion and the effects to other species. More importantly, we learned how the invasive species alter the environment and affect the ecology negatively and this experience provided us a chance to think about how to protect our ecosystem from invasive species.#OSUBI213 #OSUSCIENCE
By observing the owl pellet and match them to the owl pellet bone chart, we were able to determine the food types of owls and also roughly analyze the food availability of owl. #OSUBI213 #OSUSCIENCE
Determining what kind of apples are preferred out of 4 types. Smell, taste, color and texture. #OSUBI213 #OSUSCIENCE
Matching paternal and maternal chromosomes to make a Karyotype and determine any nondisjunction. #OSUBI213 #OSUSCIENCE
From the laboratory of bi212 at OSU, we dissected the specimen of laboratory pig and observed the structure of heart, lung, liver and other organs as well as vessels and systems. We learned how the organs and systems work with each other.
#OSUBI212 Determining the rate of transpiration with and without a fan in front of a Rhododendron clipping.
#OSUBI212 Developing a scientific question, hypothesis and prediction, to learn about the scientific method.
Angiosperms are the most diverse plant group that lives on land. They are also beautiful. #BIO211 #OSUSCIENCE
Azolla is an aquatic fern that can live in nitrogen limited waters due to symbiotic relationship with bacteria! #BIO211 #OSUSCIENCE
By dissecting these owl pellets, we were able to gather information on the home range size of these endangered owls. Education and awareness is the first step towards endangered species conservation. #OSUBI213 #OSUSCIENCE
We were able to make assumptions on the evolution of the human race based on the results of this gel electrophoresis! #OSUBI213 #OSUSCIENCE
We observed the behaviors of crayfish and how they interacted with one another in a small environment #OSUBI213 #OSUScience