Creston IA U.S. Army Reserve Fire Fighters Family Readiness Group - FRG

Creston IA U.S. Army Reserve Fire Fighters Family Readiness Group - FRG US Army Reserves in Creston IA Fire Fighters Family Readiness Group.

For soldiers, family and friends and community members that support the Creston IA Army Reserve Fire Fighters!!!


I hope all of our Soldiers and families had a great Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy all your left overs today!!!!


To all of our soldiers, their families and our retired vets. Happy Veteran's day! To all our brothers and sisters in arms who have died fighting for this country, may it be known they are not forgotten, they live within all of us! Thank you all for your service, and thank you to all your families that support you and sacrifice just as much!


Hey everyone please have a safe memorial day weekend! Take a moment or two to remember our fallen brothers and sisters. The fallen are never forgotten!


Hey guys! Have fun this weekend and be safe.... hydrate!! SSG Berney has red, purple, and blue powerades along with a 32 pack of water. See him for details! Everyone drive safe and keep an eye on the sky, weather may be bad!


So what is the FRG? What else do they do and why? How can they help me and my family? Do they help with anything I need?

It’s important to realize the boundaries and responsibilities of a group that provides so much.

The FRG is a group of command-sponsored people who support the company or battalion they are associated with in different ways. These can include family members, soldiers, civilians in direct contact with the military, and volunteers. In ours, there were jobs: president, vice, secretary. Each one was involved in a different aspect of putting together the parties and raising money.

The FRG also plays a large role in helping families when a member is deployed (usually a mom or dad). They help families prepare for both the deployment of the battalion and adjusting to life with them gone. They also prepare for field exercises (which can last a few weeks or months) and keep everyone involved updated on dates, times, and what to expect while the military members are away.

FRGs can often provide classes and workshops to help prepare for deployments, financial burdens, low level family problems, and they promote using resources available on and off base to help families in need.

We have a newsletter that comes out monthly to tell us about upcoming events for the kids, for just us, and what’s going on in the company. From promotions to homecomings, these newsletters keep everyone updated at the same time.

The FRG also helps with newcomers – those new to the company/battalion, to the base, or to life in the military. Volunteers are always needed for these types of things.

Want to get involved in your FRG? Call up one of the leaders. Chances are they’re looking for help in various areas, and you can spend a little or a lot of time assisting our soldiers and their families in making the military life a little easier.


If you have photos you would like added on here please email them to me. I will add them!


These are the Volunteer positions we are in need of.. please let me know if you or a family member is interested in any of them!

# FRG Treasurer—along with an alternate, serves as custodian for the FRG informal fund.

# Phonetree Committee Chairperson—organizes the unit phonetree; identifies and supervises phonetree points of contact.

# Battalion (or Unit) FRG Newsletter Editor—coordinates newsletter preparation, publishing, and distribution.

# Fundraiser Committee Chairperson—manages all FRG fundraising activities, including coordination, permission, and recruiting.

# Childcare Committee Chairperson—ensures acceptable childcare for FRG meetings and special events.


Based on the FRG mission statement, the FRG may fill many important roles, including:
# build soldier and family cohesion and morale;
# prepare soldiers and families for separation during deployments and, later, for the
stresses of reunion;
# reduce soldier and family stress;
# reduce the commander’s and other leaders’ workloads;
# help soldiers focus on their mission during deployments;
# help families become more self-sufficient;
# provide an avenue for sharing timely, accurate information; and
# promote better use of post and community resources.


Welcome to the Creston IA US. Army Reserve Fire Fighters FRG Page. Post pictures of unit events, questions or suggestions here. Let your family know about this page as well and add us!! the more support the better!!


Creston, IA


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