D Edwin Johnson Theological Institute

D Edwin Johnson Theological Institute We are a school that trains preachers, pastors and Christian laypeople in the areas of Bible, theolgy, history and practical ministries. The the D.

Edwin Johnson theological Institute is a place where you can get a quality education at an affordable price.

Operating as usual


D. Edwin Johnson Theological Institute had been renamed the Dallas Bible Theological Institute.
New location is 9780 Ferguson road. Contact Alfred Jamal Brown for more information and details.


Summer School Starts next week. See the website for details. www. dedwinjohnsoninstitute.org.


The graduation ceremony for the D. Edwin Johnson Theological Institute will be held at the New Creation Bible Church, 9028 Ferguson Road, Dallas, Texas


2212 Robert B Cullum Blvd
Dallas, TX

General information

The D. Edwin Johnson Theological Institute is a Baptist seminary that has been in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for more than 65 years. We currently offer associates and bachelors degrees.

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 22:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 22:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 13:00
Friday 09:00 - 15:00


(214) 565-1328


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Good afternoon friend – Here is a point to think Duality and Singularity [monism and dualism], is a nagging intellectual subject both at theological and scientific levels. This can be understood from Simple Figure, Here science and religious philosophies can come together. At the base of everything is energy; potential and kinetic. They manifest into the atom. The atom is born in a pair, one with right twist the other with the left twist [Recall H2 molecule]. Everything is born in pairs, thus we have male and female, particle and anti-particle. The figure speaks of the ecological pyramid that includes matter and life and which is self-organizing. Gravity and time here are directed to the singularity at the base of the pyramid. The Life Force or creation and sustenance force is directed opposite to the base of the pyramid. This is anti-gravity field that Einstein searched for in the second part of Life. At the highest level of this pyramid are humans. We can trace the root of Humans to one Parental being, whom we can be considered as God the Father and Mother. The singularity should now be concealed in the First Born of this Supreme God the Father and Mother. This is Jesus. Jesus carried with Him the supreme uncorrupt information of the Cosmos. Prior to becoming the Sacrifice, Jesus was in full awareness of His space-time Position and the Purpose of His Birth. The second figure speaks the Unique identity of Jesus. In Jesus, the consciousness and intelligence of God the Mother and Father and all the Information of the cosmos were condensed. In His body, we all existed. He is the miniature of the whole in the center. When He became the Sacrifice, He not only liberated His Spirit-soul to take New Life but also liberated all our souls to take New Life. He kept the cosmic information open for recreation and restoration into New Time. Jesus is king of all sages, what He spoke is the knowledge of soul and culture and Practices of East especially India. In Him East and west becomes one, Bible and Vedas become one. He is the force operating from the black hole to conquer time and death and initialize the Cosmic system into New Time cycle. The Spirit of Christ is the Great Attractor, around which the Living Universal system is bound to collapse into a new order. The spirit of Jesus is the Transforming agent helping all souls to transform and gain new life and get illuminated in the mind. His sacrifice became necessary, because, it is God’s own people who became the cause of the fall of Kingdom of God. Bible and Vedas become a Biological science. Science is already discovered in the parallel world, and have come up with a New Interpretation of Big Bang called Ekpyrotic scenario. Its proponents say at singularity one of this world shrinks and pierce the other to emerge out. This is nothing but the Biological creation. Jesus and Calvary is a Science. Semitists now are working to drop the Gravity theory and build models of the Unversed on Information. They are on the right path, but I am not sure, whether they will succeed in Bottling Living God in a mathematical bottle. God has to be experienced, it is the way in which we have to tread. The figure is from a book the link is given below -https://www.scribd.com/document/372512661/GOD-Beyond-Religion-An-Atheist-s-and-Scientist-s-Perception-of-God-and-Jesus