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Earthquake in Mexico

Happy Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday.


Conozcamos Marichu de Divergent que asistió al evento de DFW 2021 Build Expo y veamos como le fue
DFW Airport RHCA en Español


Una Bienvenida a todos en el evento de FW Build Expo 2021 gracias a RHCA en Español DFW Airport Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
#2021BuildExpo #construction #construccion #CityofFW


Asi comienza el día de hoy con el 2021 Build Expo en Fort Worth. Subcontratistas bienvenidos! Contratistas y Compañías de construcción

RHCA en Español Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce DFW Airport

Eres subcontratista? Este evento es para ti. Trabajas en construcción? Conocerás compañías importantes que otorgan contr...
2021 BUILD FW Expo with RHCA

Eres subcontratista? Este evento es para ti. Trabajas en construcción? Conocerás compañías importantes que otorgan contratos. Solo necesitas estar allí y cambiará tu vida.

Evento: 12 de Agosto $35 y $10 estacionamiento

Aquí regístrate:

RHCA en Español DFW Airport Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

#construction #contracts #subcontratistas #construccion #RHCA #FWCC #fwbuildexpo

The Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber and Regional Hispanic Contractors Association are teaming up to bring you BUILD FW on August 12, 2021. Meet the Hispanic Contractors and Business Equity Firms who are building Fort Worth and learn about the public and private projects changing the Fort Worth skyline.....

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

MEET THE HISTORY-MAKING CREW: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will be accompanied on the historic #BlueOrigin journey by his brother, Mark Bezos, as well as the oldest and youngest people ever to go to space, Wally Funk, 82 years old, and Oliver Daemon, 18. https://abcn.ws/3imdO60

Dallas Park and Recreation Department tiene algo para to este verano. #recpass

Dallas Park and Recreation Department tiene algo para to este verano.

Vacation Time! #travels

Vacation Time! #travels

Stay safe this summer & make sure you know the beach warning flag system! Sign up to receive daily flag updates by texting "PCBFLAGS" to 888777. For more beach safety info: http://bit.ly/PCBBeachSafety

Photos from Harvest Project Food Rescue's post

Photos from Harvest Project Food Rescue's post

¿Qué color prefieren los millennials mexicanos al momento de elegir auto?
¿Qué color prefieren los millennials mexicanos al momento de elegir auto?

¿Qué color prefieren los millennials mexicanos al momento de elegir auto?

Si bien el hecho de seleccionar un auto que se adecue a nuestras necesidades requiere de una búsqueda y análisis importante, el 90% de los encuestados señalaron que la selección del color es sumamente importante para su decisión de compra.

#cityofdallas #AudenciaPublica

#cityofdallas #AudenciaPublica

#cityofdallas #AudenciaPublica


Inspirado por el trabajo duro de un educador Mexicano. General Motors de México Tienen que ver este vídeo. Compartan

#educacion #teachers #maestrosmexicanos #talentomexicano

City of Dallas - City Hall#cityofdallas

City of Dallas - City Hall

City of Dallas - City Hall

Univision Noticias

Univision Noticias

📌 Muere Diego Armando Maradona de un paro cardíaco.

K911 Noticias

K911 Noticias

Hoy 31 de #Octubre ocurrirá un fenómeno poco común conocido como la #LunaAzul, no volverá a repetirse hasta el 2039.




Harvest Project Food Rescue

Gracias a #Ford Ford Motor Company Fund mascarillas gratis!

Mascarillas GRATIS!!!!!!!!
8510 Military Pkwy Dallas TX 75227

State Fair of Texas

State Fair of Texas

Howdy from the Big Tex Fair Food Drive-Thru! 🤠🎉🤩


4532 Columbia Ave
Dallas, TX


(214) 827-9700


Publicamos semanalmente un periódico hispano gratuito.


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Pudierron ver de que se trata El Trunpudo Gordo, este miercoles pasado cuando el mando sus pandillas en asalto al govierno.. Quebraron ventanas, y entraron al edificio, y mataron un policia que trataba de protejer la propidad. El tronpudo mo llamo la guardia civill y los dejaron salir sin arrestos. El partido Republicano siempre apoya al Tronpo y aunque llaman que yo hechen afueram no van hacer nada. Acuerdesen de lo que ha pasado,Cuidado con los coyotes que apoyan este partido.
Se traspasa negosio de ropa en el area de dallas tx. Para mas infomasion 972 5236115. Sola mente gente interesada .
"...an accomplice helps someone commit and/or cover up a crime...Intentionally or unintentionally, it appears that DETECTIVE RICHARDSON did everything he could to make sure that Taylor would never be convicted in the murder of SHINIQUIA SIMINGTON...Make no mistake...Detective Richardson has made himself an ACCOMPLICE TO MURDER."
Many people have just arrived in the USA by an unprecedented Migrant Caravan, and more are coming daily. They left violence and poverty and have nothing but the clothes on their backs and a hunger for better lives. They need your help. Would you please visit our website (www.QuickActionPac.org) and see how you can help? Thank you, Leadership Quick Action Pac www.QuickActionPac.org Donate Here
The majority of Cubans came as refugees after Castro came into power. Cuban came in to the US under a special privilege known as "Dry Foot". All Cubans had to do was set foot on American soil or any structure extending from American soil and they would be granted asylum. That is why thousands risked their lives by using any and all boats, rafts, skiffs and floats to escape with their families and children. You would expect that they would have empathy for the Central American families fleeing the crime and violence of their own countries, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, but instead they follow Trump's lead about building a wall and while they are not in favor of separating the children from their parents, they question why they would subject their families to such danger, when it was exactly what they did. Ted Cruz is such a Cuban. He has yet to condemn Trump for separating the children from their parents or questioned the need for a wall. Trump insulted Ted Cruz's Father, by saying he met with the assassin of President Kennedy as part of a conspiracy and also insulted his wife's looks., and labeled him "Lying Ted" Yet Cruz has overlooked all this, disrespect and abuse and has actually asked Trump for his help in his reelection bid. Is this the kind of weak, spineless politician that we need in Washington. If a comprehensive Immigration bill is needed why hasn't Cruz introduced it. Because it easier to criticize and complain then to take action. Trump has insulted all Mexican American when he spoke with contempt about Mexican refugees as being criminals and rapists, although some are good people. We cannot support someone who is in agreement with Trump. New leadership is needed!
Hola a todos no les gustaria probar un delicioso pan de dulce. Pues vengan a la panaderia benitosbakery es una panaderia chica pero cuenta con una sabrosa variedad de pan mexicano. Vengan a probarlo estamos en el 1311 marketplace suite 270 esquina con saturn rd en garland
ESPERANDO EL DESTINO another noir fiction of Alejandro Marin blog:cortemoslacarajo.blogspot.com A story that begins in a charity party in the south of Spain; continues through Asunción, capital of Paraguay; ciudad del Este, capital of unlawful activities and finishes in Buenos Aires. Our now friends, Jordi Gonorria, economist who also plays the role of amateur “chef” and the former police inspector Quito Verdudo, rub shoulders with the human trafficking mafia and with the politicians that rig them. A tough story, traced by a doomed fate, that even though some passages may amusse us, in others load us with the anguish produced by this modern way of enslaving and abusing of the helpeless. As it is already a custom, they are accompanied by the usual friends and characters arised from the story, the literature and even from the movies. And they end up stumblingwith astonishing revelations of current issues which the media published in front pages not long ago. In the itinerary, our economist-cook some time enjoys and others bears his emotional and erotic hieroglyphs. And he makes time to offer us delicious dishes, kitchen stories and hot news about economy and economists. Available (in spanish) AMAZON KINDLE store.