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Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Just a reminder that if you cut your monitor off, you WILL get a warrant!! 🚔🚨🏛
Murder Suspects Jump Bail

Just a reminder that if you cut your monitor off, you WILL get a warrant!! 🚔🚨🏛

Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) - Two women charged with murder for the October 2020 stabbing death in Dallas of a Seattle woman who was vacationing in Texas have cut off their ankle monitors, and fled while out of jail on bond. 50 year old Nina Marano and her 58 year old wife, Lisa D***s, face murder charges fo


Please be aware that most courthouses have shut down operations for all bond cases. If you have a court appearance coming up, please contact me BEFORE coming down to the courthouse. Most likely, I will be able to get a rescheduled date WITHOUT you needing to be there. Please be safe and remember to WASH YOUR HANDS and COUGH INTO YOUR ELBOW! 😷🤧 214-708-9420 cell

Photos from Behgooy Law's post

Photos from Behgooy Law's post

Watch Behgooy Law today on WFAA!! YouTube and for State of Texas v. Desmond Jones (Day 3).

Watch Behgooy Law today on WFAA!! YouTube and for State of Texas v. Desmond Jones (Day 3).

Achieving justice in Frisco! Update: got a full DISMISSAL 🎉

Achieving justice in Frisco! Update: got a full DISMISSAL 🎉

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

It is RAINING dismissals this month!  So happy to get another person back on their feet!

It is RAINING dismissals this month! So happy to get another person back on their feet!

Lubbock Dismissal GRANTED!!! Another satisfied customer!

Lubbock Dismissal GRANTED!!! Another satisfied customer!


Got a clients case no-billed today!! ⚖️


So blessed to see the pure joy on my clients face when I told him that his FOUR new aggravated felonies were being dropped! 👊🏼⚖️🏛

It's live! Check out the official Behgooy Law website now!! Referrals always welcome! 👩🏼‍💼🏛⚖️
Behgooy Law

It's live! Check out the official Behgooy Law website now!! Referrals always welcome! 👩🏼‍💼🏛⚖️


First plea bargain achieved yesterday! Happy client, happy lawyer!!! 🏛⚖️ EDIT: it is technically the 1,567,457th plea I've done, but first as the defense!!!


There's a new defense attorney in town ...


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Meredith Behgooy has 14 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and former Assistant District Attorney for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. She has prosecuted hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases, including:

  • Driving While Intoxicated (misdemeanor and felony)

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    Parent seeking support.
    ~Charter School Filed Lawsuit Against Student with AUTISM~
    Every child deserves the right to a free appropriate education; one in which their environment promotes them to flourish, protecting their right to be educated in a safe atmosphere. Over the course of my last few years dealing with Westlake Academy, this right for free education has been wrongfully neglected, and instead of working tirelessly to amend their mistakes, the Academy actively spends school funding in order to prevent a disabled child from receiving proper education. My son, an autistic senior in high school, was wrongfully removed from special education, a lack luster program characterized as unproductive and anxiety producing. Now, myself and more than over twenty families and former teachers are seeking class action lawsuits against the school for their actions (systemic problem), and in response, the school uses the money funded by the city, designed to be used to enhance the education of its students, to pay legal fees and ensure the improper treatment of those in educational need. After years of harassment by faculty to the students and parent misrepresentation of actions, administrative retaliation, misuse of government funding, grade changing, curriculum compliance deceit, IDEA fraud, and more, Numerous governmental agencies are presently investigation District's asserted wrong-doings. I have sought the aid of every legal agency to no avail, subsequently I am pro se in DP IDEA claim due to lack of special education attorneys. I ask of you, the media, to step in and report the truth: that Westlake Academy has failed in its role as an educational system, proving to value injustice over the needs of the students.
    Westlake Academy Charter School Administrative Misconduct, Education Fraud, School Negligence, Criminal Activity, Fraudulent Contract Coercion, IEP Deceit-Paper Compliance Only, Bad Data Reporting...
    Single Parent Requires Support. School is Municipally Owned/ Self- Governed By
    ~~Laure Wheat, Mayor of Westlake~
    & Town of Westlake's Board of Trustees

    Westlake Academy School District's Representing Legal Counsel, Janet Bubert; Underwood Law Filed a Legal Lawsuit Naming Student with Childhood Disability of Autism. Student Identified to be Gifted Talented, in Grade 4; Having the Top 1% Nationally. Staff Subject Teachers Nominate Student for "BlackSmith Award"
    Recognizing Student To Have Highest Level for Academic, Athletic Ability,
    Equal With HIGH INTEGRITY. The school director and special education department has viciously retaliated against parent. At recent disposition, attorney threatened parent to file law suit against her son. Westlake filed lawsuit officially NAMING in petition claim.
    Retaliation, Harassment, Fraud ....Subsequent to parent filing a grievance claim to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) with findings for (5) educational violations against Westlake Academy Charter School. The Town of Westlake is one of the most affluent cities in America and their School Attorney has since Filed a Lawsuit Against A Student with Autism in Grade 12. Westlake Academy Issue Subpoena for Deposition to Parent. For Eight (8) Hours the School Attorney HARRASSED, ABUSED Parent Making Derogatory, Accusatory Statements with Threats for Legal Suit Against Parent.
    School Admistrator's Retaliatory Behaviors Have been Vicious. Recently Escalating to Severe Level and Resulting in District's UNILATERAL Decision to Dismiss Student From Special Education without consideration to Individual IDEA LAW.
    In VIOLATION to IDEA Law, the School Removed Student from Special Education without consideration to:
    1. School failing to conduct assessment evaluation PRIOR to student dismissal to DETERMINE if student no longer has an educational need
    2. School failed to sufficiently consider numerous private assessment evaluation; including: DADS, OT, LSSP
    3. School failed to consider NUMEROUS license professional recommendations attending school meeting to advocate for student's support; a. Private MDs, b. Ph.D,c School Diagnostician d. LSSP, c. Autism specialist, d. Education advocates, e. Education attorneys 4. School dismissed without the parent or student being present at decision-making meeting. 5. School Dismissed NOTWITHSTANDING the student having an UP-TO-DATE CURRENT "3-Year Full and Individual Evaluation with Eligibility Determination Report for Autism". 6.Nothwithing Neuropsychology Evaluation Report, LSSP identify Student to have Educational Need.

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    Gables Republic Tower - Dallas World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth Rotary Club of Dallas Hartford Building Tower Petroleum Building Feed a Million Veterans Consulat général du Canada à Dallas DRC Leadership Programs Consulate General of Canada in Dallas Dallas Area Rapid Transit (Official DART page) Whitacre Tower U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 6 Old Dallas Central Library Rosemont Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA) Ascend North Texas