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Meet our counselor Michelle D Williams, CEO, LPC, LCDC. She found answers through God and now guides others to seek Him....

Meet our counselor Michelle D Williams, CEO, LPC, LCDC. She found answers through God and now guides others to seek Him. Licensed in TX, VA, LA, SC. Welcome to our center! Looking forward to talking with you soon.

When navigating life’s challenges, it’s crucial to hold onto the belief that love and faith in God are unwavering source...

When navigating life’s challenges, it’s crucial to hold onto the belief that love and faith in God are unwavering sources of strength and healing. Trusting in Him is key to finding peace and restoration amidst life’s trials.


Internet was down hour before having to get to work!! Well 40 minutes in Spectrum got me back up!! Time to get coffee and put in 6 hours of video counseling!! Have a great day everyone.


Days seem to all just run together when you’re an older adult. Instead of an end of a day like when you were young. Momma putting you to bed. You just have short intermissions (yes because you wake up in the middle of the night thinking the kids into something because it’s too quiet. forgetting that your kids are all grown and not home. Therefore, you pray for their safety and try to sleep) then it’s time to wake up and do the same thing all over again!! Yes being a single empty nester sucks!


Grandkids called me at 4am and I CANNOT GET BACK TO SLEEP!! I am booked solid today…oh my goodness the struggle to stay awake is going to be extremely hard!! Goood Morning! Pray for me!


The sense of entitlement in this community is unreasonable, as they expect others to change what is, just so they can be okay with themselves. They should simply focus on being okay without imposing their beliefs on others. Be who or what you wish in your worldview, you have the ability to dictate and change that story all you want. However, you don’t have that ability to dictate and/or change mine.

It’s not hate speech or harassment when I refuse to call you the s*x that you were not created to be. It’s common sense for me. If you want to be called Jennifer and your name is Jeff then don’t tell me you used to be a Jeff and guess what to me your name is Jennifer. I can call you by the name you wish…but I can’t make up a gender or species for you.

I’m a counselor and many will think this is me being hateful or wrong. However, when my clients who come in for services, I tell them what I believe and they tell me what they believe…I give them the option to stay of seek another counselor. Some stay because their homos*xuality is not what they are coming to counseling for. So that’s not the area I need to touch. However, if that is the case…I’ve already told them what I believe and they denied to believe as I do…therefore, my job is done as far as a Christian…I offered you the cup…you refused to drink it. Therefore, I focus on their relationship, issues, career. I don’t force them to talk about what maybe concerning me.

However, it’s not fair if they are asking me to use pronouns not associated with what I see. I thank God that the clients that I have seen are very understanding of my beliefs and I in return, understand their, therefore, we sit and have a session that causes both of us to be comfortable and be heard.

Accept your own reality. You don’t have to force people to see it…this reality is for you…for whatever reason you choose it. It was to help you. My belief in God is to help me lead a life of freedom and happiness by doing His will. I offer it to others…if they refuse it doesn’t make them damned to hell…it just means that maybe I’m just the planter or watergirl. Not the one who will see the result of change.

This is what the LBTQ generation needs to understand. I (I can only speak for myself) don’t hate you, I just don’t agree with your belief. Simple as that. If God loves you, who am I to deny you as a human being. But according to my source, God doesn’t agree with your lifestyle, so I can’t agree with that either, just like I and he don’t agree with p**n, child abuse, stealing, killing, etc.. So it just as simple as that for me. I pray that you all are able to accept His reality; however, if you choose not to at least accept your own. And not condemn others who don’t.


Because earlier generations have failed to maintain adequate expectations, today's young people must establish their criteria for success. Sadly, indiscipline among the youth has resulted in meager benchmarks that could spell trouble if not improved.


That's it. I'm going back to school to major in business. There's so much I realize I don't know about running a business. So looking for schools. But community colleges may be the route because I am broke lol.



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