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ProSpeak Toastmasters We're a group of aspiring professional speakers leveraging the educational resources of the Toastmasters organization and the knowledge/wisdom/expertise of existing professionals in the speaking circuit.

We're a unique group of advanced Toastmasters who are currently, or are aspiring to be, professional speakers. We meet once a month to listen to keynotes dispensing their knowledge, wisdom, expertise from the professional speaking circuit; and then we conduct our own 15 minute speeches that will be analyzed by 2 evaluators - one for content, the other for delivery.

We're a unique group of advanced Toastmasters who are currently, or are aspiring to be, professional speakers. We meet once a month to listen to keynotes dispensing their knowledge, wisdom, expertise from the professional speaking circuit; and then we conduct our own 15 minute speeches that will be analyzed by 2 evaluators - one for content, the other for delivery.

Mission: The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

Operating as usual

Coming September 10th

Coming September 10th

ProSpeak Toastmasters's cover photo

ProSpeak Toastmasters's cover photo

Prospeak members excel!  Christina (representing her mentor club) wins first place in the Town North Division Internatio...

Prospeak members excel! Christina (representing her mentor club) wins first place in the Town North Division International Speech Contest and Helen (representing Prospeak) wins first place in the Evaluation Contest. District stage bound.


D50 conference was wonderful. Our own Lia Bai won 3rd place in the International Speech Contest! Competition was extraordinarily stiff - any presenter could have made an impact at the international run offs.


Quick note: Because our May meeting is on mothers day . . . we have cancelled the May meeting - plan on June 14th for our next fabulous opportunity to go from proficient to professional.


Prospeak meeting today is cancelled. Traffic and ice conditions make safety a serious concern. We will coordinate with the Coffee House Cafe and attempt another replacement date if possible and advise, but today's Sunday December 8 meeting will NOT be held.


Who would've known Ed and fellow member Helen would get hitch one day?!! I did! All the signs were there! Marriage set for November 3rd in Terrell, TX! Congratulations guys!


SUNDAY August 12, 1:30pm:

La Hacienda Ranch 17390 Preston Rd, #100 Dallas, TX 75252-5723

Basic strategies for a long healthy life from this day forward
By Clint Fuqua CIAR, NASM, RTS, IDEA Elite PFT

You can expect to get as much out of your health as you put in to it and only you are in charge of it. Doctors can write prescriptions, politicians can write laws, but you are the one that decides what you put in your body and what you do with your body. Hopefully you will find that real health is more about the new found knowledge, healthy body image, p
ersonal pride, and freedom you will gain as you reform how you care for your personal health.

About Clint Fuqua:
Clint Fuqua is an accomplished Certified Personal Trainer with almost two decades of experience and specialized training in all areas of health, nutrition, and exercise. Clint has worked with several Junior High, High School, Collegiate, and Professional athletes in sports ranging from Basket Ball to MMA and many people just wanting to improve their health so they can live a long and quality filled life.

Clint designs total health and performance enhancing programs unique to each client's wants, known needs, and unknown needs. Finding a balance between these wants, needs, and creating a balanced program to address them in their importance at each point in a client's training life is the difference between success and failure. Clint utilizes his keen sense of observation and fore thought to develop full scale programs using specialized assessment methods, exercise equipment, movement protocols, and nutritional programs to aid his clients in achieving success.

Clint's programs incorporate a blend of exercises, equipment, and homework for each client based upon each initial assessment. The exercise programs build on one another over time to increase his client's metabolism, energy, vitality, self knowledge and overall well being. These program elements help clients of all ages to obtain their goals in and out of the gym for the rest of their lives.

Years of Experience: 20 years

Certifications & Qualifications:

CIAR PFS , CIAR Biomechanics of Strength Training , CIAR-OPT , NASM CPT-OPT , IDEA Elite Personal Trainer , Aaberg PTPT I Advanced Biomechanics , Aaberg PTPT II Advanced Performance Training , Aaberg PTPT III Advanced Program Design , Purvis RTS-Lecture , Purvis RTS-Practical , Purvis RTS-Mastery* , *(Attended RTS-M Science, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Spine/Trunk) , Attended Parker CC Gross Anatomy Cadaver Lab for Trainers in 06 and 07 , CPR-AED


We begin this Toastmaster year with our new slate of officers. Congratulations to Kat and her team for the new term!

President: Kat Smith
VP Education: Anthony A. Kung
VP Membership: Jyo Pai
Secretary: Dan Dodd
Treasurer: Ed McCamey

Our July meeting is this Sunday the 8th. And in keeping with the July the 4th spirit and gratitude for our country and the men and women of the armed forces, we are proud to have a former Blackhawk helicopter pilot (US Army 1994-2001) and 2011 Congressional Veteran Commendation recipient speaking to us. Details will be forthcoming on our Facebook invite later today!

Meeting June 10 2012

Meeting June 10 2012

ProSpeak meets La Ranch Hacienda at 1:30 pm on the second Sunday of the month. This Sunday was a particularly good meeting with over 20 attendees. Anthony Kung started the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and we jumped right into the Keynote address.
Forrest Ward was our key note speaker and his subject was “Networking” discovering other people’s experiences. In other words, “Who are you”. He told us his background and talked about how Forrest Gump “Went to Heaven’. He sounds just like Forrest Gump and he was funny.
People have three dimensions:
1. What did you do?
2. What are you doing?
3. What next?
DFW is the 5th largest economy in the US. Houston is 4th. Other growing economies include Austin, Houston, Ft Worth and El Paso. Forney, TX is growing from 20,000 people to 40,000 over the next ten years. In other words, Texas is booming in pure spite of the economy!
Forrest really enjoys Catherine Hatcher because she gives us a pieces of herself with every speech. I recall the touching story about her daughter and it was tough for her to give that speech.
Forrest turned the next 20 minutes over to Jim Herbert, TCU, USAF, AudioVisual Radio, MC @ TCU which allowed him to pay his way through TCU. Jim is an elder man who really believes in getting involved in our community. He is a member of the Rotary Club which sings at retirement homes. You can see them at .
Forrest came back and talked about “thinking outside of the box”. He grew up in Odessa, lived in Austin working the internet. He moved to Amarilla to learn car sales and train the owner how to run a business. FGorrest has an MBA. Then, he moved back to Austin. In ’83 he moved to Houston.
Forrest turned over to Catherine Pena (with that little thing over the “a”). She grew up loving sports. There is not a lot she has not done in sports: bowling, softball, volleyball, basketball, track, handball, badminton, indoor soccer, golf, and inline hockey.
In the 90’s, she went to Texas A&M when Microsoft was going strong. She crashed a computer when running some experiments. She loves small business and helps to put them on the internet where she is particularly concerned with establishing their “Brand”. She confirmed that Social Media is here via Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In among others. She suggested we use our website like our back porch.
Forrest wrapped the first hour up with a synopsis of the speeches and encouragement to join in with our DFW community.

Martha Stanley’s speech was entitled “It’s a Miser” and it was on the subject of Democracy and it’s connection with religion. She did a lot of research and stated that democracy collapses when voters elect people who will pay the most for the voters benefit. She said our government cannot do what is not in the Constitution and there are only four things in the Constitution:
1. Form a militia
2. Regulate commerce
3. Settle arguments among the states
4. Negotiate foreign treaties
Two professors wrote a book about our Constitution w/o any footnotes. Decades later they rewrote the book refuting the first book and included footnotes.
Fifty-six men signed the Constitution. Twenty-nine signers were pastors.
Martha pointed out that Congress printed 10,000 English bibles. Only 22 still exist today. The bible was used across America until 1947 when Congress ule passed the 3/5’s rule leading to the 13th and 14th amendments. The bible was the first text book in our early schools. Our Constitution does require the separation of church and state. There are no laws establishing religion in the United States.
Aisha evaluated Martha’s speech on Delivery. She said Martha persuaded and inspired us with her history and research, Martha had good eye contact, hand gestures and her research made a good point that our schools were better in the past before 1947.
Peggy evaluated Martha for Content. She pointed out Martha’s research to discover all the history and details. Martha inspired everyone in the room.
Jyo Pai’s speech was titled “Making Fear Work For You”. In January, Jyo received a promotion, new title and more pay where she worked. She was not sure she was up to the task even though she had worked there for ten years and received promotions before. She had a sick feeling in her stomach and two weeks to learn her responsibilities. She knew the workers she inherited were a clique and jaded. She was really concerned with her skills, experience and ability. She needed an action plan, but she was upset and did not have one. Ultimately, she dug in and established an action plan: “Jyo, you can do it.” She used her brain, the center of her body and smarter than computers. She started meeting with all the people under her on a daily basis and promised to give them all her support.
On another note, she talked about her husband just two weeks ago had experienced seer chest pain, coughed and passed out. They went to the doctor and cardiologist at the heart hospital. They did the stress test, but he could not pass it. The next step was “angiograms” where Jyo experienced fear because she would be calling the shots for her husband while he was unconscious. Again, she was not sure she was qualified, but ultimately she overcame her fears because she was the best bargain he had.
Helen evaluated Jyo’s speech for Delivery. Jyo met the requirements with good hand and body gestures, good vocals, eye contact, but suggested she might want to smile more.

Jamie evaluated Jyo for content. She said Jyo is a natural speaker. She opened with drama and dramatic words. She liked the reference to the “Dump” to accepting the challenge and the “We’re smarter than computers. “ Jyo used humor with the ocean ride. She did suggest that Jyo allow a longer PAUSE for more audience affect.

Daniel Dodd, DTM
ProSpeak Secretary


ProSpeak Toastmasters Featuring Forrest Ward

Sunday June 10th 1:30pm until 3:30pm
La Hascienda Ranch 17390 Preston Road # 100 Dallas, TX 75252 (972) 248-2424

"Networking Made Easy with Less Struggle & Effort"

Whether you're a Professional Speaker or aspiring to be one or even just want to improve the way you get new and meaningful working relationships you are going to love our next speaker.

Forrest Ward will cover at least 3 particular ways a person can advance their networking skills. Forrest will cover how he has developed his networking strategy since he arrived in the DFW area in 2005.
He is bringing Catherine Pena with him to present a 10-minute segment about using the Internet to further one's message and presence, and Jim Heaberg with a 10-minute segment about using the performing arts in Dallas to further one's message and presence socially (more specifically the Spectacular Senior Follies we both perform in
He is a long-time business acceleration specialist (since 1979) to Executives, Entrepreneurs and Entertainers. Forrest is the Founder, Owner and CEO of He will speak about the most effective way to expand your business and increase your productivity. He has "Courses for Executives, Entrepreneurs, & Entertainers." Forrest produces networking events in 6 Metroplex cities. He has produced the "Living and Leading with Forrest Ward” interview Internet show since 2007 (with 81 interviews so far).
Forrest will help you solve the problems you didn’t know you had with less hassle and more profits.


We will meet May 6th this Sunday because our usual second Sunday of the month falls on Mother's Day in May! See y'all then!

So how was that noise level guys?!!! Do we now have more powerful lungs for our future speech deliveries? Yesterday's fo...

So how was that noise level guys?!!! Do we now have more powerful lungs for our future speech deliveries? Yesterday's four 20 minutes speeches were entertaining, fun, insightful, inspirations, and simply TMI - "goup, goup, stinking, walnut"! LOL! Great to see many of our members: Ed, Kat, Jyo, Gary, Martha, Cathrine, Gary! And thanks to our guests for attending: Tim Gillette, Melanie Dunn, Lois Parks, Rose Thiam, Myra Diaz. Hope to see you all next month on May 6th (since the 13th is Mother's Day!)


Many of you on Sunday saw the two Super Bowl movie trailer spots that form the basis of my talk: Stop Calling Me Jackie!!! (There IS life after the Transition!) Make sure you watch both these movies! :-) Also at this Sunday's ProSpeak meeting, we can expect a handful (7-12) of professional speakers from Speaker Co-op who have indicated an interest to explore the value that we can bring to their speaking image, content, and delivery. See you there!

I made an open invitation to all the professional speakers at Speaker Co-Op today to attend our ProSpeak meeting this Fe...

I made an open invitation to all the professional speakers at Speaker Co-Op today to attend our ProSpeak meeting this Feb 12th as a venue to improve their speaking. Five have verbally committed to me to attend. Look for more because I couldn't talk to every single person in the room after but have added the ProSpeak info in the Speaker Co-Op meet-up page!


This Sunday January 8 - 1:30pm until 3:30pm Gary Rifkin is Back!!!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Professional Speaking (or Speaking like a Pro), But Were Afraid To Ask!!!

Gary will talk about Professional Speaking & the skills of a Professional Speaker. He'll take your questions throughout this very interactive workshop....and even coach is you want/need it. You don't want to miss this session!

About Gary:

Gary is an Award Winning Speaker!Gary Rifkin is one of only ten recipients of the Joseph J. Charbonneau Award. This award, presented by the National Speakers Association/ North Texas Chapter, is given to a person who exemplifies the highest standard of excellence and professionalism in the speaking industry and who continues to be of service to the local chapter.

Gary Rifkin has been involved in the training and speaking business since 1987, when he began as a popular speaker at major colleges and universities. He has since catapulted into some of the most recognized and respected organizations in the world.

Gary is an accomplished trainer and proven effective motivator for organizations including UPS, American Airlines, The City of Irving, American Society of Association Executives and the American Institute of Architects.

La Hacienda Ranch , 17390 Preston Road # 100 , Dallas, Texas 75252 (972) 248-2424


This Sunday 11/13 we have Dave Hill in the house to present to us!

**Come 15 min early if you plan to order food**

Imagine people sitting on the edge of their seats, listening to your content and stories, and laughing at your humor. Visualize people who come up to you several years after a presentation and say, “I remember your presentation; your points and stories really impacted me.”

An impactful story which is used to reinforce a point will make a speaker stand out. Whether you are a key...note speaker, trainer, executive, front-line worker, or entertainer, the ability to deliver a finely honed story will get you noticed. No matter what career we are in, we all share the need to clearly communicate important information with the intent of convincing others. Stories and humor are your bridge to success.

At this Month's meeting, you will learn the following from Professional Speaker and Toastmaster Dave Hill:

• Deliver stories people rave about
• Engage your audience
• Experience the euphoria from making groups laugh
• Successful presenters get noticed


ProSpeak Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2011

ProSpeak met in its new venue, La Hacienda Ranch, on Sunday, October 9th. Our new address is: 17390 Preston Rd, #100, Dallas, TX 75252-5723. We meet the 2nd Sunday of the month from 1:30-3:30 pm. Y’all come!

Due to the rain and change of venue, we had ten attendees including Debbie Allen who came late and left early for other key commitments. That was a really bad pun, Debbie. Anthony Kung is our President and Catherine Hatcher was our Toastmaster of the day. Jamie Shehata, our Area 62 Governor, inducted our club officers for the 2011-2012 season. Thank you very much for coming Jamie and congratulations on being our Area Governor!

Our guest speaker was Minette Riordan, founder of Scissortail Publishing and Certified Coach for Parents. Minette got her PhD from Stanford and she shared a wealth of knowledge about Personality Styles and “How to Effectively Communicate with ANYONE!” We delved into the personalities of Bulldozers, Detectives, Border Collies and Ringmasters. We even got to calculate our own personalities. I admit I was heavy on Bulldozer and Detective, but Border Collie and Ringmaster were close behind. Everything was looking good, but it was even better. She included five pages of notes in color for us to review. Wow! This was an excellent learning experience and we look forward to Minette returning with The Rest of the Story.

Martha Stanley, the lady in RED in our group picture, told us a passionate story about a disabled young boy who wanted to play baseball. He did and even got a home run with the help of both baseball teams. It was truly close to a tear jerker. OK, it was a tear jerker.

Jyo Pai gave a strong speech on buying American to turn our country around. She made a lot of really good points with lotsa foreign products on the table and blamed most of our problems on Washington, not George, we’re talking DC.

Both speeches had two evaluators: one for delivery and the other for content. Catherine told us how to separate delivery and content and she will come to the next meeting with cards explaining it for us to read. We’ll need those cards so we don’t fall back into a retreat.

Overall, it was a good meeting in an excellent venue. Come visit our meeting next month and see for yourself. You’ll love it.

Daniel Dodd, DTM
ProSpeak Secretary


7517 Campbell Rd
Dallas, TX

General information

Club officers from 7/1/2017 to 6/30/2018: Club President: Jyo Pai, DTM

Opening Hours

Sunday 14:00 - 16:30


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