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Advocate Consulting Advocate Consulting is a pioneer in strategic social advocacy and impact management. We work with clients from all spheres of the community, including business interests, social justice organizations, nonprofits, civil service groups, etc.

VISION STATEMENT Our community is a living and growing organism that is becoming increasingly complex with the changing times. To foster its growth, its needs must be met by expanding the network of powerful connections and partnerships between diverse interests that link every corner of a vibrant, healthy society. Every agent has a stake in this game, and by creating meaningful alliances between a wide variety of key players in the community, by linking civil service with social justice, the business interest with the public interest, those needs can be fulfilled such that it creates mutually enriching opportunities for all parties. COMPANY SUMMARY Advocate Consulting is a pioneer in strategic social advocacy and impact management. We work with clients from all spheres of the community, including business interests, social justice organizations, nonprofits, civil service groups, etc. to meet any challenge. Our goal is to be the frontrunner in a new marketplace where companies and communities can both gain strategic value. We find opportunity in aligning the aims and interests of all parties, through leveraging assets from around the community. Advocate Consulting’s unique position in this market allows us to connect skills, insight, resources, and strategy to achieve both corporate and social objectives. WHAT IS COOPERATIVE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY? Cooperative Social Responsibility is a new approach to traditional corporate social responsibility that distinguishes itself from previous models by integrating the community itself as a player in cause-based objectives. By bringing a wide variety of agents together as a collaborative solution team, the most important needs of an area are better represented, and a wider pool of expertise and resources can be leveraged. This makes possible far more effective impact initiatives and more profitable opportunities for corporate allies in the realm of reputation and branding, as well as increasing public trust for your firm and allies. WHY CSR? 83% of Americans wish more of the products, services, and retailers they use would support social causes. In a growing marketplace, where differentiation is becoming daily more difficult, one of the easiest ways to market to your target consumer is through shared values. More than three quarters of consumers consider a company’s commitment to social and environmental issues when considering which companies they want to see doing business in their community, which products and services they recommend to friends and family, and their own decisions about what to buy and where to shop. Now more than ever, demonstrating your firm’s alignment with the causes that your consumers feel passionately about creates the opportunity to capture additional market share. HOW EFFECTIVE IS CSR? It all depends on how it is executed. Corporate social responsibility initiatives that are largely philanthropy-based do not necessarily connect to consumers, particularly if the firm is not strongly committed to the principles of effective impact. Like different kinds of business models, some CSR plans will not generate profit for a particular firm, while others that are driven by strategic planning and campaigns, with a strong community focus, will provide opportunity to connect to customers and speak to the issues that matter for them. WHAT MAKES A GOOD CSR CAMPAIGN? The first mark of a good CSR campaign is listening to your consumers. What are their needs? What issues do they care about? How can you reinforce your company’s branding and goals with strategies for sustainability and consumer engagement that include those values and concerns? Creating a strategy focused on collaborative participation of consumers and social justice organizations, active engagement and culture creation by leaders of the firm, and employee alignment and mobilization is the foundation for creating the most value with your CSR. The best CSR campaigns create high-level strategies, with clear goals, using a multi-pronged approach that considers not only social impact, but environmental and economic – sustainability, as opposed to traditional CSR, often viewed as “greenwashing” – and then aggressively communicate those strategies and values to their consumers with honesty, transparency, and accountability. HOW DOES CSR ADD VALUE TO MY FIRM? CSR tends to add value to firms in four major areas. Firstly, it changes the way consumers view the firm and its products or services. Concern over corporate practices and easy access to online tools that evaluate the footprint and impact of brands and products are fueling a dramatic rise in competitiveness for firms that take responsibility seriously. Social, environmental, and economic accountability have become part of mainstream conversation. Secondly, it enhances employee involvement, loyalty, pride, and engagement in their workplace, lowers turnover, increases the firm’s bottom line, and even provides informal marketing via those same employees and their support of the firm’s efforts. Also, nearly two-thirds of Millenials consider a firm’s social responsibility efforts when choosing the right workplace. Thirdly, firms with a strong reputation for sustainability and positive impact are known for the rare trust placed in them by their consumers, offering them increased market share, differentiation, a license to operate, and in some cases, viral communication by consumers regarding their products and initiatives. Finally, new investment guides like the Sustainability Index are fueling decisions for those investors who look to the future more than to short-term profitability. Investment capital is tied to company reputation, resource and risk management, and long-term brand value, all of which are boosted by a socially responsible corporate culture. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “POOLING COOPERATIVE POWER?” 86% of Americans say that collaboration between governments, nonprofits, competitors, or other groups to address issues collectively is a preferred way to meet their expectations for social and environmental responsibility. And we all know the benefits of teamwork in problem-solving. Collaboration provides economies of both scale and scope, lowered costs for all, more efficient and effective solutions, and brings together a wider variety of viewpoints and ideas, as well as a much larger pool of knowledge and resources. This approach is critical to solving the growing issues in our nation today. We are able to achieve this by coordinating the interests and goals of a variety of different kinds of organizations, bringing them all to the table to cooperatively address community concerns and sustainability issues. WHY ARE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES IMPORTANT TO MY FIRM? Communities that suffer from inequality, poverty, crime, etc. are not healthy and profitable environments for business; correcting those problems assures continued growth potential in the area for businesses and makes operations safer and more reliable. Further, these growth opportunities, in some ways, are time-sensitive, as someone will pursue the objective eventually. Wouldn’t you prefer that it be your firm? For example, combating educational inequality between races and/or genders creates a larger pool of well-educated, highly skilled potential human capital in the area. If your firm spearheaded the initiative, then the same people who benefited from your farsightedness and active leadership in the community will not only have loyalty to your brand, but would be well-advised to consider your firm as a potential workplace. By building up the communities that your employees and their families live in and in which your business operates, you raise the standard of living for all.

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