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Fathers For Equal Rights Fathers For Equal Rights is a Non-Profit organization serving Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding counties. We are the oldest civil rights organization in the state, working on behalf of fathers, children, and families of Texas.

Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc. strives to provide leadership and information to the general community through: - Advocating that children need two parents - Maintaining positive relationships with family courts personnel - Monitoring court proceedings - Analyzing the significance of local, national and international legislation and court decisions - Impacting appropriate legislation: local, state, national, and international - Providing information and networking through Internet and other media - Partnering with other community organizations - Countering negative stereotypes of men and fathers - Promoting rational gender equity throughout society - Advocating healthy marriages and family life. - Networking with other fathers and men?s organization nationwide and worldwide

Mission: The mission of Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc., is to promote equitable family laws and practices that will respect the rights and needs of all family members. The vision of Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc., Dallas, Texas, is that society will recognize the right of every child to have a healthy relationship with both parents, regardless of the status of their family structure.

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Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Stories submitted by parents, supporters and readers I want to pause a moment to take you on a journey. This journey is one of pain, but pain that has found purpose. It is difficult to hear, and even more challenging to understand and believe. But when you see past the pain, the journey is one of healing, hope, and a love that doesn't stop. [ 7,413 more words ]

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Now that school is starting I should make you all aware of House Bill 3145, which allows both parents access to children for lunches at school. Mike Clifton and Josh Jaros did the heavy lifting here. Special thanks to Steve Toth for Texas. The Bill passed UNANIMOUSLY and went into effect immediately upon signing. NEVER let a school official tell you that as a non-custodial parent you don't have full rights.


The Texas Municipal League is seeking legislative proposals that are beneficial to cities in Texas. The following proposal will result in higher efficiencies of law enforcement personnel, significant cost savings, and will benefit the image of law enforcement and city public policy.

In July 2018, State Representative Richard Raymond held a conference on why custody visitation is not enforced in Texas. Attending were many district attorneys, missing person investigators, the DA Association Executive Director, members of the Governor's staff, various advocates, and legal professionals. District attorneys universally acknowledged limited resources and labor-intensive research as reasons for not accepting Interference with Child Custody (ICC) cases.

Also, mentioned was the difficulty in getting cases through a grand jury due to a lack of clear evidence. For these reasons and others, district attorneys in the State have a policy of directing everything back to family courts.
Part of the problem is the law does not allow for anything besides a State Jail Felony.

District attorneys do not want to arrest the custodial parent for denying a weekend visit. The problem with not having an appropriate penalty is Interference never gets enforced and denying visitation turns into every weekend, leaving the non-custodial parent and the children alienated. All district attorneys at the meeting also acknowledged the problem is not going away, and in fact, it is a growing concern.

A research study found that fewer than half of children living with a divorced parent had seen their non-custodial parent at ALL in more than one year, and only one in six children saw their non-custodial parent once a week.

Police departments throughout the state are in the middle of this argument. The Interference with Child Custody statute is clearly stated to be a State Jail Felony offense. However, non-custodial parents looking for justice when denied visitation are directed by law enforcement back to family court as if this was a civil matter. Police departments receive a great deal of negative attention and blame because non-custodial parents can’t get visitation. The current situation is frustrating to all sides of the ICC issue.

Every law enforcement department in the state receives and respond to ICC calls weekly. Every law enforcement department directs tremendously unproductive resources to ICC cases that can be put to much better use. Also, missing person departments throughout the State develop tens of thousands of cases not accepted by district attorneys as law enforcement is still bound to follow the law, even if district attorneys have the discretion to not accept any cases.
One solution the District Attorneys agreed to was a lesser charge be included into ICC Penal Code 25.03, allowing law enforcement to write a citation at the scene. This simple change will have the effect of enforcing visitation to a million children in Texas, reducing chances of domestic violence, help promote families ties, reduce the effects of parental alienation and trauma in children and help unclog Family Law courts. Any changes to the statute will not allow more access by abusers. At the same time, cities can have their law enforcement involvement paid for by money collected by a citation fine.

It would be a catastrophe if another 40-50 years went by without a child's ability or rights to be influenced by both fit parents as they grow to adulthood.

From the TML literature. https://www.tml.org "Concerning the resolutions process, the Texas Municipal League Constitution states that resolutions for consideration at the annual conference must be submitted to the TML headquarters 45 calendar days before the first day of the Annual Conference. For 2019, this provision means that resolutions from any member city, TML region, or TML affiliate must arrive at the TML headquarters no later than 5:00 pm. on August 26, 2019."
What is needed now is identifying the problem and a commitment to move forward.

The below form is the start of the process. https://www.tml.org/DocumentCenter/View/1224/2019-Resolutions
Memo Copy of form to submit https://www.tml.org/DocumentCenter/View/1223/2019-Resolution-Cover-sheet.
There already is legislative language researched and approved by the Legislative Council to guide possible policy.
Thank you,
Children & Familes


Every month this woman organizes a conference call with a expert on a topic of concern to parents in high-conflict divorce. September's announcement.
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“Dealing With a Hurt That Never Goes Away”

Sunday, September 8, 2019 is Grandparent's Day here in the US. On this day we will have as our guest speaker for our monthly international seminar call Dr. John Killinger. The call will be on Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 8 PM EDT.He will be speaking on the topic "Dealing with the Hurt that Never Goes Away". This topic affects all alienated family members, not just grandparents. Dr. Killinger is in fact himself an alienated parent and grandparent.

He stated “I talk to four or five parents a week who are agonizing over their absentee son or daughter and the grandchildren they aren’t permitted to see. It’s a hurt like almost no other hurt—a sort of living death, a loss without closure. As I tell these parents, I’m one of you and I still haven’t found a good answer to our problem. Personally, I try to be there for other people as much as I can. It lessens my own pain and hopefully helps to alleviate some of theirs.”

We hope during this call those attending will find solace in being together and knowing Dr. Killinger himself understands the pain. He has a calming sense about him that seems to help and comfort those of us who have been on the several calls he has done for us. I hope you can join us.

Dr. John Killinger, noted author, minister, and professor, has pastored eight churches, including the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, and has taught at such major universities as Vanderbilt, Princeton, and Chicago. His wife Anne was the author of A Son Is a Son Till He Gets a Wife: How Toxic Daughters-in-Law Destroy Families, the book that spawned the alienated parents and grandparent movement in America. He himself has written more than 70 books, including three volumes of From Poppy with Love: Letters from a Grandfather to the Grandchildren He Isn’t Allowed to See. He has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs across the U.S., and served for many years as a special seminar leader for chaplains in all branches of the American Armed Forces.

These calls have those from 34 countries joining in with over 1,000 people on our calls. Each caller has the opportunity to submit one question that can only be 2-3 sentences total and must be in relation to the subject of this call. Deadline to submit your question is Tuesday, September 3rd. Deadline to register for this call is % PM RDT on Sunday, September 8th. These are firm deadlines!!! To submit your question and/or register please email [email protected].

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas
Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Today, we celebrate what makes America great today. Our court system is one of those great systems, but for some, the courts have taken away their rights as parents. They don’t get to have BBQs with their son or watch fireworks with their daughter. Know that we are fighting for you and will continue! Happy 4th of July! #sharedparenting #sharedparemtingtexas #sharedparentingworks

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas
Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

New tax and child support considerations for 2019 in Texas affect married couples who are contemplating divorce and unmarried parents seeking court orders for child support, conservatorship, and shared parenting time with children. Here’s what’s going on: 1. The Dependent Exemption for claiming children is gone beginning with your 2018 taxes (the ones you file in 2019), but the Child Tax Credit (which is tied to dependency of a child under age 17) has increased in amount and the income phase-outs are higher. [ 265 more words ]

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

First of all, I hope you all were able to see your kids today. This last legislative session here in Texas was almost a disaster. We got very little passed and almost went back 20 years with child support, if not for the efforts of a couple of legislators who were able to kill some awful Bills at the last minute. Thank you Rep's. Cain and Sanford. We have been told we can not get shared parenting. The child support money is too great to give up. I would like to find a dozen or so people to explore the money (I have OCSE financials in spreadsheet form) and help put together a legislative strategy for the next session. This research into child support and legislation will be applicable to any state. Anyone open to some research and help to put together a strategy? [email protected]

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas
Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Children & Families Advocacy Fund of Texas

Last week we introduced you to some of our efforts to curb child custody interference. Our initiatives are focused on non-legislative solutions at the moment. However, we are still working towards a legislative solution as well. In our family issues support groups, the most common problem we see is alienation issues, which is a parent attempting to influence the children to take their side in an argument or divorce. [ 1,584 more word ]


For those looking for help with court cases, please visit Mothers and Fathers for Kids! The organization has rebranded to include help for both fathers and mothers now!


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