WYGO This is a non-profit organization, aimed to help released prisoners learn how to support themselves in a healthier manner than traditional rehab, half way houses.

etc,. I am accepting members, just send me a message through the page. Power's Energy Therapy Services Offered by; Trevor Dominguez (Power) Invigorating, Health-Giving, Powerful Awakening, Spiritual Harmonizing My services are offered 24/7.. "Power Sessions" are Private. All of my "Power Sessions" are by Appointment only. "Power Sessions" (or) Forms of Energy Work offered; Reiki Therapy/Healing Energy Healing Chakra Balancing/Atonement Massage Therapy Holistic Medicine Tai Chi & Tai Chi Therapy Energy Balancing Services Spiritual Guidance/Advice (SOON) Acupuncture (Energy Points Only) (Contact for info) Massage Therapy My Contact information is linked to the Page. No Texting. Call and Email only. Best way to reach me is through Email. When contacting me via Email please include: Name, Age, Birthday, Profile Photo (Face Only) and what you are looking for or are interested in experiencing. I am also teaching Private Lessons to those interested in wanting to understand and experience Energy. Aswell as teaching Private Energy Healing Lessons CONTACT VIA PHONE FOR THIS^ About me: My Services are EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL. When I am practicing with a client, it is strictly Therapeutic. I have been practicing Spiritual Healing for 6 years now, and I learned many things along the way. My energy healing that is offered is professional and meaningful to me. I find peace and happiness in harmonizing with the people and the spirits. My Healing produces extreme expressions of spiritual enlightenment and awakening. Thank you for reading. You are a beautiful being of light. Never forget that.

Operating as usual


Offering Reiki! Attunement!
Real spiritual guidance. Come and see me and when it comes to me, I will channel to you the answers you seek


Feeling different today? Get ready for the weekend!


Call me!
Let your stress become a thing of the past!


Feeling unbalanced? Having a hard time concentrating at work or school? Feel like you're losing control of your life? Is the stress becoming too much? Are you losing faith in a higher power?
Stop. Contact me and your problems will be healed and you will feel free.


When I see
Who's in front of me
Will I know
What was then said for the.


What is it to be courageous?


Today is another day.
Motivate your body.
Move your mind.
Speak with the heart.
Hear your words.
Let today be the day to make it all worth living for.
Why today? Why not?

Great Awakening

Great Awakening

The world with this new year, opened and accepted.
The spirit has become more apprehensive to us.
Now we can live.


A place of wonders.
Everyone is passing bugers.
From hand to hand.
"You feel that man?"
Its the spirit.
The vibe is lift.
Stand, Indian style, or have a sit.
This place guarantees you high.
And a really good time.
All around pleasant experience.


A Shaman. Ever longing for the change. This planet called Earth will be soon destroyed if I'm not fast and correct

Power's Energy Therapy Services

Sounds to be an interesting page. U have my interest. Tell me more. I have decided to share this page to see who, of my FB friends have a similar interest. I'm definitely in. Good Luck, my friend.

Welcome to The Power Source! This is a Community for wisdom and to extend help to everyone.
Allow time for this to blossom. I will get there.


Welcome to The Power Source! This is a Community for wisdom and to extend help to everyone.
Allow time for this to blossom. I will get there.



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