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February 2015 Update
February 2015 Update

February 2015 Update

I'm pleased to report that three separate parcels have sold in Padanaram Village. Will Millbury (current location), Per Lofberg (former Santos property) and Jordan Hicks (former Bridge Street Cafe) have all purchased properties and intend to maintain or improve them if they have been vacant.  


Dartmouth Residents:
N Star reports only 8 customers without power.
Dartmouth Schools will be closed tomorrow.
Town Hall, Library and COA will open at noon.
(3) individuals have sought shelter at the COA.
Greatest challenge is the roads. Staff and equipment have been battling the storm for about 24 hours. Primary roads are open. Focus is now on the secondary roads. The travel ban helps but the winds are causing drifting snow which is requiring heavier equipment and repeat plowing trips.


Dartmouth Residents:
Dartmouth has experienced high winds and heavy snow.
The cold temps have created a light fluffy snow which has minimized power outages to 15 or so where a tree fell onto the wires.
Three people have opted to use the shelter at the COA.
Biggest problem has been and will be the wind and its impact on the roads. As soon as roads are open they are blown shut. Depth in some places is so great that DPW has to have loaders open up the roads first.
Until the wind diminishes, it is imperative that people stay safely off the roads.
To assist the hospitals, police units are transporting medical personnel to New Bedford and Westport.

Town of Dartmouth, MA

Dartmouth Residents: Be safe during this storm. Here is some important information:
1. The Town will open its emergency shelter at 8 pm tonight at the Council on Aging. If you require transport there, please call 508-910-1700. If you go to the shelter and are on medications, please take them with you plus the most recent printout from your pharmacy.
2. Resident reports and inquiries through 508-910-1700 for non-emergency calls or 911 for emergency calls at the Police Dispatch Center.
3. Updates will be sent periodically to the DCTV Message Channel, the Town’s webpage, its page, local newspapers and WBSM.
4. Police, DPW, Fire and STAT ambulance are prepared in terms of equipment and staffing. However, due to blizzard conditions, they may have to operate from fixed positions for emergencies.
5. It is anticipated that many residents will lose power during the storm due to forecasted wind conditions and/or heavy snow.
6. Town Hall and the Library are closing today. A decision will be made tomorrow or early Wednesday whether to re-open. The Council on Aging will be open only as an emergency shelter until that operation ends.
7. Trash collection has been delayed for two days.
8. An on-street parking ban is in effect and the Governor has issued a travel ban.

Dartmouth SHELTER SITE will open at 8pm on
Monday January 26, 2015

Dartmouth Counsel on Aging/Senior Center -
628 Dartmouth Street, Dartmouth, MA 02748.

Evacuated residents may come to this site where shelter and food will be available. If you need a ride please call the Dartmouth Police Department at 508-910-1700

Food items
o If you have the need for special foods (Ensure, etc.) you may bring them with you. High-energy foods such as peanut butter, jelly, crackers, granola bars, trail mix and other snack foods maybe a good idea if you get hungry in between meals. If necessary bring special dietary foods – such as diabetic, low salt, liquid diet, baby food and formula.

Clothing and Bedding
o Blankets or Sleeping bag
o Clothing including footwear. Rain gear and sturdy shoes

Personal Items
o Washcloth
o Towels
o Soap
o Toothbrush
o Toothpaste
o Sanitary napkins
o Paper Towels
o Toilet paper

o Medications – clearly marked with your name, dosage, type of medication and prescribing physician. You must be able to take all medication by yourself. Any Dressing changes needed.
Important papers:
o Identification
o Name and address of nearest relative not living in area
o Insurance documents
o Doctors names and addresses

Household Pets
o Animals will be allowed in crates. Please bring pet food, pet bowls, pet medication, and leashes.

o Bring a cell phone if you have one and cell phone charger. It may come in handy. Games, cards, toys, battery powered radios, flashlights (no candles or lanterns), batteries, or other reasonable items you may need are welcome too.

Not Allowed:


On Monday, January 26 the Dartmouth School Committee and Dartmouth Select Board will present citations to the Dartmouth ...

On Monday, January 26 the Dartmouth School Committee and Dartmouth Select Board will present citations to the Dartmouth High School Football Team: Our Super-Bowl winning State Champions from 6:30-7:30 PM in the Dartmouth High School Auditorium.

Dartmouth-- so pleased Kate Fentress has decided to run for the Select Board seat.
Stone won't run for Dartmouth Select Board in 2015, recommends successor

Dartmouth-- so pleased Kate Fentress has decided to run for the Select Board seat. *note the article mistakenly notes that the Dartmouth Community Park was funded by Hotel & Meals tax funds. It was funded by a State Park Grant and local Community Preservation dollars. Full-Day Kindergarten was funded by Hotel & Meals Tax funds.

DARTMOUTH — Select Board member Lara Stone said she won’t run for her seat in April but encouraged women’s advocate Kate


In April of 2015 I will complete my 2nd term of serving the town of Dartmouth as a Select Board Member. I am so thrilled that my friend and colleague and a woman of great integrity and commitment, Kate Fentress will be running for my seat. So thrilled. Let us know how you'd like to help!

At Monday evening's meeting, the Select Board voted 5:0 to approve the AMC Movie Theater liquor license. We were briefed...
Luxury upgrade sought for Dartmouth Mall theaters

At Monday evening's meeting, the Select Board voted 5:0 to approve the AMC Movie Theater liquor license. We were briefed extensively on the $6 million dollar project. We discussed the process of going from over 3,000 seats that are never filled down to 980 recliner seats. There will be food and alcohol served and like any restaurant at the mall or in town they outlined their standard operating procedures for handling this responsibly. Those representing AMC answered all of our questions about the sorely needed renovations/upgrades, traffic patterns at Faunce Corner and handling the culture change at the mall so that patrons are aware of the changes.

When I made the motion to approve the license, I did so conditionally with a change to the design so that the glass chair rail level specs are taken from floor to ceiling in the mall corridor. I did so because I think this will be safer for residents. Like any parent in the community, I will watch closely to make sure this project is a success. Just like Gillette Stadium, Fenway Park, Ruby Tuesday's, Buffalo Wild Wings, AMC theaters is signing on to a commitment to ensure that minors are not served alcohol. I think this will be a boost to the mall and to business there. The project will upgrade seriously deplorable conditions. If you have questions, let me know.

DARTMOUTH — Imagine a luxury theater where you can grab a beer and lounge in cozy recliners while watching a movie. Somerville has one, so

August 2014 Update
August 2014 Update

August 2014 Update

Boston Environmental (BEC) has filed suit against the Town for implementation of the Board of Health's Com97 Soil policy. They claim it violates the DEP's order for capping and closure of the landfill. 

Start making plans for the fireworks!

Start making plans for the fireworks!

It’s that time of the year again! The Bristol County Savings Bank Freedom Festival at UMass Dartmouth, featuring great music and fireworks, will be held July 3 on the main campus quadrangle.

The Festival, free and open to the public, is made possible by a grant from the Bristol County Savings Bank as well as contributions from the Town of Dartmouth, Not Your Average Joe’s, Xerox, Blue Spruce, Pepsi, Follett, Chartwells, Dartmouth Chronicle, The Standard Times, and the Fall River Herald News.The event has special significance this year as it coincides with the 50th anniversary of the UMass Dartmouth campus groundbreaking and the 350th anniversary of the Town of Dartmouth.

The fun kicks off at 6:15 p.m. with the National Anthem being sung by Miss New Bedford and UMassD Nursing major in the class of 2016 Jillian Zucco. The Festival will also feature UMass Dartmouth steel band El Caribe at 6:30pm, a capella group Mental Note at 7:45pm, followed by the 40-member Dartmouth Community Band.

Fireworks will take place at 9:15 p.m.


Congratulations to the Town of Dartmouth's newly elected officials. Thank you to all who ran for office for your willingness to serve. Voting is a responsibility-- thanks to all who did as you contributed to these decisions. I look forward to working collaboratively with all.

Your View: Dartmouth needs designated leadership

Dartmouth Residents-- TUESDAY APRIL 1-- Election Day! I urge you to consider a YES VOTE on the Ballot Question. Read this Op Ed piece for why it makes sense.

Even though I am chairman of the Finance Committee, the opinion stated here is entirely my own. My observations are based on 10 years of serving on various committees, and especially the last four on the Finance Committee. I have seen things that just don't make sense, and make me scratch my head. T...

VOTE YES on April 1-- Ballot Question for Dartmouth Residents
VOTE YES on April 1-- Ballot Question for Dartmouth Residents

VOTE YES on April 1-- Ballot Question for Dartmouth Residents

We have over 15 separate boards and commissions in our community, over 35,000 people and a complex budget of nearly $80 million. A stream-lined more efficient body is required. Town Meeting would also be maintained with this structure for continued checks and balances. This is the government the ave...

Dartmouth residents:This evening a daylong standoff was peacefully resolved. Suspect Kevin Pacheco, 36, of 209 Richard S...
Man surrounded by police in Dartmouth made threats against Roger Willliams |

Dartmouth residents:

This evening a daylong standoff was peacefully resolved. Suspect Kevin Pacheco, 36, of 209 Richard Street surrendered and has been taken into custody. Dartmouth police worked with state police, SWAT team members and local utility companies to shut power off before taking the law student from Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I., into custody.

Pacheco made threats against Roger Williams University and personnel there. Thank you to all who responded to the scene professionally and safely during a time of crisis. More information can be found here:

DARTMOUTH — State and local police, along with a SWAT team, are at the corner of Richard and Hemlock streets, attempting to speak with a man who made threats “to shoot up” Roger Williams University's campuses in Bristol and Providence, police said.

Town of Dartmouth, MA

Dartmouth Residents... please see storm update below and forward this email and town facebook to all Dartmouth residents. Thanks!

Storm Update:

All meetings tonight are cancelled or postponed.

Due to the storm projected to last until 8 AM, Town Hall will be closed tomorrow until 1 PM. Please check the website, DCTV, and Facebook for further updates.

Department personnel are preparing for the storm. DPW has started to treat the roads which get salt. As the storm progresses, DPW will focus on keeping open the primary roads until the storm and wind subsides.

Fire District 1 is adding personnel. Police Dept. will add personnel.

As this storm is not projected to do too much damage to electrical service, the emergency shelter will be in a standby mode in case it is needed for warmth due to the cold weather. If someone needs such shelter, they should call Police dispatch.

Trash will be delayed , a parking ban is in effect, and people are requested to remember to shovel their sidewalks after the storm and winds subside.


Dartmouth Storm Update:

1. Primary roads have cleared and DPW is making good progress on secondary roads. We anticipate concluding snow operations by 4:00 pm this afternoon. DPW has 30 pieces of equipment on the road including 2 private contractors. We will not be treating roads with salt this evening as temperatures will be too low for the salt to be effective. We will commence salt treatment operations at 4:00 am on Saturday morning in anticipation of rising temperatures. We will also have a crews in on Saturday to continue clean up operations. School Dept. has been requested to provide some assistance. The major issue is the wind which is blowing some roads shut as soon as they are opened. Staff has been working tirelessly since yesterday morning and we are grateful!

2. Parks has focused on opening Town facilities parking lots and the School Dept. has focused on cleaning their parking lots. Again, all have been working tirelessly!

3. Police Dept. is sending out a reminder to clear sidewalks but recognizes that due to the wind and cold conditions this will not be enforced until late Sunday.

4. There are no power outages at this time.

5. Fire District 3 has focused on assisting the ambulance on its runs and responding to accidents.

6. If necessary, the emergency shelter will be opened as a warming shelter. People in need of such assistance should call 911 Police Dispatch to request this.

7. Town Hall and the Schools are closed.

As of now, the major focus is clean up and the cold temperatures. People are encouraged to be careful in such conditions and minimize their exposure. Again, if you are concerned for a neighbor or loved one, please call 911!

Town of Dartmouth, MA - January 2, 2014 Winter Storm Information

Storm Update for Dartmouth Residents:

1. If needed, an emergency warming shelter will be available. Residents must call 911 Police Dispatch who will notify Emergency Management to open the shelter at the Council on Aging.
2. The DPW is plowing and salting with all hands on deck and has two contractors if needed. NO PARKING ON HYDRANT SIDE. IF NO HYDRANT, PARK ON EVEN HOUSE NUMBERED SIDE.
3. Police and some Fire Districts have added personnel for coverage and assistance in getting residents safely to a warming shelter.
4. We do not expect much flooding or damage from high tide based on current wind conditions and tidal forecasts.
5. All solid waste and recycling collection scheduled for FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, 2014, will be delayed by ONE DAY, and picked up on SATURDAY, JANUARY 4, 2014.
6. Dartmouth Public Schools are closed tomorrow, Friday January 3, 2014.

Due to cold temperatures, freezing and bursting pipes could occur for some homeowners. If you are concerned about an elderly resident or family member as the storm progresses, please call 911.

Check the Town website for updates:


From Lara Stone
Dartmouth Residents-- please see an update from Greg Jones, chair of the School Committee below. I received many calls, text and email inquiries about the evacuation that took place at DeMello today. The staff handled the process with professionalism and care. The Chief of Police, Superintendent Ana Riley and others assure us that they will update us as soon as possible about the investigation. Please remember that in situations such as these, school personnel will always follow a step-by-step process. First they will make sure our children are safe and removed from harm's way or the threat of harm's way. Next they will inform you of what they have done to ensure safety. If you have suggestions or concerns, feel free to share them with me and I will make sure to forward.

From Greg Jones:
Greeting Dartmouth friends, sorry to report that there was another bomb threat, this time just before dismissal at the DeMello Elementary School. Staff safely evacuated all children to the adjacent Council on Aging facility where they were bussed home on time and without incident. Parent pick-ups were delayed about 10-15 minutes while the buses where loaded and sent on their routes. The police toured the school and grounds and cleared the building for occupancy at around 4:00. They, along with school administration are investigating this latest incident but school will resume tomorrow (Friday) as usual. Staff will be on hand to allay concerns students or parents may have. As the police investigate they will inform us of any progress they have made in their investigation and I will report back as I know more. Thank you once again to the school staff and to the staff and clients of the Council on Aging for accommodating 400+ young students at a moment's notice.


Dartmouth, MA
02747, 02748


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