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Dorchester Bay Youth Force Dorchester Bay’s Youth Force program is a youth leadership initiative that trains local teens to be community leaders and community organizers, who in turn train other local teens to be leaders and organizers in their own neighborhoods.

The program is designed in a community organizing framework, and it focuses on building youth leaders, building youth relationships and building youth power. Youth Force members learn leadership and community organizing skills such as meeting facilitation, engaging in campaign work, relational meetings, power analysis and research actions. The program goal is to build youth power in Dorchester and beyond and to strengthen the local community by tackling specific, winnable issues.

Join in for support !

Join in for support !

WOO! Such an amazing victory for our partners & Boston member groups! & such an awesome mindset to kickoff our new Summe...

WOO! Such an amazing victory for our partners & Boston member groups! & such an awesome mindset to kickoff our new Summer voter reg campaign! come through to the kickoff celebration tomorrow:

VICTORY! #winning just became #wonit.
After an intense year of actions, tweets, signatures, and arrests, WE'VE GOT OUR VICTORY! In addition to weekends being made available in all Student Passes for free, YAC has won our Pilot, & then some!

JOIN US for our End of the Year Celebration THURSDAY 7.17: DATE MAY CHANGE. event:

Last week, Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey and MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott agreed to:
1) A Youth Pass Pilot beginning no later than July 2015, consisting of at least 1000-1500 youth and lasting at least 6 months
2) A Youth Pass Working Group including representatives from YAC, MassDOT, the City of Boston, and the Public Transit-Public Good campaign; that will work in coordination with the existing University Pass group to create a pilot & funding proposal for the MassDOT Board
3) Supporting us in ensuring that University Pass revenue is used to fund the Youth Pass
4) Working with us and the MassDOT Board to transition Youth Fares as a priority for next year & new transit leadership!
..OMG WE DID IT!!!!!!!!

We still have to convince the MassDOT Board to approve these decisions -- & we've gotta hold Sec Davey & GM Scott accountable, & keep spreading the word about the #youthpass! But if this year has shown us anything, it's that we can DEFINITELY beast all of that! Compared to what we've accomplished so far, WE GOT THIS :)

peacelove&power. see you on the 17th!

Youth Force @ the Mother For Justice & Equality Breakfast

Youth Force @ the Mother For Justice & Equality Breakfast

The budget process in Massachusetts

The budget process in Massachusetts

Carlos facilitating the YJC event meeting

Carlos facilitating the YJC event meeting
Mayor Walsh presses businesses to offer summer jobs to teens - The Boston Globe A very interesting article about us youth !

Mayor Martin J. Walsh said he is pressing Boston employers at every turn to hire more of the city’s teenagers as he aims to significantly increase the number of young people who can find jobs this summer. By the time school ends, Walsh said in a recent interview, he hopes to have enough commitments…


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Youth Force at the G.O.T.C.H.A job fair

plus / delta about recuiting for the rally

plus / delta about recuiting for the rally

Hakeem here tweeting #youthpass @MBTA

Hakeem here tweeting #youthpass @MBTA

At the YAC meeting 2/1/14

At the YAC meeting 2/1/14


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Tomorrow we are having a Rally at the State house. A lot will be happening, chants, testimonies, creative posters, and meeting. All of these will be taking place outside and inside the State House.

> Here is some background Statistics
-Last year the budget for youth jobs & programs was at 9 million
-The House of Representatives released their budget being 2 million
-They have 2 week to have their final budget

$ So we are going to the State House to meet with the Representatives to hear use what we think about their budget that they released $


Last Thursday we had our YLI Graduation. For the first time this year we had our YLI members do the Introduction and Ice Breaker. The day started with the Introduction, Ice breaker, Member engagement, Activity 1- One word many lyrics, Awards, Activity 2- Jeopardy, and then the day ended with food and music.


Last week the Base Builders did a training about the Youth Justice Coalition to the students from Gann Academy, The New Jewish High School of Greater Boston. They came from Waltham, Massachusetts they were able to the office by bus. Everything went well, they enjoy every moment of it. Especially the Chair Activity.


On Thursday March 21, We participated in the YMORE Tied Together press conference, Where Governor Deval Patrick Talked about his support for new revenue. It was a great experience and i myself felt that it really made the legislatures think about progressive taxation and regressive taxation


Thursday February 21, was our Youth Job Coalition Rally. The day started with our creative action at the Financial Park between the different Financial companies. There we held a marathon with the teens representing the Financial companies. Then after that we walk to the State house. When we arrive at the State house we started preparing to train other teens from different organization. This training was about how to meet with a legislative at the State house (Mayor, Senator, Representatives, and etc.). At the end we end up having more than 1000 people at the rally, and about 5 of our teens from Dorchester Bay Youth Force being interview.


Our YLI graduation is this Thursday, anyone is free to come.


YLI is going great !


We are having a holiday party/YLI graduation on Thursday so pleasee come. we will have lots of food and presents!!!


On Sunday December 2, jaelle and myself Emmanuell went to the quiet town of Saron. There we had a training with youth lead about FACILITATING. First everyone was divided by 2 and was given a card with a random object. When we were in our group we HAD 30 SECOND to think something to say about that one. After the 30 second everyone gone up and talk about their object , also only having 1 minute to talk. The lesson from that activity is that you always have to be prepare and ready when facilitating. Then we did a turkey vulture activity were had a pair and had to draw the bird and give and receive feedback from your pair. Then we all a chance to facilitate in groups and receive feedback from the group. then it was time for me and Jaelle to leave for our train back to boston.


Our second YLI is coming up and we are very excited to work with another amazing group of teens


Yesterday YMORE had the Justice Day. Over 50 teens attended the meeting at First Parish Unitarian of Cambridge


We ARE excited to announce that we are finnaly done with door knocking and there was an increase in voters turnout because of our work


Tomorrow is the big election! To make sure everyone votes Youth Force will be door knocking from 4-8. All are welcome :)


We are now recruiting for our next YLI session starting on the 27th. If you to earn money and skills, please inbox us with your name and number

Check out our OWN Imani Rice

Check out our OWN Imani Rice


Our teen members, over 25 of them showed up, played a powerful role in last weeks GBIO Senatorial Action.

Imani Rice, a long time leader at YF, told her story in front of 900 GBIO members about benefiting from her job at Youth Force and than asked Elizabeth Warren (Scott Brown refused to attend) for federal support of youth jobs.

Below is a photo of Imani and Elizabeth Warren.


On Thursday, we will have have on first YLI graduation from 4-6 pm at 594 Columbia RD. All are welcome! See you there!


On Thursday, we will have have on first YLI graduation from 4-6 pm at 594 Columbia RD. All are welcome! See you there!!


Come to our GBIO event on October 15, 2012. A talk with Elizabeth Warren will be held about youth jobs and the youth jobs campaign! It will be held from 7pm-9pm at Temple Israel.


Anybody interested in earning $50 while gaining new leadership skills? Join our Youth Leadership Institute! Starting on October 9th-October 25th every Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm-6pm. See you there :)!


If you want to strengthen YOUTH Power then Like and Share us!


Work starts on July 9th at 10 am. Please be on time!


594 Columbia Rd
Dorchester, MA


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"BAGLY's Speakers Bureau did a virtual LGBTQ+ 101 training for our youth community organizing program. The facilitators created a supportive and brave space for participants to learn, make mistakes, and ask questions. The training was engaging and covered a lot of ground without feeling rushed or cluttered. Our youth were engaged and appreciated learning about inclusive and respectful language." -Michelle Wiener, Dorchester Bay Youth Force Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation. Thank you for having us, Dorchester Bay Youth Force! BAGLY Speakers Bureau is our longest continuously running program and the oldest and largest LGBTQ+ youth speakers bureau in the country. We work with schools, youth organizations, service providers, and foundations in order to increase their competencies around working with LGBTQ+ youth. Now, Speakers Bureau is offering virtual trainings! For more information, visit