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Chemung County SCOPE officers:

Chairman: Jason Novotny
[email protected]

Vice-Chairman: Matt Clark
[email protected]

Treasurer: Kevin McGill
[email protected]

Secretary: Pat Bauer
[email protected]

Membership: Gary Hill
[email protected]


Bill Shatner at his finest

After what the IRS did to the Tea Party, under Obama and Lois Lerner, are you naively believing the IRS would not do thi...

After what the IRS did to the Tea Party, under Obama and Lois Lerner, are you naively believing the IRS would not do this?!?!

Montana GOP Rep. Matt Rosendale told Newsmax on Friday that the Internal Revenue Service’s raid and subsequent closure of a store licensed

It’s In The Bag!!!

It’s In The Bag!!!


Amid reports that Wall Street banks have been illicitly spying on customers and reporting gun buyers to the FBI, despite no probable cause or court-issued warrants. In response, Congressman Rep. Alex X. Mooney (R-WV) has introduced H.R. 3021, The Protecting the Second Amendment in Financial Services...

These incidents are not being reported because they don’t fit their narrative!!!

These incidents are not being reported because they don’t fit their narrative!!!

New Orleans, Louisiana, January 1, 2023 (FOX 8 News) The NOPD was investigating a second shooting early Sunday, after finding an adult male victim downed by multiple gunshot wounds allegedly fired …


The Bureau of Alcohol, To***co, Fi****ms and Explosives (ATF) has been tracking gun owners without a warrant in ...

We need teachers who will not be victims!

We need teachers who will not be victims!


Victoria Spartz was born in Ukraine but now represents Indiana’s 5th congressional district. As a transplant to America, she values our freedoms more than some people who were born and raised here. During a vote on gun


The 22-year-old man who shot and killed the would-be mass shooter at Greenwood Park Mall was armed because of "constitutional carry."


OUCH! Rep. Lauren Boebert fires back after Rep. Eric Swalwell compares her to mass shooter


HT: Odessa File


San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo (D) spoke to Slate about seizing fi****ms from people who refuse to pay the city's new $25 gun owners' fee.


One of the most memorable lines from the 1995 movie “The Usual Suspects” is this: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist." With just a little tweak…


There is ONE reason why Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer have not been able to totally destroy the Second Amendment. That reason is the Senate filibuster. We need you to contact your Senators and demand they leave the Senate-Rules as written: NO CHANGES TO THE FILIBUSTER. Let’s look at t...


The Biden Department of Justice just issued a gun control order that will impact every gun store in the nation.


Charlton Heston gives a speech before the National Press Club, telling the audience that the 2nd Amendment is the most important of all the amendments includ...


East Aurora, NY


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Why is it everything can be open but the chemung county pistol permit office still requires an appointment that’s a week or more out ?
Membership Application 1791 Society PAC

NYS State-Wide Organization

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned establishes membership in The 1791 Society PAC by affixing their signature below.


LEGIBLY PRINTED NAME:_______________________________


CITY/TOWN _________________________________________________


PHONE:_______ _____________________


The 1791 Society PAC
P O BOX 512
West Seneca, NY 14224

Please make check or money order in the amount of $25.00 minimum payable to "The 1791 Society PAC." Donations in excess of this amount are accepted to further our cause of supporting the Second Amendment rights of the People of the State of New York.
When this page was started for the PAC, it was with the understanding that those who wanted to be on the page would join the PAC after being on the page for a reasonable time to see what we are about. Attached below, and in a sticky at the top of the page, is a form for membership in the PAC. It can be printed and mailed in with membership dues. We only ask for a small donation of $25.00 per year. This PAC is doing things. With the recent decision in the 9th Circuit Court on the California fi****ms magazine ban, we are moving forward with preliminary work to file a lawsuit against Cuomo and New York State for a state law prohibiting magazine possession which now directly contradicts Federal Court case law as unconstitutional. This takes funding. Over the next few weeks, those who have been on the page for a while without joining may find that they are no longer listed in the group. We intend to have a strong PAC and $25.00 is not a lot of money today to help protect your Second Amendment rights. Thanks for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you.