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Eastpointe Police and Fire Department The Eastpointe Police Department strives to police the community with our citizens with professionalism, integrity, and excellence.

Welcome to the official site of the Eastpointe Police Department. We will attempt to post pertinent information to this page for the benefit of our residents and people who visit our community.

Mission: The Mission of the Eastpointe Police Department is to continually serve the community with a sense of courage, dedication, and compassion and to always keep the citizen's best interests at heart. We will strive to earn the community's respect with our dedication to this cause. This will be accomplished through a broad based combination of traditional and innovative police services while always protecting constitutional and basic human rights. All members of the Eastpointe Police Department will stand accountable for their conduct.



First of all, we would like to thank all of you for abiding by the Stay At Home Executive Order. We do realize that this can be an inconvenience however it is necessary. The COVID-19 numbers for Eastpointe appear to be stabilizing. We seem to be heading in the right direction. A few things to share.

Macomb County Cases, 5,837
Deaths in Macomb County, 644
Eastpointe Cases, 382
Deaths in Eastpointe, 29

Police & Fire Stats (April 2020)
Calls for Service 1,193
Arrests 37
Citations 155
Accidents 11
Assists 857
FOIA Requests 114
Pistol Sales 55
**Stats are significantly lower due to COVID-19**

Calls for Service 445
Fire/Fire Related 4
Medical Runs 138
Hazardous Conditions 18
Service Calls 21
Good Intent Calls 239
False Alarms 25

Top five activities transpiring in both departments

1. Full staffing at 44 sworn officers
2. Narcotics unit will be in full force in June
3. Four officers in the Field Training Program
4. Setting up new police vehicles
5. Working on purging property rooms

1. New bunker gear will be delivered in July
2. Seeking a grant for smoke detectors/C02 alarms
3. Seeking grant for new engine
4. Posted for vacant firefighter position
5. Continue to research the purchase of a new ladder truck


Today, we had a phone conference with Macomb County Emergency Management. Here is a brief synopsis.

Michigan Cases 24,638
Michigan Deaths 1,487
Macomb County Cases 3,267
Macomb County Deaths 218
There is a decrease in the number of new cases however this may be attributed to the holiday
Too early to determine if Michigan has reached its peak numbers
Macomb County is in a State of Emergency until April 17. The Macomb County Board of Commissioners will be meeting soon to discuss an extension
The Governor has issued 36 Executive Orders and 31 are still in effect
The Stay Home-Stay Safe Order is in effect until April 30, 2020 with more stringent rules
Most of the larger stores are to sell only essential items such as food, medications, and clean up supplies. They are ordered to eliminate the "wandering " around practice. They want you in and out.
COVID-19 Hotline for the State of Michigan (888)-535-6136
This will end soon as long as we follow the rules that are in place.



Good Morning Eastpointe. The following is our police and fire performance statistics for the month of March. Considering our current situation, I want to personally thank all of our police and fire personnel for their hard work and professionalism. We will continue to reman positive and serve you to the best of our abilities. Thank you for all of your support. GR

Calls for Service 1,930
Arrests 120
Citations Issued 918
Vehicle Accidents 32
Suspicious Persons/Vehicles 65
Assists 1,229

Calls for Service 481
Fires/Fire Related 5
Medical Runs 201
Hazardous Conditions 11
Service Calls 30
Good Intent Calls 214
False Alarms/False Calls 19
Special Incident Types 1
Total Fire Damage $73,000


Good Afternoon All,

Today the County of Macomb reported 2,066 COVID-19 cases in Macomb County with 83 reported deaths. Eastpointe has 195 reported cases.

In accordance with Governor Whitmer's Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19), our detectives conducted an assessment of every open business. For the most part, several essential businesses remain open. There were several that were questionable and a few that were blatantly violating the order. A report will be completed on those businesses and will be forwarded to the State Attorney General's Office for review. This may result in a severe fine, criminal charges, or the suspension of a business license. We would like to thank all of those non-essential businesses who have complied with the order and taking responsibility. Our advice is to contact the AG office if you are unsure if you are in compliance. Safety is first.

Eastpointe v1

A big shout out to EJH Construction who volunteered their time to make certain that our police and fire department buildings were properly sanitized. Very much appreciated. https://youtu.be/Sd2EA8B0VHM



Our number one priority as first responders is to protect you and your family members. We are now asking that you protect us during the COVID-19 pandemic. All you have to do is follow the simple temporary rules by staying home, continue to sanitize, and limit your contact with others. Every time you leave your home for unnecessary reasons, you increase the risk of being exposed and exposing others including your family members. We need to be smart because this is real. I will assure you that this will pass if everyone works together and does their part. Our first responders have taken every step to protect themselves from exposure. We are hoping for the best because there are no guarantees. For now, both police and fire have changed some of their operational approaches to make certain all of us are safe. We will always provide you with around the clock service to the best of our abilities. Remember, we are no use to you if we get ill.

According to the Macomb County Health Department, Eastpointe is a “hot spot.” We have no idea how many people in Eastpointe have been affected because we are not privy to that information. We also are not aware of where these individuals contracted the virus. One case is too many. The numbers will continue to increase as more people are being tested. You will see that the virus will spread and will continue to spread if we are not accountable for our actions. This has not been easy for anyone; however, we as a community can make a difference one day at a time. For now, take advantage of your family time, movie watching, house cleaning and organizing those closets and drawers. If you know anyone that is struggling, let us know. I want to thank you for your continued support and being part of our Eastpointe family.

PS. As of yesterday, there were 5,486 reported cases in Michigan with 132 reported deaths. In Macomb County, there were 732 cases with 24 reported deaths.

Be Healthy and Safe
George T. Rouhib Jr.
Director of Public Safety


*****UPDATE*****Several people have loaned us thermometers. Thank you very much!!

Our department is seeking an infrared thermometer. We have ordered one but delivery is unknown at this time. If any residents have one we can borrow, it would be greatly appreciated. Please call 586-445-5100 ext. 1001 or 1012 if you can help. Thank you!


Good Afternoon All,
We have a new ambitious code enforcement officer. She can issue a number of violations that are enumerated within the motor vehicle code. Anything on the street, she can write. Anything in the driveway or back yard is the responsibility of the building department. These are some examples of what she can enforce.

Parking violations (fire route-handicapped)
Blocking sidewalks
Vehicles in disrepair parked in the street
Fire hydrant
Abandoned vehicles
Trailers parked in street
Unlicensed vehicles parked in street

If anyone has any issues with any of these, please contact Code Enforcement Officer Briana Curtis at 586-445-5100, Ext 2. She can be emailed at [email protected].


The following are the police and fire stats for the month of February. We kept very busy.

Calls for Service 1,998
Arrests 193
Citations Issues 1,194
Accidents 44

Calls for Service 378
Structure/Related Fires 8
Medical Runs 174
Hazardous Conditions 12
Service Calls 26
Good Intent Calls 138
False Alarms 20


16083 E 9 Mile Rd
Eastpointe, MI

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