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Aikido of El Paso We provide lessons of traditional aikido and it's weapons. Affiliated with Hombu dojo, Tokyo, Japan through the United States Aikido Federation.

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When thrusting with the Aiki Jo remember to project out. Also remember to extend downward with the feet to connect to the earth. Stabilize and root for a very solid base.
The shoulders are down, elbows in, knees bent and ready to absorb.
When thrusting, feel the compressed back anchoring foot. The back hip and shoulder receive this tension as the lower torso initiates the release to push through the center as the body goes forward.
Do not over commit the thrust, stay in control, completely aligned and balanced.


The @USAikiFed Technical Committee has voted Penny Bernath, 7th Dan, Shihan and co–Chief Instructor of Florida Aikikai, as its newest member.
Penny received the rank of 7th Dan this past January, which is one of the requirements to be eligible for the TC. Additional reasons for Penny’s selection include her involvement in the USAF for close to 50 years and her recognition within the community as a valued member both on and off the mat.
She served on the USAF Board of Directors for multiple terms, and she has taught many seminars at USAF dojos on a regular basis.
Congratulations to Penny!
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Photos from Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men's post

Photos from Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men's post


Power comes through the center.

The Upper body adapts to lower.
The Lower body takes precedence.
The Lower gives direction with the hips/center.
While the hands convey always moving thru center.
Feel how the gears in the body mesh.
How dropping the elbow, bending the knees, or hollowing the body causes a compression that creates a necessary tension waiting to be released.

Power is drawn up through the legs and emanates from the center.
Experience this dimension and bring attention there.


One way to take Uke's balance is to 'drop' our weight. We neutralize to control the direction and momentum of any given aikido technique.

'Dropping' our weight and becoming heavy as a consequence can occur in a split second. It is often an unexpected move from Nage.
When we 'drop' our weight we instantly add more mass to our movement. Interestingly enough, it does not have to be a huge movement, in fact it is better small, with an applied 'staccato'.
More dimension and dynamic can result as we vary of our own body intent.

Always remember to maintain postural alignment throughout technique. Try not to get tense.
Relax and let gravity do the work.

Photos from Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men's post

Photos from Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men's post


A very sad day personally and for Aikido


Everything emanates from the center. Everything is driven by the center.

Hands and feet facilitate by expressing the shape of the technique. But note that the orientation of the hips must be placed in consideration of the Uke.
Uke dictates how we move our body to connect. Movement is governed by the center as we maintain structural integrity. We synchronize to make the center and body functional. Whole body movement is directed by the center. Relax to tap into that constant heaviness.

In these Covid days of no Uke, visual techniques:
1. As if you are actually doing them yourself. (1st person)
2. As if you are watching yourself doing the technique (3rd person)
3. As if you are the Uke receiving technique.

Don't just study cerebrally to view a good physical shape, study to anticipate and notice the 'inside' feeling.


Old Aikido is Daito ryu
Old Aikido is Daito ryu

Old Aikido is Daito ryu

In Daito-ryu, Ueshiba Sensei is respected as one of Sokaku Takeda's best students. And of course, the foundation of aikido is Daito-ryu. During the life of M...

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

When doing Aiki technique keep the hands together and in front. Beware the trailing inactive second hand, it is easy to lose track of it. We pay great attention to the throwing side (hand/arm), try to notice if the hands separate.
With the Aiki Ken the hands are together, with the Aiki jo the hands are together, in empty handed technique -keep the hands together.

If the front hand fails to deflect a blow, the second hand can recover technique since it is right there.
Hands together can distribute energy evenly.
Hands together can help to center the body.

Keep the hands together.

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Meanwhile back in the days ....

When we draw our partner in to neutralize an attack, we must draw him into our own sphere, and harness him into our alignment. Once connected, we throw from center with weight on the underside.

When we train solo, pantomiming technique, keep this in mind. Our training can be quite efficient if we keep the same mindset even with an absent Uke. Don't just go through the 'motion'. This is the chance to imagine having that much desired 'perfect uke', and since Uke is perfect, our technique can be as well.

Keep training.

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

When training the Aiki jo remember
power and speed are not necessarily the number one goal -tho it can be nicely present- instead, focus on precision to have control and a smooth transition for efficient form.

The jo is a more intuitive weapon, both ends work. One of the strengths of the jo is its length. It is the tip of the jo (like the Aiki Ken) that is most alive. The last part of the jo is what engages, so be aware of the maai. It is at the end of the jo where the full momentum of a strike is delivered. Observe the space necessary for efficiency, and discover the leverage system of the jo.

The Aiki jo will inform the body. It promotes correct posture, central axis awareness, and aligns. Notice how our body will move from one side of the Jo to the other, not the other way around.
Tai Sabaki is a principled study in Aikido, the same patterned movement is present in weapon work as it is with empty hands.

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Our Sensei may be a wonderful teacher and guide but remember that it is always a good idea to do our own study, to invest in our own learning and development.
Don't always wait for your teacher.

Start with a mirror.
Observe the Aiki body shape and posture, let alignment reinforce the stance.
Aiki weapons can serve as a reference.
Check the physical, then check internally for center and grounding.
Use the subtle body wisdom.
Extend, expand, absorb, allow, root.
Feel the sacred sphere and breathe.

Review principles.
Read and research history.
Study intellectually and then study with the body. Involve the spirit.
Even the most seasoned aikidoka knows that the learning never ends.
So during our 'Great Pause', amidst the Covid, know opportunity to continue learning exists all around us.

Go forward, be creative, and do your own study.

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

When striking the Aiki Ken, seek to make the strike feel more 'natural'.
If we feel we are reaching enough to question it, then we are probably reaching.
If we have the sensation of feeling too contracted, biceps actively engaged, then we probably need to extend.
If we feel the presence of the upper body and the breath coming only from the chest then we probably could actively engage the center and lower torso.

Drop the elbows, lower the shoulders, breathe from the center, anchor the stance.
A deliberate strike involves a relaxed integrity.

Sugano Sensei explains the Japanese Sword
Sugano Sensei explains the Japanese Sword

Sugano Sensei explains the Japanese Sword

During his last 2-day seminar at the Shin do Kan Dojo in Newport Beach, Sugano Sensei took time out to explain the structure of the Japanese sword using a wo...

donovan.waite.aikido is creating Aikido videos | Patreon
donovan.waite.aikido is creating Aikido videos | Patreon

donovan.waite.aikido is creating Aikido videos | Patreon

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International Aikido Federation (IAF)

International Aikido Federation (IAF)

The next Aikido Online USA Zoom Class will be today (Tuesday), the 18th of August.
Please calculate the time in your country in relation to 19:00 Florida Time!

Here are the Zoom access details:
Meeting ID: 816 6240 2640
Passcode: aikido


International Aikido Federation (IAF)

International Aikido Federation (IAF)

Wee-wow Dumlao Shidoin 6th Dan from USA will conduct the next Zoom Aikido Online Training, which will be on the 18th of August 2020, starting at 19:00 Florida Time.
Save the date!

Please have a tanto, a bokken or a simple stick prepared to work with during the class!

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

When we first strike the Aiki sword we most often use too much physical power. We may grip the hilt too tightly and rely on upper body strength. Through time and familiarity, we learn to become soft (with integrity) and flexible.
The only 'tension' we should experience with the Aiki Ken is at the end of each focused strike. Here, the hands 'wring', the knees absorb, and our exhale (better yet, our kiai) grounds us thru the hara.

Practice this.

Y. Yamada: Kamiza Konfidential
Y. Yamada: Kamiza Konfidential

Y. Yamada: Kamiza Konfidential

Yamada Sensei talks about the good old days with his uchi-deshi brothers and his esteemed teachers.

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

A good quote to constantly refer to. Compassion and harmony is not about 'giving up' or 'capitulating'...

"Harmony doesn't mean getting along with people at any cost just to avoid a confrontation. Harmony as used in aikido does not involve compromising at all. Rather, Aikido's harmony brings different, even opposing, elements together and intensifies them in a way that drives everything toward a higher level."

- Mitsunari Kanai, 8th dan. Uchideshi of Moirhei Ueshiba and Founder of New England Aikikai

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

Aikido Advice for Women...and a Few Men

"When O'Sensei created Aikido, he broke with the traditional concept of martial arts. That is how aikido developed. Aikido is not for fighting but for harmony and love.

If you look at martial arts from the western standpoint, they are fighting arts. In Japan, Budo is known to involve mental and spiritual aspects. But here, people do not see it that way. O'Sensei created aikido to break through the traditional concepts of martial arts. It was a simple thing, his idea, harmony with the universe. You train technically to be efficient and precise. Accuracy involved timing and rhythm. So if you understand that timing and rhythm create a balance, then you begin to understand that we are part of the universe...

If you only look at aikido like its a martial art, for purposes of attack and defense, training will be limited to those purposes."

-Seiichi Sugano (1939-2010) 8th dan


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Aikido has no contests. It is based on mutual respect, cooperation and friendship. It’s philosophy, ideals and ethics are inseparable from actual Aikido training. Aikido is a logical conclusion of it’s philosophy, since winning and losing are never a concern, students are free to dedicate their efforts to mutual goals. Each individual trains and progresses at his or her own pace finding harmony through personal development. After a period of time practice brings a sense of well being and self-confidence along with awareness that permeates all aspects of daily life. Training with people of different personalities, lifestyles, temperament, students learn to reconcile diverse points of view.

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