2-43 ADA "Warriors"

2-43 ADA "Warriors" This is the OFFICIAL page of 2-43 ADA, a PATRIOT pure Air Defense Artillery Battalion stationed at Fort Bliss, TX. Campaign Participation: - WWI (St.

Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Lorraine 1918) - WWII (Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Central Europe; Central Pacific; Guadalcanal; Northern Solomons; New Guinea; Bismarck Archipelago; Leyte (with arrowhead); Luzon) - Korean War (UN Defensive; UN Offensive; CCF Intervention; First UN Counteroffensive; CCF Spring Offensive; UN Summer-Fall Offensive; Second Korean Winter; Korea; Summer-Fall 1952; Third Korean Winter; Korea, Summer 1953) - Southwest Asia (Defense of Saudi Arabia; Liberation and Defense of Kuwait; Cease-Fire) - War on Terrorism (Campaigns to be Determined)

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The Stano Foundation

The Stano Foundation

The HAVOC Soldiers are filled with Holiday cheer as they open their special Holiday packages from the The Stano Foundation! Each one is packed with care and lots of goodies. Thank you to the Stano team for making this Holiday truly special! #HappyHAVOCSoldiers #StanoNation

11TH ADA "Imperial" Brigade 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

A/2-43 ADA

A/2-43 ADA

Holiday smiles from across the miles! Thank you Alpha Battery for sending in these great pics 😁🎅 We are so happy you are enjoying our holiday in a box care packages and we thank you again for your service. #stanonation #holidayinabox #holidaysmilesfromacrossthemiles #weputthecareincarepackage #christmascheer

Warrior Week in Review: 15 November 2020HHB:HAVOC Battery personnel kicked off this week by executing their battle-rhyth...

Warrior Week in Review: 15 November 2020

HAVOC Battery personnel kicked off this week by executing their battle-rhythm events of HAVOC Enlightenment: EO, SHARP, and MRT training.
These training sessions help to ensure the HAVOC Soldiers understand the programs and how to utilize them properly if needed. Retention is another strong program within the HAVOC Battery, and this week provided an opportunity to allow three HAVOC Soldiers to show their dedication to the U.S. Army during a re-enlistment ceremony. The setting could not have been better as it provided for high quality pictures for the Soldiers to show off and have as memories of a lifetime. Another significant milestone that is fast approaching is the myriad of re-deployment tasks in support of HAVOC Battery's return to Fort Bliss. Although the number of days seems ever
small, there remains to be a large amount of work and tasks to accomplish of which HAVOC Battery will undoubtedly complete, while still remaining ready to support the Warrior Battalion and adjacent units.

Highlights: SFC Golston provides quarterly EO training to small groups. SPC Flores, SPC Lankford, and SPC Andrada execute a re-enlistment ceremony displaying their further dedication to serve in the U.S. Army. CPT Miller executes the monthly sensitive items inventory with the assistance of HAVOC supply and training rooms. PFC Sandoval goes through personnel files to
ensure all in-processing documents are accurate and up to date prior to re-deployment.

The Archers executed their monthly Operation Readiness Exercise with their newly established AMD Crews from 10-11 November 2020. Each AMD was successful at earning a Q1 "GO" with minimal time training as a crew. This is a testament to the rigorous and "one standard" AMD training mindset the Archers conduct. On 11 November 2020, Team Archers promoted PFC Lewis to the rank of SPC. SPC Lewis serves as the only Combat Medic Specialist (68W) for the Battery, and he has played a pivotal role in the success of the unit. On
12 November 2020, the Archers AMD Crew 1 successfully executed their ADGT VIII Mobility Certification earning a Q1 (First Time "GO"). This crew was created based on longevity and ability!

Highlights: The Archers conduct GMT reload and PM&E training to prepare for their ADGT VIII certifications. The Archers conduct a Promotion Ceremony for Combat Medic Specialist, SPC Lewis.

Last week was a good week for Crew 1. Hot crew was trained on evaluating a casualty. SPC Fields and SPC Dumas completed their layouts for the BCP and Radar. We continued to train air battles and ASAs, integrating SPC Fields into the BCP. We continue to work on and complete mandatory 350-1 training. SSG Castaneda helped Alpha out with validating licenses in preparation of their upcoming Table VIIIs. SPC Nolan and SPC Incze starred in the Air Force vs Army commercial video. We had VIPs on site, and SPC Dumas and SPC Duenas received coins for their hard work and dedication to the mission SPC Dumas gave a great class on calling up a 9-line MEDEVAC to the up range personnel. The BN XO and CSM attended SPC Saysombat's promotion to SGT Saysombat. To
end the week, a Battery picture was taken to commemorate our efforts on the deployment.

Highlights: The Bounty Hunter Soldiers conduct reload drills so they can perfect their craft. SPC Ritchie conducted joint CBRN training with the Air
Force. SPC Dumas gave a great class on calling up a 9-line MEDEVAC to the up range personnel. SPC Saysombat is promoted to Sergeant. All the Bounty
Hunters group together for a Battery Photo for the Army vs. Air Force Game.

This week Crusader Nation tackled an abundance of tasks and executed every single one violently. Throughout the week the Crusaders were given the
opportunity to take an ACFT diagnostic. This is critical to get ahead of the curve when it comes to the newly implemented ACFT, and give the soldiers a chance to get their feet wet with these new events. For AMD operations, the crews supported ODIN DPICC with a 3-day IAMD Exercise focusing on UAS and TBM attacks. All crews were heavily involved and gained a good amount of knowledge from the exercise. One highlight of the week was the promotion ceremony for PFC Hughes to the rank of SPC and PV2 Middleton to the rank to
PFC. Moreover, PFC Carter and PFC Middleton received their combat deployment patches, a great honor to bestow! To round out the week, the Crusaders participated in a Native American Heritage Month 5K and put on a 9-month
BBQ. The BBQ was a well-deserved event and a great way to end the week as Soldiers were able to relax, socialize, and eat some tasty food. As we
approach the end of this deployment, the Crusaders are not slowing down but rather we continue to intensify our efforts to finish strong and are looking forward to proving ourselves in the upcoming Best Crew Competition!

Highlights: The Crusaders hosts a BBQ to commemorate the 9-month mark of deployment. Charlie Soldiers participate in the diagnostic ACFT. The promotion of PFC Hughes to the rank of SPC and PV2 Middleton to the rank to PFC was a big celebration for the Battery as a whole.

The Delta Dragons had a fun and busy week. They conducted SGLV updates, administered flu shots, attended a How to Become a Warrant Officer brief,
and conducted a Volleyball match. 1st QTR, FY21 MRT training was given to Soldiers and all Delta Dragon Leaders attended the LPD on CSDP. The crews conducted ABML V certifications and training on Forklift reload. The Dragons prepare their property book so it is ready to hand over to the unit replacing them in the future.

Highlights: SPC Bell serving during a volleyball match. SPC Kapetan and SPC Frasier (Crew 1) conducting Forklift Reload Training. Squad Leaders and above participating in the Battalion Training on CSDP.

This past week, the Wolfpack had the pleasure of hosting both Blackjack 6 and Imperial 6. Both of these leaders took time to see the Soldiers' work
areas, engage with leaders across the formation, and see Soldiers at work. Soldiers had a chance to talk to both of these Senior Leaders about their
experiences throughout the deployment, and what is to come as we prepare to redeploy. Imperial 6 conducted a small patching ceremony for two members of the Wolfpack, and Blackjack 6 challenged some Echo Soldiers to a "Leg Tuck

Highlights: 1LT Haddock and PFC Jacobs receive their deployment patch from Imperial 6. PFC Ceniceros and SGT Johnson receives coins for outstanding achievement from Blackjack 6. Blackjack 6 demonstrates how to perform the ACFT leg tuck event to 2nd PLT.

Echo 3-4:
Battery Team Executioner continues to prepare for redeployment to ensure a successful hand-off for our replacements. Property layouts are now complete for 1PLT, and 3PLT will begin their layouts in the near future. The layouts will set up the Battery for success during redeployment operations and are being used as an opportunity to begin load plans and 1750s. 1PLT has successfully conducted their movement to the new CJOC location and are now fully up and operational. In addition to the movement, all Avenger teams
successfully conducted their CFT engagement ICW the cUAS teams. The CFT is a valuable training aid that allows the crew to go through the engagement
process. 3PLT also successfully participated in an Integrated Base Wide Exercise designed to test the bases ability to react to a variety of threats. They have continued to conduct site improvement operations for all ADA sites at their locations. 3PLT also completed their SHARP, EO, MRT, Safety, and Suicide Awareness training this week during the Battery BBQ. Staying active to avoid complacency, these Executioner Paratroopers always have and always will continue to lead the way.

Highlights: SPC Amaya and SPC Phlai hard at work preparing the new AMDEC location for move in. The JOC at 1PLT's location has been conducting
movement to a separate site and the Echo team has been working hard to ensure they are prepared for movement. PFC Coronado seen here conducting a Technical Inspection on an Avenger fire unit during Ghost Platoon PMSP in coordination with A/5-52. He is searching for any faults or issues that will inhibit operations or redeployment inspections. SPC Figureroa conducts grilling operations in support of the Battery BBQ. This week, 3PLT conducted their quarterly training requirements such as SHARP and EO in conjunction with the BBQ.

HHB Havoc, 2-43 ADA BN A/2-43 ADA Bravo 2-43 ADA Charlie Battery 2-43 ADA "Crusaders" Delta Battery, 2-43 ADA BN Echo Company, 2-43 ADA Echo 3-4 ADAR FRG 11TH ADA "Imperial" Brigade 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

HHB Havoc, 2-43 ADA BN Echo Battery 3-4 ADAR Delta Battery, 2-43 ADA BN Echo Company, 2-43 ADA

HHB Havoc, 2-43 ADA BN Echo Battery 3-4 ADAR Delta Battery, 2-43 ADA BN Echo Company, 2-43 ADA

The Top-Notch Command Team conducted battlefield circulation with Brig. Gen. David Stewart, 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command Commanding General, to recognize Warriors of Delta Battery, 2-43 ADA BN and Echo Company, 2-43 ADA, Nov. 20, 2020 at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq. During the visit, medics also administered a blood draw on Brig. Gen David. Stewart to exercise their medical readiness and practice operations. #PeopleFirst #TraintoFight #BattleReady

32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

#PeopleFirst: Every #Soldier is a valued member of the 32d team and is critical to accomplishing our mission.

Brig. Gen. David Stewart, 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command Commanding General, conducted a battlefield circulation of the Delta Battery and Echo Company 2-43 ADA "Warriors" footprints here in the CENTCOM AOR ensuring our Soldiers are equipped and ready to complete the mission at hand.

Warrior of the Week: 22 NOV 2020PFC Angel GonzalezDuty Position: 14P Air and Missile Defense CrewmemberEcho Battery's no...

Warrior of the Week: 22 NOV 2020

PFC Angel Gonzalez
Duty Position: 14P Air and Missile Defense Crewmember

Echo Battery's nomination for Warrior of the Week is Private First Class Angel Gonzalez. PFC Gonzalez is young, driven Soldier who strives to be
better and more prepared every single day. He recently competed in the Norwegian Ruck March, completing the 18.5 mile march in just 3 hours and 22 minutes! This was the fourth fastest time of all participants, and demonstrates his determination and drive to uphold the Executioner Battery standards. PFC Gonzalez is one of our late deployers, but he has quickly acclimated to the deployed environment and his assigned duties. He takes pride in his professional excellence, mental resilience, physical capabilities, and continually seeks opportunities to increase his knowledge
of the Avenger Weapon System. As the gunner of an Avenger Weapon System, he performs well under pressure and shines in chaotic situations. PFC Gonzalez ensures the Avenger and his equipment is always properly maintained and
ready for any situation. PFC Gonzalez is a valuable asset to Echo Battery, a future paratrooper, and a well-respected team member. He continually achieves the highest of standards and Echo Battery is proud to nominate him as the Battery's Warrior of the Week.


Echo Battery 3-4 ADAR 11TH ADA "Imperial" Brigade 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

Happy Birthday ADA! ⁣

#DYK? At various times, all arms of artillery have been referred to as Artillery. It was not until 12 June 1969 that the Army established Air Defense Artillery as a separate branch. However, the Army made clear in 1969 that "for the purposes of lineage and history, Field Artillery and Air Defense Artillery shall both be considered a continuation of Artillery."

A/2-43 ADA Bravo 2-43 ADA Echo Company, 2-43 ADA

A/2-43 ADA Bravo 2-43 ADA Echo Company, 2-43 ADA

Warrior of the Week: 15 November 2020PFC Bobby CooperDuty Position: 14T, Patriot Enhanced Launching Station Operator/Mai...

Warrior of the Week: 15 November 2020

PFC Bobby Cooper

Duty Position: 14T, Patriot Enhanced Launching Station Operator/Maintainer

PFC Cooper worked on the Entry Control Point for the duration of the deployment, but recently moved to AMD Crew 2. He currently serves as the
Archer's Crew Member 2 on Hot Crew. PFC Cooper joined the team with unmatched motivation and learned his crew drills seamlessly. PFC Cooper's
dedication and commitment to training helped lead his crew to achieve a first time "GO" on his first evaluated Operational Readiness Exercise this
week. This evaluation included GMT Reload and an Alert State Assumption. PFC Cooper also certified first time "GO" during the unit's Air Defense Gunnery Table VIII evaluation this past week, enabling the unit to provide the battalion with the most combat power upon re-deployment. PFC Cooper's flexibility and enthusiasm has ensured the success of Crew 2 and Alpha Battery as a whole.

"Take Aim!"

A/2-43 ADA 11TH ADA "Imperial" Brigade 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command

“Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices.” – Harry S Truman, 33rd President of the United States

#VeteransDay #SoldierForLife

Video by #USArmy Staff Sgt. Jane Merkley

Warrior Week in Review: 8 November 2020HHB:HAVOC Battery was given the opportunity to acknowledge two high performing HA...

Warrior Week in Review: 8 November 2020

HAVOC Battery was given the opportunity to acknowledge two high performing HAVOC Soldiers this week. SPC Parra-Perez earned 300 points on his last record APFT and earned the Army Achievement Medal. Meanwhile, SPC Hall is
completing his journey in the Warrior Battalion and United States Army so the unit presented him with his end of tour and ETS awards prior to him
departing theater to return to Fort Bliss, Texas. HAVOC Battery observed the Halloween holiday by providing the Soldiers an opportunity to wear a costume for the day and executing a door decorating contest. The Warrior Aid Station took first place with the Battery Supply Section coming in a close second. Area improvements haven't stopped within HAVOC Battery and the receipt of much needed lockable filing cabinets helps to ensure personnel records and supply records are secured at all times. HAVOC Enlightenment III was executed this week as well to ensure compliance for the quarterly AR 350-1
training requirements and ensure HAVOC Soldiers continue to be aware of the core programs of SHARP, EO, and MRT. The HAVOC Battery re-deployment operations are picking up, beginning this week with the midnight oil starting to warm as the Battery compiles all the required date to submit to the replacing unit. Although these are time intensive tasks to complete, they only help HAVOC Battery get a better picture of itself which allows
HAVOC Battery to remain ready to support the Warrior Battalion and adjacent units.

Highlights: SPC Parra and SPC Hall posing after being presented their awards for their achievements and service. The Warrior Aid Station went full mojo during the HAVOC Halloween Door Decorations Competition. SPC Zerko took advantage of Halloween to exhibit his "Operator" costume. CPT Gentry and 1SG Clement help to move much needed filing cabinets into the HAVOC Battery Headquarters.

Team Archers commenced ADGT VIII for AMD Mobility Crew 1 and AMD Crew 2 on 02 November 2020. On 04 November 2020, Blackjack 06, and Top Notch 06 and 07 conducted battlefield circulation.

Highlights: The Archers conducted PM&E training for the ECS, EPP, and Radar Set to prepare for upcoming ADGT VIII certification on 12 November 2020. The Archers also conducted Launcher PM&E training for their upcoming certification.

This past week, the Bounty Hunters continued executing their AMD mission and accomplished readiness tasks to ensure Soldiers remain proficient and trained. 1st QTR Safety Training encompassed Accident Avoidance, the dangers
of the Benadryl Challenge, and PHAs were completed by all Bravo Soldiers. Bounty Hunter leadership conducted their DEOCS out brief with the Battalion Commander. SPC Saysombat was promoted to Sergeant. The Bounty Hunters will
always continue to hone their craft and study to increase their technical knowledge and tactical proficiency.

Highlights: Bounty Hunters conducting Warrior Training and Battle Drills. SPC Saysombat's promotion to Sergeant.

The fruit of hard work is the sweetest! Days of relentless training and evaluations have paid off as all crews are certified across the board! The
certifications are not only to enhance the unit's readiness but also to prevent Soldiers from being complacent. The Crusader Nation understands that
we cannot afford to let our guard down even for a split second in an environment where the threats are real and imminent. In addition to certifications, Charlie Battery celebrated the promotion of one of our very own, 1LT Prosser was promoted to Captain. He has contributed tremendously to
the success of the Battery. This stellar Crusader has taken on multiple positions to ensure the unit's operations go as smooth as possible. He is a
Platoon Leader, Tactical Control Officer, and Battery Trainer. We thank you CPT Prosser from the bottom of our hearts for everything that he has done for the unit. For a morale booster, the long awaited Battery Deployment T-Shirt and Coin are finalized and in production. It is fantastic to see
Soldiers working together to brainstorm, hand sketch, and digitally draft the designs. It is something to remind Crusaders of our time together in Iraq! Overall, the Crusader Nation continues to excel as a whole and takes every opportunity as a lesson to get better!

Highlights: CPT Nguyen promotes 1LT Prosser to Captain. Also pictured are the finalized Charlie Battery t-shirt and coin designs that each Soldier
will receive at the end of the deployment.

The Delta Dragons complete another successful week. The Delta Dragons proudly promoted three Soldiers to the next rank. The focus for this week
for personnel actions was DD93 updates to ensure the Army has the proper emergency contact info for our Soldiers. Delta Soldiers received their
Anthrax and Flu shots to stay updated on medical readiness. All Soldiers interested in becoming a Warrant Officer received a brief from CW3 Klein and how to apply to become an ADA WO. Delta Dragons finished up October with a Halloween Extravaganza, all Soldiers dressed up in the costume of their choosing. 1st QTR FY21 EO/MRT training requirements were conducted and
completed. All Leaders participated in the Battery LPD on Patriot METL and how to conduct the cross walk. The Dragons continue to trouble shoot all
equipment until it becomes FMC. The job is never done and the Dragons will never quit!

Highlights: SGT Tuttle and SPC Haddock install the new CLET for the radar. Delta Battery hosts a Halloween Extravaganza on their PAT site. PFC Bowen advances to SPC.

This week, the Wolfpack conducted several outstanding training and resiliency events. 1LT Haddock planned and executed a convoy with his
platoon to build proficiency in convoy operations and troop leading procedures. Additionally, SGT Zatarain was able to participate in a multi-national CBRN training exercise focused on forging continuity between forces and advancing CBRN operations. To finish the week, Echo hosted a Fall
Festival for the Wolfpack involving sports, video games, and other activities. "Kill 'em all!"

Highlights: A Wolfpack Soldier participating in the multi-national CBRN training. Echo Soldiers play video games during the Fall Festival event. Vehicles are staged in preparation for convoy operations. Soldiers casually throw a football around during the Fall Festival.

Echo 3-4:
Battery Team Executioner continues to prepare for redeployment. Equipment technical inspections, property layouts and medial readiness efforts are
underway. Continuity books continue to be refined and updated in an effort to pass the torch to the next unit as smoothly as possible. 1st PLT
completed their MANPAD training certification and also conducted their LFX this week IOT validate the effectiveness and demonstrate the capability of
the Avenger weapons system in conjunction with the AMDEC. Staying active to avoid complacency, these Executioner Paratroopers always have and always will continue to lead the way.

Highlights: SPC Woodard and SSG Martin conduct 1st PLT's Avenger Live Fire Exercise. This exercise served as an opportunity to train and validate the
communication between the AMDEC and the Avenger crew during integrated Air Defense operations. PFC Coronado leading the way as 2nd PLT conducts deep maintenance operations on two of their Avengers after the welcomed delivery
of a much needed system sling. The sling is used to de-mate the Avenger turret from the 1097 HMMWV. SPC Wright, the attached Echo Battery Medic assists 2-44 ADA with receiving flu shots. The ADA units have been in the midst of a medical rodeo ensuring all personnel are up to date on their flu shots.

HHB Havoc, 2-43 ADA BN A/2-43 ADA Bravo 2-43 ADA Charlie Battery 2-43 ADA "Crusaders" Delta Battery, 2-43 ADA BN Echo Company, 2-43 ADA Echo Battery 3-4 ADAR 11TH ADA "Imperial" Brigade 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command



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