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A Co "Aztecs" FRG Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division. Located at Ft. Bliss, TX. ALWAYS SACRIFICE!

As a company level operation, the FRG is a command sponsored organization of all assigned Soldiers (married and single), volunteers, and their families that together provide mutual support and assistance and a network of communications among the family members, chain of command, and community resources. While all of these individuals are automatically considered to be members of the FRG, participa

As a company level operation, the FRG is a command sponsored organization of all assigned Soldiers (married and single), volunteers, and their families that together provide mutual support and assistance and a network of communications among the family members, chain of command, and community resources. While all of these individuals are automatically considered to be members of the FRG, participa

Operating as usual


A Co Friends and Family,

We have been staying extremely busy while here at Fort Knox, and even though we did not get the day off we still found some time to celebrate the 4th of July. That being said most of the conversations centered around what we’d all be doing if we were back home and how much we’d rather have been spending the holiday with our friends and family. The hard work of all of the members of A Co has not gone unnoticed, with the senior leadership both in the Task Force and within Cadet Command singling out A Co as constant source of hard work and professionalism.

As we near the end of the summer here at Fort Knox we have begun putting out to your soldiers the estimated return dates. I anticipate the first flight for A Co will leave Fort Knox around the 2nd of August and the other flight with the remainder of the Company leaving around the 12th of August. The block leave dates are still as they were briefed prior to deployment starting 28AUG – 14 SEPT.

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Fourth of July. We all look forward to returning home to you, our friends and family.

CPT Fichtner

Here is the link to the candid photos of the ball. The password is rifles. http://proofing.sergeantmajormom.com/event/35...
3-41 Ball Photos

Here is the link to the candid photos of the ball. The password is rifles.


I had so much fun taking pictures at your ball!! Please feel free to download the images you like. Simply add them to your cart and check out (it is free). An email with the zipped files will automatically be sent to you. If you'd like to see more of my work, or book a session check out my Faceb...

4th Battalion, 70th Armor Regiment, 1/1 AD

Child care for the ball

Child Care Update:

Please double check your child's status with CYSS.
Only those registered with CYSS will be admitted the night of the ball at the Riplica CDC.

Please drop them off no earlier than 4:30pm 7 NOV.
Keep in mind that the child care goes to 11:00pm

4th Battalion, 70th Armor Regiment, 1/1 AD

This is the Latest information for MB16.


I have received some requests for updated flight info. I am reluctant to post what I know because it always seems to change as soon as I hit send....

For those concerned, the following info is NOT AN OPSEC violation due to the lack of exact flight times and the proximity to the actual flight dates.

For the two flights from Manas to Germany, we are currently scheduled to fly early morning on the 20th and midday on the 21st. That puts us all in Germany early evening on the 21st. The commercial flight will depart as soon as possible after our arrival and consolidation. As of the update I received at 3 AM today, the exact take off time, flight path, and arrival at Fort Bliss is pending.

I know this is incomplete but I hope this helps. Either myself or Brigade will provide updates as they are received.


LTC Tom Anderson

4th Battalion, 70th Armor Regiment, 1/1 AD

This is the latest info

Soldiers, Families and Friends,

Please excuse the length of this post but I want to provide as much information as possible on the current status and future travel plans of MB16 (236 Soldiers from HHC/3-41IN, A/3-41IN, C/3-41IN, HHC/1-36IN, and 532 SIG CO). Bottom line up front; the current best case scenario has us departing Ramstein, Germany sometime on 22 SEP and arriving at Ft. Bliss sometime on the 22nd or 23rd. The details of that flight are being worked thru by the contract air provider OMNI. Please know that myself, CSM Kindler, the other leaders and the Soldiers from MB16 are frustrated but OK. We are working together as a team to make the best of an extremely unfortunate and frustrating situation. We will continue to watch over everyone in MB16 and work thru this and offer our apologies!

Background: The current contracted aircraft here in Manas has a significant fuel leak that can not be repaired in a timely manner and due to country clearances, etc, it would take an additional 7 days to get a replacement OMNI aircraft to Manas. The Air Force has been able to resource two C17 flights to Ramstein on the 19th and 20th which will allow us to meet the OMNI aircraft flying from the states to Germany on the 21st. Once that flight arrives, it will refuel, get the required crew rest and then fly us to the US as mentioned above. As additional details and exact flight info becomes available, we will provide it.

Once again we apologize for this extremely frustrating situation!


LTC Anderson and CSM Kindler


Families and friends of A Co I want to apologize to all of you for the inconveniences and frustrations the shifting of the MB16 fights home has caused. We just found out thus morning when we woke up the same timeline you were told last night. The latest update should have us arriving the evening of the 17th. I spoke with several of the liaisons here and confirmed that a mechanical issue with our aircraft had been the reason for or delay. I was also told that another aircraft is being brought in to facilitate the new timeline. I thank all of you for your continued patience and can tell you that your soldiers on this end are as anxious to get back to you as you are to see them. Any and all updates we receive we will continue to pass as timely as possible through rear detachment, the FRG and from me directly to your soldiers. I'm sorry again for all the changes in the schedule, We look forward to reuniting you with your lived ones as quickly as possible.

Kyle Fichtner


Please be advised:
There has been a change to the flight labeled Main Body 16. The soldiers on this flight are scheduled to arrive on 17 September at the Army Air Field. Your welcome home ceremony will be at 5:40pm. We recommend that you arrive at 3:40 pm for family time.

We apologize for the changes. We don't know at this time why the flight has changed. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any further questions please contact Staff Duty at 915-744-4076


If you have any questions about the flight that has been delayed you can find my number in the about section of this page. Or you can call Rear D at 915-744-4076. We have been telling everyone that this is a possibility, even when flying within the states. planes are delayed for many reasons(weather and mechanical issues). We want all soldiers to arrive home safely even if we are briefly inconvienced by a time delay. Thank you.
Lynn Stovall

Be sure to check this page for information about Welcome Home Ceremonies. https://www.bliss.army.mil/1BCT1ARM/welcomehom...
The United States Army - Team Bliss

Be sure to check this page for information about Welcome Home Ceremonies.

The welcome home ceremonies are family friendly events. Bottled water and light refreshments will be available free of charge. You may also bring food and other non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated while waiting for the ceremony to start. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at the welcome home c...


Family and friends of 2nd PLT – We had an exciting week this past week. Two of our soldiers, SPC Komlatse and SPC Ayer, were promoted from Private First Class to Specialist. Inventories of all of our gear and equipment are finished, and we are prepared to sign over all of our equipment to the incoming unit. We continue to es**rt SFAT teams around the battlefield, most recently conducting an air assault mission with the SFAT teams riding in Chinook helicopters. It wasn’t the first time our platoon has conducted an air assault mission this deployment, but it was everyone’s first time exploring the new area. There are mandatory redeployment training events coming up that will give everyone all the information necessary for a smooth and successful transition home. Please contact your soldier overseas to make sure you get the most current and accurate information regarding redeployment.

SSG Fones / LT Bowling


Headquarters Platoon, Assault Company, 3-41 IN has remained busy this past week with Company Property. All items are being accounted for, maintained, and properly placed for the coming RIP/TOA with 3-2 SCR and the redeployment back to Fort Bliss. Sergeant Damico has been vital in the assistance of inventorying items, maintaining communications within the TOC as well as accompanying the Commander on missions along with Sergeant Bojorquez and Specialist Moorehead, who also provide assistance with vehicle movements and their inventories. The TOC has been busy with their own inventories as well as day to day battle tracking of operations. Specialist Allen provides assistance in the management of personnel while Sergeant Prough and Sergeant Charon enable the TOC to properly and accurately monitor and assist elements on the ground. Nearing RIP/TOA the Company must assume additional tasks to ensure that the soldiers about to redeploy receive proper instruction as well as ensuring they hand over a good environment to 3-2 SCR. CPT Fichtner and 1SG Arrindell provide guidance and experience and ensure that the Company is ready and continues to push ahead in its final weeks of deployment.

SSG Rivera / LT Cole


Friends and Family of 3rd PLT, this week our platoon turned a bunch of
equipment in at KAF. Despite getting stuck at KAF for a night due to bad
weather it was a great feeling to turn in yet another heap of equipment. In
other news we received our dates for block leave, so during our free time
most of us have been strategizing how best to spend those days. We finished
this week off by es**rting the SFAT we're responsible for to a celebratory
dinner with the ANA. This celebration is what the Afghans refer to as Eid
(a three day holiday in which Muslims feast and commemorate the end of
Ramadan). The dinner went well and there was enough tea and food for
everyone, although some wisely chose to decline the ANA's lamb surprise in
favor of DEFAC food. Check back in next week for another update, only a
handful left until you'll be able to get updates in person from your

1LT Walcott/SFC Preciado


Headquarters Platoon headed the Company effort to inventory and account for all items in their first weeks at FOB Pasab. SGT Quinones and SGT Martinez have provided guidance and assistance in the effort to ensure all materials are present after the move from COP Senjaray. While the inventories continue, soldiers maintain the Company area of operations through persistent patrolling. The work of SGT Prough and SGT Robinson, NCO's operating the TOC, ensure that the movements of personnel on the ground are monitored, tracked and reported to provide the best support possible. The Mortar section headed by SS Taylor provides aid wherever needed with his section, including, SGT Gutierrez and SPCs Frazier, Coyne, Schroder, and Mitchell, has assisted in every retrograde and inventory tasks the Company assumes as a whole.

1LT Cole / SSG Rivera


Friends and Family of 3rd PLT, this week we have increased our role of providing security for SFAT. Although this is a new routine it is working out well in conjunction with our retrograde tasks and gives us a chance to pass on some of our knowledge of the Zhari district to the new SFAT team. Additionally, SPC Gonzales is officially SGT Gonzales now so congratulations again to him. Other than that we've finished up with another successful month over here and the days are starting to get shorter again, although they haven't started getting cooler quite yet. On that note being that today is the 1st of August and you can no longer send us packages just know that we appreciate all the ones you did send and we are glad all glad here that we are close enough to being home with all of you that you're not even supposed to send us packages.

1LT Walcott/SFC Preciado


Friends and Family of 1st Platoon,

Life at Pasab has brought quite a few changes to 1st Platoon’s routine. In many ways this is a good thing. OP tempo has slowed a little bit as we focus on getting ready to come home. This means a little more paper work than we are used to doing. After 7 months of nothing but combat focused operations, it is more than a little humorous to see infantrymen push their way through something as mundane as paperwork. Life at Pasab has also placed more than a little extra stress on our NCO’s as the uniform standards and number of time sensitive tasks have increased. As per usual the NCO’s in 1st Platoon stepped up to the plate and delivered. Under the guidance of SSG Mesa the platoon has done an excellent job maintaining accountability of sensitive items and meeting time hacks. In fact, SSG Mesa has done an excellent job the entire deployment helping the platoon, and myself, stay up and running with little to no major issues. On an unrelated note, 1LT Newton designed and created an excellent T-shirt to commemorate the deployment for the company. Expect to see your soldiers wearing these once they are back home. The soldiers are excited to get home and frequently talk about their families. Please remain patient and you will see your soldier in no time. As always, please check back next week for another update on your soldiers.
1LT Howell / SSG Mesa

1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division

1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division

CSM Russell Reimers, Command Sergeant Major of Ready First Combat Team, gives more details about redeploying back to Fort Bliss.

1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division

This is important information you will not want to miss.

COL Ken Adgie, Commander of Ready First Combat Team, explains the process of a redeploying Soldier and what Soldiers are to expect when returning to Fort Bliss.


Co Friends and Family,

We have completed the closure of COP Sanjaray. It was a bittersweet moment driving away for the last time, a lot of good memories were had at our home of seven months but it was a major step toward returning home and we all were glad to have completed one of the more monumental tasks handed us this deployment. A lot of hard work was put in by all the members of the company to ensure the COP closed on time and was successfully handed over to our Afghan Counterparts. We have now begun settling in at FOB Pasab but realize that we will be picking up again shortly to heading back to El Paso. This is evidenced by the packing and shipping containers of much of our equipment and belongings soon after our return to Pasab.
There have been several notable company events this week the first of which was 1SG Jeffers and 1SG Arrindell’s change of Responsibility Ceremony. 1SG Jeffers has moved on to take responsibility for the HHC company of 3-41 IN, his leadership will be greatly missed but we are all glad he will still be in the Battalion and right across the street. 1SG Arrindell has already picked up the reigns as the Senior Enlisted Advisor for the company and is carrying the torch well keeping the men of the company focused during our final month and preparing the company for movement from theatre to home station. The other notable event in the last week is the re-enlistment of SPC Rogers from 2nd Platoon. I was given the honor of administering his oath of re-enlistment. He is a valued member of his Platoon and Alpha Company and we are all proud that he committed to an addition term of service and look to serving together for the foreseeable future.
We having been packing equipment and preparing to return as I have mentioned already, I know the pressing question both here and there is when is the exact date you will be reunited with your soldier. As of this writing there is no change to the previously published dates and I see no reason that there should be any drastic change, as we approach we will pass more precise timelines but we all anticipate being back no later than the second week of September, with a majority of the company coming in the first week of September. We will continue to look out for each other here but are all still anxious to get back home. Thank you all for you continued prayers and support.

CPT Fichtner / SFC Arrindell

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


Families and Friends of 2nd PLT – We’ve had great week. Our former Platoon Sergeant, SFC Arrindell, has become the new First Sergeant for the Company. Staff Sergeant Fones is the new Platoon Sergeant of 2nd Platoon. SPC Rogers of second squad has reenlisted for another four merry years in the army. Our platoon mission has shifted a little, and we have a bit more free time now at the end of the deployment. We have been conducting training as a platoon to help facilitate our readiness when we get back to Fort Bliss. Today we were able to go to the range here at FOB Pasab and conduct training with our M9 pistols, M4 rifles, and M249 Squad Automatic Weapons. We recently packed and shipped our container home with most of our personal gear – another task complete on the to do list for redeployment. Tune in next week for another update from the platoon leadership.

2LT Bowling/SSG Fones


Headquarters Platoon, 3-41 IN, 1/1 AD has lead the way in the full retrograde of personnel and equipment from COP Senjaray to FOB Pasab. The Platoon has been very active in equipment maintenance and inventories to ensure the Company is still operating at a high tempo as it nears redeployment. The tireless work of SGT Pier and SPC Stembridge has ensured all vehicles are being properly serviced and remain operational during the high tempo of moving the company between FOBs. Senior Medic SPC Hayes ensures all personnel are adjusting to the heat and are receiving any needed aid. 1SG Jeffers moved over to take responsibility for HHC and though his experience and guidance will be missed, the Company happily welcomed 1SG Arrindell and looks forward to continued success.

LT Cole / SSG Rivera


El Paso, TX

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