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Brown Berets de La Causa To Serve, Observe & Protect Serving La Raza de Bronce with honor since December 3, 1967

There can only be one original. We are the one and only Brown Beret National Organization - La Causa. Serving La Raza de Bronce since 12/03/1967. Want permission to wear our patch? Join us. ¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre y Hasta Aztlán!

Los Brown Berets

Los Brown Berets

On behalf of Los Brown Berets our deepest condolences to the Family and Brown Berets de Aztlan for their loss. Que en paz descanse Grandmother Irena Mena of the Brown Berets de Aztlan- San Diego, California.
Irena Mena-June 3, 1929--June 24, 2020

APD Mass Arrests Working Women’s Day Participants
APD Mass Arrests Working Women’s Day Participants

APD Mass Arrests Working Women’s Day Participants

On this year's International Working Women's Day in Austin, Texas, women activists and community members were holding a procession in honor of Veneranda Martinez and other victims of sexist violence when they were targeted for a mass arrest by Austin ...

Feliz cumpleaños a nuestra carnala Cynthia Barajas de Casa Blanca Brown Berets.Y la lucha sigue. Viva La Causa!

Feliz cumpleaños a nuestra carnala Cynthia Barajas de Casa Blanca Brown Berets.
Y la lucha sigue. Viva La Causa!

Los Brown Berets de Houston,TejAztlan.

Los Brown Berets de Houston,TejAztlan.

Tejas Brown Beret Veterano Jorge Lopez speaking about the Tejas Brown Beret eighteen gun salute that took place in Houston’s Moody Park located in Barrio Northside in honor of the eighteen murdered Chicano’s that year in 1978.

Brown Berets- Chicago- 0fficial page

Brown Berets- Chicago- 0fficial page

More pictures from the 80th South Chicago Mexican independence day parade. Los Brown Berets De Chicago, The original Black Panthers of Milwaukee, S.R.A , Chicago Boriqua Resistance and supporters. We had a great time in unity, respect and solidarity with each other. Thank you everyone for the joining us. We ate together after. Over 40 people behind our banner. ✊🏽✊🏾 🇲🇽🇵🇷🇲🇼

Brown Berets del Chuco

Brown Berets del Chuco

Brown Berets National Day of Action!

On the weekend of July 27th, 2019, in Houston, Texas, Brown Berets from throughout the United States met in Houston for a historical gathering where we agreed on key points. In less than 24 hours and exactly a week to that day, a white supremacist (gunman) pointed military style weapons at our people and started picking us off one by one. This was not the first time in history that this has happened but this time, from this moment forward, it will be different because the Brown Berets, leftist allies and members of our communities have had enough. From Chicago, Illinois to Sacramento, California, Texas and Colorado, we are here to say it’s time to fight back!
At the beginning of this statement, let it be said that as we stand on this sacred ground that belongs to the indigenous people of the Americas. We, as brown people, as immigrants, Chicanos, Chicanas, Chicanx, even Latino, no matter what you call us, we are descendants of those same indigenous people. The same people whom this land was stolen from. This is stolen land!
We must unite! The indigenous people of this land, regardless of what the United States labels us, must come together and fight for our children who today sit in cages. We must fight for our families who today are being ripped apart, fight for our children who today are being shot not just by white supremacists but by police officers and all other law enforcement agencies who see us as the enemy. We as brown and Chicano people are not the enemy the U.S. imperialist nation makes us out to be. We are a peaceful people. We are a people whose indigenous ways have taught us to respect our elders. To respect our community and part of that respect requires protecting our people! Ya Basta! It’s time for us to come together and break the chains of oppression by ending imperialist regimes like the United States of America.
So, what do we hope to achieve through this gathering? Our solution is simple – it is to defend our community by any means necessary! This is going to require a multi-prong approach starting with the exercising of every tool we have available to us.
1) Armed Self – Defense – We believe in self – defense, we do not condone senseless gun violence but we will NOT shy away from encouraging our people to defend their families, their children, their communities at all costs from white supremacists and their supporters. Ya Basta!
2) Education – We believe that our children must have pride and consciousness of who they are and where they come from. We are advocating for education; a real education that teaches the children who they truly are and how enrichening history is. How this is stolen land! How people from Europe invaded this land and not by immigrants coming from Central and South America. How this land was chopped up and sold through a capitalist system and how this system today continues to profit from our labor, our incarceration and even our death because we do NOT… have an educational system that is teaching the truth!
3) Culture – We believe in a cultural and artistic approach where we should not be ashamed of our communities, languages, food, music and artistic impressions. From poets to artists, we will encourage our communities to express themselves and tell the true story of the Chicana and Chicano community.
4) Economic – Under capitalism our people have been subjugated and exploited for hundreds of years in service of the white ruling class who’s luxuries were bought with our blood. What has trickled down from their overflowing cup has been scooped up by middle class whites who seek to emulate the rich. We have been left with next to nothing so we must work together to uplift our people and others caught in the flames of capitalism to be independent and self-sufficient from this system. All our communities must stand together to both boycott at any business that clearing out our culture, our land, and our people but at the same time we must have outstretched arms in our communities ensuring no one is without food or water or what they need. No person is an island, we are all connected and for us to exist and to grow we must establish a new sustainable economic system that serves the needs of the people and not the desires of a handful of rich people sitting on their hoard of stolen treasure.
5) Spiritual – We believe in the spiritual ways and practices of our indigenous ancestors, including the drum, danza, and other medicine that heals and strengthens our communities’ broken spirits. In addition, we must encourage our communities to boycott and protest leaders of the faith community that support white supremacist policies and the attacks on our people, whether documented or not. This includes support for our LGBTQ+ communities whom for decades have been the target of religious bigots. Ya Basta!
6) Science/Environmentalism – We need to encourage more scientific thought and research into how our role plays and impacts the Earth. Mother Earth is under attack and scientific facts should not be discouraged but taken seriously on how we can improve the planet we live on. Yes, climate change is real! And mother Earth is stronger than “man” and we believe that unless we play an active role, we as humans will be destroyed. Ya Basta!
7) Electoral power – We believe that there is power in numbers, especially when those numbers have the power to positively change the course of history when people vote, yet in these times little has been changed. Brown Berets throughout the United States are NOT a political party but we recognize that politicians have tokenized us and played nice with our people only when it is opportunistic for them. We recognize that we have something they want every election cycle only to continue supporting racist policies that threaten our people. We also recognize that we in numbers are stronger than any white supremacist groups who try to eradicate us. In history we have been seen as “savages” yet we were more advanced socially compared to the medieval Europeans. From the Iroquois confederacy who taught the white man about representative democracy, and whom today the U.S. Congress is modeled after, once it savagely committed genocide, enslaved the people, and stole the land they now call the United States of America. To our ancestors living in the grand capital of Tenochtilan the Aztecs built up from the swamp lands of lake Texcoco and to the Maya peoples who advanced astronomy and mathematics. These great civilizations were highly advanced and strong people who resisted colonization fiercely against the ruthless Europeans who come to plunder our lands. These politicians who wish to deny us the rights they are so proud to hold, who still steal from us, and who seeks to deny us our humanity must be held accountable for their hypocrisy and inhumanity. If nothing is done then there is only one solution. REVOLUTION!
We have had many great revolutionaries throughout our history. And to quote from Emiliano Zapata, “if there is not justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government.” This is how we will respond to Gilroy and El Paso moving forward! So, in the spirit of Emiliano Zapata, to Toypurina, and Reies Lopez Tijerina, we call on our allies, from Brown Berets nationwide and to other leftists to unite, organize, and mobilize our gente, to join us in this struggle because we are all in this together.

For further information, contact the following organizers located nationwide
Rafael Avitia Fresno, California [email protected] (559) 977-4247
Connie Gonzalez San Bernandino, Ca. [email protected] (818) 3090097
Argelio Giron Sonoma, County [email protected] (707) 228-7785
Peggy Ramirez Colorado Springs, Co. [email protected] (719) 650-4923
Willie Rodriguez Houston, Texas (713) 592-3764
Sergio Lujan El Paso, Texas [email protected] (915) 329-3926
Leroy Pena Dallas, Texas [email protected]
Joshua Perez San Marcos, Texas [email protected]
Tecuani, Los Angels, Ca. [email protected] (323) 475-2674

Unión del Barrio

Unión del Barrio

Compa Eddie Alvarez from the Brown Berets de Aztlan was brutalized and arrested today in Chicano Park, and a second person named Georgina Mercado was also taken into custody. Compa Eddie was observing the activities of the SDPD in Chicano Park, as is what the BB de Aztlan do every day while they protect the integrity of the Park. The SDPD did not like being observed, and at least a half dozen of them rushed Eddie, threw him down on the street, and beat him while he was down. /// The officers of the SDPD Central Division have been increasingly aggressive since May 1, 2019 when the police escorted the racist Proud Boys around Barrio Logan after they threatened the integrity of Chicano Park. At a recent Community Gathering event the SDPD was equally aggressive. What is clear now is that the ranking officials of the SDPD Central Division are actively provoking the Chicano Park community in the service of trumpista fascism. /// We call on all communities who are in solidarity with Chicano Park and those community members who defend the Park to immediately call SDPD Central Headquarters - 619-531-2777 - and leave the following message: “As a member of the community of Barrio Logan, I demand the immediate release of compa Eddie Alvarez and Georgina Mercado, and that the SDPD Central Division stop its aggressive tactics against the community of Barrio Logan, Chicano Park, and community organizations like the Brown Berets de Aztlan.” You can post the message on the SDPD social media accounts as well. /// In a separate post we will share a link to the gofundme page where you can make a donation to support the release effort for compa Eddie Alvarez. /// Video reposted with permission from Cuauhtemoc Ornelas.

Autonomous Brown Berets of Oklahoma

Autonomous Brown Berets of Oklahoma

"Whelp!... here is the flyer everybody!!.. Share with your Relatives!.. Start point is 10AM @ the Farmington Civic Center. We will Rally and March down Main St and toward the City Hall!.. The City Hall is closed weekends, but we invited the City Mayor, we don't know if he'll be in attendance but it didn't hurt to personally ask him!.. Hopefully see you all soon!! Also, that is the Autonomous Brown Berets Chapter of Oklahoma(not Kansas, had a mistype) A'ho!" -Christian Johnson of AIM Diné Territory
#read #share

Autonomous Brown Berets of Oklahoma

Autonomous Brown Berets of Oklahoma

This weekend we got the honor of meeting some of our carnales in Los Brown Berets El Paso Chapter. Hope to work together again soon and keep building the unity for La Causa. Viva La Causa!

teleSUR English

teleSUR English

Today we remember the assassination of the great Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. 99 years ago today on April 10, 1919, he was assassinated when federal forces ambushed and shot him twice at point blank. Today we honor his legacy which continues to inspire social movements throughout the world.

Centro De Salud Familiar La Fe

Centro De Salud Familiar La Fe

Los Brown Berets de La Causa's cover photo

Los Brown Berets de La Causa's cover photo



Body cam footage shows that this man's hands were raised when he was fatally shot by police

NowThis Politics

NowThis Politics

ICE agents profiled, followed, and harassed this man. He’s been a U.S. citizen for 20 years.

Viva La Raza!

Viva La Raza!

Border Network for Human Rights

Border Network for Human Rights

We need your help, please call to protect our dreamers Dream Act of 2017.

Here are the numbers to call:
Representatives: 1-888-496-3502
Senators: 1-888-410-0619

Necesitamos su ayuda, por favor llamen a los siguientes números para proteger a los DREAMers y el Dream Act del 2017.
Representantes: 1-888-496-3502
Senadores: 1-888-410-0619

JP Dominguez

JP Dominguez

Miembros de la comunidad de Sumas, Washington informan que los trabajadores agrícolas fueron despedidos por pedir sus derechos 😡
Por favor, compartan este vídeo

Video: Familias Unidas por la Justicia

Gutiérrez Warns Those With DACA Or TPS To Prepare For The Worst
Gutiérrez Warns Those With DACA Or TPS To Prepare For The Worst

Gutiérrez Warns Those With DACA Or TPS To Prepare For The Worst

Washington, DC – On Wednesday, Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez (D-IL) was among the Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) to meet with Secretary John Kelly of the Department of Homeland Security. In the closed door meeting that lasted more than an hour, Sec.


Los Brown Berets would like to announce that today, June 25, the anniversary of our victory in the Battle of the Little Bighorn, effective immediately, OsoNegro Brown Berets has ceded whatever authority he has in Los Brown Berets to Sergio Lujan Brown Berets, our first Prime Minister. OsoNegro will remain the Tenonotzani of Los Brown Berets, and serve the LBB and the Prime Minister in whatever capacity desired. Oso is most comfortable practicing law, and needs to devote the majority of his time to that endeavor. Oso will continue to groom and counsel our Prime Minister to the extent necessary or appropriate. Congratulations, Prime Minister Lujan. Rumble, young man, rumble!

¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre y Hasta Aztlán!



🇲🇽Happy Cinco De Mayo! 🇲🇽


Through Out The Barrios
El Paso, TX


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