Bob the Builder should sue Obama for copyright Infringement

Bob the Builder should sue Obama for copyright Infringement "Yes we can" is BOB THE BUILDERS speech. it was his speech first, before Obama started using it. So


Its a good day! George Zimmerman is found NOT GUILTY!!! We cant have people walking around thinking it is OK to start bashing someone's head into the ground. If Trayvon felt threatened, he could of hung the phone up on his girlfriend and called the cops, but no, he decided to begin beating Mr. Zimmerman, which lead to his untimely death.

Untitled album

Untitled album


I dont know about you, but I am really getting sick and tired of the government and the media. To them, the only thing important is the things that make osama and his sheep look good, all the bad stuff they completely ignore.

another Amazing American.  Question,  Where are the Great Americans at Now?  Seems they are all sleeping.  We still have...
God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood

another Amazing American.
Question, Where are the Great Americans at Now? Seems they are all sleeping. We still have a few around like Lee Greenwood. But all to often we only have the hateful losers pulling us all under the water with them.

PLEASE be respectful of each other, even if you're not from this great Country!! Thanks, and enjoy the video!

How the Obama Stole Christmas!
How the Obama Stole Christmas!

How the Obama Stole Christmas!

Presented by the Patriot Caucus. The entire poem can be found on the Patriot Caucus page.

Obama Snubbed overseas
Obama Snubbed overseas

Obama Snubbed overseas

Video footage of Obama in Russia and in Saudi Arabia where different dignatiries clearly ignored him and refuse to shake his hands. The press claims people worship Obama but in these two incidents people were just flat out ignoring him. other clips of the same incident

Russians Refuse to Shake Obama's Hand
Russians Refuse to Shake Obama's Hand

Russians Refuse to Shake Obama's Hand

Watch this 10-second video where a lineup of leading Russians refuse to shake his hand. Did you see this on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC? This is "hard ball", Soviet Style. After the third handshake refusal,,, it becomes obvious. The facial expression is priceless. "I guess we're no longer in Chic


As you may know during an exhilerating game of basketball Obama was elbowed in the jaw and had to get stitches....There should be more important things on his list for this country then playing basketball....wait maybe he was playing against another country leader and told him "If i win, your country will forgive and forget our debts to you."...Yea right.


Happy Thanksgiving Day all. Hope you had a good one!!!!


North and South Korea have begun fighting again. I hope it does not start another major war.


I completely agree with the scanners at airports. If you dont like it...i dont want to hear ANY complaining about the next guy that gets on a plane with a bomb, OR if someone else hijacks a plane and runs it into a building. It is ridiculis. People want more security at airports to stop this stuff from happening, but with they do up the anty at airports people complain.


The Government is the problem...NOT the solution.


If the founding fathers were here today, they would be appaled at how much this country has changed to what they did not want it to be.


Did you thank a veteran yesterday? I did.

Random Pictures

Random Pictures

Late Night With the Obama's
Late Night with the Obamas 7

Late Night With the Obama's

RightChange releases "Late Night with the Obamas 7" a look back at Barack and Michelle Obama watching the late night comics.


Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.
Ben Franklin


Thank you to everyone that voted. Becasue of you this country is now republican controled. :]"


Thanks to Obama, and all the other liberals, Republicans have taken over the House, and are almost equal in the Senate...


Just got back from the voting booth. Fell great about it too.





REID FRAUD! Fox New is reporting that voter in Boulder City are complaining that when they go into the voting booth to v...
Nevada Voter: Ballot Already Had Harry Reid Checked

REID FRAUD! Fox New is reporting that voter in Boulder City are complaining that when they go into the voting booth to vote, Harry Reid's name is ALREADY SELECTED on their ballot on the touch screen! Sounds like the days of Richard Daley in Chicago. Watch Reid try to steal the election from Sharron Angle!

FOX VEGAS: Some voters in Boulder City complained on Monday that their ballot had been cast before they went to the polls, raising questions about Clark County's electronic voting machines. Voter Joyce Ferrara said when they went to vote for Republican Sharron Angle, her Democratic opponent, Sen.


How can you say i am racist if I dont like Biden, Pelosi, Reid, the other Reid, or any Liberal in office.....They are all white. I guess you are saying that I am racist againts white people too....Seeing how i am white that does not make much sense.


I dont know about y'all, but i am VERY proud to say that I am politically INCORRECT. I go with HONESTY NOT politically correct.


BLATANT HYPOCRISY! The "ladies" on The View are so prissy about Islam and political correct speak about the religion - and preaching it to Bill O'Reilly. Yet, they go off the chart in criticizing Christians and denigrating them. NEWS FLASH....AMERICA IS NOT A MUSLIM NATION. IT IS A CHRISTIAN NATION.


I dont know about y'all, but i am scared to vote early. I am scared that one of the candidates that notices he is losing will try to make the mail in and early votes not count. Even though that is COMPLETELY illegal, candidates have tried to do it the past 4 elections.


Two people you would never think that are related
Obama and Palin are 10th cousins
Obama and Rush Limbaugh are like 11th cousins once removed.
Pretty interesting. I hope i am not related to him.


Elko, NV



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