Medicine Song Healings

Medicine Song Healings Medicine Song Healings
As channeled by Samantha (Karen) Glenn Samantha sees the need for healing and heart not only in the individual but in the community.

Samantha (aka Karen) Glenn is an extremely gifted healer and a new and upcoming leader in the community. Seeing that need, Samantha has been forming and designing many projects that have that end in mind. In her one on one sessions, be they healing sessions or guidance sessions, Samantha uses her strong intuition and connection with her Guides and Angels, as well as, a special group of spirits kno

wn as the Juda Ki to help her clients. Being a Juda Ki, herself, along with her connection and training from the spirits of the ancient Shamans, Medicine Men and Women, and other high level healers from around the globe that form the Juda Ki group, makes her a unique and powerful sound healer and mover of energy. It also means that healing is taken to a deeper level and that the results tend to last much longer. Samantha is more than a Juda Ki, she is a Juda Ki Maa ii, which means she has had a near-death experience and in the Juda Ki's words, has been "kissed by God." This means that Samantha is a stronger conduit, and not only channels the Juda Ki, but has the ability to channel the energy of multiple Juda Ki at once! A Juda Ki Maa ii, having had a near-death experience, tends to have specific requirements in life. These needs are what the Juda Ki Maa ii needs in order to perform their elevated level of healing. They are given what is referred to as a "Juda Ki Presence," a specially trained partner, to care and provide for their needs. Samantha Glenn is also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, a Spiritual Reader, and a Tarot Reader. She is constantly working to learn new techniques that she can use to better help her clients.


Hello everyone. I apologize for not posting a new song or a post recently. On the 28th of last month the house Paul and i were staying in with my daughter and her kids burnt to the ground along with everything we own. All rhe people got out and most of the animals did too. There were two cats that didnt make it and two cats who are alive but haven't been found yet. We j have spent the time since the fire scrambling to get clothes, shelter, phones, etc. It has been a hard and exhausting time. It is because of this event that i have not posted. We have our basic needs meet and a new place to live now but i will need some time before i can post new songs. I need to regroup and tend ro my family. I apologize for the delay. I hope you understand.



Our First CD, previously $10.00 is now available for you as a free direct download. This is just a small way for us to thank you for allowing us to share our gifts with all of you.


Hello Everyone!

We apologize for the delay, we lost our internet for a day, but now that it's back up... We are proudly announcing another new song on our Downloads Page!

Our First CD, previously $10.00 is now available for you as a free direct download. This is just a small way for us to thank you for allowing us to share our gifts with all of you.


Have a new song for you! I will post it tomorrow!



Our First CD, previously $10.00 is now available for you as a free direct download. This is just a small way for us to thank you for allowing us to share our gifts with all of you.


Hello Everyone!

We have a wonderful surprise for you all! Our first recording from Nevada! (Facebook won't let us upload a sound file) Check out our Download's Page to hear our new song!

Our First CD, previously $10.00 is now available for you as a free direct download. This is just a small way for us to thank you for allowing us to share our gifts with all of you.


Hello Everyone!

We have some huge announcements to share with all of you!

First of all, we mentioned that we had to move, we made the decision to walk down a new path, which lead us into Nevada.

Second, we are now ready to begin offering services again (All of you have been so patient, and we thank you). We will be offering the Services we did at Moonfyre, since you all are already familiar with them. All of these will be done over the phone, and we can accept credit cards over the phone, and checks and money orders through the mail!

15/30/45/60 $30/60/90/115
30/60 $60/120
Medicine Songs:
30/60 $75/150
Personalized Song (emailed to you):

A Personalized Medicine Song is a song that Samantha channels for you and what you're dealing with right now. Unlike a Private session, this song is designed to be listened to multiple times to assist you in your healing process. Once it is recorded, we will email it to you so you can listen to it on your phone, computer, or MP3 player.

We are incredibly excited about our new life out here in Nevada. We look forward to hearing from you all and begin our distance healing practice!

To schedule a session with Samantha (Karen Glenn) contact her through her page or email her directly at [email protected]


Got a great idea.... Should be able to post about it today or tomorrow! I'm so excited!!!! You will be, too!


Hmmm.... Thinking its time for a new audio recording.... :-) Next couple of days!!!!


For those who have been waiting for me to return to work doing Readings, Reiki, and Medicine Songs this week, I am now taking appointments for next week. Thank you so much for being patient with me during this huge move! Just send me a message to set up an appointment. Look forward to hearing from you and working with you again.

~May healing find you on the deepest level~
Karen M Glenn


Updated a few things on this page. Still have more to do but it will get done. Then the fun really begins with audio posts and photos! Exciting!


Feels so good to be working on the Medicine Song Healings page. I have a lot of work to do to update it to the level I want it to be but it is such a fulfilling reminder about what I love to do and why I love to do it. I look forward to returning to this work in the next week or so.


Good Morning everyone!

We wanted to remind you that tonight starts the first Monthly Medicine Song Event done by Karen "Samantha" Glenn! That's right, the first monthly event of 2016. We are starting at 5:30 pm, on the nose. See you all there!


Another song by Karen Glenn and Bruce Manaka


An amazing healing song with Karen Glenn, Bruce Manaka and Christine Brennan.


Karen Glenn with Bruce Manaka sing healing songs over Christine Brennan at Moonfyre Metaphysical.


Karen Glenn with Bruce Manaka singing a healing song over Christine Brennan at Moonfyre Metaphysical.


Hello Everyone!

We wanted to share with all of our friends and followers that Samantha Glenn (aka Karen Glenn) is branching out and now also working evenings. Samantha, an intuitive since childhood, has over 15 years of intuitive reading experience. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Registered Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, and a sound healer using unique Medicine Songs. Phone appointments, distance healings, and in-person one on one sessions are available.
Please email us at [email protected] for more information
(Online booking available soon!)

Give us your feedback, comments, and opinions on our updated Blog Page!
Community Outreach

Give us your feedback, comments, and opinions on our updated Blog Page!

We understand how difficult it can be to feel that your opinions are heard.  This is why we want to give you all the opportunity to share your feelings, experiences, and feedback on the Medicine...


Medicine Songs sung for Daniel. Medicine Songs sung for the planet. It has been a good session. I am blessed to be a part of such a talented crew.


Hello everyone,

It's Karen from Moonfyre Metaphysical and Dans roommate of 24 years. I have been posting for a few days about this situation but just in case someone hasn't been able to catch up through my postings on my page I will fill you in on what has been happening to Dan.

Saturday night dan got dizzy, fell, and wasn't able to get back up. Then, the next day, while getting out if his chair, Dan feel again. Then, twelve hours later, he fell once more. Frighteningly, he fell outside in the cold night air and no one knew he fell. It took a few hours before someone driving down the street in the middle of the night found him and let us know.

Up until now dan had been unwilling to go to the doctor or emergency room. We don't know if he thought he was ok or simply that frightened. We only know that he would not go. Fortunately, when he fell outside that last night we were able to get dan to go to the hospital.

Once at the hospital dan was found to have blood oxygen of 92 with assistance and a low of 87 without it. (The alarms go off at 89. ) His lungs were filled 50% with fluid. He also had a fever. He was moved to the ICU where the doctors focused on treatment and working to figure out what was causing the low oxygen levels.

Since then, Dan has tested positive for the flu, which answered his fever and probably his vomiting. They are also awaiting test results regarding pneumonia. Because Dan has many of the symptoms of congenital heart failure the doctors are watching for that as well.

As of today, the doctors have had a huge struggle getting his oxygen levels back to normal. Though the liquid in his lungs has gone down some he still isn't getting enough oxygen. So, to accomplish that goal they have intubated him and sedated him to keep him calm and comfortable. This will allow them to get more oxygen into him faster and it will make it easier to monitor how much fluid is in his lungs.

Right now, visitors (including family) are asked to hold off on visiting because the visits could pull dan out of the sedation enough to make him physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Family has been visiting up until this newest development last night so please know that Dan has not been alone.

Dan is extremely sick and our hearts are pouring out prayers. We have been sending/giving him healing energy. We ask that anyone and everyone please pray for Dan. Send healing thoughts, energy, hold clearings, etc for him.

As dans journey continues, I will continue to post on Dans Facebook wall, my Facebook wall, and my Medicine Song Healings Facebook wall. I have also been given permission to post on Moonfyre Metaphysical's website on the front page. I ask that you please watch for my posts and to refrain calling the store specifically to find out how Dan is doing. He is well known at the store which means all those loving calls add up and make it a challenge for staff to do their job.

I will continue to update as I learn new information regarding dans condition and when it comes time for all of you loving, supportive, healing people to come see him, I will definitely let you know. Until then, feel free to email me at [email protected] or private message me on Facebook under the name Karen Glenn or through the Medicine Song Healings page. I will get respond to you as soon as I possibly can. Thank you, again, for all of your wonderful love and support.

Karen (Samantha)

I am honored to participate in a wonderful fundraiser.  I put all the information on the Medicine Song website.  Check i...
Samantha Glenn

I am honored to participate in a wonderful fundraiser. I put all the information on the Medicine Song website. Check it out! It's a really great cause!

Hello and welcome to! On behalf of myself, Samantha (Karen), and all the Juda Ki, we invite you to come in, explore, and share your journey with a friend. We are new at...


Elko, NV


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all of the above
I have had the honor of watching your journey from the beginning and to see who and what you have evolved into is nothing short of incredible!!!
I love your medicine songs, Karen! Thanks for the love and healing that you bring to the world!