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Operating as usual


Happy Birthday Brock Miller

Branch Vol. Fire Dept.

Branch Vol. Fire Dept.

Generators are nice but use them safely! Statewide this is an issue, multiple deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning.

City of Eunice

City of Eunice

Please share these Local storm preparation guidelines for the Eunice area.

—Before the storm:

If you are traveling locally, please stay off the evacuation routes, LA 13 headed north and US 190 headed east. Residents from the south and southwestern Parishes are evacuating and congesting the roadways. Lets help others get to their destination quicker by avoiding those highways.

Now is the time to check on your family, friends and neighbors and make sure they have a plan.

Take pictures and videos of your home, vehicles, property for any possible insurance claims.

Store away any items that are outdoors and that are not stationary.

If you live in a low lying area that is prone to flooding, please find somewhere to ride out the storm. We are expecting localized flooding along streams and bayous due to storm surge from the south combined with heavy rains.

Sandbag fill site location is at the northwest pavilion on Samuel Drive next to the St Edmund football field.

—After the storm:

In the event of an extended power outage, please limit the amount of wastewater being discharged/anything down your drains. Our city wastewater system is compiled of 20 lift stations that shuttle waste to our main processing plants. These stations will be out of use until power is restored. With no way to transfer waste, once all of the underground lines are filled, we will not be able to put anything else into the system.

Expect extended power outages and impassable roads.

Cellular communications and internet will most likely be down and out of service.

Water and natural gas services may be disrupted.

Call 911 for emergencies.

KLFY News 10

Update on Laura

TRACKING THE TROPICS: All eyes are on the Gulf Coast as Tropical Storm Laura continues its trek toward the US, while a weakening Tropical Storm Marco brings rain to parts of the same coast. Our #TrackingTheTropics team is live with the latest from the NHC:


Below is a list of sandbag locations in St. Landry Parish. Locations are self-serve. Residents must bring their own shovels and manpower. Most sites are limited to four bags per exterior door. A Maximum of 20 sandbags per household. This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

• Parish - Yambilee Building – Sunday, August 23 - Noon until sunset. Monday, August 24 - 8 a.m. until sunset.
• Opelousas – Opens Monday, August 24 - 8 a.m. at the City Barn
• Eunice – Open Monday, August 24 - 8 a.m. at Northwest Pavilion
• Krotz Springs – Opens Monday, August 24 - 8 a.m. at City Maintenance Building
• Port Barre – Opens Monday, August 23 – 8 a.m. at Josie Ball Park
• Washington - Please call Mayor Landreneau or Supervisor Jimmy Alfred at 337-826-3626.


Happy Birthday Thomas Vail


I am a VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER. You see me in my personally owned vehicle or fire truck, and you say "oh, he just wants to be a show off and feel special" and you refuse to yield to me, flipping me off as I speed past you.

But what you don't know is that I am headed to do CPR on someone's unresponsive loved one, often as the family watches and prays for their loved ones survival. You don't see me trying to catch a family member in an attempt to keep them from completely collapsing after being told their loved one didn't make it.

You get annoyed with me for speeding down the roadway when headed to the station. But you don't know that I'm headed to try to save the home a family grew up in, to attempt to save their belongings and leave them with more than what they have on their backs.

You don't see me gearing up and going inside a burning building, risking my life in an attempt to locate the unaccounted for family member or pet of people I've never met before.

You don't see me trying to comfort the person who just lost everything they own to a fire.

You don't see me crawling inside a mangled car that was hit by a drunk driver, holding the hand of a bloody, frightened teenager and trying to calm them, telling them it'll be ok, as my fellow firefighters cut the wrecked and twisted steel away to free this scared kid from the car.

You think I am a volunteer firefighter because it's fun, or because I think it's neat to "play" with fire trucks. But you don't see me getting pulled away from dining with my family at a moments notice.

You don't see me having to leave holiday dinner with my family because someone needs help. You don't see me fighting fire all afternoon and going straight to work at my full time job.

You don't see me trying to sleep so I can go to work but getting woke up to try to save someone's life or property, and going to work right after with little or no sleep.

You don't see the sacrifices I make to be there for others. I don't do all these things because it's fun, because I want glory, because I want to be a big shot. I do all this because I love my community and want to keep it safe. I do this because I am a volunteer firefighter!

We will be selling 50/50 Raffle Tickets. $1.00 each. Drawing Oct 12, 2020. Contact any Dist# 6 member for tickets.

We will be selling 50/50 Raffle Tickets. $1.00 each. Drawing Oct 12, 2020. Contact any Dist# 6 member for tickets.


Happy Birthday Devin Gaspard


Congratulations 🎉 to our Chief Chaise Brown for becoming Instructor 1 certified. WAY TO GO!! Our dept is proud of you.


PSA: Congratulations to the residents of the District 6 fire protection area and thank you to our board of directors for entering into an agreement to purchase two new 3000 gallon pumper tankers to serve our district. Without the support of our residents our jobs would be impossible and we very much appreciate the support we receive.

Eunice Professional Firefighters Union Local 1745

Eunice Professional Firefighters Union Local 1745

The Eunice Professional Firefighters Association Local 1745 along with the Eunice Fire Department will be hosting a Bucket Drive for The Grey Effect Foundation at 8:30 a.m. this Saturday July 18th in Eunice along Laurel Ave & C.C. Duson(Hwy190) Come out and show your support for this amazing Foundation!

Katie Sebastien

Bless this brave boy.

Bless this brave boy.


Happy Birthday Phillip Alleman

Branch Vol. Fire Dept.

Branch Vol. Fire Dept.


More videos from last nights training.


Good training tonight. 3 on 3 Hose Hockey.


Happy Birthday Donald Thibodeaux


Happy Birthday Ben Brown

Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Department

Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Department

Picture this:
You’re sound asleep and then your tones go off for a structure fire. You get out of bed, get dressed, put your contacts in/get your glasses. You rush to get your keys and put your shoes on. You get in your car/truck and drive who knows how long to the fire station, because remember( firefighters aren’t exempt to speed limits, stop lights, etc. in their personal vehicles).

Once you arrive at the station, you get out and rush inside. Those shoes you put on? Take them off and put your boots, pants, nomex hood and coat on. Grab your helmet & mask from your locker and get in the truck(average gear weighs about 50 lbs) while everyone else is doing the same. Then you roll out, lights and sirens blazing, driving to the scene.

You arrive on scene and you and your crew make an attack plan, execute your plan, while hooking up to the nearest fire hydrant for water supply, getting the proper tools, getting ladders set up, dealing with bystanders, ensuring that everyone is out of the residence, and oh, putting water on the fire. Your officer makes a decision about whether or not to make entry to the residence, keeping everyone’s safety in mind. You do your absolute best to extinguish the blaze, (which is now cooking about 600-800 degrees in some areas, and way hotter in others).

You’re there for hours on end, tired because you haven’t eaten since last night, and you won’t be eating anytime soon. You are using vacation time from work because you can’t make it in.

Imagine doing your best, working the hardest you could, putting your LIFE on the line, for someone you’ve never even met. You didn’t get to say goodbye to your kids or spouse this morning and you might not make it home to see them...

Imagine doing all of this for free. Doing it for the cause, because if someone didn’t, there’d be no fire protection at all. Imagine doing this solely because you care about the people in your community and their safety.

Can you picture it? If you can, you just stepped into the boots of a VOLUNTEER firefighter. At the end of the day, what if volunteers didn’t volunteer?

Before you criticize your local fire department for “taking too long” or “not putting it out fast enough”, remember they are people just like you. They have families and jobs. Remember they do it for free.


Eunice Manor Nursing Home

Eunice Manor Nursing Home

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Eunice Manor parade this morning to celebrate Mother's Day! Thank you to KATC-TV 3: Acadiana's Newschannel for covering our parade, as well as St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office, Eunice City Marshal's Office, St.Landry Parish Fire District 6, and Eunice Fire Department for participating. Happy Mother's Day!

We do not claim rights to this music.

Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal

Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal


The statewide burn ban issued 3/25 is LIFTED effective IMMEDIATELY!

Please remain aware of and compliant with any local restrictions on open burning and follow DEQ’s guidance on legal open burning materials:

Please also be sure to follow safe open burning practices.

Thank you to everyone who cooperated in order to be considerate of your neighbors who are spending more time at home due to #COVID19!

New First Responders medical bags came in today, thank you to the residence of the Dist 6 fire protection area. We are h...

New First Responders medical bags came in today, thank you to the residence of the Dist 6 fire protection area. We are here to serve you.

Eunice Fire Department

Eunice Fire Department

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Due to the continuing progression of the COVID-19 virus, the Eunice Fire Department, along with our partners at St. Landry Fire District #6 and Acadia Fire District #4 will not be responding to any non-life threatening medical emergencies. We are here to respond to life threatening calls and fires.
We are trying to protect ourselves, so that we can be available to protect the public. If we respond to an incident, we ask the public to respect the social distances suggested by the government. If we are wearing protective suits, gloves, etc. do not be alarmed, it is for our protection.
Thanks for your cooperation!!

St Landry fire district 6 took delivery of our new rapid response unit today. Thank you to everyone involved to make thi...

St Landry fire district 6 took delivery of our new rapid response unit today. Thank you to everyone involved to make this happen, it’ll be a huge asset to our district!!

Just a little information for you.

Just a little information for you.


Effective immediately for all Dist 6 medical responders, due to the lack of medical equipment any medical call that we respond to that deals with a person with illness (trouble breathing, vomiting, fever) all unnecessary personnel are to remain outside at the the scene unless directed to enter for assistance. If you are first on scene use caution and advise anyone arriving after you of such symptoms.


Congratulations to our newly elected 2nd assistant chief Phyllis Vail

Rapid response unit is almost ready to serve our community

Rapid response unit is almost ready to serve our community


Happy Birthday
Evan Reed


Sub-station: 790 Hwy 13 N Main Station: 1398 Guillory Rd.
Eunice, LA


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