Fairchild AFB Thrift Shop

Fairchild AFB Thrift Shop 75 % of the proceeds go towards scholarships for military dependents. It is operated by the Fairchild AFB Officer Spouses Club and is a volunteer operation.

Fairchild AFB Thrift Shop is a non-profit local business that sells gently used merchandise at a low cost. The shop takes donation and consignment items. The proceeds go towards undergraduate college scholarships for Military spouses and children. This is a private organization. It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.

Many of you witnessed or heard about issues between the former thrift shop manager/myself and the FSC (now FSU) about 2 ...

Many of you witnessed or heard about issues between the former thrift shop manager/myself and the FSC (now FSU) about 2 years ago after the FSC decided to publish my termination on Facebook, before I was even notified, claiming issues with the finances and the IRS and insinuating a connection between those alleged issues and my termination.

Now I would like to elaborate:

Their post came after a secret emergency board meeting was held to which they did not include myself or our bookkeeper (a court certified accountant) - so basically the only two people who could answer questions and defend the accusations. Some members resigned after this meeting as they did not want to take part in this.
The Board made numerous statements during this meeting, which were blatant lies. They denied having a bookkeeper although they had a meeting and discussions with her only a few days prior. During this meeting they were assured by her there were no issues with the financials or the taxes. They never asked or were ever denied to see any financials. This would not fit their narrative.

Before this Board meeting I was referred to as a bitch by a Board member, I was insulted as being German, one Board member was named the “Carola whisperer” like I am an untamed animal, numerous references were made regarding my nationality and the president labeled me as difficult...

Leading up to this (and likely resulting in this treatment) was following: Before this Board meeting I asked for correction of my pay as I worked as a salaried employee way below minimum wage and they avoided the subject although they knew the WA labor department would flag the wage discrepancy when the hours/pay were reported quarterly. I was simply not paid legal wages.
All this after I, with the help of a bookkeeper, fixed an IRS issue stemming from before my employment. I wrote an abatement letter and it was granted. I want to clarify the former bookkeeper never failed to pay the taxes for the thrift shop (they all showed as settled) but simply forgot the step to print and send the electronically generated tax form. She was under the supervision of the Board and went thru an audit during her time and neither even caught the issue.
We received a letter from the IRS after we worked weeks on making corrections - the letter stated these issues were rectified. So when the FSC mentioned in their post and Board meeting IRS issues, they forget to add „solved“ - again, it wouldn’t fit their narrative.

When I brought forward the discrepancy in my pay I was first threatened that if I insist on correction of my pay it would not be received well by the Board and then they tried to negotiate minimum pay with me. My refusal put a target on me and the witch-hunt started.

Their Facebook announcement about the closure resulted in a lot of reactions from the base population, both in my defense and from people questioning my job performance (maybe even criminal wrong-doings) for it to lead to the closure of the thrift shop for months to come.

For two years I was unable to insert myself in discussions on Facebook and refrained from defending myself or exposing the ugly truth behind this. Attorneys advised patience, one suggested to involve the media...

In September I took the former president of the FSC to court (Small Claims) and received a judgement in my favor regarding money owed to me with the option to take the other issues to Civil Court.

Before I sought assistance thru many other agencies: IG (they were great and professional), the EEO on base, the HRC (Human Right Committee), the EEOC (both HRC and EEOC saw issues but couldn’t assist due to lack of employee numbers for the business), I wrote a letter to the base commander, the Commander for the Legal office and PO office, my attorney wrote a letter to the FSC, which they basically shrugged off. So court it was!

After I heard about the emergency meeting I figured the FSC has a few questionable characters amongst them but wanted to offer for them all to hear from me and I emailed each Board member a letter (which I also offered to the public) and would have been happy to talk/meet with each one or all of then. I knew they lie to each other and withhold information from each other. No response. However, a few Board members reached out privately and apologized to me and distanced themselves from these actions by the Spouses Club (before I took the legal route).

I am offering now to disclose all the events leading up to my termination and the multiple embezzlements of funds which occurred after my termination by a Board member and which subsequently did not result in a secret meeting with the Board. She was protected by the Board until the information slipped out - a former club member confronted the Board to tell them they cannot insinuate any wrong doing from me to create a path to get rid of me while they have actual embezzlement happening amongst them and they opt to cover it up! Transparency - a word they liked to use while I have never encountered a group of women talking worse about each other (behind backs) or other spouses.

They refused to share their “audit” results to a board member who asked for it and to another interested party. But they included some paperwork for the court and there are major “mistakes” put into those financial
statements to create the impression of red numbers.
There is also a statement from the parliamentarian/their current shop manager describing the attire of people who helped me remove my items. I have photos of what they wore and it is nothing like what she described in this statement - example of yet another lie.

I want to thank all the customers, volunteers and strangers who have supported me during these two years. They knew how hurt I was and every message or comment I heard or read helped me heal. Thank you! I usually prefer to be private and you will never know how much your voices spoken in my defense or for my comfort were needed while I was watching this unfold.

I also get lots of reports from people now complaining about the current running of the thrift shop (especially how rude they are) - I am sorry this well intended organization was destroyed by these people and you didn’t experience kindness.

Since they never corrected their public statement I want to circle back and update everyone in this manner and matter. I am offering further insight upon request. I think this is what the community and I deserve.

I have been dealing with the loss of a dear friend for a little over a week now. I believe many of you have met him and ...

I have been dealing with the loss of a dear friend for a little over a week now. I believe many of you have met him and may have had the pleasure of sharing moments with him. He was, in every sense of the word, the best customer the thrift shop had had.

He came in every week to shop and socialize, he donated large amounts of money directly towards the scholarship funds, he was an extremely generous and a kind soul. I cannot express how much his friendship meant to me and so many others.

He was attentive to people around him and if he saw someone struggling, he would do anything to support them. He showed appreciation and care.

With permission of his wife I will share his story here as I know many of you knew him and would ask about him. Please keep his family in your prayers. They are fantastic people, so easy to love, their pain unmeasurable.

I miss you dearly Tony.


Obituary, funeral and service information for Gerald "Tony" Lutes from Sprague, Washington. Funeral services by Smart Cremation.


ATTENTION CONSIGNORS: Your consignor checks were due October 8, 2019, for the partial month of operation of September 2019. I was informed that the amount of my consignment check did not meet the $5.00 minimum requirement for payout, and therefore, my consignor check would not be issued. I know that the amount of my personal consignment item sales well exceeded the $5.00 minimum.
With FSC Board Members in charge of consignment check disbursement, and this discrepancy brought to my attention, I would encourage all consignors to verify their sales, ensure that all tags have been accounted for (including the date when Thrift Shop operations were halted), and that rollover amounts were also properly accounted for. Another consignor recently contacted me, questioning the amount she was quoted for her consignor check as well. The amount that was presented to her also did not meet the minimum $5.00 payout amount. The amount this consignor was quoted was a completely incorrect calculation, since, doing the correct math, the amount would not reverse calculate to any of their consigned item prices.

Since the Thrift Shop has been closed in this manner, with no reliable date for reopening (first it was to be reopened by Halloween, then sometime in November, and now December is being cited), I believe every consignor deserves to be paid their consignment earnings to date, regardless of the amount. Consignors have not been given the opportunity to meet the $5.00 minimum payout within the timeframe specified in the contract. With no decisive date for the shop reopening, there’s no guarantee that consignors will be given the opportunity to continue with their earnings – at no fault to themselves.
This seems to be another example of unnecessary casualties resulting from a decision that was not thought out and has not been handled professionally. Please feel free to reach out to myself, Carola, if you need any guidance or assistance.


I have a lot to say but am holding back on this venue. Maybe someday I can have a conversation with you and tell you the story which is still unfolding.

What I can and will do is to address you with this:

I loved serving you, I was proud to do it and committed myself to do a great job for you. It didn’t feel like a job while it supported my family.

The love and support I have been receiving from you now truly humbles me. Thank you!!!

Something many people may not know about me, is the fact that I am still currently employed, full time, with the German Police Force. I am on leave, accompanying my husband here in the U.S. I enjoy helping people, advocate for them - my profession was chosen due to my desire to do something I valued.

Including my time serving as an officer, I have never experienced such appalling behavior in a work environment. I’ve been blindsided, slandered, antagonized and expected to perform duties in a hostile environment, all while my reputation has been bruised. No longer.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your countenance during this exceedingly emotional time. I am a private person and prefer to keep my emotions private as well, but this situation has stripped me of my guard. This has affected myself and my family to an extent I cannot divulge. There are numerous Thrift Shop consignors and patrons who have been negatively affected just as deeply as myself, but their stories are not mine to share. These people were let down just as much as I was.

Please know that all of your encouragement and support is uplifting and means the world to me.

I received the nicest letter from someone whom I have nothing but love and respect for, he is trying to help me, vouching for my character and describes in it how he viewed and observed me and my work ethics the past three years since he knows me. It touched me deeply.

My heartfelt and sincere thank you to you ALL!


Please be advised any correspondence to or from the Thrift Shop email account is no longer to or from myself.


I want to inform all customers and consignors the closure of the Thrift Shop was decided by the FSC, without my consultation as the manager. I was told about the decision after it took place. I do NOT agree with the closure and am fighting it. I prepared a letter to the FSC to give all members full insight and information and am offering a copy of this letter be send to anyone who is interested. Please pm me your email address if you would like to have insight.

Merino wool handmade blanket. Must see to appreciate.

Merino wool handmade blanket. Must see to appreciate.

SOREL Joan of Arctic boots, size 9.5 women, practically new in box.

SOREL Joan of Arctic boots, size 9.5 women, practically new in box.

Featured item today: entertainment center marked down to 10.00 Dollars.

Featured item today: entertainment center marked down to 10.00 Dollars.

Train table - disassembled - 5 dollars.

Train table - disassembled - 5 dollars.

Table has extension in and can be made smaller

Table has extension in and can be made smaller

Featuring today: entire golf set up. 10.00 Dollars!

Featuring today: entire golf set up. 10.00 Dollars!

Books, Books, Books...including lots of books on CD/Audio books.

Books, Books, Books...including lots of books on CD/Audio books.


Vintage Table with four chairs on wheels

Hanging clothes section for back-to-school ...

Hanging clothes section for back-to-school ...

Sorry this post was building as we unwrapped some very generous donations. These guys are from Peru.

Sorry this post was building as we unwrapped some very generous donations. These guys are from Peru.

We have fans!

We have fans!

Cutest measuring cups

Cutest measuring cups


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could you share your hours of operation plz?
Here is the confirmation information that UGM sent.
"Hello. This is a confirmation for your pickup on 2020-10-22 with Union Gospel Mission. For future pickup requests, you can use the ReSupply mobile app for quick and seamless scheduling. If you have any questions call +15095323815. Thank you."
What time are y’all open til today?
What would the expiration date be if I were to bring in a consignment on Tuesday, February 19?
Any VCR’s?!
Hello! Will y’all be open tomorrow? Or will we be able to get in to drop donations?
Do you have a location for after-hours drop-offs?
What are the hours?!
Some of the great new items at the greift shop. Open today 12-4.
Today is National Thrift Shop Day!!!! 50 percent off all items other than current consignments. Also great way to start/continue/finish school clothes shopping. Open today 12-4!!'
Was looking for your hours and clicked on your website link on the right...fairchildosc.com. This is an incorrect site. Yours comes up as .org