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Virginia Reckless Driving "Virginia reckless driving" is your ultimate source of information about Virginia reckless driving laws, penalties, facts and defenses. Reckless Driving in Virginia is a serious criminal offense.

People lose their license and go to jail for reckless driving and simply speeding can be enough to be convicted of reckless driving. The purpose of this page is provide drivers a place to get help and advice about reckless driving and to ask questions. Luke J. Nichols of the law firm Nichols & Green pllc is a licensed attorney in Virginia and the administrator of this page. He can be reached at [email protected] or (703) 383-9222

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Fairfax County, Prince William County and many other traffic courts are closed due to Covid19. Cases will be automatically continued to a date to-be-determined.

Nichols & Green PLLC

Nichols & Green PLLC

THIS CAR PART CAN PUT YOU IN JAIL. I did a video about how to keep this piece of metal and plastic from ruining your day.

Do Radar Detectors Work

Here is our latest video demystifying radar detectors

Do radar detectors work? How about radar jammers? How about Laser detectors and Laser jammers? I discuss the pros and cons or the different devices used to a...

Nichols & Green PLLC

Nichols & Green PLLC

Did you know sunscreen and other cosmetics can jack up a breathalyzer and cause false results? Check out this video where I experiment with over 20 different products to see what they do to breathalyzers.

103.5 WIMZ

103.5 WIMZ

Turbo Timmy

Reckless Driving can take many forms. Some more awesome than others.

Buick getting some air!

Gianni Luminati

Just remember, some one out there is having a worse day.

I'm not sure why this made me laugh so much.



Volvo Cars presents LifePaint. The best way to survive a crash, is not to crash. LifePaint is a unique reflective safety spray. Invisible by daylight, it shi...


Driving down the railroad track and blocking The VRE is not reckless driving because it's not a public road or parking lot. Never a dull moment.

Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Check this video demonstrating how police radar can produce erroneously high readings using on of my police radar sets.

Nichols & Green PLLC

Nichols & Green PLLC

I am spending a week with state troopers from across the mid Atlantic getting certified as a police academy instructor for police speed measurement.
Really it is just a chance to crash a cop party and play with a $4000 Lidar device.

Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Jayson Werth just got sentenced to 10 days in jail with 170 days of suspended jail time and 6 month license suspension f...
Nationals' Jayson Werth to serve jail time for reckless driving

Jayson Werth just got sentenced to 10 days in jail with 170 days of suspended jail time and 6 month license suspension for reckless driving 105 mph in a 55mph zone in Fairfax County. Of course his attorneys appealed it.

Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth was sentenced to 10 days in jail for reckless driving.

Reckless driving can cover all sorts of driving behavior including uncovered or unsafe loads.

Reckless driving can cover all sorts of driving behavior including uncovered or unsafe loads.

Police Department, City of Alexandria, Virginia

Police Department, City of Alexandria, Virginia

STREET SIGNS :: How often to you pay attention to what jurisdiction you are in while driving through Northern Virginia? If you have an emergency and call 9-1-1, you will be transferred to the closest department, but what if it isn't an emergency and you still need to call the Police?

The general "rule" regarding jurisdictional borders is that the street signs in Alexandria are GREEN, in Arlington they are WHITE, and in Fairfax they are BLUE. Keep an eye out the next time you drive through Farlington or the Rt. 7 corridor and test yourself. Be aware of your surroundings and drive safe!

Police Department, City of Alexandria, Virginia

Police Department, City of Alexandria, Virginia

Monday's Mattress-mobile? Just a tip: this isn't safe OR legal...but it actually happens on the streets of Alexandria. Don't try this at home, or anywhere else.


Had a good day in court. Won a 90 mph in a 55 mph zone Reckless Driving by Speed case in front of a tough judge. Found a problem with the officer's calibrations.

(Each case is unique and this result does not predict the outcome in any other case. If you want to know the likely outcome of your case, give me a call and we can talk about it).


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I might just hang this picture up in my office.

I might just hang this picture up in my office.

Nichols & Green PLLC

Got a 99 mph RD reduced to 9 mph over speeding this week with zero defenses (purely mitigating evidence). My client really pulled his weight prepping with community service, speedometer calibrations and multiple DMV courses. You know you do good when you go to pay the fine and the court clerk looks at the ticket and says: "Holy crap! I can't believe he did that!" (referring to the judge).

Got a 99 mph reckless driving reduced to 9 over the posted speeding ticket - big victory for a great client.

*This result does not predict future outcome and each case is unique. in fact it was an awesome outcome because it is so unusual and so that's why I am posting about it but the State Bar makes us put these disclaimers in anyways.


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