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Fall River Fights Addiction Fall River Fights Addiction provides resources and increases awareness towards drug addiction in Fall River, Massachusetts. Changing one life at a time.

We offer prevention, education and Treatment information. We will advocate with you for services and link you to the services you need to move your life ahead. We do video interviews of people in recovery, still active, family and friends of OD victims. If we can not help with your need, we will try to guid you to someone that can.

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Paul Coogan,
(No Debates) with Cathy Ann Viveiros .
She didn't work for it, She isn't on the ballot he stated.

Looks like Coogan wil walk right into the Mayor's office without ever answering the question,
(Will he bring Ken Fiola back in any capacity)

Yesterday when asked in an interview if he would bring Ken back, he said,
Ken Fiola is NOT coming back to (City Hall.)
The problem that most people have with that reply is that it doesn't answer the question if he will bring back Ken as economic development director or provide the CDA funding to Ken at his new office space on So Main St.
It leaves the question unanswered without a definite Yes or No that he will not (Ken Fiola) participate with economic development in anyway regardless of what location he works from.

If you are interested in helping and giving back please look into this article.Volunteers are one of the most difficult ...

If you are interested in helping and giving back please look into this article.
Volunteers are one of the most difficult things for a small nonprofit to get and hold onto. They are in desperate need and did you have your assistance.

We are looking for volunteers! If interested please click on the link and give us your info!


You see this? Bringing in the minister of Health from Canada to tell us how great it works in Canada. People, don't be s...

You see this? Bringing in the minister of Health from Canada to tell us how great it works in Canada. People, don't be stupid. Both Canada and Portugal have a totally different structure of government when it relates to drugs. They have a different medical system and they have different laws. What he is going to tell everyone it's true. But it's true for Canada and Canada's laws. Let me hear an expert from the USA. Guess what? There are none.


All of these states have accepted the offer of Purdue pharmacology. This is an extremely short-sighted decision. The change of the agreement to not put money in the hands of the states and communities or to the families that suffered a loss.

The pharmaceutical company is offering free and reduced medications and medication cost to the states. They provide some education and resources but no monetary relief. One of the objects of the lawsuit was to attempt to recover the millions of dollars spent on investigations and treatment for people. As well, the intent was to show the pharmaceutical industries that they cannot arbitrarily circumvent the law of the states.

Please go to the Massachusetts Attorney General's website and rell our attorney general not to sign on to this agreement and to hold out so that the people in the state can get what they deserve. The hopes in a settlement or trial was to receive enough money so that more treatment can be made available for me huge amount of people trying to get their lives back on a daily basis.

Massachusetts has an opportunity to channel millions of dollars into Early Education so that our children don't become affected by drug addiction. They have an opportunity to expand services to have more treatments lots and more communities to service the people waiting. They further have an opportunity to direct funding to police, EMS, Fire Department, and Community groups who spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars combating addiction and their communities.

Please go to the Massachusetts Attorney General's website and let them know that this is our only opportunity to demonstrate our strength and unity and send a message to pharmaceutical companies in this country who prey on the people who take their medications in good faith. Let us get some relief for the families who have lost children and to the police and First Responders cool used Up Overtime budgets and resources combating this crisis. We don't want their free medication. We want them to pay and we want them to be restructured so this will never happen again.

If you live in these states my fellow Purdue watchdogs and advocates
You have work to do with your AGs
( you can reference why no deal by going to MASS AG website )

** NO DEAL**

States and territories that have accepted the terms of the Purdue settlement offer:



American Samoa














New Mexico

North Dakota

Northern Mariana Islands


Puerto Rico

South Carolina

South Dakota



U.S. Virgin Islands


West Virginia



Fall River Reporter

An interview with Nick Corriera a person in recovery and staff member at the Herren Project.
Nick gives his opinion on several topics related to addiction and Recovery. Nick got clean and sober and later was offered a job to work for Chris Herren at his new treatment facility.

Paul had a candid discussion with Nick Correia (Herren Project) about drug abuse, recovery, Narcan use, legalization, safe injection sites and more.

Nothing better than a loyal friend.Many people look down on those who wear unfortunate enough to become addicted to some...

Nothing better than a loyal friend.
Many people look down on those who wear unfortunate enough to become addicted to something. But for those of us fortunate enough to survive chemical addiction we focus on what positives came out of that experience.
Through the tortuous life of addiction with its many Hills valleys option Downs, if you stay focused you come out the other end a wiser and stronger person.
Because of my addiction I believe that I have been able to handle everyone close to me passing away and still keeping a level head. My mother, my father, my only sister all passing and there were no needs to relapse. Through knowing that all things pass and knowing that as long as I keep stepping forward I can survive anything is how I did it.
April 1st will make 32 years away from he**in and alcohol. And that time I have gone to school a number of times, receives licenses and certifications and added new skills my life. At 66 I'm back to school again. This time investigation is what I'm studying. It will allow me to work in many areas from personal to Insurance claim rental and corporate.
Although 3D 2 years may seem like a long time ago it isn't so long that I don't remember the gorilla on my back, the vicious people I dealt with and the trauma I brought two friends family and community. One of the main reasons I became a counselor was to help others and keep my addiction in front of me so I would not lose focus and go back. Getting into social media marketing was a way for me to spread the message and earn. And this latest Adventure is something I have been interested in most of my adult life. It will enable me to help more people in a different way. So if you are new to recovery and the mountain seems too high to climb. Stop take a minute and get on your knees and pray. Whatever you are higher power maybe you have to have faith that it will get better. Use the success of others to pave the way for you. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Take from others recovery what can be utilized in your Journey. And remember, hate the addiction not the Addict.👍💪💯

For all of the haters and non-believers, this study shows that one in ten people with a significant addiction issue reso...
1 in 10 Americans Report Having Resolved a Significant Substance Use Problem - Recovery Research Institute

For all of the haters and non-believers, this study shows that one in ten people with a significant addiction issue resolved their addiction successfully. That is over 22 million people. So for those who continue to use the word ju**ie and let them die, I think 22 million people would disagree.

This study estimated not just US national prevalence of recovery from alcohol and other drug problems, but also how people recovered.

Please Share

Please Share


Over the last few months and weeks we have heard candidates for the office of Mayor articulate their platforms.
I believe there is more than enough coverage on that subject matter.

Let's talk about one specific issue that is critical to moving the city forward and that is the op**te crisis and addiction in general.

I find no need to qualify myself for this discussion but will do so in private message if anyone wants to know.
I have witnessed a number of administration's talk about addiction and I have seen very little in way of actual forward movement in a positive direction.
It is the current Administration that has done the most in terms of addressing addiction and taking steps to reduce use and treat those affected by addiction.

The recent preliminary election put this Administration on notice with the opponent winning first place with over 5,000 votes. Logic dictates that there is a strong possibility this Administration we'll be changing. For that reason it is extremely important to see what direction a new Administration will go.
What is the overall philosophy and beliefs around addiction?
What steps are they ready to take to move forward?
If they elected what is going to change or is anything that is currently being done around addiction going to change ? Are they ready to add a line item with funding to assist in the current battles Advocates are fighting every day?

These questions should be on the list of every single voter in the city to be answered. Overdose continues and overdose deaths continue, we have seen an increase after years of stabilization with new HIV infection cases in our area. This is a direct link to the op**te crisis.

I urge all voters to ask these questions of the candidates in the final weeks of this election cycle. These questions need to be right along with your concerns about taxes, fees, roads, schools, jobs , and infrastructure improvements as well as economic development. Why ?Because addiction has a direct impact on every one of those subject matters above.

We offer Mr. Coogan or a member of his advisory team to respond to these questions. They need not be on social media but should be in writing. We ask this because we already know what the current Administration has done and is continuing to do.
It would go a long way to make the families of Overdose victims and other families affected by this disease to know that if a new Administration is elected, that this issue will be addressed in an aggressive and positive way.

[email protected]

Tiverton man, woman facing drug, gun charges
Tiverton man, woman facing drug, gun charges

Tiverton man, woman facing drug, gun charges

Two Tiverton residents are facing multiple drug and fi****ms charges following a joint investigation between Tiverton and Fall River, Massachusetts,


Here is the plan that Paul Coogan is putting forth if elected.

What's your opinion?
Is any of this already being done?


Our city is in the middle of an opioid epidemic that is a direct reflection of what is happening throughout our nation. The Center for Disease Control reports that there are about 65,000 people that die each year from opioid overdoses. It is the leading cause of accidental deaths in this country. Individuals as young as 12 years old are using opioids and becoming addicted. In Fall River, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, there were 159 opioid related overdose deaths between 2015-2017. Fall River is also affected by alcoholism and other drug use. An estimated 88,000 people in this country have suffered alcohol related deaths. Fall River has seen their fair share.

The opioid epidemic and other substance abuse issues are very real here in Fall River and prove to be taxing on our local police, fire, hospitals, social service agencies, schools and the community at large.
As an educator, I have seen firsthand how addiction and alcoholism rips apart a community. I watched my students lose their parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and their friends. Imagine trying to come to school when you have lost a parent (sometimes both) to drugs or alcohol, whether it be because of overdose, loss of custody, or abandonment. Worst of all I have lost my students to this epidemic.

We spend a lot of money and effort in this country on treating addiction, as well we should, but we don't spend nearly as much on prevention which, in my opinion, is a misstep. Less than 2% OF FEDERAL AND STATE DOLLARS SPENT ON HEALTH CARE GOES INTO PREVENTION.

Here is what we know, evidence-based prevention strategies have returns on investment of up to 18:1 (that is saving $18 for every $1 invested in prevention). Savings come from reduced medical costs, increased productivity in work and school, reduced crime, and generally better quality of life. We have several good treatment agencies in Fall River, but we also have to focus on prevention as well.
As mayor I plan to bring back the prevention program to our schools that we stopped a few years ago and build on the new evidence-based resources that are available through many of our local partners. I have reached out and spoken with these partners and they are ready and willing to work with my administration. We have to invest time and effort into prevention to get ahead of the epidemic here in Fall River. By practicing prevention, we can stop the bleeding and treat the wound.

I also plan to create an advisory committee that will consist of addiction professionals, people in recovery, and one member from each substance abuse coalition in the city that is actively engaged in treating addiction and prevention. The committee will meet on a monthly basis and report back on all work that is currently being done in the city and on the state and federal level. This will help identify any gaps in services here in the City of Fall River. This group will develop a strategic plan and report their monthly findings and recommendations to my office.

No Spin Zone Fall River

No Spin Zone Fall River

Tonight we will have a very important meeting at the city council. If you agree with the removal of the Mayor or Not, You must not go there and act up.

As this heats up we can not add to it with behavior that only supports the talk that we are bad people.

We are not bad, We all have strong opinions and we unlike many cities get involved in our political process.

After all of this we will have to work together, see each other and hope to make any up coming changes go as easy as we can.

Please act like the adult you are tonight if you attend the meeting.

A very interesting story on Harm Reduction.
The Challenge of Harm Reduction

A very interesting story on Harm Reduction.

Until they’ve done the challenging and sometimes painful work in therapy, many people can’t even begin to imagine curtailing their drug use. For them, therapy is a before, not an after; and their engagement in therapy, rather than their abstinence, is the primary goal of treatment.

No Spin Zone Fall River

Please Share

Debate at 6pm tonight on ch-95 and on the internet. Go to the
FR Community Media page.

Who will shine tonight?

Jasiel F Corriera ll?

Paul Coogan?

Eric Scott- Pacheco?

Who will come in First in the Primary?

Donald J. Trump

1.8 Billion for Substance Use Treatment and Prevention grants made available to states from the Trump Administration. Let's hope we get it at the local level much faster than the last allocation.

Today, I announced that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is awarding $1.8 billion in new grant money to fight the opioid epidemic. My administration is determined to use every resource at our disposal to smash the grip of addiction.


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Opioid addiction and overdoses high.
Flag raising ceremony for all those we've lost to the disease of addiction & those still struggling. There will be a brief speaker & a prayer. Please come join us
Are you looking to make a change in your life. Are you or a loved one struggling with substance use disorder. Come to the Help Center 3/28 5:30-7pm. The doors of recovery are open. You will be greeted by a recovery coach, we will listen to your needs and walk you through every step. Teen Challenge will be the guest speaker, sharing on hope, recovery and how to be placed into the Teen Challenge Residential Program. Light refreshments wil be served! Don't forget... Free Narcan Meet with people in recovery Detox placement Medicated assisted treatment Support for loved ones Section 35 information Recovery story groups And more...
Just One More Time I wish you would walk through that door, tracking your muddy boots across the just cleaned floor. Tomorrow will be the day, just one more hit, I’m really gonna stop, so tired of doing this s**t. To remind you one more time to clean up your room, with a crack in my voice as a point again to the broom. Last time giving my dope boy a call, I doubt he will miss me at all. Oh to just lay in bed in a state of fright, wondering if you are going to make it home tonight. No sense throwing it out letting it go to waste, last time, get one last taste. So desperately we want that “Do Over”, just one last time, forever our hearts are broken for that child that was once mine! Our intention was to stop this Opioid dance, fate had other plans, never got the chance! Father of Nicholas Jordan Di Marco — remembering those who are no longer with us. Dedicated to the mothers of the innocents that have fallen!
What If? I wake up to a brand new day, first thing I wonder, how many innocents have we lost today? No longer do we need a prescription for Narcan, we dispense it to as many as we possibly can. Many of us preach recovery & hope people will listen to every single word, screaming into the gale force winds of ignorance & stigma, will we ever be heard? New laws have been passed, first responders are getting there fast, yet more keep dying, how long can this epidemic last? The government, private sector & public seem like they want to bury their heads in the sand, yet the vigilant refuse & continue to fight & make a stand. Still the innocents continue to die, our hearts break, tears stream down our face & we ask God why! For me the answer to the question is what good are doing against this Opioid War, If we stopped, how many more? Father of Nicholas Jordan Di Marco
I haven't heard from an old friend in a long time. I honestly can't say how she was doing when I last saw her, because I was confused myself. I would like to know if she's okay or not. So if any of you know how she's doing, message me on Facebook. Her name is Molly Hebert, and here's her picture.
Do you or a loved one need services. Do you miy know where to turn. Doo you have questions or need someone to talk too. Come to the Help Center tonight
Friday, August 31st International Overdose Awareness Day. Come join Recover Fall River and other local resources in the community to gather for... A time to REMEMBER & A time to ACT! We all know SOMEONE!
This post is very important. The Trump wish list to deal with the opioid crisis lacks vision, focus on the issue and more so lacks ( EVIDENCE BASED) treatment. The worst thing in this is the part that deals with what Trump thinks will cut 1/3 of the opioid users in the country in 3 years. He is misreading as is the uneducated advisors he has . You can not make a cut that big without going to the people that are on long terms opioid care for a chronic reason and are not the problem, they follow the rules. If he begins to cut people down by way of a law, that will lead to relapses , overdose and a return to the street drugs for the people that will now have they medication cut leaving them in withdrawal. You must understand, most people on opioid long term care are doing good with pain control for a number of medical problems. Theses people are the ones we must be worried about. Let us not do what Government does so much, (Through the baby out with the bath water). Min mandatory sentence don't work and we spent billions on it the last three times we tried. Trump has agreed with advocates, doctors and leaders in addiction treatment when it comes to more NARCAN, Long term Treatment, and more use of MAT. He is looking to make changes to Medicaid, Medicare. Though on the surface it looks good for treatment. acting like a doctor but yet not following the CDC guidelines on how much and how to deliver opioid medication treatment.
THE U.S. SURGEON GENERAL AS FOR EVERYONE, (EVERYONE), To get the basic training on how to use NARCAN and to carry it in their cars, at home, in the office or in your pocket or pocketbook.
We always talk about talk about the over dose numbers, the deaths and the lack of services for help. WE FORGET THE PARENTS, FAMILIES, FRIENDS AND LOVE ONES THAT SUFFER RIGHT ALONG WITH THE USER. FALL RIVER FIGHTS ADDICTION with the support from THE NO SPIN ZONE T.V. & INTENET LIVESTREAM SHOW AND COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE PROJECT INC WANT TO START A PROJECT TO ADDRESS THIS. Through out show we want to give a voice and face to the parents and other that suffer through the addiction right along with the user and have to live with the many deaths that come as a result of this addiction. We will be asking for people to contact us if they would like on come on our show and talk about the struggle they face and faced with a loved one addicted to drugs. We MUST put a FACE to these people to show the HUMAN side of addiction. Please PM , comment , Text or call me to set up a date. 508-415-1941 or 508-689-8194. Don't be kept out of this important discussion. Tell your story so others can gain strength to of the same.