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The Working Hand United Our purpose is to teach skills to my children, your children, hands on. Each one teach One. The Work Join the movement give a helping hand.

The Working Hand United will not only train our children, we will also assist the elderly.

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Russia To State Media: Use MORE Tucker Carlson
Russia To State Media: Use MORE Tucker Carlson

Russia To State Media: Use MORE Tucker Carlson

Russian media told to promote Tucker Carlson. Dr. Rashad Richey and Dina Sayegh Doll discuss on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below. R...


"Greetings GLWA Committee Members,

We the Highland Park Human Rights Coalition submit these statements to be included at the November 18, 2021, GLWA Board of Directors Meeting.

We the Highland Park Human Rights Coalition including the residents of Highland Park, MI make the following claims:

1. GLWA's disproportionate billings to the residents of Highland Park, MI are in violation of the existing 1996 and 1983 Agreement. We are being overcharged.

2. We the residents of Highland Park, MI pay 10 times more than any city in Michigan.

3. GLWA is not honoring the contract made with Chrysler and the city of Highland Park, MI about a fixed rate which was also a Federal Court order.

4. In 1983 a contract was established concerning water rates for Highland Park, MI which GLWA is not honoring.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda G. Wheeler
Highland Park Human Rights Coalition
Project Coordinator Water Leak Pilot Program "

"During National Farmers Market Week, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from across Illinois and from around the Midwest...

"During National Farmers Market Week, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from across Illinois and from around the Midwest at your local farmers market. Find farmers markets near you by visiting: "

Photos from Friends of the Congo's post

Photos from Friends of the Congo's post


My name is Danielle Leach and I am a 5th year PhD student of Clinical Psychology in Los Angeles, California. I am conducting a study as part of my dissertation to assess Acculturation and Identity Development in African-American parents and Implicit Racial Bias in children.

The duration of the study is approximately 30 minutes. This study can be completed online or in person.

Each child participant will receive a free children's book. ​Each parent who participates will be entered in for a chance to win one of four Amazon Gift cards. Three winners will be randomly selected 1 month following study completion.

To participate in this study, parent must be an English-speaking African-American between the ages of 18-65 and have an English-speaking African-American child between the ages of 4-5.

Click here to sign up:


Join the hive as we participate in Purdue University’s Winter Cluster: A beekeeping webinar series.


Lil Durk Starts Trucking Company To Avoid Going Broke Like Other Rappers. |
Lil Durk Starts Trucking Company To Avoid Going Broke Like Other Rappers. |

Lil Durk Starts Trucking Company To Avoid Going Broke Like Other Rappers. |

Lil Durk Starts Trucking Company To Avoid Going Broke Like Other Rappers. Many rappers typically lose their fortune almost as soon as they stop rapping and entertaining. Some would say its a lack of planning, lack of mentors or just reckless spending; one things for sure Lil Durk won’t suffer that...

WDET 101.9FM

WDET 101.9FM

Detroit’s NPR Station. Your connection to news, music, conversation.

Black Lives Matter Lansing

Black Lives Matter Lansing

Mayor Virg Bernero created a $100K line item for President Obama's My Brother's Keeper Challenge and called upon One Love Global to convene that work for our region. Not only did we convene our region, with the blessing of the White House, we organized MBK Michigan. Mayor Bernero declared from day 1 that girls must be included for him to get behind it. Girls Equity Network was born. That is what community partnership looks like. That is what community control of resources looks like.

Mayor's Schor's defense is that this is about us wanting control of funds. He is 100% correct. BLM and our allies (thank you allies) protested at City Hall for those funds after three years of laboring for free. You live here and represented Lansing but I guess you weren't aware of that. We were told by Bishop David Maxwell that the funds were secure. We learned differently in the media when the budget was released.

How dare we demand control of the funds we fought for? Because we are not slaves to white supremacy. That's how we dare. Truth be told, we demanded $1M from the police budget and both Mayor Bernero and Chief Yankowski knew our demands in advance of the prayer in protest. Any politician worth their salt would have been better prepared. He scores low on that alone. When we are caught off guard we can only go with what's in our gut and what we know. We saw what's inside of this man and what he knows.

Facts For Working People
Facts For Working People

Facts For Working People

"The Black working class and youth in America is discovering that there are many allies among the new activists, young workers from all backgrounds and cultures that they are bringing with them in to the fray. There is tragedy yes, but we are in exciting times, we are seeing the US masses setting foot on the world stage like I have not seen in my time here." Greg Bartik Frank Hammer Jack Gerson Roger Martinez Mic Craig Dolores Meenan Caren Friel Jason O'Neal Patricia Mccarley Patrick Waine David Johnson Peter Doyle Mark Thomas Mark Langabeer Mark Bygrave John Pickard John Dunn Earl Silbar Nicole McCormick Tia Kurtisnger-Edison Ivonne Rovira Gay Adelmann Tyra Walker Harry Hutchinson Chester Harris

A. Philip Randolph  Institute

A. Philip Randolph Institute

APRI family, please check in on Thursday at 2pm to the FBLive broadcast from the AFL-CIO Voices of Essential Workers From the Front Line Town Hall, which will feature our own, Metro Detroit Chapter President Jerry King


Are you going to fill out the census this year? It's an important thing to do, in case you don't know...

Federal fund reimbursements depends on you getting counted to help make sure your community gets the revenues for the resources all of our children need -- from mental health clinics to park programs and even SSI checks...

Our vote only counts when we are counted!



How They Expect You to react when you get an amber alert

Metro Detroit A. Philip Randolph Institute

Metro Detroit A. Philip Randolph Institute


The 2020 census will profoundly impact the future of our democracy and the health of our communities. Ensuring a complete count is a moral necessity. We must work together to ensure that the census promotes equality, not exclusion.

In past censuses, millions of children, people of color, low-income people and immigrants have gone uncounted -- perpetuating systemic racism, undermining political representation, and underfunding resources we all use, everything from hospitals to roads to schools for the next 10 years.

People of faith like you can help fix that by educating our friends, neighbors and faith communities about how to participate in the 2020 Census -- and why it’s so important. BECOME A CENSUS AMBASSADOR TODAY

Black Americans

Black Americans

Bernie Mac ….October 5, 1957...August 9, 2008

In The Crosshairs Of History

In The Crosshairs Of History

"Even under the unrealistic "best-case" scenario of 1.5C of warming by 2100, many millions of people will have to choose between starvation and migration, Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights warned."

Border Patrol is confiscating migrant kids' medicine, U.S. doctors say
Border Patrol is confiscating migrant kids' medicine, U.S. doctors say

Border Patrol is confiscating migrant kids' medicine, U.S. doctors say

For pediatricians that serve at the U.S.-Mexico border, the seizing of medications heightens concerns about the medical care provided to the record numbers of children held at processing centers and short-term holding facilities.

Mom Code

Mom Code

Wage Love: Detroit
Wage Love: Detroit

Wage Love: Detroit

""The 'Lawns to Legumes' program, tucked into a sweeping environmental program funding bill, will provide $900,000 in one year to cover most of the cost of turning traditional residential lawns into pollinator habitats.

To be eligible, yards must be planted with 'native vegetation and pollinator-friendly' flowering plants and legumes, including dutch white clover, creeping thyme and various wildflowers and grasses."


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