925th CBN and MICC - Fort Drum

925th CBN and MICC - Fort Drum The 925th CBN & MICC Fort Drum provides contracting support to IMCOM Ft Drum, 10th Mountain Division (Light) and Fort Drum tenant units.

Operating as usual

The Victims Assistance Center (VAC) of Jefferson County provides services to individuals in our community that are impac...

The Victims Assistance Center (VAC) of Jefferson County provides services to individuals in our community that are impacted by violent crimes. MICC Fort Drum reached out to the VAC to see if they needed anything for their families this year for the Holidays. MICC Fort Drum answered with a donation of 9 car seats and various toys ranging in ages for these families that are using the VAC services. It is our hope that these donations will help to spread Joy this Christmas to the families and that they are blessed in the coming year. Merry Christmas.

Halloween Party

MICC Fort Drum is crushing this virtual thing by hosting its Halloween party online. Check out the thriller dance/ Halloween costume contest you won’t be disappointed. The whole team was very excited that LTC Torres was able to judge the contest from Afghanistan.

Congratulations and farewell to Ms. Laura Wallace!  Ms. Wallace received the Department of the Army Civilian Service Ach...

Congratulations and farewell to Ms. Laura Wallace! Ms. Wallace received the Department of the Army Civilian Service Achievement Medal for her seventeen months of Federal Service as a Government Employee with MICC-Fort Drum.

Ms. Wallace displayed the utmost professionalism when interacting with coworkers, customers, and our industry partners. She provided excellent customer service and was often recognized for her support to the warfighter. Her “can do” attitude has had a tremendous positive impact on the organizational climate.

Thank you Ms. Wallace for your support throughout your tenure with 925th Contracting Battalion/MICC-Fort Drum. You have been an invaluable asset to the organization. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. You will be missed!

"Power Through Good Business!" "Empower the Mountain!"

U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command; 419th Contracting Support Brigade

On 18 September 2020, members from the 925th Contracting Battalion participated in the Mountain Mudder 2020 at Fort Drum...

On 18 September 2020, members from the 925th Contracting Battalion participated in the Mountain Mudder 2020 at Fort Drum, New York. The event was a team-building challenge where they showed their grit as they battled mud, water, and the cold along the four-mile course.

“Power Through Good Business!”
“Empower the Mountain!”



Some exciting news this week: the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) selected Fort Drum as one of five recipients of the 2020 Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence!

“When we receive an honor such as this, it is a reflection of our entire installation and the community as a whole,” said Col. Jeffery Lucas, Fort Drum garrison commander. “Everyone contributes – our civilian workforce, leaders, Soldiers, family members, and volunteers. It is a collective effort, and I couldn’t be prouder of everyone who lives and works at Fort Drum.”
The Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence recognizes the outstanding and innovative performances of the people who operate and maintain U.S. military installations. A recognition earned by our entire community!

U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command

U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command

It is not uncommon to hear Army Leaders use the slogan “People First, Mission Always.” This is because all good leaders know that you cannot achieve your mission without every person in your organization accomplishing his or her tasks. Leaders have to devote time to taking care of people or the mission ultimately fails.

Anthony Sligar, the director of contracting for 925th CBN and MICC - Fort Drum, said COVID-19 has moved the majority of his office operations to telework and has forced management to adapt a new style of leadership. The one thing that is particularly difficult to do over video teleconferencing is team building activities. However, he considers team building a critical aspect of putting people first and a contributing factor to mission success.

Lindsay McLaughlin of MICC-Fort Drum took on the challenge and planned a virtual organization day that was as a huge success. The theme of the day was “Let’s Make an Org Day” and all MICC-Fort Drum employees participated from their homes over a group video conference. The event was spin off of the popular TV Game show “Let’s Make a Deal.” In “Let’s Make a Deal,” host Wayne Brady will poll the audience to provide him with an odd item in a scavenger hunt fashion. The first person to provide the host with that item wins a prize. Sligar served as the game show host and throughout the day polled the office staff to show an item on their camera. The first was a frozen pizza, the first person to run and get a frozen pizza and show it in their camera won.

McLaughlin laughed every time Sligar polled the team for an item as co-workers were seen running away from the camera looking for the item. Other items were a takeout menu, Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, coffee mug with a slogan, pet, and a Hawaiian shirt. The day’s event also included a game of “Name that Tune” and a couple rounds of Bingo. Just like in “Let’s Make a Deal” the winners of these games got to choose a mystery prize from boxes numbered one through four. Two of the boxes included real prizes but the remaining two included “Zonks.” Laura Wallace whom put together the “Name that Tune” game got the first Zonk, a roll of toilet paper. Wallace added as a good sport “the prize was supposed to be a ‘zonk’ but during COVID, toilet paper is like currency.”

An office favorite during “Name that Tune” was when the contestant that got the correct answer was offered an extra point for also singing a portion of the song. McLaughlin noted her favorite part of the day was hearing some of the division chiefs sing the 80’s greatest hits. The day also included award ceremonies with Kristen Church Mulvaney, Linda Picard, Barbara Glen and Ramona Lacey-Gonzalez receiving length-of-service awards. The office also included a hail of newcomer Tasha Driscoll who started during COVID and birthday recognition. The people portion of the day was great. Even though it was held through a video conference, the Org Day was fun, interactive and promoted camaraderie. The mission always portion of the day included office-wide training on the new clause and provisions required to be included in every contract as a result of the Federal Acquisition Regulation rule implementing Section 889(a)(1)(B), which prohibits contracting with an entity that uses any equipment, system or service that uses covered telecommunications equipment or services as a substantial or essential component of any system, or as critical technology as part of any system.

As MICC-Fort Drum members all adjust to the new normal and continue to utilize telework for the health and safety of its office, they found it great to come together as an organization and have some fun!

A well deserved recognition to a hard-working and faithful member of the 925th Contracting Battalion, MICC-Fort Drum tea...

A well deserved recognition to a hard-working and faithful member of the 925th Contracting Battalion, MICC-Fort Drum team. We are incredibly proud of you Tom Brown!

“Power Through Good Business!”

419th Contracting Support Brigade

With telework still in full swing, this #ACCSpotlight focuses on a U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command employee at Fort Drum, New York who recognizes the importance of communicating with ACC customers via technology in the current state. Take a moment this #WorkforceWednesday to get to know Thomas Brown, a contract specialist and officer in the S2P2 division at the MICC.

On 22 May 2020, Lt. Col. Torres, Commander of the 925th Contracting Battalion officially assumed command of the Regional...

On 22 May 2020, Lt. Col. Torres, Commander of the 925th Contracting Battalion officially assumed command of the Regional Contracting Center-Afghanistan (RCC-A) from Lt. Col. Brooks, Commander of the 919th Contracting Battalion, Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC), Fort Bliss, Texas.

925th Contracting Battalion assumed the mission of providing contracting solutions and support throughout the Combined Joint Operations Area- Afghanistan in order to enable U.S. and Coalition Forces to build Afghanistan National Defense Security Forces capacity and legitimacy.

"Power Through Good Business!"
"Empower the Mountain!"

419th Contracting Support Brigade, 919th Contracting Battalion / MICC - Fort Bliss,

Soldiers from the 925th Contacting Battalion and members from the 619th Contracting Team say goodbye to their Families a...

Soldiers from the 925th Contacting Battalion and members from the 619th Contracting Team say goodbye to their Families as they conduct deployment operations on 15 May 20. The deployed personnel will be serving throughout the United States Central Command area of operations to provide unwavering contracting support to the warfighter.

"Power Through Good Business!"

Members of the 740th Contracting Team brief the Fluor Corporation Country Manager, Mr. Bryan Owen, regarding current pro...

Members of the 740th Contracting Team brief the Fluor Corporation Country Manager, Mr. Bryan Owen, regarding current projects being conducted at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Fenty with their Mission Partners. Mr. Owen gave the contracting team praise for promoting a team environment when working with the contractor to support the warfighter.

"Power Through Good Business!"

419th CSB, U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command

605th Contracting Team - SSG(P) Nye, SFC Robinson, and MAJ Griffin received a coin from the 207th Regional Support Group...

605th Contracting Team - SSG(P) Nye, SFC Robinson, and MAJ Griffin received a coin from the 207th Regional Support Group, Base Operating Support-Integrator leadership for their continuous contract support throughout Operation Inherent Resolve. Hooah! For Real Nikki, Stephanie Nye, Corey Griffin, 419th CSB, U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command

"Power Through Good Business!"


Happy Mother’s Day to all of our 925th CBN & MICC FT Drum Mothers! Thank You for everything you do everyday and for all the Sacrifices. Many Blessings to All! Have an awesome Mother’s Day!

Dear 925th & MICC Ft Drum Families,If your Family has an emergency at home and you must contact your Soldier, be sure to...
Emergency Communication Services

Dear 925th & MICC Ft Drum Families,

If your Family has an emergency at home and you must contact your Soldier, be sure to contact the Red Cross. If the emergency requires that your Soldier come home, Red Cross-verified information helps commanding officers make decisions about emergency leave and it is up to the military whether the service member returns home.

The Red Cross emergency communication services keep military service members in touch with their families following the death or serious illness of an immediate family member, birth of a service member’s child or grandchild, or when a family has other emergencies.

Red Cross can help twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. They will relay urgent messages and verified descriptions of the emergency to service members stationed anywhere in the world including ships at sea and remote locations.

The American Red Cross relays urgent messages for military families containing accurate, factual, complete and verified descriptions of the emergency.

U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command

U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command

In an address to the MICC workforce, Brig. Gen. Christine Beeler, Clay Cole and Command Sgt. Maj. Chantel Sena-Diaz stress the importance of April being Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. To show your support for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, please wear teal on Tuesdays in April and denim on April 29. Share your photos in teal and denim with the MICC by sending your pictures to [email protected].

U.S. Army Contracting Command

A message from our ACC Commander, MG Paul H Pardew...

Maj. Gen. Pardew recognizes members of the ACC workforce in his latest message.

Community Update: 11 April 2020

Community Update: 11 April 2020

Good Saturday all! There are some changes starting Monday at the ID card office in Clark Hall that we wanted to tell you about:
- ID Cards will not be replaced due to changes in the personal information printed on the ID Card. Grade changes and name changes will NOT be completed at this time.
- Common Access Cards that are expired or are expiring within the next 30 days will be processed normally as well as initial issuance.
- USID cards (dependent, retiree and all non-CAC) that expired on or after 1 January 2020 are now valid until 30 September 2020 and can be used to gain access at the gates and access benefits.
- DoD has directed that the minimum age for initial issuance of a child’s ID Card is increased from 10 to 14 years of age.
- The online appointment scheduling feature has been disabled. Those needing to make an appointment or ask a questions should call 315-772-5149.
- Masks are required to be worn by everyone in the ID card facility, please bring your own.
Soldiers assigned to a 10th Mountain unit should direct questions to their own Brigade S1. All other customers contact [email protected] or 315-772-5149.

Also, Easter services are still a go, they’ll just be virtual and you can find them here: facebook.com/FortDrumChapel Let us know how you and your family are celebrating!
Easter Vigil - Saturday 11 April at 8 pm
Easter Mass - Sunday 12 April at 9 am

Traditional Service - Sunday 12 April at 9 am
Inspirational Gospel Service - Sunday 12 April at 10 am
Chapel Next Contemporary Service - Sunday 12 April at 11 am

Please remember that the COVID 19 screening tent located outside of CTMC will be closed on Sunday, April 12 in observance of Easter. Those in need of medical care or screening should call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-874-2273 for guidance.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and we’ll work to get you answers!

- Reporting Status -
Mission Essential Personnel Only

Please speak with your chain of command/supervisor to determine whether or not you are considered mission essential and for further guidance. See the CG’s full statement here: https://bit.ly/33RB9Fi

- Gate Information -
Mount Belvedere Gate: CLOSED
Cerjan Gate: OPEN
Gas Alley Gate: OPEN

The Cerjan and Gas Alley Access Control Points will have designated lanes for DOD ID card holders and Non-DOD ID card holders. Please look out for those signs and enter the appropriate lane.

Those seeking admittance to post via the Cerjan and Gas Alley Access Control Points will be required to submit to a verbal screening:
1. Have you had contact with someone with a positive COVID-19 test or has a pending COVID-19 test?
2. Are you feeling ill?
3. Do you have a cough?
4. Have you had a fever or felt feverish in the past 24 hours?
5. Have you traveled outside of 40 miles from Fort Drum?

Those who answer yes to any these questions will be provided further guidance by the gate guard on duty. If it is determined that the individual is at risk and they have official business on Fort Drum, they will be directed to the proper military treatment facility for further evaluation. Individuals that exhibit any symptoms due to allergies will be allowed onto post.

Individuals returning to Fort Drum from an off-post medical appointment should inform the medical screener at the gate that you are returning to your on post residence from a medical appointment.

No one who has a requirement to access the installation for essential services (PX, Commissary, emergency services) will be turned away from the installation. This includes Soldiers/dependents living on post, Soldiers/dependents living off post who are seeking medical care on post, DOD ID card holders (Active duty military, DA Civilians, and dependents) and retirees and eligible family members.

Individuals at risk that do not have official business on Fort Drum will be advised to seek further medical evaluation at an off post medical facility.

The Trusted Traveler program is suspended. Local access badges are suspended. Visitors with a bona fide need to enter post will need to go to the Visitor Control Center (Cerjan Access Control Point) during normal business hours from 5:30am – 10pm, where they will submit to background checks and screening.

All visitor passes must be resubmitted through the Soldier’s Chain of Command. Anyone wishing to have a visitor on post who is traveling from more than 40 miles away will need to submit both a completed visitor request memo and an application for sponsorship to the Physical Security Office. You can find an example memo here: https://bit.ly/2wDPdGk It should be completed by your unit prior to submission. You can find the application for sponsorship here: https://bit.ly/3auItcf Completed forms can be submitted to [email protected] (preferred method) in advance or at the VCC in person during normal operating hours.

Retirees and beneficiaries must go through medical screening before entering post.

Contractors and other service providers should seek clarification for Fort Drum access from their supervisors.

- COVID Cases -
Jefferson County: 43 confirmed cases
St Lawerence County: 84 confirmed cases
Lewis County: 8 confirmed cases

- COVID Resources -
Fort Drum Virtual Family Assistance Center (VFAC): https://bit.ly/2UI6J42
Fort Drum Quarantine & Isolation Assistance Line: 315-783-5828 (8 am - 4 pm, Mon - Fri)
Samaritan Resource Line: 315-755-3100 (8 am - 9 pm, 7 days/week)
Carthage Area Hospital: 315-519-5497 (9 am - 7 pm, 7 days/week)
Lewis County General Hospital: (315) 376-9678 (Available 24/7)
Watertown COVID Resources: www.watertowncovidresources.org
NYS COVID Emotional Support Line: 1-844-863-9314
APHC Army COVID-19 Hotline: 1-800-984-8523 (Available 24/7)

- Health Guidance -
Care for COVID Positive Patients:
Bowe TMC will be closed to routine healthcare services and only treating those patients identified as COVID 19 positive. Any COVID-19 positive beneficiaries, including Soldiers, Family members and Retirees, are asked to contact their assigned Nurse Case Manager or the MEDDAC Appointment Line at (315) 772-2778 to request an appointment before physically going to a treatment facility. This includes appointments for both COVID-19 related care and non-COVID-19 related care. Please inform the call center representative of your COVID-19 status. Soldiers previously receiving primary care at Bowe TMC will now receive their care at the Conner TMC. Family members and Retirees will still receive their primary care at the Guthrie clinic unless they are COVID-19 positive.

Wear of Masks:
Masks are required to be worn in all public spaces where a distance of 6 feet or more between individuals cannot be maintained. This also applies to the PX and Commissary. Customers must be wearing a mask/face covering to enter and they will not be provided at the door so please ensure you bring one with you.
• Soldiers are authorized to wear the neck gaiter and other cloth items, such as bandannas and scarves, as face coverings. This guidance applies for both indoors and outdoors as well as while in uniform. Everyone will use good judgment in choosing a mask or cloth face covering.
• Service members will not wear masks or cloth face coverings that have profanity, racist, demeaning or derogatory logos, script or imagery.
• The medical white and light blue type / style mask is authorized with all uniforms.
• Cloth masks or face coverings should be washed daily.
• Do not wear the N95 respirator mask. It should be reserved for our medical personnel.
• Do not wear high altitude training masks in uniform.
• Remember – the mask is not to protect you from getting the virus, it is to protect the spread of the virus as you may be asymptomatic and not know that you have the disease. You can find the full DoD memo here: https://bit.ly/2X9C6aF If you have any questions about the wearing of face coverings within your unit or workplace, please reach out to your chain of command or supervisor.

COVID Screening:
Active duty Soldiers who wish to be screened and who’re experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as a cough, fever or shortness of breath, can report to the central screening location outside of the Conner Troop Medical Clinic between the hours of 0600 and 2000, 7 days a week. Outside of those hours, Soldiers should reach out the the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-874-2273 for guidance.

Family members and retirees who are Fort Drum MEDDAC beneficiaries and who are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 should call the Guthrie appointment line at (315) 772-2778 during business hours for screening. After hours please call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-874-2273, select option 1.

The drive-up pharmacy will continue to operate until further notice, more info here: https://bit.ly/2WuGbG8

DA Civilians experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at work or on duty should immediately notify their supervisor and call the MEDDAC Occupational Health Clinic at (315) 681-1901 between the hours of 6 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. A healthcare worker will conduct an initial screening over the phone and provide additional information as to your next steps. For after-hours care or when not on duty, employees should contact their primary care provider and follow their directions for screening.

Facility Entrance Procedures -
Mandatory health screenings are now being conducted for those wishing to gain entrance to the Exchange, Commissary and Clark Hall. Anyone seeking admittance to these buildings will be required to submit to a temporal temperature check and answer the same questions being required at the gates.

Guthrie Clinic: Single Point of Entry - Everyone entering the clinic will do so at the far side of the Primary Care Clinic and follow the directions of the MEDDAC personnel at the tents for screening. Employees can be screened at the Radiology / Lab entrance between 6 and 7 am. After 7 am, employees will utilize the PCC entrance.

OB/GYN clinic at the Samaritan Medical Center: Before your visit, please read through the following questions. If you answer yes to any of the questions, call the clinic at 315-785-4609 before arriving at the clinic to receive further guidance from our staff:
1. Have you had contact with someone with a positive COVID-19 test or has a pending COVID-19 Test?
2. Do you have a cough?
3. Have you had a fever, chills, sweats, body ache in the past 7 days?
4. Are you feeling ill?
5. Have you traveled outside of 40 miles from Fort Drum in the last 14 days?

Please do not show up to the clinic without clearing with the clinic if you answer yes to any of the above questions.
For your scheduled OB or GYN appointment, upon arrival to the parking garage (or parking lot), please call 315-608-1327 to check in and remain in your vehicle.
At this time, only the patient is allowed into the clinic. Partners are being asked to wait in the car. Patients can video conference their partners during appointments if desired. If there is a language barrier, we do have a language line to use. We must know which specific language/dialect to use at least 1 day prior to your appointment.

Behavioral Health: Patients should report to the Conner Troop Medical Clinic for screening prior to going to the Wilcox Clinic or Embedded Behavioral Health clinics. Once cleared, patients will receive a wristband which will be required before entering one of the behavioral health clinics.

Clark Hall: Single Point of Entry - Anyone needing to access Clark Hall must enter through the front doors of the facility. This includes mail clerks retrieving mail for units. After entering through the front doors, mail clerks should proceed to the second floor and utilize C-wing to access the Official Mail Distribution Center.

- Restrictions -
Barracks: Soldiers can no longer visit another unit’s barracks until further notice. Example – a Soldier from 4-31IN cannot visit a Soldier in 41BEB barracks

Public Spaces: All Fort Drum public community spaces, to include playgrounds, dog parks, tennis/basketball courts, soccer fields are off limits to all personnel until further notice. Trails remain open at this time. Please continue to practice safe social distancing when using these paths.

- Services Status -
The most recently updated service(s) information is listed below. For the full list of closures and adjustments visit https://home.army.mil/drum/index.php/about/Garrison/public-affairs/coronavirus-update

Dental Clinics:
Stone Dental Clinic - CLOSED
Marshall Dental Clinic - only offering services for emergency dental pain and exams from 0830 - 1630. Please call 315-772-8891 to speak to a dentist and be screened before coming in.

DFACs: OPEN - take out options only

Barber Shops: CLOSED

CDCs and SAC: Open to mission essential patrons. Po Valley CDC will combine with Chapel CDC and South Riva Ridge CDC in building 10785C at the Main Post Chapel on Po Valley Road. POC is Evelyn Eggins-Alston at 315-772-9470 or [email protected].

School Liaison Officer: Available to assist with K-12 school questions and concerns - [email protected] or 315-772-3214

Commissary: OPEN Tues-Sun 0900 to 1700 for service members and their beneficiaries and 1700 to 1900 for retirees and other authorized users. Please note that everyone entering the commissary is required to wear a cloth face covering that they have brought with them. Masks will not be provided at the door. 100% ID check has been implemented at the doors and purchase limits have been placed on certain high demand items. Shoppers are asked to not bring in their own shopping bags at this time.

FMWR Fitness Facilities: CLOSED, but offering alternative fitness methods. Easy @Home Workout - https://bit.ly/2UtXnsF

PX: OPEN Mon-Sat 0900-1800, Sun 1000-1800; Please note that all visitors to the PX are required to wear a cloth face covering that they have brought with them. Masks will not be provided at the door. In an effort to support social distancing measures, the Fort Drum PX has expanded their services to include curbside pickup. Place your order online at shopmyexchange.com as a “Buy on line Pick up in store” order for the Fort Drum Exchange. When the order is ready, the store will call and offer the curbside pickup option. At the store, shoppers park in a designated numbered space, call the phone number on the sign 315-836-7463 and the order is delivered to their vehicle.

Mini Mall PX: OPEN Mon-Fri 0600-2100, Sat 0700-2100, Sun 0700-2000

Religious Services: All services will now be conducted virtually. Please visit @FortDrumChapel for more information.

- Redeployments -
In the coming weeks, members of the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade and 1st Brigade Combat Team will be returning to Fort Drum ahead of their scheduled redeployment dates. Upon arrival here at Fort Drum all redeploying Soldiers will be quarantined and monitored by medical staff. We’ll have more information on that process as it becomes available. Those Soldiers deemed essential to the ongoing mission in Afghanistan will remain in place. Family members should reach out to their Soldier, SFRG or unit representatives with any questions regarding their Soldier’s status.

- Telework Guidance -
NEC is advising that computer quarantines will continue as usual for systems that do not receive the regular updates. Teleworking individuals should connect through a VPN for at least 4 hours a day to ensure computers receive required patches. This can be completed during both duty or non-duty hours.

- Tax Assistance -
Some updated information is available from the Fort Drum Legal Assistance Office for those still needing to file their 2019 taxes. The deadline for filing has been extended to July 15 and there are some new ways you can get assistance online during this crisis. For more information, visit our Tax Advisory Program page here: https://bit.ly/2VlhERl

- Scam Alert -
There have been recent reports of scammers calling members of the Fort Drum community and claiming to be representatives from the federal government reaching out to provide federal relief funds. Soldiers should be vigilant about protecting themselves and their Family members from scams during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Federal Government will never call you seeking information about your bank account or other financial matters and you should never provide that information over the phone. Anyone who believes they are the victim of a scam or predatory action should contact the Office of the New York Attorney General to file a complaint. More information: https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/2020/ag-james-warns-north-country-about-coronavirus-scams. Soldiers and Family members with questions and/or concerns may also contact the Fort Drum Legal Assistance Office at 315-772-5261.

- Travel Guidance -
A New York state executive order, "New York State on PAUSE," directs all non-essential businesses statewide to close all in-office personnel functions at 8PM on Sunday, 22 March. There are several "essential businesses or entities" that are exempt from closure. For the purposes of this order, Defense and National Security-related operations supporting the U.S. Government and contractors to the U.S. Government are specifically excluded from the New York State executive order. Accordingly, all DoD personnel and DoD contractor personnel should continue to report for duty as directed by their supervisor. If DoD personnel encounter local law enforcement during such travel, DoD personnel should identify themselves using Common Access Cards and explain the nature of their work and travel in support of DoD.


P31 Quartermaster Road
Fort Drum, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 06:30 - 16:30
Tuesday 06:30 - 16:30
Wednesday 06:30 - 16:30
Thursday 06:30 - 16:30
Friday 06:30 - 16:30




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