B Co 10 BSB 1 BCT 10th Mountain Division (LI)

B Co 10 BSB 1 BCT 10th Mountain Division (LI) This is the official page of the Bravo Company, 10th BSB, 1 BCT, 10th Mountain Division(LI). For questions, comments or suggestions please contact S1 at 772-9177

See below for updates

See below for updates

Fort Drum General Order 1E is now in effect and that means a few changes in operations moving forward so let’s map it all out. (The pun was intentional. Forgive us. It’s been a long 2020.) Also, the command team will be holding a live town hall this Thursday, July 16 at 12 noon here on the page to discuss the entire order and answer all your questions. Please join us for that!

- Travel Impacts -
The most significant change is the extension of the local travel area to a 350-mile radius. Travel within this new local travel area does not require any additional approval for those on regular pass. There are however, still restricted areas as noted in red on the map and we’re gonna go ahead and list them all: Albany County, NY; Erie County, NY; Monroe County, NY; New York City; Oneida County, NY; Onondaga County, NY; Hampden County, MA; Suffolk County, MA; Essex County, NJ; Allegheny County, PA; Philadelphia County, PA; Cuyahoga County, OH; Baltimore County, MD; Prince George County, MD; Arlington County, VA; Fairfax County, VA; Prince William County, VA; State of Delaware, Washington D.C. and Canada. Service Members may drive through these off-limits areas travelling to another destination but may not visit any destinations within those counties or states listed.

In order to travel to unrestricted areas outside of the 350-mile local travel area, Soldiers must possess a DA-31 approved by the first 0-3 in their chain of command. Travel to restricted areas must still be approved at the 0-6 level.

Soldiers are not authorized to use commercial air, train, bus or other public transportation for their travel unless approved by an O-3 commander. Taxicabs and other car services may be used within the local travel area.

Please be aware that other states and counties may have their own restrictions and requirements in place for travelers. Know what’s required before you leave. Soldiers are strongly discouraged from committing funds to travel before they have an approved DA-31.

Traveling to areas found on the NYS List of Restricted States (https://on.ny.gov/2WkwPvz) or the CDC’s Travel Recommendations list (https://bit.ly/2Cy8aNa) will automatically require a 14-day quarantine upon your return to New York State.

- Visitors -
The trusted traveler program remains suspended at this time. Visitors who have a DoD ID card or a Fort Drum local access badge may enter the installation providing they have not traveled outside of the 350-mile radius or to one of the off-limits counties.

Visitors without a DoD ID card must have sponsorship approval in the form of an Exception to Policy (ETP) to gain access to the installation. This approval happens at the first O-5 or GS equivalent in your chain of command. All other visitor requests must be approved by the Garrison Commander.

Soldiers must submit a DA-31 to the first O-3 in their chain and obtain approval to meet or reside with any non-local visitor (from outside of the 350-mile radius) or geographically separated dependent or family member outside of the installation.

- PCS/TDY Travel -
PCS and TDY Travel are now broken down into four categories:
Unrestricted Travel indicates that the origin, destination and all intermediate stops of your travel itinerary are designated as unrestricted locations. The unit must confirm that all locations continue to be unrestricted no more than 10 days before the travel is to start. If any of the locations have changed category to restricted, travel will then require a waiver to be requested and approved.

Restricted Travel requires travelers to receive an approved ETP prior to the PCS or TDY as any one of the origin, destination or intermediate stop locations are designated as restricted.

Waivered Travel means you’ve requested and received an ETP and your PCS/TDY has been deemed necessary. This can be the case for extreme hardship, humanitarian reasons or in support of the mission. G1 will continue to coordinate and validate these requests and route to the first General Officer in a Soldier’s chain for approval.

Exempted Travel is PCS/TDY that does not require a waiver. This exemption will be indicated on orders or in a memo that travelers must carry with them. Some examples of Exempted Travel include: travel for Soldiers/DA Civilians pending retirement, separations or release from Active Duty. Also included is travel by patients and medical providers as well as their attendants and escorts; travel to and from professional military programs and travel for Global Force Management activities.

You can find all of this information fully broken down in General Order 1E on our website here: https://bit.ly/3gTrPpq

Please remember that the wear of masks is still required anytime you cannot maintain a distance of six feet or more in all public facilities. Also ensure you continue to comply with state requirements by wearing your mask over your mouth and nose when off post in an area where you cannot maintain a safe social distance.

We’ll continue to share the latest updates here and on our website: home.army.mil/drum

First Brigade Combat Team Rear-Detachment Unit Ministry Team

First Brigade Combat Team Rear-Detachment Unit Ministry Team

1BCT Families,
Fort Drum Community Food Box Distribution
begins on July 18, 2020, 9 AM - 1 PM
Bldg. 10785A, Chapel Drive

Registration is required prior to pick-up. You can register here:



Changes to APO mail.

Effective August 13, handwritten PS Form 2976, PS Form 2976-A, and PS Form 2976-B customs declaration forms will no longer be accepted at military post offices.

This policy change is due to the Global Trade Compliance requirements that address international security risks facing the United States.

After August 13, any packages found in the mail stream with hand written customs declaration forms will be returned to sender. This change will impact service members serving abroad. Visit the following link for customer options.

U.S. Army Pacific


The characteristics of sexual harassment and sexual assault vary, but there are prominent clues we should all look for. This presentation offers a different approach to the subject of SHARP.

April is nationally recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month -- an annual campaign to raise public awareness about sexual assault and educate communities on how to prevent sexual violence.

The SHARP hotline provides 24/7 response to active duty soldiers and family member/ dependant 18 years or older, who are victims of sexual assault. If you have been a victim of sexual assault call the 24/7 dedicated hotline 808-655-9474.

(Video by Staff Sgt. Vanessa Atchley and Sgt. Alvin Reeves
28th Public Affairs Detachment)

U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

If you joined us for the CLIF earlier today, you heard that we're asking Fort Drum Spouses to take this survey and help us rework our procedures. Our goal is to assist Military Spouses attain their personal career goals and we need you to tell us how we can help! Whether you are employed, unemployed, or underemployed, please take a few minutes and give us your thoughts.

You can take the survey here: https://www.research.net/r/779FFDC

U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

Good morning all! Fort Drum is now operating under Health Protection Condition Bravo. The move to HPCON Bravo means some changes to procedures and services that have been published in General Order 1D and we’ll be outlining those below. These changes may seem like the initial steps on the path back to “normal” but it is vital to recognize that we each have a personal responsibility to continue using the preventative measures that have kept COVID 19 from gaining a foothold in our community. Remember to practice social distancing, wear your masks, wash your hands and keep up to date with community news and guidance. We’ll continue to share the latest updates here and on our website: home.army.mil/drum

Also, we are currently experiencing a phone service outage throughout the installation. The Guthrie appointment lines are down. Fort Drum Medical Activity is working on getting the system up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can still make same-day appointments by going to TRICAREOnline.com, calling the MHS Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273), or by sending a message through TRICARE Online Secure Messaging. The barber shop at the PX is taking walk ins as customers will be unable to get through to book today's appointments.

- Reporting Status -
Mission Required Personnel Only

Please speak with your chain of command/supervisor to determine whether or not you are considered mission required and for further guidance.

- Gate Information -
WSAAF Gate: OPEN to all patrons with valid ID cards and passes during the hours of 5:30 am – 10:00 pm. The gate will be closed during DONSAs, weekends and holidays.
Cerjan Gate: OPEN
Gas Alley Gate: OPEN
Mount Belvedere Gate: OPEN to DoD ID Holders ONLY

Travel Radius: The extended travel radius now encompasses a distance of 200 miles outside of Fort Drum with the exception of specific high-risk areas to include Albany County, Onondaga County (where Chick-fil-A is, to save everyone some googling), Monroe County, Erie County, Oneida County, Hampden County (MA) and Canada. Service Members can travel inside of the local travel area (60 miles) without any leave or pass. In order to travel within this extended local travel area (200 miles), SMs need approved leave or pass (signed DA-31, O5 level). You may, of course, drive through the prohibited areas (with the exception of Canada) en route to your destination. Please be aware that the extended travel radius includes some portions of other states that have their own travel restrictions and guidance. Before traveling, please research any requirements your destination may have in place. Leave for travel outside of the 200 mile radius or to an off limits area will still require an Exception to Policy. Please also note that if someone from a Soldier’s household travels outside of the radius or if you meet with individuals who reside outside the 200 miles, a two-week quarantine will be required. This is in an effort to mitigate any possible exposure or spread of the virus. If you have questions please reach out to your chain of command or supervisor for additional guidance.

Visitors: Soldiers are required to obtain approval through the chain of command for all visitors to enter Fort Drum regardless of their distance from the installation. If you are not an Active Duty Soldier but reside on the installation you may request to have a visitor enter Fort Drum by contacting the Fort Drum Department of Public Works, Housing Division, 315-772-7256. These requests are subject to approval by the Garrison Commander.

Parks and Playgrounds: Parks are now open for use by community members, this includes those playgrounds in the Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes footprint and the dog parks. Before grabbing the sunblock and heading out please remind family members about the importance of social distancing and ensure children wash their hands. Also, please be aware that these facilities will not be cleaned and it’s up to park visitors to ensure they aren’t contributing to overcrowding.

Guidance for Gatherings: On post, outdoor gatherings are now permitted for a maximum of 25 individuals. Please continue to maintain social distancing throughout these events. When inside, gatherings are permitted when social distancing guidelines can be maintained and the facility does not reach more than 50% of its total capacity.

Barracks: Cross barracks visitation is now authorized. Soldiers should continue to follow social distancing guidelines.

DFACs: Beginning the week of June 15, dining facilities will be open for dine-in service. Social distancing requirements will still be in place and seating is restricted to every other seat. All DFACs are limited to a 50% capacity for diners. Salad bars/grab and go remain closed.

Education Center: Beginning on June 8, the Ed Center will open the Army Personnel Test (APT) Center and conduct counseling via telephone, email and online. Starting approximately June 22, staff will begin AM/PM classes for the Basic Skills Education Program (BSEP).

Face Masks: The wearing of face masks continues to be a requirement when entering the Commissary, Exchange, Shopettes or any other public or work area where a minimum of 6 feet of social distance cannot be continuously maintained.

Fitness Facilities: Beginning Monday, June 8, there will be updated hours for the gyms. These facilities are still only open for Active Duty Service Members at this time.
- Magarth Sports Complex Open Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. - 7 p.m., Sat. 9 am - 3 pm
- Magrath Pool Open Mon. – Fri. 6:30 a.m. - 8 a.m. for Unbreakable Warrior Program Only
- Monti Physical Fitness Center Open Mon. – Fri. 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. for Unbreakable Warrior Program Only, Mon. – Fri. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. for Active Duty Only, Sun. 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
- Atkins Functional Fitness Center – Mon. – Fri. 11 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
All patrons must be in PT uniform and have DoD ID card to enter fitness facilities.

Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division Museum: Open June 15 for unit/Soldier training. Open July 1 to public. Social distancing requirements must be maintained and visitors will be limited to no more than 50% of the facility’s capacity.

Religious Services: Beginning approximately July 1, chapels will be open for worship services. Those attending services must maintain social distancing requirements and utilize hand sanitizing stations at entrances. There will be seating restrictions and limitations for Communion/Eucharist options.

RV Parks and Cabins at Remington: These facilities will be open beginning Monday, June 8 for reservations by DoD ID Card holders who are traveling from within the 200 mile radius (excluding the off limits areas).

USO: Open June 15 with limited hours. Visit them on Facebook USO Fort Drum

You can find all these updates and more in this special section of our website:

If you have any questions please drop them in the comments and we’ll work to get the answer.

U.S. Army



Their lives ended in places called Belleau Wood, Omaha Beach, Salerno, Guadalcanal, the Chosin Resevoir, the jungles of Vietnam, the deserts of Iraq, and the mountains of Afghanistan.

What they gave us is beyond our power to repay, so all we can do is remember them.

#MemorialDay #Courage #Freedom #Sacrifice
Video by Spc. Brian Pearson

U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

Please be aware that effective 0500 tomorrow, May 9, the established travel radius will be expanded to 60 miles outside of Fort Drum. The trusted traveler program is NOT in operation so please still work through your chain of command and with the Visitor Control Center staff (315-772-8585) to obtain ETPs and passes for visitors without DoD ID or local access. Anyone needing to travel outside of the newly established radius should reach out to their chain or supervisor for guidance.

U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

Good morning all! It’s Friday and we have a few updates to highlight today as we head into the weekend.

First an update about the Airfield gate: Effective Monday, May 11, the Wheeler Sack Army Airfield Gate will be open to all patrons with valid ID cards and passes (no Trusted Traveler) during the hours of 5:30 am – 10:00 pm. The gate will be closed during DONSAs, weekends and holidays. When the WSAAF Gate is closed, ID Card/pass holders requiring access to the airfield should enter through the Gas Alley Gate and cross over Route 26 via Nash Boulevard to the Bomporto Bridge. Sponsors/visitors with an exception to policy seeking passes for installation access should report to the Visitor Control Center at the Cerjan Gate before attempting to use the WSAAF Gate.

Also as of Monday, May 11, the Optical Shop at the Main Exchange will open during the following hours with limited staffing - Monday - Friday: 12pm - 3pm; closed weekends. The Optometrist at the Main Exchange will also open beginning May 11 during the following hours with limited staffing - Tuesday - Wednesday: 0930-1700; Friday: 0930-1700; Saturday: 0900-1600. Closed Sunday – Monday and Thursday. Please note - patrons are required to wear a mask during their time in the Exchange.

Please note that Riverfest has been CANCELLED due to on-going New York State restrictions for the prevention and mitigation of COVID 19. However, Mountainfest has been rescheduled for August 27 so keep an eye out for more information about that classic summer event!

Don’t forget tonight’s dinner pickup from Fort Drum FMWR in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day. They are offering a free Italian dinner for the family with pickup at the Main Post Chapel starting at 4:00 p.m. tonight. See the flyer in the comments for more info!

If you have any questions please drop them in the comments and we’ll work to get the answer.

- Reporting Status -
Mission Required Personnel Only

Please speak with your chain of command/supervisor to determine whether or not you are considered mission required and for further guidance.

- Gate Information -
Cerjan Gate: OPEN
Gas Alley Gate: OPEN
WSAAF Gate: CLOSED – will open starting May 11 to all patrons with valid ID cards and passes (no Trusted Traveler) during the hours of 5:30 am – 10:00 pm. The gate will be closed during DONSAs, weekends and holidays.
Mount Belvedere Gate: OPEN to DoD ID Holders ONLY; Non DoD ID holders attempting to access the installation through Mount Belvedere ACP (i.e contractors, personnel with an approved visitors pass or local access badge) will be turned away and asked to proceed to LTG Paul Cerjan or Gas Alley gates. As the Trusted Traveller program is still suspended, this includes personnel traveling with a DoD ID card holder (i.e. visitor's pass holder, local access badge holder, Taxi/Uber/Lyft transporting DoD ID holders). These individuals will be turned around and directed to LTG Paul Cerjan or Gas Alley gates due to medical screening requirements.

The Cerjan and Gas Alley Access Control Points will have designated lanes for DOD ID card holders and Non-DOD ID card holders. Please look out for those signs and enter the appropriate lane.

Those seeking admittance to post will be required to submit to a verbal screening: Have you traveled outside of 40 miles from Fort Drum?

Those who answer yes will be provided further guidance by the gate guard on duty. If it is determined that the individual is at risk and they have official business on Fort Drum, they will be directed to the proper military treatment facility for further evaluation. Individuals that exhibit any symptoms due to allergies will be allowed onto post.

Individuals returning to Fort Drum from an off-post medical appointment should inform the medical screener at the gate that you are returning to your on post residence from a medical appointment.

No one who has a requirement to access the installation for essential services (PX, Commissary, emergency services) will be turned away from the installation. This includes Soldiers/dependents living on post, Soldiers/dependents living off post who are seeking medical care on post, DOD ID card holders (Active duty military, DA Civilians, and dependents) and retirees and eligible family members.

Individuals at risk that do not have official business on Fort Drum will be advised to seek further medical evaluation at an off post medical facility.

The Trusted Traveler program is suspended. Visitors with a bona fide need to enter post will need to go to the Visitor Control Center (Cerjan Access Control Point) during normal business hours from 5:30am – 10pm, where they will submit to background checks and screening.

All visitor passes must be resubmitted through the Soldier’s Chain of Command. Anyone wishing to have a visitor on post who is traveling from more than 40 miles away will need to submit both a completed visitor request memo and an application for sponsorship to the Physical Security Office. You can find an example memo here: https://bit.ly/2wDPdGk It should be completed by your unit prior to submission. You can find the application for sponsorship here: https://bit.ly/3auItcf Completed forms can be submitted to [email protected] (preferred method) in advance or at the VCC in person during normal operating hours.

Retirees and beneficiaries must go through medical screening before entering post.

Contractors and other service providers should seek clarification for Fort Drum access from their supervisors.

Delivery drivers who weren’t vetted for access prior to the pandemic will be directed to the Visitor Control Center at the Cerjan Gate. There they will need to submit to background check and show proof of their delivery requirement and if all is in order, they’ll be allowed access to make the delivery. If, for any reason the delivery driver does not pass the background check, customers will need to pick up their anticipated delivery at the VCC.

Taxis, Uber and Lyft drivers that were vetted to operate on Fort Drum will now be allowed to bring DoD ID card and Local Access Badge holders onto post for drop-off purposes only. After dropping off the fare, they must immediately leave post and will not be allowed to pick up additional fares while on post. It is suggested that individuals looking to use these services to get onto post ask their drivers if they have approved access to the installation prior to accepting the ride and incurring a fee.

Taxi drivers who do not already have pre-vetted access will be given one-time access to post to drop off their riders if they submit to and successfully clear backgrounds checks and their riders are in possession of DOD ID/LAB holders and/or an Exception to Policy as necessary (ie. greater than 40 miles of travel). Riders should expect to pay an increased fare based on the time it takes for an un-vetted driver to submit to the background checks/gain entry to post. Riders can choose to be dropped off at the Visitor Control Center and picked up by a DOD ID card holder if the driver does not have access to post.
Riders who have an ETP to access post (GS14+/O5+ approved bona fide need to enter post) but do not have a DoD ID/LAB card must submit to background checks (and successfully clear) prior to entry to post via any of these services.

Visitors without a valid ETP are NOT permitted. Anyone accessing post via a taxi/Uber/Lyft must have the following based on the nature of the access request:

1. DOD ID CARD/Local Access Badge/ Valid ID and, if applicable, one of the below:
a. Valid ETP if traveled outside of 40 miles
b. Valid ETP by a GS 14/O5 or higher with Command authority if not in possession of a DOD ID Card/LAB (Personnel are required to have a background check prior to entry, personnel arriving by taxi will be granted a day pass in order to link up with sponsor and complete the escort process).

- COVID Resources -
Fort Drum Virtual Family Assistance Center (VFAC): https://bit.ly/2UI6J42
Fort Drum Quarantine & Isolation Assistance Line: 315-783-5828 (8 am - 4 pm, Mon - Fri)
Samaritan Resource Line: 315-755-3100 (8 am - 9 pm, 7 days/week)
Carthage Area Hospital: 315-519-5497 (9 am - 7 pm, 7 days/week)
Lewis County General Hospital: (315) 376-9678 (Available 24/7)
Watertown COVID Resources: www.watertowncovidresources.org
NYS COVID Emotional Support Line: 1-844-863-9314
APHC Army COVID-19 Hotline: 1-800-984-8523 (Available 24/7)

- Health Guidance -
Care for COVID Positive Patients:
Bowe TMC will be closed to routine healthcare services and only treating those patients identified as COVID 19 positive. Any COVID-19 positive beneficiaries, including Soldiers, Family members and Retirees, are asked to contact their assigned Nurse Case Manager or the MEDDAC Appointment Line at (315) 772-2778 to request an appointment before physically going to a treatment facility. This includes appointments for both COVID-19 related care and non-COVID-19 related care. Please inform the call center representative of your COVID-19 status. Soldiers previously receiving primary care at Bowe TMC will now receive their care at the Conner TMC. Family members and Retirees will still receive their primary care at the Guthrie clinic unless they are COVID-19 positive.

Wear of Masks:
Masks are required to be worn in all public spaces where a distance of 6 feet or more between individuals cannot be maintained. This also applies to the PX and Commissary. Customers must be wearing a mask/face covering to enter and they will not be provided at the door so please ensure you bring one with you.
• Soldiers are authorized to wear the neck gaiter and other cloth items, such as bandannas and scarves, as face coverings. This guidance applies for both indoors and outdoors as well as while in uniform. Everyone will use good judgment in choosing a mask or cloth face covering.
• Service members will not wear masks or cloth face coverings that have profanity, racist, demeaning or derogatory logos, script or imagery.
• The medical white and light blue type / style mask is authorized with all uniforms.
• Cloth masks or face coverings should be washed daily.
• Do not wear the N95 respirator mask. It should be reserved for our medical personnel.
• Do not wear high altitude training masks in uniform.
Remember – the mask is not to protect you from getting the virus, it is to protect the spread of the virus as you may be asymptomatic and not know that you have the disease. You can find the full DoD memo here: https://bit.ly/2X9C6aF If you have any questions about the wearing of face coverings within your unit or workplace, please reach out to your chain of command or supervisor.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order requiring all individuals to wear face masks when in public and unable to maintain a distance of 6 feet or more from others. So remember to bring your mask if you’re headed off post

COVID Screening:
Active duty Soldiers who wish to be screened and who’re experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as a cough, fever or shortness of breath, can report to the central screening location outside of the Conner Troop Medical Clinic between the hours of 0800 and 1700, Monday - Friday. Outside of those hours, Soldiers should reach out the the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-874-2273 for guidance.

Family members and retirees who are Fort Drum MEDDAC beneficiaries and who are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 should call the Guthrie appointment line at (315) 772-2778 during business hours for screening. After hours please call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-874-2273, select option 1.

The drive-up pharmacy will continue to operate until further notice, more info here: https://bit.ly/2WuGbG8

DA Civilians experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at work or on duty should immediately notify their supervisor and call the MEDDAC Occupational Health Clinic at (315) 681-1901 between the hours of 6 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. A healthcare worker will conduct an initial screening over the phone and provide additional information as to your next steps. For after-hours care or when not on duty, employees should contact their primary care provider and follow their directions for screening.

- Facility Entrance Procedures -
Mandatory health screenings are now being conducted for those wishing to gain entrance to the Exchange, Commissary and Clark Hall. Anyone seeking admittance to these buildings will be required to submit to a temporal temperature check and answer the same questions being required at the gates.

Guthrie Clinic: Single Point of Entry - Everyone entering the clinic will do so at the far side of the Primary Care Clinic and follow the directions of the MEDDAC personnel at the tents for screening. Employees can be screened at the Radiology / Lab entrance between 6 and 7 am. After 7 am, employees will utilize the PCC entrance.

OB/GYN clinic at the Samaritan Medical Center: Before your visit, please read through the following questions. If you answer yes to any of the questions, call the clinic at 315-785-4609 before arriving at the clinic to receive further guidance from our staff:
1. Have you had contact with someone with a positive COVID-19 test or has a pending COVID-19 Test?
2. Do you have a cough?
3. Have you had a fever, chills, sweats, body ache in the past 7 days?
4. Are you feeling ill?
5. Have you traveled outside of 40 miles from Fort Drum in the last 14 days?
Please do not show up to the clinic without clearing with the clinic if you answer yes to any of the above questions.
For your scheduled OB or GYN appointment, upon arrival to the parking garage (or parking lot), please call 315-608-1327 to check in and remain in your vehicle.
At this time, only the patient is allowed into the clinic. Partners are being asked to wait in the car. Patients can video conference their partners during appointments if desired. If there is a language barrier, we do have a language line to use. We must know which specific language/dialect to use at least 1 day prior to your appointment.

Behavioral Health: Patients should report to the Conner Troop Medical Clinic for screening prior to going to the Wilcox Clinic or Embedded Behavioral Health clinics. Once cleared, patients will receive a wristband, which will be required before entering one of the behavioral health clinics.

Clark Hall: Single Point of Entry - Anyone needing to access Clark Hall must enter through the front doors of the facility. This includes mail clerks retrieving mail for units. After entering through the front doors, mail clerks should proceed to the second floor and utilize C-wing to access the Official Mail Distribution Center.

- Restrictions -
Barracks: Soldiers can no longer visit another unit’s barracks until further notice. Example – a Soldier from 4-31IN cannot visit a Soldier in 41BEB barracks

Public Spaces: All Fort Drum public community spaces, to include playgrounds, dog parks, tennis/basketball courts, soccer fields are off limits to all personnel until further notice. Trails remain open at this time. Please continue to practice safe social distancing when using these paths.

- Services Status -
The most recently updated service(s) information is listed below. For the full list of closures and adjustments visit https://home.army.mil/drum/index.php/about/Garrison/public-affairs/coronavirus-update

Auto Skills Center - Open by appointment only beginning 5 May, Tues - Sat 0800-1600, 5 bay maximum. You can make an appointment by calling 315-772-7902

Barber Shops: CLOSED

Car Washes: OPEN

CDCs and SAC: OPEN to mission essential patrons. Chapel CDC and South Riva Ridge CDC will continue to be combined in building 10785C at the Main Post Chapel on Po Valley Road. On Monday, May 4th, the Po Valley Child Development Center will reopen to currently registered and enrolled patrons in order to expand child care opportunities on post. Patrons wishing to restart care based on being called back to work full-time will need to provide documentation that there are no home-based child care options currently available. For Soldiers, this will require a memo signed by a O5 or higher. For DA civilians and contractors this will require a memo signed by a GS 14 or higher supervisor. For spouses, this will require a memo on the company's letterhead signed by the supervisor confirming work hours and current essential/required status. Please note, being called in for PT will not automatically qualify patrons for child care. If you want to submit paperwork or check to see if you qualify, please contact CYS Administrative Office at 315-772-6715. For the memo please go to: https://drum.armymwr.com/promos/cys-mission-required-personnel-verification-form.

Commissary: OPEN Tues-Sun 0900 to 1700 for service members and their beneficiaries and 1700 to 1900 for retirees and other authorized users. Please note that everyone entering the commissary is required to wear a face mask that they have brought with them. Masks will not be provided at the door. 100% ID check has been implemented at the doors and purchase limits have been placed on certain high demand items. Shoppers are asked to not bring in their own shopping bags at this time. Commissary curb-side pick-up is now available for individuals in Level 1 Quarantine, shoppers who have been turned away from entering the store due to illness & retirees. Curb side pick-up is available Tuesday - Friday from 9am to 3pm only. Individuals in the aforementioned categories who wish to utilize this program should fill out this form found here:https://drum.armymwr.com/application/files/7915/8817/4592/Ft_Drum_Commissary_Order_Form.pdf indicating desired items and pick up time, and email it to [email protected]. Individuals who do not have email can call-in their order at 315-772-7807. Customers will be called when their groceries are being checked-out to provide payment information directly to the cashier. Customers utilizing the program will be required to load their own groceries or indicate at the time of purchase that they'd like to use a bagger to load, keeping in mind baggers are paid via tips. Customers must be specific in their desired items for purchase as substitutions will not be made. This program is made possible by volunteers at the Fort Drum BOSS program and through the cooperation of the Fort Drum Commissary.

Dental Clinics:
Stone Dental Clinic - CLOSED
Marshall Dental Clinic - only offering emergency sick call and pre/post deployment and retirement exams. Please call 315-772-8891 to speak to a dentist and be screened before coming in.

DFACs: OPEN - take out options only

FMWR Fitness Facilities: CLOSED, Monti - OPEN for UBW Soldier participants ONLY; no towel service.

In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, DoD has issued the following guidelines for ID card offices.
- ID Cards will not be replaced due to changes in the personal information printed on the ID Card. Grade changes and name changes will NOT be completed at this time.
- Cardholders whose Common Access Cards (CACs) will expire within the next 30 days will have the capability to update their own certificates to keep that card valid. Please note that this is a temporary measure and the CAC must be unexpired when attempting to update the certificates. You can find a guide for this process here: https://bit.ly/2VO6vc3.
- USID cards (dependent, retiree and all non-CAC) that expired on or after 1 January 2020 are now valid until 30 September 2020 and can be used to gain access at the gates and access benefits.
- DoD has directed that the minimum age for initial issuance of a child’s ID Card is increased from 10 to 14 years of age.
- The online appointment scheduling feature has been disabled. Those needing to make an appointment or ask a questions should call 315-772-5149.
- Masks are required to be worn by everyone in the ID card facility, please bring your own.
- Soldiers assigned to a 10th Mountain unit should direct questions to their own Brigade S1. All other customers contact [email protected] or 315-772-5149.

Niagara Express: CLOSED

Outdoor Recreation: Open by appointment only beginning Monday May 4, Mon - Fri 0800-1600, for the following: rentals of trailers (auto hauler, utility, clam shell, dump), motorized boat, 16’, non-motorized watercraft (kayak, canoe, paddle board), recreation equipment (horse shoes, cornhole, bicycles, rod and reel, PFDs, hiking package), mechanical equipment (generator, lawnmower, wood splitter). Call 315-772-5169 for appointments.

Outdoor Recreation Range: Open by appointment only beginning May 9, Sat - Sun 1000-1700. Call 315-772-5169 to make an appointment.

Popeyes: Mon-Sun, 1100 to 1900

PX: OPEN Mon-Sat 0900-1800, Sun 1000-1700; Please note that all visitors to the PX are required to wear a face mask that they have brought with them. Masks will not be provided at the door. In an effort to support social distancing measures, the Fort Drum PX has expanded their services to include curbside pickup. Place your order online at shopmyexchange.com as a “Buy on line Pick up in store” order for the Fort Drum Exchange. When the order is ready, the store will call and offer the curbside pickup option. At the store, shoppers park in a designated numbered space, call the phone number on the sign 315-836-7463 and the order is delivered to their vehicle.

PX (Mini Mall): OPEN Mon-Fri 0600-2100, Sat 0700-2100, Sun 0700-2000

Ramadan Guidance: Due to COVID-19 there won’t be the normal opportunities for communal worship and fast breaking meals with friends and neighbors. Our Chaplains are available to provide any support they can during this time. Please reach out to them with questions and concerns: (315) 772-5591, during business hours and (315) 772-5647 after duty hours.

Religious Services: All services will now be conducted virtually. Please visit @FortDrumChapel for more information.

Remington Park - Trails and recreation areas will be open from dawn to dusk. Please remember that social distancing is still necessary when using these areas. There will be signs present throughout the park.

School Liaison Officer: Available to assist with K-12 school questions and concerns - [email protected] or 315-772-3214

- Telework Guidance -
NEC is advising that computer quarantines will continue as usual for systems that do not receive the regular updates. Teleworking individuals should connect through a VPN for at least 4 hours a day to ensure computers receive required patches. This can be completed during both duty or non-duty hours.

- Tax Assistance -
Some updated information is available from the Fort Drum Legal Assistance Office for those still needing to file their 2019 taxes. The deadline for filing has been extended to July 15 and there are some new ways you can get assistance online during this crisis. For more information, visit our Tax Advisory Program page here: https://bit.ly/2VlhERl

- Scam Alert -
There have been recent reports of scammers calling members of the Fort Drum community and claiming to be representatives from the federal government reaching out to provide federal relief funds. Soldiers should be vigilant about protecting themselves and their Family members from scams during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Federal Government will never call you seeking information about your bank account or other financial matters and you should never provide that information over the phone. Anyone who believes they are the victim of a scam or predatory action should contact the Office of the New York Attorney General to file a complaint. More information: https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/2020/ag-james-warns-north-country-about-coronavirus-scams. Soldiers and Family members with questions and/or concerns may also contact the Fort Drum Legal Assistance Office at 315-772-5261.


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