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Wookie Ever After Wookie Ever After is a community of animal lovers who would like to help save one particular one.

Wookie is a young male Cairn terrier who was found hanging around the NKT Buddhist Temple in Arlington, Texas, in mid-February, along with a couple of his buddies: a Shih Tzu we named Snow, and a Corgi mix the temple monks named Mamaki. We took them to the vet to have them examined and vaccinated, and, after doing an exhaustive search through Lost & Found ads both locally and around the country, contacted several area rescue groups. Snow was quickly accepted by the D/FW Tzus & More rescue group, and Mamaki is currently being fostered at a local daycare while we work on getting a rescue group to officially sponsor her. Wookie was accepted into the Trinity Valley Cairn Terrier Club rescue group, but we recently received the sad news that he is suffering from heartworm infection, a potentially deadly disease caused by a mosquito bite and which affects the heart and lungs. The cure is long, expensive and uncomfortable, but he's young and otherwise healthy, so he's expected to make a full recovery in just a few short weeks. TVCTC, however, is entirely self-funded and has taken a big hit to their modest funds with the $800 price tag of the heartworm treatment. Wookie is such a gentle and playful soul, with beautiful brown eyes and the happiest smile you'll ever see. When we first picked him up, he was dirty, ragged, and terribly frightened. He trembled in my arms and kept himself tightly curled, silent and afraid. After a good groom and a few days at a loving and attentive daycare, however, he was transformed into a joyful, cuddly and madly affectionate little pup with a smile as wide as the sun. We invite our friends and family to help the TVCTC ensure that Wookie gets the treatment he needs. Once he's fully recovered, he'll be neutered and ready for adoption by some lucky family. Please help us make our goal of raising $500 towards his medical care!


More photos from Wookie's foster mom coming soon! Meant to post them yesterday, but the timing didn't work out. But he appears to be doing really well and just loving being in a home instead of on the streets!


We heard from Wookie's foster mom! So not only is Wookie super-cute and super-cuddly, he's apparently also super-smart! To wit: his foster mom has now taught him to open doors. That's right. She'll say, "Open the door!" And he'll put his little paw up on the door and give that baby a push. What can I tell ya? He's a gentleman.

Wookie Ever After: The Movie

You've seen him in still photos. You've heard me yak about him on this page and on my own Facebook profile. Now, see Wookie in action in this very brief (just over a minute) video that I took of him playing with his buddy Mamaki shortly before we took him to his new foster home. He's clearly so excited, and he just can't hide it.


We were able to sell one of our electronics equipment (a very gently-used flat-screen TV) this evening, so now we're $100 closer to our goal of raising enough money for Wookie's heartworm treatment! That brings us to $250. Woo hoo! We're getting there, so please share with your friends the good news. Let's see if we can bring this to $400 by the end of the week!


I'm trying to post a video I took of Wookie playing with a ball a few days before we transported him from the daycare/boarding facility to his new foster home, but of course my Droid smartphone is acting all wacky as usual. Will try to post tomorrow and will also get updates on how the little one is doing!


Thanks to Lance Limer, Thomma Lyn Grindstaff and Jill Sulak for their generous donations to Wookie's medical fund! We're on our way to reaching our goal!

More Wookie

More Wookie


Good news! You can easily make a donation towards Wookie's medical fund through Paypal. Just click on the "Give" button below and follow the super-easy steps. Thank you!

Wookie, a young male Cairn Terrier recently rescued in Arlington, TX, is now currently being fostered by the Trinity Valley Cairn Terrier Club of DFW. Sweet and cuddly, he is now being treated for heartworm disease, a potentially deadly but curable condition that affects the heart and lungs. Wookie needs your help to regain his health so that he can be ready for adoption in just a few short...


Greetings, everyone! Welcome to Wookie Ever After, a page I created to help raise money for a sweet little Cairn terrier that Brian Lochlaer and I rescued recently and who is in need of serious heartworm treatment before he can be made ready for adoption. We hope you'll come back often to check on updates on his condition, but in the meantime, feel free to make a donation towards a very worthy cause!


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