La Leche League of Fredericksburg

La Leche League of Fredericksburg We meet the third Thursday every month at 10:00am and 7:00pm at the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church. La Leche League offers:
Free Monthly Meetings,
Free Telephone and Email Help from Experienced Leaders, and a
Lending Library

Operating as usual


The church were we hold our meetings has informed us that it is still closed to outside groups. We are hoping to resume our meetings next month.


Due to the COVID-19 issues the church has cancelled all outside group's meetings for next week. Therefore we will not be holding our monthly meetings. Stay healthy! Wash your hands!

The novel coronavirus/COVID-19 global pandemic is a developing public health concern for all of us in the United States....
Continuing to Nurse Your Baby Through Coronavirus (2019-nCoV; COVID-19) and Other Respiratory Infections | La Leche League International

The novel coronavirus/COVID-19 global pandemic is a developing public health concern for all of us in the United States. The health and safety of Leaders and the families we all serve are LLL USA's top priorities. Leaders are concerned about how best to address this situation and whether to consider canceling their meetings or special events.

The following reliable information from LLLI and the CDC can be referenced to help you as Leaders and families you support:
LLL USA Facebook post - over 5,000 shares
CDC Coronavirus: pregnancy and neonates
CDC Coronavirus: children
Highlights from these sources include:
- The nursing parent with the illness should continue to nurse.
- Coronavirus does not pass into the breastmilk.
- The virus does not affect children and infants as acutely as older people.

Media Release MAGYAR NEDERLANDS 日本語 繁體中文 简体中文 ITALIANO ESPAÑOL DEUTSCHE ελληνικά български HEBREW Português Contact Information: [email protected] Raleigh, North Carolina, USA The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) currently in the news is a rapidly evolving global med...


We apologize for the super last minute cancellation, but due to a church activity that causes serious parking complications for us, the 10:00 am meeting has been cancelled. Please consider attending the evening meeting tonight at 7:00 pm if you were planning to attend the morning meeting, and again we apologize for the last minute notice.


Our evening meeting for tomorrow has been cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Do to school closings the PM meeting will be cancelled too. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Due to the inclement weather the morning meeting has been cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience.


This mornings meeting has been cancelled due to weather. Stay safe!


Due to the weather there will be no monthly meeting on 1/18. We hope to see you next month!

La Leche League of Fredericksburg

La Leche League of Fredericksburg

If you could take this quick survey we would greatly appreciate it! TIA!

If you could take this quick survey we would greatly appreciate it! TIA!

Please tell us about yourself and your family so we can learn more about the families LLL USA is reaching! This anonymous survey will only take 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

La Leche League of Fredericksburg

La Leche League of Fredericksburg


La Leche League of Fredericksburg follows Spotsylvania County Public School's closing guidelines. Due to the weather conditions, both am and pm meetings for February 19th are cancelled.

Just FYI
Breastfeeding mothers are getting a tax break

Just FYI

Nursing mothers are getting a new tax break from the IRS-- which puts breast pumps and other supplies on the list of tax-deductible items. The 2010 decision comes after years of pressure from nursing advocates like the American Academy of Pediatrics.

La Leche League of Fredericksburg

La Leche League of Fredericksburg

Please fill out this survey if it applies to you. Thank you!

Please fill out this survey if it applies to you. Thank you!

Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York is conducting Round Two of their study exploring where mothers find support for breastfeeding their toddlers.

If you did not fill out this survey last year, and if you have ever breastfed a child beyond a year (no matter how long ago that was), please do so now. Your input will help us better understand where mothers get the support they need.

To complete this anonymous questionnaire and if you did not complete this survey last year, go to

Please note that the questionnaire will only take 7 - 10 minutes.

If you find our page and the questionnaire interesting and useful, we would encourage you to direct other mothers to this page by adding the following hashtag, #breastfeedingtoddlers, to the end of any of your own posts you add to your own page concerning Breastfeeding Toddlers and our questionnaire.

Love it!

Love it!

Gorgeous sculpture from the sand sculpture competition currently going on on the Atlantic City NJ boardwalk. Thanks to LLL mom Meredith for sharing!

Good to know!

Good to know!

Since we can't see the ounces that are transferred to baby during a feeding, moms might question if baby truly is getting enough. A good way to know if a breastfed baby is eating enough is by checking his or her diaper!

Good information for a question we get all of the time. :-)
LLLI | FAQ: When Will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

Good information for a question we get all of the time. :-)

Just as you can't know when your baby will first smile or start to talk or decide to give up morning naps, there's no way to predict when your baby will sleep through the night. More importantly, there's no "right age" at which your baby should. As with any developmental milestone, your baby may be…

peaceful parenting

peaceful parenting

For the kids.



Hedgehogs!!!!! Squeeee!



The Birthing Site

The Birthing Site

Did you know this helpful tip? Often times a nursing mother is concerned if baby is receiving enough milk because you simply can't see the ounce lines disappear from a breast. ;) Here's something you can look for!
#breastfeeding #nursing #fullbaby
(shared from The Joy of This)

The Nursing Nurse

The Nursing Nurse





The Natural Parent Magazine

The Natural Parent Magazine


I know these have been discussed at the meetings so I hope this is helpful!
More about Upper Lip Ties

I know these have been discussed at the meetings so I hope this is helpful!

Did you know upper-lip ties are frequently present when there is a tongue tie? And either or both may make breastfeeding difficult? If you suspect a tongue-tie, flip the lip ! The presence of a thick...

La Leche League USA

La Leche League USA

LLL USA is looking for stories for an upcoming project. Do you have a favorite LLL Leader? Why? Did she give some extra special support or information? Tag her here and tell us your story. Comment or send an email to [email protected]. Thanks!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is good to know!
LLLI | What are the LLLI guidelines for storing my pumped milk?

This is good to know!

Your milk is a living substance so precious some call it "white blood". It is essential to store your expressed (pumped) milk properly to maximize its nutritional and anti-infective qualities. Human milk actually has anti-bacterial properties that help it to stay fresh. Giving your baby the freshest...


308 Hanover St
Fredericksburg, VA

General information

We meet the third Thursday every month at 10:00am and 7:00pm at the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church. Park in the parking lot off of Charlotte Street (beside the downtown post office). Go in the large doors. When you are inside you need to take the elevator or steps to the 2nd floor. On the second floor, the room will be directly in front of you. We put out signs.


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Does anyone know of any other breastfeeding groups in the Fredericksburg/ Stafford area? I’d like to find something so I can go more than once a month. 🖤🖤
I have a mother who is in need of Alimentum formula. Does anyone have any they can donate? I can pick it up and deliver it to her.
Hi! When are the meetings? I have a 3 month old with special needs that finally latched (although not super well). I'd love to attend a meeting, more likely after my big kids start back at school.
It is that time a of year again, come join us at the Fredericksburg's Fall Fairy Festival September 29th, 2018 from noon until 5 pm This year it is being held at the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fairgrounds.
Hello All! Looking for recommendations for a pediatrician in Fredericksburg, please. Ezekiel was born premature and is struggling with acid reflux. We have had bad luck with the Pedsplus on Cowan Blvd. and are now looking for options. Would like to find dr. that has preemie experience and supports breastfeeding. Any information is appreciated! :)
Question ladies. My LO is 16 months and I’m looking to put her in shoes. Where do I go to size her? I have some shoes but I’m not sure they fit her. Thank you for your help
Help! My supply is essentially gone. Just left the lactation consultant at the hospital here and John nursed and only got 20ml (30 ml is an ounce) total from both breasts. They had me pump right after and I only produced MAYBE 10ml more I need my supply back now that I have the breastfeeding support my pediatrician didn't offer (in a nutshell she gave me formula when I mentioned John was gassy and fussy saying it could be a milk allergy. It's not - he's just fussy it seems...). I'll be supplementing with my freezer stash for now and nursing and pumping every chance I get. What else can I do??
Hi. My doctor gave us alimentum formula to try in case my son has a milk allergy. We've been using it for a day but I'm not ready to end my breast feeding time yet. Do you suggest I give the formula or nurse while eliminating dairy?
Hey LLL leaders! I have a friend who just began her breastfeeding relationship. I have tried to give her some support but I would love to put her in touch with one of you and she doesn't use Facebook. Thanks!
Motherhood Maternity has a clearance event going on buy one get one 50 off and a sale on nursing tanks. There were some cute Jessica Simpson long sleeve nursing shirts on sale.
Is there a flyer with information about area LLL meetings? I am trying to pull together a few resources for new moms to take to my midwife and I would love to have something from La Leche.
Looks like I am having my first bout of mastitis.. Do I go to urgent care? Should I stop nursing or pump and dump? It's so painful.