Texas Confederate Interim Government

Texas Confederate Interim Government The Interim Government For The Republic Of Texas Is An Assemblage Of Texans Seeking Redress


On this day in 1864, in one of the most moving incidents of the Civil War, Confederate general Robert E. Lee ordered the celebrated Hood's Texas Brigade to the front, and they in turn ordered him to the rear. During a critical moment of the fierce Battle of the Wilderness, as the Southern battle line was crumbling, Lee, commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, was heartened to see the Texas Brigade, under the command of John Gregg, arrive on the field as reinforcements. With a cry of "Hurrah for Texas!" Lee ordered them forward against the Union army and, carried away by his enthusiasm, began to lead them into the charge. The Texans, unwilling to risk their idol in battle, stopped and gathered around him, yelling "Lee to the rear!" and held onto his horse until he withdrew. The Texas Brigade suffered severe losses, but the Union army was once more fought to a standstill.


Happy Texas Independence Day

On this day in 1836, Texas forces won the battle of San Jacinto, the concluding military event of the Texas Revolution. Facing General Santa Anna's Mexican army of some 1,200 men encamped in what is now southeastern Harris County, General Sam Houston disposed his forces in battle order about 3:30 p.m., during siesta time. The Texans' movements were screened by trees and the rising ground, and evidently Santa Anna had no lookouts posted. The Texan line sprang forward on the run with the cries "Remember the Alamo!" and "Remember Goliad!" The battle lasted but eighteen minutes. According to Houston's official report, the casualties were 630 Mexicans killed and 730 taken prisoner. Against this, only nine of the 910 Texans were killed or mortally wounded and thirty were wounded less seriously.


On this day in 1928, Felix Huston Robertson died in Waco. Robertson, the only Texas-born general officer to serve the Confederacy, was born in 1839 at Washington-on-the-Brazos. His father, Jerome Bonaparte Robertson, also fought in the Civil War, and was for a time commander of Hood's Texas Brigade. Felix Robertson was appointed brigadier general in 1864. He was a harsh disciplinarian whose savage punishments and Indian-like features earned him the sobriquet "Comanche Robertson." The most controversial incident of his military tenure occurred in Saltville, Virginia. There, on October 3, 1864, troops under Robertson's command killed well over 100 wounded, mostly black survivors of a Union attack. Though Robertson was never charged with any crime, one of his subordinate officers was hanged for murder. After the war Robertson returned to Texas, where he became an enthusiastic member of the United Confederate Veterans and served as the commander of the Texas Division in 1911. At the time of his death he was the last surviving general of the Confederacy.


On this day in 1862, the battle of the Civil War ironclads Merrimack and Monitor near Chesapeake Bay sounded the death knell for a Texas gunboat before it ever got out of the planning stages. Texas mapmaker Robert Creuzbaur had proposed an innovative design for an iron-plated gunboat called Sea King in November 1861. With a hot-air engine that powered propellers at the stern, this wood and iron vessel, Creuzbaur estimated, could reach a speed of 18 mph. Topside armaments would provide ample defense, but the ship’s most unique weapon was a gun beneath the waterline. This “submarine cannon” would surely blast through the Union fleet’s vulnerable wooden hulls. Fifty years before its time, the inventive cartographer envisioned a version of the modern torpedo tube. Governor Francis R. Lubbock appointed a scientific committee, and soon Texas legislators, excited about the great military potential of Sea King, appropriated $500 for Creuzbaur to present his plan to the Confederate War Department. But when the ironclads later engaged in their historic showdown all realistic chances for experimentation on a project like Sea King were lost.


On this day in 1846, the Republic of Texas officially relinquished its control to the First Legislature of the state of Texas. The flag of the Republic of Texas was lowered, and the flag of the United States was raised. The Lone Star Republic had become the Lone Star State.


During the War of Northern Aggression, and the period of Reconstruction, Canton, Texas was little more than a hole in the road. Following the end of the War, the small towns in Van Zandt County were overrun with Federal Troops and carpetbaggers all in the name of reconstruction. The Van Zandt citizens became “fed up” with all of these troops and carpetbaggers and formed a committee of citizens to approach the County Commissioners, informing them that they wanted Van Zandt County to secede from the United States and also from the State of Texas!

It passed and Van Zandt County became the Free State of Van Zandt, totally separated from the United States and the State of Texas.

It wasn’t long before the Free State was attacked by Federal soldiers from New Orleans led by Gen. Sheridan. The Van Zandt County Soldiers won the Free State War which called for a celebration with the group ending up quite drunk. While in this condition, the Federal Troops acted quickly by putting all the Free Staters in leg and wrist irons and locking them up in the stockade, however, the Federal soldiers did not check Dr. Allen’s pockets where he carried a nice file. He was able to file the irons off himself and some of the others. Seeing that the stockade had no roof, the men all pushed together to knock down the log wall and escaped. The men all scattered to the east, west and to Oklahoma. Dr. Allen went to Oklahoma where he obtained his physician’s license and later came back to Van Zandt County. After the escape, the Federal troops took control of the county again.

No document has ever been found to indicate that the actions leading to the formation of the Free State of Van Zandt were rescinded. Location of Canton, Texas, Coordinates: 32°33′13″N 95°52′0″W (Example of a town and county that will not have to change its history to satisfy anybody, because they never joined the Union)


On this day in 1863, two Confederate ships drive away two Union ships as the Rebels recapture Sabine Pass, Texas, and open an important port for the Confederacy.
Sabine Pass lay at the mouth of the Sabine River along the gulf coast of Texas. The Confederates constructed a major fort there in 1861. In September 1862, a Union force captured the fort and, shortly after, the port of Galveston to the southwest. The Yankees now controlled much of the Texas coast. In November, Confederate General John Bankhead Magruder arrived to change Southern fortunes in the area. Magruder,an early Confederate hero in Virginia,was assigned the difficult task of expelling the Federals from Sabine Pass and Galveston.
Magruder’s efforts paid quick dividends. He recaptured Galveston and then turned his attention to Sabine Pass. The decks of the two Rebel ships, the Bell and the Uncle Ben, were stacked with cotton bales. Sharpshooters were placed **behind the bales and the ships steamed towards the two Union ships, the Morning Lightand the Velocity. Some of the sharpshooters became seasick and had to be removed, but the expedition continued. The Confederates chased the Yankee ships into open water, and the sharpshooters injured many Union gunners. Both Union ships soon surrendered. Magruder’s victory reopened the Texas coast for Confederate shipping.
The Union tried to recapture Sabine Pass later in the year, but the effort was thwarted when less than 50 Confederates inside the fort there held off a much larger Union force.



November 10, 1860 - James Chesnut becomes the first Southerner to resign from the Senate. He is quickly followed by James H. Hammond - South Carolina
November 10, 1864 - On the 10th of November the movement may be said to have fairly begun, General Sherman in his memoirs regarding the "March to the Sea"

BAKER, CULLEN MONTGOMERY | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Association (TSHA)
BAKER, CULLEN MONTGOMERY | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Association (TSHA)

BAKER, CULLEN MONTGOMERY | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Association (TSHA)

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As I watched the Yankee occupiers President give his speech lastnight, I found myself feeling better, though I was not sure why until I realized that the Yankee Rag Flag was absent from view behind their President, I realized that I wasn't feeling threatened by that evil symbol that represents the extermination of my Native American ancestors. We need to remove that horrible reminder of hate and genocide from all public places, and place it in a dark closet where it belongs.

Confederate States of America Interim Government

Confederate States of America Interim Government

Words to Taylor Shapiro, Reporter for The Washington Post who has not yet posted one word of the interview that I granted to him.....
Those who are responsible are those who created the situation which brought both Fascists N**i's and Communists ANTIFA together, they are the ones who create race baiting. The only truly innocent victims are the Confederate Americans. The N**i's don't give a damn about our Confederate memorials, the Antifa, don't give a damn about our Confederate memorials, the White Nationalists don't give a damn about our Confederate memorials, and truth be told, The Black Lives matter people don't give a damn about our Confederate memorials. The League of the South, don't give a damn about our Confederate memorials, they are against our Confederacy, and only use it to their own White European Celtic BS advantage. They were all there using our symbols to promote their own agendas.
Most on the left were there because they hate their President, Donald Trump, who is NOT a Confederate American, but a YANKEE.
What fools call "The Civil War", was never a Civil War, as a civil war is when two political factions are fighting for control of the same government: Our Confederate government was never fighting to gain control of the U.S. government, yet that is what the two political parties within your political system always do, year in year out, utilizing a propaganda war against one another to gain control of the same government. The left political party faction uses race baiting as one means to gain control, further victimizing Confederate Americans, the Right wing also uses the same for the same purpose, hence they too victimize Confederate Americans. Confederate Americans are continually made the victims of r**e. Confederate Americans are the victims here, and we are the one's being punished and r**ed by those who use our Confederacy for their own agendas.
I hate that Heather Heyer died as a result of the occupiers political Left v Right propaganda war, I hate that many were injured, but they were all there promoting their own agendas, brought together as a result of the two political party factions that are in a propaganda war/ a civil war to gain control of that same occupying Yankee Government. Confederates are not the perpetrators, but rather the victims who continue to be attacked, and witness our memorials being vandalized and removed as pawns in the occupiers two political party factions war.
Our Confederate cause has nothing to do with race, or supremacy, but rather a desire to restore the founders' intent of protecting individual liberty.

The War Is NOT Over!The war is not over and we cannot “Get over it”. The occupiers continue to wage war against the occu...
Confederate States

The War Is NOT Over!

The war is not over and we cannot “Get over it”. The occupiers continue to wage war against the occupied Confederate States and our people, utilizing their Political Party faction News media as their choice weapon.
The current attacks on and removal of our Confederate monuments is aimed at nothing more than creating instability within our occupied Southern States for the purpose of maintaining the occupation.
The occupying government creates and nurtures this instability within our occupied Southern Confederate States through the use of their propaganda weapon “The Main Stream Media” race baiting as one of their methods. Along with their Media propagandists they utilize false flag operations via hate groups such as The Southern Poverty Law Center, The League of The South, ANTIFA, N**i, and K*K groups.
The occupiers operate on a national two party political faction system, these two factions, as a result of Lincoln, and his Northern State conspirators have replaced the State governments in the federal system that the founders' established. The occupiers two party faction system is a successful, base, simple divide and conquer strategy and what better means of division than to create, and facilitate racial/ethnic division utilizing their “Main Stream Media” propagandists as a means of control.
They create racial ethnic, and cultural tension such as labeling our Confederacy as a past historical racist government, which they forced into a state of exile, never allowing to move beyond the occupation. The occupying government wants to bury its past racism, and the extermination of the Native American indigenous peoples by creating for the people an illusion and association of our Confederacy with racism.: Through this means they maintain the occupation of our Southern Confederate States, while creating a false image that they are the American government Founders' rightful heirs.
Our Confederate monuments represent , NOT only our past, History or “heritage”, but rather represent also our present as occupied States and the endless possibilities for our future beyond the occupation.
The purpose of the removal of our Confederate monuments from our occupied Southern Confederate States is NOT about creating unity, but rather in creating division, discord, and turmoil in order to maintain the occupation and false imagery.
These false flag groups created and maintained by the occupiers, along with the counter protesters, and their violent acts are here for the purpose of one simple goal, and that is to maintain the occupation of our Southern Confederate States.
The war continues, only the fields of battle have been changed from military, media to propaganda, and installation of false flag operations.

Confederate States of America Interim Government

Confederate States of America Interim Government

As a result of what has occurred in Virginia today, there could be a backlash created by the occupiers propagandist News Media arm that will result in this and other Confederate FB pages becoming collateral damage wherein FB may shut them down. In such an event, we all may always fully utilize the CSAgov.org website.


Good morning its a beautiful day here in the Republic the only way I know it could be any better is if we were free from the Yankee tyranny. Maybe one day soon we will no longer be occupied


This is what Hamiltonian "federalism" has wrought. The Antifederalist were again proven right. The monstrosity situated in the ten miles square known as Washington DC has set itself up a virtual king and emperor over the States, and since the end of the War for Southern Independence the PUPPETS installed and slopping their fat hoggish selves at the emperor's trough will forever render us second class citizens -- or indeed, subjects with NO history, NO heritage, NO CULTURAL IDENTITY.

And that is EXACTLY what they want for us -- to DESTROY us socially, culturally and eventually --- spiritually as well. To render us like the other mindless zombies of the American consumer society. For the fear of losing federal tax monies, the State puppets are coerced to do this thing and force this person to take down their Confederate memorabilia. Well WHO PAYS those tax monies IN?? That's right WE DO. It is time for us to END "trickle down economics" where the empire is concerned.

With the restoration of the Confederacy we will establish a system of TRICKLE UP, In our proposed models for the "Second Constitution of the Confederate States of America" we not only go back to the original constitution of the United States (the Articles of Confederation, 1777) but we make certain modifications and improvements on that. One of these is the principle of Local Sovereignty -- which is an extrapolation of the old States Rights doctrine.

Just as our Confederacy is composed of co-equal States, a STATE itself is composed of smaller governing units -- the County or Parish. Whereas in the 1700s and 1800s, our people considered the State level to be the best to act with regards to taxation, and interposition between ourselves and the national government, time has also proven that the State government CAN (and has) become too big and overbearing against its own people.

Thus we asked the SAME question that our ancestors asked when they conceived the concept of States Rights -- What is the government most important to the citizen. Their answer was "The one closest to him" and with that they settled on the STATE government. We however have taken that to its NEXT logical conclusion and find that the LOCAL Government is the most important to the Citizen, because it is the one he has THE MOST CONTROL OVER.

We all know how impossible it is for us to venture a journey to Washington, DC every week to keep and eye on what those cretins are doing there. Yes, it is somewhat less difficult for us to travel all the time to our State Capitals to correct whatever they may be doing wrong there. It can be done, but again is more difficult, and that difficulty increases with the geographical expanse of the State. However EVERY Citizen can, and does, go to their County or Parish seat, and a weekly or monthly trip there to monitor the raising of taxes is not a problem at all.

What is more these LOCAL politicians DO NOT HAVE the insulation of DISTANCE (in hundreds or even thousands of miles -- considering Washington DC) , Oh no, THEY HAVE TO CLOSE THEIR EYES AND SLEEP in the SAME community as the PEOPLE they tax. Therefor the ONLY place where we can ensure JUSTICE in taxation is in the LOCAL level -- the County or Parish. Thus the power to tax should manifestly rest THERE and NOT in either the State or Confederate Governments. The County or Parish should be the only authority to levy taxes, and they then would set aside a portion to be sent to the State Government.

The State Government will be getting these allocations from all the Counties and Parishes in that State, thus they would have enough to run such operations as are delegated to them. The STATES then would take a portion of what is allocated to them by their County and Parish Governments and contribute these to the operations of the Confederate Government. This way we will MAKE RIGHT the balance and restore the people as masters and return governments to their proper place as OUR servants.


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