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Do you feel you are getting good value on your services for your home? Either way you answer, take this survey to really figure out the value you are getting. This will only take you a couple minutes to complete. When done, I will contact you to see if I can help you. Great customer service, great savings. http://titletowndirect.services4u.com/


All treats no tricks. Who wouldn't wouldn't want free cell service? We use a simple referral program. Instead of a one time cash bonus, we give you free cell service, for life. Ask how.


Why Flash Wireless?
As a Flash Wireless customer, you'll enjoy some of the best rates available anywhere on plans ranging from unlimited voice to unlimited everything, all the features you can't live without, the choice of contract or no contract options - and all on two of the nation's largest and fastest networks.


Are you a business owner and your business uses phone, internet, security, TV, merchant services, or pays and energy bill. Shoot me a PM and we can set something up to see if we can save you money. Not to mention we are running a promotion where each service that transfers to my company gets you a $100 on a gift card. Yes, make the switch and get some money back.

Who is looking to make a switch? Upgrade from that flip phone maybe? $180 gets you this galaxy s3 compatible with flash ...

Who is looking to make a switch? Upgrade from that flip phone maybe? $180 gets you this galaxy s3 compatible with flash wireless. That price includes first month service and connection fees, taxes included. You can keep your current number. Cost for 4G unlimited talk, text, and data is $49 plus tax after the first month. $25 extra (not mandatory) for the case /portable charger also pictured. The s3 ha everything that comes with it from the factory.


Did I mention that I am just a little guy, with family. Not only does our company pair with project feeding America to feed hungry children, it helps my children stay fed. OK, in all seriousness, yes I have children, active children, everyday they get more expensive, so next time you are thinking of changing providers on TV, internet, cell phone, home security, and even energy; give me a message and not only can I guarantee the best value for your dollar, you will be helping a little guy like me.


Did I mention we now are 4g on America's largest network? Looking for lower your bill on cell phone. Give me a look, our customer service is second to none. With multiple networks to choose from, you will not be disappointed.


Who is looking to make a switch to Dish Network? At Titletown Direct, we offer a gift card of $100, $200, or even $300. PM for details.


Red nose day is today. My company that I am franchised into feeds hungry children every day. We fed over 1 million children in the calendar year of 2014 and look to surpass that this calendar year. How can you take part, easy. My company offers cell phone service, TV, internet, home security, and natural gas and electricity; all at most likely a much better rate than you can be offered from the big companies you see advertised on TV. Here is a little secret, that is the same services you can attain with my company. Yes, we work with companies you know; Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Dish, DirecTV, ADT, just to name a few. So not only can you help feed hungry kids every month on bills you already pay, there is an incentive program that allows you to lower these bills, and I am local to Northeast WI (for most of you on my list are NEW 'ites). #keepitlocal #feedhungrychildren #savemoneyintheprocess


We now offer internet without needing to couple with home phone. If you want to compare pricing, give me a PM. Free wifi with service. Price depends upon speed.


As of now, all phones are accepted on flash wireless. Yes, Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus. Note 4's, S5's. Sprint, Boost, and Virgin mobile devices are able to be activated on the flash wireless system.


A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), or mobile other licensed operator (MOLO) is a wireless communications services provider that does not own the wireless network infrastructure over which the MVNO provides services to its customers. An MVNO enters into a business agreement with a mobile network operator to obtain bulk access to network services at wholesale rates, then sets retail prices independently. An MVNO may use its own customer service, billing support systems, marketing and sales personnel or it may employ the services of a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE).

This is what we are. Flash wireless is the cell phone provider name. This is Sprint's and Verizon's generic bandwidth; Sprint/Verizon in all but name, billed at discounts in the name of Flash Wireless (s), with proceeds apportioned towards the charity of Will-Play-for-Food.


How many of you currently on a family plan or thinking of getting one? How does $99/mo sound. Yep, $99 gets you unlimited talk, text, and 30 gigs shared data. Locked in price for all of 2015 if you act by the end of January. Then the standard rate of $15/line applies. (the $15/line is standard in the industry so act now) Yes, that means $99 plus your local tax. Where I am located that is 5.5%. (there is about $2 worth of 911 charge and whatnot)


Some locations we even offer electricity and natural gas.


So you don't like the Sprint network. No problem. We offer other providers as well. You want to switch to Dish Network or DirecTV? Let me help you with that. Home phone and/or internet? Yep, I do that too. Home security? No problem, I handle that. Guarantee to be best value around.


**Monthly charges exclude taxes & Sprint Surcharges [incl. USF charge of up to 16.1% (varies quarterly), up to $2.50 Admin. & 40¢ Reg./line/mo. & fees by area (approx. 5–20%)]. Surcharges are not taxes. THIS IS WHAT SPRINT HAS IN SMALL PRINT FOR THEIR $50/MO UNLIMITED EVERYTHING PLAN. MY COMPANY OFFERS THE SAME SPRINT FOR JUST A COUPLE DOLLARS LESS. GUESS WHAT, NO SMALL PRINT. WE AFTER TAXES, MONTHLY, YOU WILL PAY $51.47 (BASED ON 5.5% LOCAL TAX). ALSO, HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO DROP YOUR BILL TO JUST PAYING THE LOCAL TAXES. DO THEY OFFER THAT?


Only a couple days left to take advantage of the $99/mo family plan. Up to 6 lines. 20 gigs shared data. No contract no credit check plan. Price locked for all of 2015 as long as you get service prior to 2015. Unlimited talk and text. No hidden charges. Send me a message.


Looking to switch TV, Internet providers and have a home phone (even if you don't). Contact me. My company is giving $300 gift card to those who switch with our triple play. Providers are dish network, ACN internet ran off the copper of AT&T (AT&T comes installs, provides the modem), and ACN VOIP phone service. Guaranteed to beat any other triple play out there for comparing packages.


Looking for a cell phone family plan for the holidays? Look no further. $99/mo (plus local tax, no hidden taxes) gets you unlimited talk text and 20 gigs shared data on a no contract no credit check plan up to 6 lines. Locked for all of 2015. Offer ends come the new year. Act now and save up to $1000 next year with this deal.


Sick of overpaying for your cell phones for your family? Join our Family Plan for $99!!! Get sprint network Unlimited talk, text and 20GB of sharable 4g LTE data! NO CONTRACTS NO CREDIT CHECKS NO GIMMICKS!!! Also have the largest and most reliable network Family Plans starting at $109 per month, or single plans, Sprint Unlimited Everything $47 a month and the largest and most reliable network $67 a month. Give me a call, shoot a text or even an email and let's help you save money! Offer expires January 31, 2015


Today is cyber Monday. How many of you want to make some changes in your telecommunications? Look no further. I can help. Let me know what you are looking for, and i can direct you. Looking for better cell phone deal? That is me. Looking for different Television or internet? For a limited time I can bundle home phone, internet, and Dish Network and you will get a $300 gift card. Plenty of bonus' for business owners. Merchant services? Even your electricity bill can be lowered in select areas.


Black Friday is over. But I have black friday prices all the time. $47/mo gets you unlimited talk, text, and data. No contract, no credit check, and pay as you go. $36/mo gets you some data. Ask me how you can drop your monthly bill to up to free.

Here is a link to some rewards we have going.  Limited time bundle Dish, internet, and home phone and get a $300 rewards...
ACN Customer Rewards Program

Here is a link to some rewards we have going. Limited time bundle Dish, internet, and home phone and get a $300 rewards card. https://www.myacn.com/rewards/index.html

You are now leaving myacn.com to visit the IBO Back Office. If you wish to remain on myacn.com or want to return to it, please use your browser's back button.


How many of you have or want TV, home phone, and internet in the house and want it bundled? I can do it along with a $300 gift card for making the switch to my company. Offer ends soon.


ATTN: Who would like to drop their payments to only $47/mo, have no contract, and get truly unlimited 4g data? Message me to set up a time to go over details. If you are in a contract, I will buy it out if you qualify.


Energy deregulation will be the largest transfer of wealth in history. - Warren Buffet. Some states this is already happened. I have stepped in full force and will be ready when this happens in WI. Anyone else want details on how to get in on this, holler at me. The richest man in the world is Carlos Slim. He is in the telecommunications industry, just like me. Again, anyone want to know how to get in on the action, holler at me. Merchant services, holler at me.


Some of you create 90 day challenges to push your protein products on your clients. Some have parties to showcase their jewelery, makeup, candles, or whatever other things you need to move. My home business deals in telecommunications (cell phone service, television, internet), energy (yes, your gas and electricity bill), and merchant services (debit/credit card machines). I work with major companies. (per my company rules and can't just out them, you can ask me via inbox). All of you are already paying bills with companies I deal with. Let me let you in on a little secret. I offer up the same pricing, or better. Yes I said better. Some of these companies allow me to offer up their service (that is right, I deal in only service, I don't have boxes of product I have to push every month) for better than they will offer themselves. All you have to do is inbox me and I can direct you where to get further information and you can see for yourself what I have going on. Then you can do one of two things, join the party, and/or just save some money on things you are already paying.


Let’s calculate cost of my no contract service over a 2 year span. 47/mo * 24 mo = $1128. Let’s add $250 for phone and $30 for one time connection fee which totals $1408. Or even 67/mo * 24 mo = $1608 + 250 + 30= $1888
For a 2 year contract and a phone that is $.95. $80/mo * 24mo = $1920.95. Plus overages may happen on this plan. My plan is unlimited talk, text, and data. Not scaled back like some other prepay services. $60 * 24 mo = $1440. So if you are paying more than $60/ mo. My program will outdo any program out there over the course of said deal. My program also offers up free service, yes that means $0/mo for cell service. For more information, email me at [email protected]. Or message me on face book.
This is the company I recommend if you are in need of a phone that works on my program. I have no association with this company. http://www.power-cellular.com/ Message me for further details.


I have done the research. There isn't a moble service out there that can beat my price. Best value on the planet. No joke. Plus, loyalty and incentive program like no other. No other company can offer you free phone service. Mine can, for home landlines, or cell. Lowest prices around for unlimited talk, text, and data. On America's Largest, Most Reliable Network and a Nationwide 4G LTE network. No contract, no credit check, pay as you go.


It is official ladies and gentlemen.. My company has now launched the strive for 5. What that means is, simply refer 5 customers of the same service, and your service can be free. What can be better than that. We are talking home phone service, or cell phone service. Neither of which have contracts.


I also get $5/mo off pricing from Direct TV just for me being your rep. Not to mention other Direct TV discounts I might be able to conjure up. Who needs Direct TV?


Big things happening in 10 days.


Do you have any old sprint out Verizon phones just laying around. If they are working, i can take them off your hands and find them new homes. Let me know.


217 Garfield St
Green Bay, WI


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