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The Greater Harrisburg Area NAACP Civil Rights Organization The NAACP is the nation's oldest civil rights organization whose purpose is to advocate for the political, educational, social and economic well being of all groups and to eliminate racial prejudice.

Our  deepest  sympathy,  and sincerest condolences go out to his wife, and the entire family during this unfortunate tim...
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Our deepest sympathy, and sincerest condolences go out to his wife, and the entire family during this unfortunate time of loss. May our friend Reginald Guy R.I.P. 💕🙏🙏

Reginald Guy, civic leader and tireless activist in Harrisburg area, has died -

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Hello Members, Sponsors, Community and Friends,

The Greater Harrisburg Area NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner Committee wanted to thank everyone that participated in the the Greater Harrisburg Area NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Dinner held Saturday, October 10, 2020 at Kappa Omega Fraternity at 2020 State Street, Harrisburg PA.

If you purchased a ticket for virtual viewing and want a program booklet please contact us by providing your name, address and phone number.

We thank the executive committee, sponsors, members, Act-So students, and community for make our annual Freedom Fund Dinner fundraiser a great success with your support.

Call 717-710-3109 with details or email [email protected].

Theme: We've Come This Far By Faith and our Keynote Speaker was Rev. Dr. Franklin E. Hairston'Allen, Greater Harrisburg President

#NAACP2020 Freedom Fund Dinner Committee



Dear NAACP Unit #2263 Members,

Please note the following General Membership meetings of the NAACP Greater Harrisburg Area Branch Unit #2263, for the purpose of elections of Officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee.

1. On Thursday, September 24, 2020 on a conference call at 7:00 PM there will be an election of the Nominating Committee (between 5-15 members). All members whose memberships are current as of 30 days prior to the meeting date may be elected to the Nomination Committee (not more that two (2) being officers of the unit).

2. On Thursday, October 22, 2020 on a conference call there will be a report of the Nominating Committee, report of Nominations by Petitions, and election of the Election Supervisory Committee. All members whose memberships are current as of May 1st of the election year, who's memberships have remained continuous throughout the election process, and who live and/or work within the unit's jurisdiction, may be nominated for Office or as an at-large member of the Executive Committee. In order to sign a nominating petition, or be elected to the Election Supervisory Committee, a member must be current as of 30 days prior to the October meeting.

3. On Tuesday, November 10, 2020 the election of Officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee will take place at Kappa Omega Fraternity House at 2020 State Street, Harrisburg, PA. Polls will open at 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. In order to vote in a Branch election, one must be a member in good standing of the Branch 30 days prior to the election. A form of identification is required/membership card.
Should a run-off election be necessary that election shall occur on November 20, 2020 at 6:00 PM. Polls will be open for 1 hour. Kappa Omega Fraternity 2020 State Street, Harrisburg, PA. Run-off elections shall be conducted not less that ten (10) days after the original election.

Election results will be announced on Thursday, November 12, 2020 during the General Membership meeting via conference call at 7:15 PM -8:15 PM.

We look forward to your participation in these activities. Shirley M. Yates, Secretary Greater Harrisburg Area Branch #2263


The murder of George Floyd by the police is an unspeakable tragedy.

Black families and communities across this country are united in outrage at this moment. The protests we see are urgent responses to the racism that has afflicted and torn apart our communities for centuries. Over the last few days, these issues have now manifested in anger, sadness, fear, and confusion experienced by people after watching or hearing about the horrific footage of George Floyd’s killing at the hands of law enforcement. We are all asking, when is enough, enough?

As a father, I share the fear of Black parents when our children leave the house. As a husband, I consider my wife and the life she would be left to navigate if I was prematurely taken from her and my children as yet another unexplainable death. As the leader of the NAACP, I understand just how hard it is to face the injustices that threaten our personal safety. And as a Black man, I consider how much longer I can be asked to bear the brunt of these social injustices without meeting force with force.

But, as a community, we must consider what’s at stake in this moment. We must consider the lives we are attempting to forge for our families and communities, and the walls we are working to knock down that will grant future generations access to a greater and more powerful reality.

From the onset, the NAACP in Minneapolis has been at the forefront in spreading awareness and fighting for justice in the death of George Floyd. In speaking with Leslie Redmond, President of NAACP Minneapolis, about the situation on the ground, the rawness in her report and the trauma she has had to face spoke to an issue much larger than Minneapolis, and much deeper than police brutality. The events in Minneapolis have confirmed the weaponization of whiteness and the criminalization of Blackness that has plagued our nation for generations.

Caption: NAACP Minneapolis President, Leslie Redmond, doused with milk after being tear-gassed by police.

Caption: NAACP Minneapolis President, Leslie Redmond, doused with milk after being tear-gassed by police.

I’m asking our communities in this hour to be angry, to be sad, but above all, to be measured as we battle this outrageous injustice. The NAACP will not rest until we see these officers charged and convicted for the murder of George Floyd. But we must also keep our focus on redressing the institutional racism against our communities everywhere that led to this tragedy. And we cannot afford to do so while losing more Black lives.

We are done dying.

What we must do now is protest peacefully, demand persistently, and fight politically. Alicia, if you believe that enough is enough, join us in our fight and let’s work together to make sure justice will be ours.

Volunteer with the NAACP

Fighting forward,

Derrick Johnson
President and CEO


Attention: Upcoming NAACP Meetings, Elections, and Candidates night - Is coming up. The combined membership meeting of the greater Harrisburg Are NAACP Will be held on Thursday October 24th 2019 at the AFSCME Conference Center, 150 South 43rd St, Hbg Pa. The combined meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. , immediately followed by the NAACP candidates forum which will begin at 7PM.


P. O. Box 2757
Harrisburg, PA


(717) 710-3109


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This could be voted on as early as today. CALL NOW, especially if your rep is a republican then share throughout your networks. Thanks For your State Representative and State Senator - Hello my name is _____________, and I’m a constituent from __________. Please vote NO on HB 2626. This bill eliminates drop boxes and satellite offices. It also allows for out of county poll watchers clearing the way for outsiders to intimidate and harass voters at the polls. This bill will make voting unsafe, inaccessible, and insecure especially for black and brown Pennsylvanians who are more likely to be unfairly profiled and create a de facto voter ID when their eligibility to vote is unfairly challenged.
K. B. M. A. {Keeping Black Men Alive} A NEW MOVEMENT By Dr Dennis Walter Smith Sr. ***A MUST SEE VIDEO*** PLEASE SHARE TO ALL WE ARE ALL FED UP AS BLACK PEOPLE ~ TIRED OF POLICE BRUTALITY AND BLACK MEN DYEING, BUT WE MUST NOT ENTICE/ENCOURAGE. AS BLACK MEN WHAT CAN WE DO TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME HOPEFULLY WE CAN STOP GIVING THE POLICE REASON/JUSTIFICATION TO SHOOT OR TASE US >>>> WE MUST LEARN AS BLACK MEN NOT TO MAKE SUDDEN MOVEMENTS, RUN AWAY, PHYSICALLY RESIST, DISRESPECTING POLICE, ETC... BUT THERE ARE TIMES WHERE WE GIVE NO REASON OR INTICE AND THIS IS TRAGIC. ****SOME POLICE ARE WAITING FOR REASONS AND JUSTIFICATIONS TO HARM OR KILL BLACK MEN ****BUT WHEN THERE IS OPPORTUNITY TO SELF DE-ESCALATE AS BLACK MEN ~ LET'S TRY IT!! THE ULTIMATE GOAL IS FOR US AS BLACK MEN IS STAYING ALIVE! A NEW Movement and Radio Station ~ Created by Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr. (inspiration writer and motivator) ~ purposed with positive intervention on a personal and cultural level that outlines preventive measures to tragic outcomes of confrontation involving BLACK MEN at the helm of police authorities. K. B. M. A. focuses on personal and intrinsic values that will balance confrontational episodes with authorities and black males with new approaches and dialogue to decrease the percentages of deaths! K. B. M. A. [Keeping Black Men Alive]
MY THREE FAMILIES 12 STEP LIFE, LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS PLATFORM. Are you satisfied with the elected politicians at the local, state and federal level? We must make a choice in November to rehire or fire them. The politicians will have to accept all or most of our 12 platform demands to earn our vote. 1. In 1776 America was founded. One hundred and eighty-seven (187) years later in 1963, Congress passed the Equal Pay Act for women. Fifty-five (55) years later in 2018 we still need one more state to ratify it to become law. This is the 2017 pay chart. When a white man is paid $1.00. The white lady is paid 79 cents, black lady 60 cents and Hispanic lady 55 cents. We must give ladies equal pay for equal work. 2. TRUMP’S tax cut is for the “rich only” and puts us over 10 trillion dollars in debt (a billion is equal to 1,000 million—a trillion is equal to 1,000 billion). It will save the TRUMP family over 1 billion dollars. How much did the tax cut save you? We need to repeal this law. 3. My N.C. 7th district congressman, David Rozier, voted 71 times to stop Obamacare which insured people with pre-existing conditions. Health care is a right. We need affordable health care plan for all. Bring back Obamacare and make the necessary improvements. 4. Too many of our tax dollars are being spent on charter schools that are for the select few. We must put that money back into our public schools and make every school a “great” school. We need more money for school buildings, supplies, teachers and bring back the thousands of enthusiastic teacher’s assistants who were fired to cut the school budgets. 5. The Immigration and Nationality Act was passed in 1952. Sixty-six (66) years later, 2018, we need comprehensive immigration reform. 6. Around 15% of students drop out of high school and less than 60% of high school graduates go on to college. The student that takes all required classes only and graduate with a C+ average is prepared to do little or nothing in the workforce. We need to reform education by bringing back “old -school hands- on” vocational education and life skills. Start civics 1 and 2 for all middle and high school students so they will have a basic knowledge of how local, state and federal governments operate. 7. No more career quid-pro-quo politicians playing musical chairs. We need term limits. 8. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are not qualified to work in our White House. We must prohibit politicians from hiring relatives, friends and other unqualified/dangerous people. Mandate their staff be diversified and require them to hold three Q&A town hall meetings each year. 9. Make race and s*x discrimination, gun control, opioid abuse, fracking, offshore drilling, clean air, water and mental health top priorities. 10. Bring 75% of our “battle-weary/over deployed” troops back home from the many wars we are currently engaged. Some 4,486 brave troops died in Iraq and some returned home to live the rest of their lives with serious physical and mental injuries. Vice-president, Dick Cheney’s company, Halliburton, made $39.5 billion during the Iraq war. We need to use some of those billion dollars to give our senior citizens at least a 25% increase in their “too small” social security checks, and free first-class health care and job training for all our veterans. In 1961 President Eisenhower warned us about the “Military Industrial Complex”. We did not listen, so now we can truthfully say in 2018 “the sun never sets on the U. S. Military”. 11. TRUMP’S wall will cost over 75 billion dollars to build and over 150 million dollars a year to maintain. The new leaders we elect on November 6th can create a Civilian Conservation Corps, job program, that would put our young and other unemployed people to work on repairing and building new roads, bridges, schools and other ancillary jobs. 12. Over two thousand years ago an honest tax collector named Zacchaeus said, (paraphrased) “If I have cheated any man, I will repay him fourfold”. Lock up the convicted politicians for a minimum of 4 years and make them pay back four times the amount of tax dollars they embezzled/ pocketed. I will vote for the most honest politician who will fight for the most items on my family’s list. Please make your platform list discuss and share it with your family and friends. My family will go “all-in” by registering, voting in every election and telling the politicians what our demands are. Will your family go “all-in”?? James J. Hankins is an Army veteran, retired vocational teacher, construction manager for YouthBuild Wilmington, past President of the New Hanover County Branch NAACP and author of the book “What We Blacks Need To Do”.
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