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Dauphin County Sheriff's Office The Dauphin County Sheriff's Department is an arm of the Court. The Sheriff, elected to a four-year term, oversees the transporting of prisoners from the Dauphin County Prison to the Courthouse, securing the interior of the courtroom, and serving court pa

This webpage is intended to provide a platform to facilitate the sharing and exchange of information. Sheriff Nicholas Chimienti Jr. took the oath as the new Sheriff of Dauphin County on January 4, 2016. During his tenure as Sheriff and as a State Trooper before that, Sheriff Nick cultivated trusted relationships with each of the federal, state and local law enforcement agencies working throughout Dauphin County and beyond. He is extremely proud of the men and women appointed as Deputy Sheriffs, all of whom are dedicated to serving the citizens of Dauphin County with honor and distinction. The Sheriff is elected to a four-year term and is charged with wide-ranging duties including the statewide transportation of more than 10,000 adult and juvenile prisoners each year who are scheduled to appear in Dauphin County courtrooms for criminal trials, criminal hearings, and civil court proceedings. Your Deputy Sheriffs are tasked with duties such as safeguarding and maintaining order in all Dauphin County Courtrooms; serving both criminal bench warrants and civil court documents (such as Protection From Abuse Court Orders, Custody Orders, Eviction Orders, etc.); and the execution of Sheriff Sales of Real Estate. Additionally, Sheriff Nick issues “Concealed Carry Permits” to qualified citizens wishing to carry a concealed weapon and he serves on the Dauphin County Prison Board, which sets forth County Prison Policy. Sheriff Nick has long been a proponent of staying current with the latest law enforcement trends and cutting edge technology. In less than 2 years as the Sheriff, he has already upgraded an aging vehicle fleet, deployed a new software system designed to improve criminal warrant service efficiency and productivity, and replaced the Department’s 10-year-old duty weapons with brand new pistols. Before joining the Dauphin County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr. and Chief Deputy Sheriff Jack Duignan both served with distinction as Troopers with the Pennsylvania State Police and have more than 60 years of combined law enforcement experience. They have brought their shared record of dedicated service and achievement to the Dauphin County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Nick’s overarching goal is to ensure that Accountability, Professionalism, Integrity, and Respect remain the hallmarks of the Dauphin County Sheriff’s Office.

Operating as usual

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

The Dauphin County Sheriff’s Office once again is issuing a warning about a phone scam targeting Dauphin County residents. Scammers now are targeting medical professionals as a woman lost $4,000 on Friday who was worried she would loose her medical license for failing to appear for jury duty.

Sheriff Nicholas Chimienti Jr. has received numerous complaints in the last few days regarding scammers claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office. The scammers indicate to the victim they are in contempt of court for failure to show up for jury duty or for other assorted reasons at the Dauphin County Courthouse.

Scammers indicate that a judge has issued an arrest warrant and the victim will be taken directly to prison. Scammers are using the real names of Deputy Sheriff's and Judges employed at the Dauphin County Court House.

Scammers initially tell victims they must report to the courthouse with $2,000 cash or be detained. The scammer then requests the victim to purchase prepaid Visa cards or Money-Pak cards in $500 increments at local pharmacies, businesses or grocery stores. The scammer tells the victims they must stay on the telephone the entire time while the victim drives to a local store/pharmacy to purchase money cards. The scammers are very convincing and intimidating as this is all part of the scam as they will talk victims into revealing the redemption code on the back of the cards and retrieve the money instantly.

The DCSO is warning local clerks/retailers of grocery stores or pharmacies, to be on the lookout for anyone trying to purchase these cards in $500 increments while observing victims on the phone making these purchases as they should be aware and notify the victim ASAP. We must all look out for each other!!!

These calls are bogus and do not originate from the Dauphin County Sheriff’s Office !! If you or someone you know receives a threatening call from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff’s office, do not share any sensitive information with them and report the call.

The Sheriff’s Office does not require anyone to provide sensitive information in any telephone call, nor to purchase any kind of monetary device to avoid arrest. These scammers use a spoofing websites to show the phone call originates from the Sheriff’s Office on the victims phone as it will indicate on caller ID the actual phone number, leading a victim to believe it is legitimate call from the Dauphin County Sheriff’s Office. This is a very deceptive scam and very hard to trace.

Anyone who has been a victim of this scam should try to document as much information as possible, such as a name, call-back number or email address, without giving any of their personal information away. If you are a victim of this scam please save your receipts for the purchase of the cards. The worst part of this type of scam is people will not report this crime as it is quite embarrassing to the victims to actually report it.

People receiving a suspicious call or phone message and victims should immediately file a complaint regarding these scams by calling their local police or the attorney general’s Bureau of Consumer Protection’s toll-free helpline number at 800-441-2555.
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Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Congrats and Happy Birthday to Deputy Sheriff Michael Klinger. Deputy Klinger and his partner K-9 "Viper" graduated from Castle's K-9 “Patrol/Apprehension' training after five long weeks. Kudos to K-9 trainers Howie Weary and Bob Swank. Viper did a great job at training, as we hope Viper never has to apprehend anyone. If he does, that person wont ever forget the name "Viper." He has a gentle side also as Viper's special friend Sherri will tell you.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Tonight was to be our 2nd Annual “Thin Blue Line Game.” The Central Dauphin Rams vs State College Lions at Landis Field.

Unfortunately, the 2020 TBL-Game was cancelled months ago due to COVID-19. I will never forget observing firsthand the feeling and bond the football players made with the families of our fallen Law Enforcement Heroes.

I hope to coordinate the 2021 TBL Game and partner with the Central Dauphin Rams Club once again to honor LE Officers killed in the line of duty and made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Thanks again to everyone who helped sponsor and assist me with the planning of the 2019 TBL-Game. It will be back in 2021 bigger than ever! Kudos to Neil Renaldi Photography and Legacy Imagez.
for the awesome photos.

The 2019 Honorees were:
US Marshal Christopher Hill- US Marshal Service
Trooper Landon Weaver- Pennsylvania State Police
Cpl. Bryon Dickson-Pennsylvania State Police
Deputy Sheriff Kyle Pagerly- Berks County Sheriff's Office
Sgt Arthur Hershey- Pennsylvania State Police
Lt. Dennis DeVoe- Harrisburg Bureau of Fire
Cpl, Joe Pokorny- Pennsylvania State Police
Lt, Robert McAllister- Susquehanna Twp Police
Game Warden David Grove- Pennsylvania Game Commission


Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

LTC- License to Carry, Firearm Permits that expired on or after March 19, 2020 are now granted an additional extension. The extension now goes through December 31, 2020. The previous extension was set to expire on September 30.

The LTC office within the Dauphin County Courthouse is open Mon-Fri, 8AM-4PM, however no applications will be accepted at this time after 3pm due to the increased demand for licenses and statewide backlogs of the PICS check. NO exceptions. Mail in applications are no longer accepted and will be returned. Our Northern Dauphin County and Lower Paxton Twp satellite offices are still closed due to manpower issues.

NOTE: As per court order a mask is required to enter the courthouse. Please ensure you utilize the social distance markers outside of the permit room and within the courthouse.

Here is the printable or block fill version.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

“My Old Man” I never used that term only Dad, Pop, or Father. Although I remember many on the job that used that term. RIP to Retired PSP Major John F. Duignan Sr., father of Retired PSP Major Jack Duignan, Chief Deputy of the Dauphin County Sheriff’s Office.

Major John F. Duignan fully committed 36 years of his life with the Pennsylvania State Police while keeping our community safe. A lifetime of service as he passed this legacy on to his son Jack.

In the words of Jack Duignan, “We lost this tough, lengendary Irishman. He was my role model, my hero, my father. The major goal in my life was to make him proud. And he told me many times over the years that I did. So I say goodbye to him with no regrets, nothing left unsaid, and deeply proud to be his son. I love you Pop.”

If your Dad, Father, Pop, “Old Man” or any older family member is still with us today, at the very least pickup the phone and make that call before you no longer can. I will still never use the term “My Old Man” but this song sure does put everything into perspective. Turn it up and let these words sink in.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

"Concealed Carry Pemit Update"
Our office within the Dauphin County Courthouse is now open. We are fully operational to process CCP applications after a two day computer glitch with the state system.

We are open frin 8AM-4PM, however no applications will be accepted at this time after 3pm due to the increased demand for licenses and statewide backlogs of the PICS check. NO exceptions.

NOTE: As per court order a mask is required to enter the courthouse. Please ensure you utilize the social distance markers outside of the permit room and within the courthouse.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

"Concealed Carry Permit Update" PICS system DOWN statewide.

The Concealed Carry Permit room within the Dauphin County Sheriff's Office is currently closed due to PSP's statewide criminal background check system being down. A huge spike in applications/permits issued seemed to have caused this outage. We have no idea when the computer system will be back up but will notify everyone upon the system working correctly. Please note this is a statewide issue. The permit office is still open to obtain applications and instructions, however no applications are being processed.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

"Third Extension of License to Carry Permits"

The Pennsylvania State Police announced Wednesday that Governor Tom Wolf has granted an additional extension to license to carry firearms permits.
Permits expiring on March 19, 2020 or later are now valid through September 30, 2020. The previous extension was set to expire on July 31.
The extension of license to carry permit expiration dates is necessary due to the closure of some county courthouses and sheriff’s offices, as well as other ongoing COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

Note: The Dauphin County Sheriff's Office courthouse location has continued to serve since "Day One" of the COVID pandemic. Due to the increased amount of applications, our permit office is open Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM, however NO ONE will be allowed to submit their application after 3pm due to the statewide backlogs of the PICS Check. No Exceptions.

Please read instructions attached below. To print out an application via computer, click on the link and please share.

Please be patient as we are trying to issue the permits in a timely manner. Changes are being made hourly as this post was edited moments ago. Understand that 66 other Sheriff's Office's within Pa are processing applications as they are all being submitted at the same time for the PICS background check causing backlogs we have no control over.


Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

The "License to Carry Permit Office" is now open at the Dauphin County Sheriff's Office within the Courthouse. Mail in applications no longer accepted.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

BREAKING NEWS: Concealed Carry Permit Extension Info. Update 05/21/20

Permits (CCP's) that expired on March 19, 2020 or later now are extended to July 31, 2020.

Don't forget Sheriff Nick continues to accept mailed in applications to ensure CCP's are issued after mandated background checks and investigation is completed. We have been working hard to continue with our solution during this COVID-19 Crisis. See previous posts dated 04/29/20 and 05/01/20 for instructions on how to apply via mail The Dauphin County Sheriff's Office are working towards opening up our Lower Paxton Twp and Elizabethville satellite locations for full service issuance in the near future.

Questions? You may contact our Permit Office at 717-780-6592. Please understand that NO questions regarding permits will be answered via social media due to anonymity of permit holders.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

We are sad to learn the heartbreaking news of the passing of Dauphin County Probation Officer, Allen Proper after a tragic off duty motorcycle accident.

Deputies who worked periodically with Allen indicated he was very professional in his duties, was the type of guy who would do anything for you, genuinely a nice guy, and most important had a good sense of humor.

The Dauphin County Sheriff's Office extends our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Allen Proper, Director Chad Libby and all Allen's colleagues at Dauphin County Probation.

RIP Probation Officer, Allen Proper. You will be missed by all.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Important Update 05/01/2020
“Information regarding picking up your “License to Carry Firearm Permit.

Amidst the “Covid-19 Pandemic” we are only accepting mail in applications/renewals until further notice. Therefore, the Dauphin County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) are scheduling appointments to finalize the issuance of the mailed in “License to Carry Firearm Permit” (LTCP) applications/renewals. The DCSO Permit Office will be contacting individuals that recently mailed in applications for final issuance to allow us to comply with our state regulations of electronically signing the application along with obtaining your photograph as required by law to attach to your LTCP.

Although the Dauphin County Courthouse is closed the DCSO will allow applicants to enter by appointment only under the following conditions:

• Appointments will be made after the initial application is submitted. DCSO will contact you by phone, U.S. Post Office or email notification. Applicants CAN NOT call to schedule an appointment or walk in.
• Applicants must enter the Dauphin County Courthouse at the main entrance at 101 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pa., and enter the security checkpoint. Applicants must have 2 forms of ID and arrive promptly at the time specified upon receiving notification of the appointment. Applicants ONLY will be granted access.

• Upon arrival, applicants will indicate they have an appointment at the DCSO and NOT required to provide a reason why to security personnel and will be granted entry after confirming the daily appointment list.
• Applicants must arrive promptly at the specified appointment time or risk entry if you are late for the scheduled appointment and forced to reschedule.
• Applicants will be required to wear a mask and have their temperature taken prior to entry. Applicants who register a temperature 100.4 or over will be denied access and no re-entry for 14 days.
• Prior to entry applicants should leave all other personal items in their vehicles except their identification to assist security entry.
• Prior to issuing the LTCP, applicants must electronically sign their application and have their photograph taken as required by law.
• Applicants who previously mailed in an application and did not receive a call or email for an appointment can NOT show just up, nor granted access within the courthouse.

The DCSO wishes to thank everyone during these difficult times as we are in uncharted waters while we navigate the challenges and logistics the COVID-19 Pandemic has created to issue concealed carry permits. We will continue to work very hard to not restrict our citizens here in Dauphin County to lawfully obtain a LTCP and ensure their 2nd amendment rights are never compromised. Instructions listed below on how to apply or renew. Thank you for your patience during these difficult times.

Nicholas Chimienti Jr.
Dauphin County Sheriff

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Happy to assist yesterday with my Brothers/Sisters of the Pa State Police, The District Attorney's Office, The Dauphin County Drug Task Force and our Local PD's as we continue to fight crime during this COVID-19 crisis. Dauphin County is a much safer place today due to those who freely step forward each and every day to protect the "Thin Blue Line."

Selling Heroin, Fentanyl, Cocaine and Marijuana will result in instant "Social Distancing" and a new place to live!

Click on the link below for the details.


Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Forget about all the other COVID-19 drama issues presented so far. A huge thanks to my buddy Ronnie Beeck owner of DJ'S Smoke Shack in the West Shore Farmers Market. DJSS provided lunch to all of our Deputies as Ronnie continues to donate a portion of his proceeds along with customer donations as he promotes paying if forward to First Responders and Medical Personnel. Thank you so much DJ Smoke Shack!!! We live in a great country and proud to have friends and business's like you who support Law Enforcement and our community.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Much thanks to In Synch Systems and Mission BBQ who provided our Deputies lunch today. We are humbled by their never ending acts of kindness towards Law Enforcement and First Responders here in Dauphin County. Please support these businesses.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr.

Congrats to Judge John F. CHERRY who was just on ABC World Wide News, "Corona Virus Pandemic Special." Judge Cherry was featured during an adoption that was done via video conferencing due to COVID-19.

Of course they mentioned "Judge Cherry's Treasure Chest" filled w toys as over the years he personally gives children during court procedures no matter civil or criminal. The Dauphin County Sheriff's Salute Dauphin County "President Judge" Honorable John F. Cherry.


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