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Tenant Rights Helpline - Houston CONSUMER/TENANT SELF-HELP PRO SE ASSISTANCE In defense of Consumer Rights is our passion. From the initial consumer-merchant contact to the end of that contractual relationship our knowledge and experience is substantial.

For the past 12 years the majority of our time have been spent in the area of Tenant Rights; however, our work for consumers go back more than 30 years fighting; creditors, landlords, taxing authorities, utility companies, foreclosures, and credit bureaus. Adequate housing is a human rights issue enforceable under international law so we will not hesitate raising fair housing issues in federal court. Visit our Website: www.CreditBureauAid.com

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https://www.trec.texas.gov/sites/default/files/pdf-forms/TREC%20Complaint%20Overview%20Manual.pdf Real Estate Complaints


The Blind Men and the Elephant
An old Indian parable tells of a group of blind men who had heard of elephants but never before encountered one. One morning, upon hearing that an elephant was being driven down their road, the men begged the driver to stop and let them feel the elephant so they could learn what kind of a beast it was.

Each man felt a different part of the elephant’s body. One man felt the trunk and said the elephant was long and round like a snake. Another man felt the elephant’s side and said no, the elephant was wide and flat like a wall. Yet another felt a tusk and said they’re both wrong, for the elephant was smooth and sharp like a spear — and so on, as each man described the elephant based on his experience. Each was convinced his description was accurate and the others were mistaken, until the elephant moved on and the blind men were left bickering with each other.

The moral, of course, is that sometimes we claim to know the truth about a larger matter based only on our limited experiences. We ignore other people’s experiences, which may be different than ours, but equally true. The whole truth isn’t always available to us based solely on our own experiences and expertise.

This is especially true of financial advice. When you search the internet, you’ll see all different kinds of advice given to seniors facing financial problems. But this advice comes from people who have a limited view. Like the blind man feeling only the elephant’s tail and arguing that the animal is like a rope, some advisors have experience in only one, narrow aspect of finances. Their advice is therefore limited, and often tainted by their own economic interest.

HELPS is a national nonprofit law firm that believes seniors deserve to know the whole truth. Half of seniors are classified as economically vulnerable, and they are entitled to know that Social Security, VA benefits, disability benefits, and most pensions are protected by law. Because that income can’t be garnished or seized, seniors don’t need to pay debt they can’t afford to pay. Moreover, seniors can be protected from debt collectors. Call HELPS at 855-435-7787 for the whole truth about the protection available to seniors and those on disability income.

Tenant Rights Helpline Houston TX, 77054 – Manta.com
Tenant Rights Helpline Houston TX, 77054 – Manta.com

Tenant Rights Helpline Houston TX, 77054 – Manta.com

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17 terms · What is the federal Fair Housing Act? → The Fair Housing Act is a fede…, Which group is not protected under federal fair housing laws? → Race, color, religion, s*x, ha…, What is the Fair Housing Act of 1988? → The Fair Housing Amendments Ac…

Effects of a DUI in a Custody Case
Effects of a DUI in a Custody Case

Effects of a DUI in a Custody Case

The discovery of a past DUI crime in either parent's life is bound to bring difficulties in an ongoing custody case. The court may find it peculiar that you had a DUI sentencing even as early as ten years, and decide to act on it.



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Blog: Fair Housing is an Intersectional Fight for Freedom | Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law


Every April we celebrate National Fair Housing Month and the passage of the Fair Housing Act, a robust civil rights act enacted in 1968 that prohibits discrimination in the access of housing. On the surface, fair housing could simply mean accessibility to quality housing and community resources rega...





Have You Been EVICTED?! Do you need help?

Human Rights, Private Attorney General, Credit Repair, Tax Abatement, Insurance Arbitration, Legal Typing Services, Debt...

Human Rights, Private Attorney General, Credit Repair, Tax Abatement, Insurance Arbitration, Legal Typing Services, Debt Relief, All Things Notary.

The fact that you are delinquent on your payments do not mean the creditors have the right to evict, repossess or foreclose on your property before proving they are in strict compliance with all legal mandates. Do not throw in the towel or lose your property before discussing your situation with our technicians. We have proven time and again that the alleged impossible happens. We have helped consumers keep their property and good credit when others have said impossible. Again, the impossible never happens. We accomplish the difficult immediately; alleged impossible takes a little longer. Call us today and let us help you resolve your problem. To get the world's best "How To Win In Court" Self-help course, Visit our amazing website: http://https://www.creditbureauaid.com/ Right To Counsel Toolkit:



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In defense of Consumer Rights is our passion. From the initial consumer-merchant contact to the end of that contractual relationship our knowledge and experience is substantial. For the past 12 years the most of our time has been focused in the area of Tenant Rights, and Traffic Citation Defense using human rights tools. However, our work for consumers go back more than 30 years fighting; creditors, landlords, taxing authorities, utility companies, foreclosures, and credit bureaus. Adequate housing is a human rights issue enforceable under international law in federal court. We will not hesitate defending the human rights standing on right protected by international treaties. Visit our Website: www.CreditBureauAid.com

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Hi, my name is Julian Kern. I am the President of a tenant rights organization in Allentown, Pennsylvania called the Allentown Tenant Association. I created a Facebook group dedicated for tenant and renter rights advocates to collaborate and work together. Group is open to all tenant/renter rights groups, councils, associations, organizations, etc. The goal of the group is for fellow tenant/renter rights advocates to come together to collaborate and work together on tenant/renter rights and issues. The group is also for fellow tenant/renter rights advocates to ask each other questions or seek advice and build an alliance to fight for tenant/renter rights. I am sending this message as an invitation to the Facebook group and hope fellow tenant/renter rights advocates will join and collaborate with each other. I look forward to working with you and others advocates in the group. If you have any questions, please let me know. https://www.facebook.com/groups/947771265597443/
Hello, You need to expose Cuney Homes manager, Ms. Kimberly Thomas. She is putting me out and I am a mentally disabled man with no place to go, no transportation, and extremely poor. I did try to resolve issues with her & her staff, but they had unprofessionally refused to resolve them with me. Since 2017, we have been having shootings, higher crime rate ( one of her maintenance guys named Carlos Cruz was attacked and robbed around late November or early December 2018), and many residents are dealing with mold, mildew, rats, unrepair apartment issues, being victims of crime, and subjected to unprofessional behavior from her and some of her staff under her management. Even I have been a victim of crimes in this apartment complex. She works for Allied Orion Group which is an unprofessionally management. On Google reviews, this company have a 2.3 rating with a lot of complaints from residents in other properties. She and her staff also illegally increased my rent when my income decreased in August 2018 and we had to resolved it in February 2019 with her supervisor, Cynthia Fowler. They reimbursed me as well and I do have a fair housing complaint against her and the apartment management. In the past, I had mildew in both my apartments (105L & 105b) & her and other managers & past assistant managers did not right away to clean it a timely matter. In the beginning, they allowed me to get sick which is a violation because I had 3 asthma attacks ( 2 hospital visits, one at Memorial City Herman & another one at Ben Taub) in 2015 ( Lafayette Hodges was the manager, Patrice Potts-Green and Phyllis Strawder were the assistant managers ). They were very slow about this problem until I told one of the workers from Houston Housing Authority. They transferred me into another unit in the same 105 building. During Summer 2016, I had mildew in my den and bathroom ceiling. I was shocked and I asked Ms. Strawder to get somebody to clean it up and she was rude to me on the phone. She refused to get assistance for me, and she told me to clean it myself. Tammy Fair was the manager at that time. My lawyers from Legal Shield/Ross & Law Firm told that it was their job to clean it legally. From Summer 2016 to March/near April 2017, I was exposed to this mildew in my apartment unit (105 b). I had to buy herbs and vitamins such as black seed oil from health stores like Whole Foods to avoid asthma attacks since I was donating plasma. I had to get the City of Houston involved which forced them to clean the mildew in Spring 2017. Ms. Thomas became manager around that time. It seems that they painted over it in my bathroom because I have a bubble of dry paint in the ceiling and I have been smelling mildew. I have been spraying it with bleach on when I see yellowish stains. Houston Housing Authority is the main reason why we have a huge homeless problem and so please investigate them as well. Please investigate Ms. Thomas and her Cuney Homes staff allowing certain residents go without unpaid rent for couple of months. There was a tenant who violated the law and policy for years that stayed in the building (103). She was selling drugs and one of her daughters were committing crimes with her teen friends and violating the policy as well. While this woman was locked up, there is some factual statements about her daughter and her friends were causing problems on the property. Her children were unattended, and CPS could have intervened. Ms. Thomas was aware about this and it took this January to finally evict Ms. D****, her boyfriend, and kids out the unit with the police. It has been rumored that L.D. was allowed to not pay her rent without warnings of evictions especially when she was in jail. Also, Ms. Fair and Ms. Thomas allowed the housekeeping inspector named Freddy to be show unprofessional behavior on the property such as cursing residents and s*xually harassed female residents during his inspections. Freddy and Ms. Strawder have been recently terminated.
I have a question about moving out early if we are being transferred out of town/state for a job. I am unable to send a message. My question is: Is there a clause in leases in Texas that allow you to terminate your lease early if you are being transferred too far away from your current address for your job? There are two people that this applies to: 1) My husband is being transferred from Dallas to Phoenix for a new contract through his employer. 1,100 miles and we cannot afford two house payments. 2) Our roommate has a lease in Houston but is being relocated to Dallas permanently. We have tried reading through our lease and have gotten so confused on the around-about-phrasing they use. Thank you in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.
Hello. My husband and I are needing some guidance in regards to what we perceive as illegal entry by management at our current apartment complex and need some direction on where we can begin. Can anyone suggest a name/person on who we can contact for assistance? We are on very limited time but need to move fast as management has deemed it their right to enter our home without prior contact/notice and I was told I (wife) needed to leave immediately as I am not listed on the lease while she stood, refusing to leave, in our apartment. There is alot of information which led up to today's issues/steps and we really need help/direction so we know which steps need to be taken next. Thank you in advance! Have a great day, All!
For Those who have a home, but are facing foreclosure. Let us share with you how to keep your house. Without bankruptcy, short sale or, giving your property away. Times can get hard, but we can make it easy.
Are there any Texas Landlord Tenant Legal Aid for greenspoint area?
Okay, I don't live in Houston but I do live in texas and I am having problems with my landlord. I live in a small one bedroom apartment. I am on HUD. My best friend and her 3 kids live at the salvation army and have to be out of there every day so they hang out at my apartment most days until it is time to go back to the salvation army. They do not live here. They are only here during the day. My landlord has told me that they are not allowed to be here at all. That they cannot visit or anything and that he will trespass them if he finds out they are here. Keep in mind that they have been no problem. There has been no damage from them being here. I keep my apartment clean, I pay my portion of the rent and I stick to myself. Ha says that he is going to evict me because I refuse to let 3 small children be outside in the heat all day. Can he do that?