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USMAP changes!
4 Things to Know: USMAP Updates

USMAP changes!

USMAP is a formal military training program that provides service members the opportunity to improve their job skills they are on active duty.


Another update to the Post 9/11 GI Bill Transfer to dependents! Beginning 1 October 2018, PG13’s are no longer required. Replaced by electronic SOU found through My Navy Portal under My Education. Read the NAVADMIN in its entirety for more information and guidance.



CMS-ID will experience some down time from 26 July - 31 July. The application phase is currently open but this will affect the ability to submit applications during that time. Please be sure to submit your applications prior to this scheduled down time.


***Take Action NOW***

Major Post 9/11 GI Bill Transfer to Dependents Changes coming as soon as 19 July!

I have received confirmation that the Post 9/11 GI Bill DoD Instruction (DoDI) 1341.13 revision may be singed as early as 19 July. There are two major changes that will impact Sailors, one of them immediately.

1. Effective immediately with the release of the DoDI, the exception that permits a service member who has 10 years of service, but is unable to obligate 4 years due to statute or standard policy (i.e. HYT), to only serve the amount of time authorized by that statute or policy, will be cancelled. All members who wish to transfer education benefits must have the ability to obligate 4 years of service in order to be approved.

This impacts all Sailors who are within 4 years of HYT and officers who are 2 x FOS (*were not selected for promotion twice)

2. Effective one year from release, transferability will only be available for Sailors with at least 6 years of service, up to 16 years of service. Those with greater than 16 years will be ineligible to do so.

Navy Detailers

First look at the NEW Deatiling Marketplace! You’re going to want to see this!

Detailing Marketplace is going to replace CMS-ID. Check out this video to see how Sailors might chose orders in the near future!

Check out Navy COOL!  Great opportunities here!
Navy Detailers

Check out Navy COOL! Great opportunities here!

More Opportunities Now Available!

The changes keep coming!  If you don’t read up on these you’ll be left behind!
Navy Times

The changes keep coming! If you don’t read up on these you’ll be left behind!

Negotiate your next orders on a mobile app and a whole lot more. Find out what else the Navy has in store.

Navy Advancement Center

Navy Advancement Center

The Navy Advancement Center (NAC) will publish the Reserve E7 Selection Board Eligible list tomorrow, Wednesday April 4, at 11:00 EDT. Reserve Chief Petty Officer candidates can view their individual profile sheet by logging on the My Navy Portal and going to the NAC link, or directly access the site using the link below. You must be on a .mil domain to view your profile sheet. If you do not have access to a .mil domain, contact your Educational Services Officer or chain of command.

Navy Advancement Center

Navy Advancement Center

The Navy Advancement Center will publish Cycle 238 E7 Active Duty and Full Time Support Selection Board Eligiblity (SBE) profile sheets tomorrow, Tuesday, at 0900 EST. Individual profile sheets can be accessed with the attached link. You must be on a .mil domain to see your profile sheet.


NAT2AC Conversion Opportunities Available for FY2018!!

"Due to the large increase in end strength requirements on Navy Active Component (AC), a program has been implemented, giving the New Accession Training (NAT) Sailors whose initial entry into the reserve force is after 01 October 2016 the option to convert to AC after affiliation with the Navy Reserve Component (RC). All NAT ratings are being considered and Career Waypoints (CWAY) quotas have been added in the system. Sailors interested should contact their CCC to submit RC2AC applications via CWAY in accordance with MILPERSMAN 1306-1505."

Navy Detailers

Navy Detailers

**Important Announcement Regarding CMS-ID**

On Feb, 3, while conducting routine maintenance CMS-ID, a database error occurred causing nearly 5,000 Sailors to receive notifications, in error, that their Letters of Intent (LOI) had been cancelled. Assignment selections remain unchanged, and affected Sailors will begin receiving notification of the error via email beginning Feb. 7. Navy Personnel Command has restored CMS-ID and Sailors can now use the system in accordance with the current CMS-ID calendar.

Bottom Line: No Sailor lost their orders or will need to go through another selection process.

We apologize for the frustration or anxiety this event may have caused. We understand Sailors and their families depend on CMS-ID and other systems to work properly because we are Sailors too.

Final Note: The detailers do not physically operate the CMS-ID website. They are users just like all other Sailors. If you experience issues with CMS-ID, please contact the CMS-ID Help Desk.

Navy Advancement Center

Great information on when to expect pay after advancing.

Sailors who took the fall exams and were recently selected for advancement in Cycle 236 or Cycle 101 will be advanced from January to June 2018. No less than 3% will be advanced in the first five pay increments (January to May), with the majority being advanced in June. Pay increments begin on the 16th of the month, with the pay bump showing in the paycheck at the beginning of the following month. Advancements are determined by Final Multiple Score standing, not exam percentile. The system looks at all ratings and uses fair share incrementation when determining what pay increment a Sailor falls in. Best thing to do is sign up for email notification at the top of your profile sheet. You will be sent an email whenever your advancement status changes.


This applies to all Sailors or their dependents applying or planning to apply to use education benefits (Post 9/11 GIBILL or MGIB-SR) and requesting a certificate of eligibility from the VA.

The VA has retired the VONAPP website at and will be redirecting members to the following sites: and
Both of these websites link to the same VA Education Benefits pages.

If an application in VONAPP was submitted prior to the change, the VA will process the request and contact members for any needed next steps.

The following forms are included in these sites:
Application for VA Education Benefits (VA Form 22-1990) Application for Family Member to Use Transferred Benefits (VA Form 22-1990E)

All questions should directed to the VA at (888) 442-4551.

Chief of Naval Personnel - N1

Good luck everyone!

Petty officer advancement quotas are out on Monday!

Names to triads Tuesday!

Public release Wednesday!

Best of luck!

Those of us that would be affected by this change need to make a decision soon.  Anyone with 16 or more years needs to r...
DoD eyes a change to GI Bill transferability

Those of us that would be affected by this change need to make a decision soon. Anyone with 16 or more years needs to read this article.

The Pentagon is weighing a policy change that would limit certain service members from transferring their education benefits to dependents, a Defense Department official said in a written statement this week.

Navy Detailers
Navy Detailers

Navy Detailers

Check out NAVADMIN 273/17, you can now submit your retirement or separation request online in NSIPS!

Navy Advancement Center

Navy Advancement Center

The Navy Advancement Center anticipates results to be released on time next week for all E4-E6 candidates participating in advancement cycles 101 and 236. Results will first be released to command Triads via Bupers On-Line, then individual profile sheets will be published to NEAS Web the following day. Sailors can use the link below to access the profile sheets once available. General public release to All Hands will be published at the same time, and this page will proivde that link for easy access. Good luck to all candidates!

Navy Advancement Center

Navy Advancement Center

E4-E6 Active Duty exam bibliographies for Cycle 239 (March 2018) are now available for download on My Navy Portal and Navy COOL. Exam bibliographies list the reference material rating subject matter experts used to verify questions on a specific exam. There are no better study resources than the exam bibliographies.

Navy POD

* Changes to CMS-ID Mean More Opportunities at Negotiation *

Job announcement windows and the period of time Active Duty and FTS Sailors have to negotiate orders are changing within the Career Management System Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID) beginning Sept. 18. Sailors' negotiation timeframes in CMS-ID are being extended by three months allowing earlier applicaitons for advertised billets. Sailors can view CMS-ID through a secure website at Plan of the Day page

Navy Operational Support Center Houston

Navy Operational Support Center Houston

Inclement weather update:


Details will be emailed to unit leadership, however for planning purposes FY17 drill schedule will have a forthcoming modification to a four day drill schedule Friday September 15 through Monday September 18.

**Breaking News**  Advancement exam changes coming!  Some rates will not need to test for 3rd class!
Navy Announces New Authority for COs

**Breaking News** Advancement exam changes coming! Some rates will not need to test for 3rd class!

The Navy announced Wednesday in NAVADMIN 200/17 that it will grant COs the authority to reinstate Sailors to E4 who were previously reduced in rank to E3.


This past weekend we had issues with PRT failures and their reflection in CMS-ID which was preventing members from applying for billets. If you have been affected, please call CMS-ID Customer Support at 800-537-4617 to report the issue.


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