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Good Evening Everyone,I just wanted to give all of you a quick update on the progress of our page.  Westside is...
Houston Police Westside Division

Good Evening Everyone,
I just wanted to give all of you a quick update on the progress of our page. Westside is still waiting for the new administration to come to power and sign off on our Fan Page and the Westside Blog. I will post a link to the blog below, but just like this page, we are still waiting for the official blessing to begin. Please keep patient, I hope to be sharing great information with all of you soon. Randy.....

This blog is currently under construction. It is being developed for the people we serve on the west side of Houston and the hard working officers at one of the finest Police Stations in this great city.


Page is currently under construction


3203 S Dairy Ashford Rd
Houston, TX





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My assault robbery and attempted breaking in of my apartment happened on August 24,2020. The police at this department know who she is because I had to pick her out of a photo aray and they also know she lives next to me. There were witness testimonies and video. I believe RACE plays a significant part in this case as she still has not been arrested.
A lot of helicopter activity in the last two maybe 3 months. Why? What is going on? I've lived in the neighborhood across the big ditch for two years and now it's hard to sleep.
Just to give you guys a heads up. Reckless driving has been going on in Westella between Dairy Ashford and Enclave Parkway. One particular vehicle - a dark colored SUV similar to a Jeep going East towards Dairy Ashford was driving along the Westbound lane to overtake a vehicle running at 20 mph also going East traffic westbound had to stop to avoid head on collision . This happened at about 6:53 a.m. Wednesday . Similar vehicle has been spotted yesterday between 6:55 and 7:00 a.m. along Enclave Parkway turning east into Westella. Vehicle did not stop at the 4 way sign by the school. We are also observing vehicles driving beyond the 30 mph limit in the afternoon to early evenings. You used to hide somewhere there to catch speeders but you've been gone a while. We miss you. Please come back and hide again during rush hours. We've had enough of reckless driving along our street. Thank you for all that you do and keeping our neighborhood safe.
Do you guys need water? I'm really blessed and nothing happened. I would like to give a case of water for the police
Thank you Officer Scales and all of west side station for your help. Please stay safe !