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Reppin that bama in court amongst all these LSU and Texas A&M folks!

Reppin that bama in court amongst all these LSU and Texas A&M folks!


Is participating in jury duty important to you? Important more for minorities or whites? Share your thoughts.


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You be the Jury....
Trial is set for tomorrow and I need you to tell me if you were a Juror on my case, what questions would you have regarding these facts:

Adult African American male coming from a birthday party on a Thursday night around 10:30 pm. He's sitting at a traffic light when it turns green and he doesn't pull off immediately because he's looking down at his phone. He then pulls off and puts his signal on to get in the right hand lane and he becomes nervous because he notices a police officer is behind him. My client then turns on his signal to pull into a gas station. The police officer then pulls him over for suspicion of DWI. My client is now nervous and tells the officer that he pulled into the gas station to get some gas, but his tank is already full. The officer then pulls my client out the car to perform a field sobriety test on him that the officer said he failed. My client has a lazy eye, a hard time seeing, and surgery on his foot that didn't allow him to properly perform the walk and turn test.

What can I do to prove this case to be Not Guilty of DWI? Lets talk about it FB.


Is a person guilty of illegal photography when he/she records their s*xual encounter with a person's permission? What if the person changes his/her mind about the recording and says that consent was not given? Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts. Let's talk about it.


I know many of you are outraged about the verdict. What do you think the DA's could have done differently to make the jury rule in their favor? Share your thoughts.


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What's your opinion of the George Zimmerman trial? Is the prosecutor tanking the case? Is the case based upon race? Share your thoughts.


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