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Two years ago I happened to be in a Harris County judge’s chambers while he was grousing about the fact that some people believed that he did not care about keeping families together; many attorneys have joked that he “never met a termination he didn’t like”. Now, although I may accept that this j...


CPS judge in Liberty County did the right thing. Dismissed case & had prosecutor refile. The transferred Harris County case was so messed up and the mother was treated so poorly that she thought that the only was to remedy the situation was to dismiss. Cudos to Liberty County. Jeers to Harris County - 314th. Unbelievable that a case worker wouldn't think that it might just be important to tell the Court and the Prosecutor that mom got a divorce in another county. Unbelievable that the Courts lost my client's file for over 4 months. SIMPLY UNBELIEVALBE!!!!!


315th Dist. Ct. - Judge made a wrong call and reset case. Just what ad litem wanted...to let baby stay with foster family who wants to adopt. Bolsters her claim that this baby has bonded with the foster family. For reasons that escape me, ad litem refuses to consider amazing family placement. Ad litem is so brazen that after court she essentially said that it doesn't matter because the judge will do whatever she wants. Unbelievable!!! Family is military - dad is a decorated Air Force Sgt. This case is so ludicrous that even CPS can't understand why ad litem is against placement. Mixed race baby. Mixed race ad litem. Black potential family placement. White foster family (Dr.) who wants to adopt. Hmmm.


Left out of a Williamson County perm. conference call. Case worker claims that she "forgot" to call me. Yeah right. Was that before or after you said that I was difficult to work with? Cudos to her supervisor who emailed an extended apology and a method for me to have post conference input.


Off to Williamson County to fight for a grandmother's right to intervene in a termination case.


Back to Back CPS adversary hearings. Wed. in Bryan & today in Houston. One Judge refused to rule on my jurisdictional issue and the other refused to listen. It's a shame that I can't file interlocutory appeals. Tonight I relax.


Successful day in court. CPS case transferred to proper county. Termination averted.


Retained on day of CPS trial - Completely unprepared to try the case. While I was outside of the Courtroom, despite me giving the Court and all parties notice that I was entering the case, the Court purposely called the case. When I ran into the courtroom, the Judge refused to grant a continuance despite me having good cause. Got caseworker to admit facts clearly establishing the lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Tomorrow, I'm drafting my writ to get case dismissed. KARMA!


If I was a cynic, I would be extremely upset over the fact that I was not notified about a location change for a permanency conference. Then once I was able to join the conference by phone (because I was at the wrong location), imagine my surprise when the 1st thing I heard was the facilitator giving my clients legal advice. I am a cynic & I'M VERY ANGRY!!!!


Huge win today! Appellate Court agreed that my appeal, alleging ineffective assistance of counsel on the part of the ad litem, was not frivolous. My take: Attorney ad litems must advocate for their clients and can only substitute their own judgment under limited circumstances.


Off to Victoria Texas for a Permanency Conference.


Thought for the day: When you are working a CPS service plan, contact your lawyer the minute you run into problems. The longer that you "sit on it", the less time your lawyer has to take remedial actions.


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