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C Hydrogen Commercial Hydrogen is a proven Technology that transforms the combustion event in Diesel Trucks and

Saving fuel and reducing emissions with hydrogen on demand for diesel engines.

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PRO Max Grow, COO, Welcomed to NCIA Board
PRO Max Grow, COO, Welcomed to NCIA Board

PRO Max Grow, COO, Welcomed to NCIA Board

National Cannabis Industry Association Appoints Cannabis Veteran, Christie Lunsford, to Board of Directors, 2017-2019


Commercial Hydrogen mentioned in American Truckers Association

U.S. Army Tests Hydrogen Technology for Diesel Trucks
U.S. Army Tests Hydrogen Technology for Diesel Trucks

U.S. Army Tests Hydrogen Technology for Diesel Trucks

HOUSTON, July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. Army demonstration shows mileage improvement for a diesel truck using a proprietary hydrogen injection system.  Commercial Hydrogen, Inc. of Houston, Texas developed the system, which is designed to improve mileage and air quality for diesel trucks.


The future of transportation - Todd Fowler Commercial Hydrogen. Now on some Americas largest fleets


Gas vs. Diesel Trucks – Which is the Better Investment?

Commercial Hydrogen, Inc. Provides an Answer in this Debate

HOUSTON, Texas (Aug 2016) Some fleet operators are debating the gas vs. diesel engine issue. Of course, this is rather complex, due to the wide variety of performance requirements and vehicle types.

Some are switching to gasoline, but these are likely to be small- to mid-sized trucks. And more cars are becoming available with diesel engines, too.

There is one innovation that could tip the scales to diesel for most applications. That is On Demand Hydrogen injection systems. The use of retrofit kits developed by Commercial Hydrogen, Inc. of Houston, Texas is dramatically improving mileage and maintenance costs. As an additional benefit, air emissions are significantly improved, too.

“We are one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Our 5th Generation Hydrogen On Demand kits are designed for both late and older model diesel engines,” claims Commercial Hydrogen, Inc. CEO, Todd Fowler. “Our retrofits are paid for in less than one year, just in fuel savings alone,” Fowler continues.

Factors to consider in the gasoline/diesel include mileage, power, maintenance costs, longevity, initial cost and resale values are issues to be considered. While conclusions vary depending on individual conditions, one thing is certain – the debate goes on.

Mileage: While diesel is assumed to have the edge in this category, the higher cost of diesel fuel needs to be considered.

Torque/Horsepower: Gasoline engines generally have higher horsepower, but the diesel wins the torque contest.

Maintenance Costs: The tractor engines will tend to have higher costs, due mainly to the degree of usage vs smaller vehicles. Traveling 80,000 to 100,000 miles a year for mid- to large-size vehicles will result in more maintenance over the course of the year, even though frequency per mile is less.

Longevity: Diesel is designed to last longer, especially when miles traveled is considered.

Acquisition Costs: Diesel is higher, but then again, it is expected to last longer.

Resale Values: Diesel will usually have higher resale value.
The addition of Commercial Hydrogen’s hydrogen kits is now a major factor. Their approach is to install a retrofit package to the engine. Pure hydrogen v***r is injected directly into the combustion chamber and compliments the base fuel. The retrofit kits work with diesel and CNG/LNG engines and are designed to be installed during normal fleet maintenance cycles.

The result is improved performance and enhanced air quality. In fact, Commercial Hydrogen has found a reduction of 50 percent to 70 percent of particulates, CO2 and NOX. Considering mileage and maintenance costs, plus the powerful improvements in air emissions, Commercial Hydrogen is a game-changer in the gasoline vs. diesel debate.

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save fuel-reduce emissions - a can't miss combination.

save fuel-reduce emissions - a can't miss combination.


meet Todd Fowler, CEO at Commercial Hydrogen - the company that is transforming the trucking industry.


Houston, TX


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