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With this page we are seeking to provide a vehicle for people to gain access to information on any and all relief efforts for Houston and the surrounding areas after the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We encourage people to utilize our feed to seek relief from, or offer relief to, people in the Greater Houston area. This page includes a comprehensive list of organizations accepting donations for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. See below.


Michele HELP US SHARE THIS BRAND NEW HELPFUL RESOURCE: Stolen Horse International, Inc., also know as NetPosse, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been reuniting horses with owners for decades. Even though we've specialized in lost and found horses for almost 20 years, we love our pets too. To pay it forward we have developed the only national database where people can list their pets and horses for FREE in each disaster. Just launched, it has few animals so far but we expect it to grow tremendously. We have worked close to 6,000 horse cases over the years, many of which were reunited with their owners, so you can see where this may go. If you know us already, you know how much we care. Our goal is to help all victims, groups and organizations reach a larger audience and possibly bring animals and family back together again. Just go to this link, pick the disaster, pick the animal and file your free report. You can edit and you will have a webpage with your info and a potables link. If you have questions please message us on our Facebook business page, SHARE/LIKE


I hope everyone is recovering well! It's amazes me to see everyone come together in unity and help a fellow neighbor who needs a hand.
Yesterday I had fire fighters from New York City bring food and water to my house in Dickinson that me and my family have been gutting the past two days. The fact that these brave gentlemen drove 1,500 miles to bring water and food to those families who have suffered from Hurricane Harvey, simply astonishes me.
I will never forget the suffrage and the pain that came with Harvey, but I'll also never forget the support and generosity of Americans around the country that resurrected after Harvey's destruction.
I hope you will continue to use this page to help one another and reach out to those who need a hand. Stay prepared and alert for the other two hurricanes in the Atlantic that are slowly making there way towards the U.S. and other surrounding countries.
God bless us all as we move forward together, more united than ever!


If anyone knows of rescue efforts in the Crosby area please comment here or message @Traci Olivieri

Thank you

Joe Pags

To everyone seeing posts about filing insurance claims before Sept. 1st, Read this post.

There are several posts I've seen here on social media saying Gov Abbott changed some law regarding insurance claims. The allegation is that if you're a victim of Hurricane Harvey, you have to get your claim in by Thursday or you won't get paid. Obviously, Harvey is still dumping on Houston and surrounding areas, so it would be ridiculous to think you have to file by Thursday.

Looking out for you, I've contacted the Governor's office and asked about this. The new rule affects FRAUDULENT claims. If your claim is real, nothing changes. Please share


Everyone please share useful information on this page about: Rescues, Shelter, Looting, Pics/Videos ect,. Anything that can be useful to help those affected by Harvey.


Welcome to Help Houston, your new go-to source for all things Hurricane Harvey relief related.
Our goal is to create a more streamlined way to connect our Greater Houston community throughout the duration of this on-going disaster. Please utilize our page, in addition to your own timeline, to post if you are in need of assistance or if you are looking to provide assistance to people in your area.
Don't forget to check our "Notes" tab for donation/relief information.
These are very trying times for our community, but together we can work toward a brighter future.


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