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Swansboro Volunteer Ems Our Mission The mission of the Swansboro EMS/ Rescue Squad is to save lives in a professional and confidential manner at all times, and to make our community a better place to live by providing life saving instructions to the public.

We provide care for all persons regardless of race, color, creed, gender or financial means of the individual. Any person calling for assistance can expect to receive professional care in a timely manner. Swansboro Rescue Squad was formed on September 2, 1961. Before this day all of the sick and injured were transported by a hearse that was sent from either Jacksonville or Maysville. On September 2, 1961, three (3) people were killed on Highway 24 and one (1) on Belgrade-Swansboro Road, which prompted several concerned citizens to pursue the need for a Rescue Squad in this area. The idea was conceived during a trip to an American Legion meeting in Burgaw, NC by Linwood Williams, Shelton Kellum, Bob Hokum and Jimmy Killian. No one remembers exactly how the conversation began, but those four (4) came back to Swansboro and presented the idea to the local American Legion Post. The membership was receptive to the idea and each member donated $5.00, and Swansboro Rescue Squad was born. The first ambulance was a Packard Hearse, donated by Clark's Funeral Home (now Sayland Funeral Home) of Maysville, NC. This ambulance along with Swansboro's fire truck was housed at the old community building near Licko's Insurance. The training at the time was a basic first aid course. The first Emergency Medical Technician, EMT, requirements did not come along until 1973. The first EMT class was taught by doctors at Onslow Memorial and Naval Hospital. Swansboro Rescue held their first EMT class at the Episcopal Church and was then moved to the Methodist Church. Present day EMT training consists of 176 hour's to become a NC EMT-B. To remain certified each member must maintain a minimum of 36 training hours a year and must re-certify every 4 years. The Rescue Squad and Fire Department remained together in the same building until 1972. On November 27, 1972, a special meeting was held by the American Legion to discuss the donating of land to the Swansboro Rescue Squad. The land the Squad now occupies was donated by the Swansboro American Legion Post. The Squad now has 33 active members not including associate and life time members. The Squad apparatus fleet consists of two (2) QRV's- Quick Response Vehicles, one (1) for Medical and one (1) for Crash; one (1) Basic Life Support Ambulance; one (1) Medium Rescue Crash Truck; one (1) Rescue Boat; & one (1) Support Trailer. The Squad has come a long way since 1961 and their one (1) hearse ambulance. The community has something to be very proud of in the Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad, which was born out of the concern for the sick and injured in our community. Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad maintains the following North Carolina Association of Rescue and EMS disciplines: Ambulance Rescue Provider and Medium Rescue.

Jacksonville Public Safety

Or (910) 455-9119 in the County area.

Regardless either number WILL get you help if called!!

UPDATE: 9-1-1 calls from Verizon Wireless customers are now being routed correctly.

Verizon Wireless Customers: We have been notified that calls to 9-1-1 are being diverted to the Administrative Lines in the Center for Public Safety. This is the result of a cut to a line in the Fayetteville area. You are encouraged to call 910 455-4000 until this problem is resolved.


NCDOT Bridge Maintenance crews plan to intermittently close a single lane on Queens Creek Road (SR1509) 0.8 miles South of Jones Road (SR 1510) beginning at 9:00 am on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. All work should be completed before 5:00 pm the same day.

Crews will maintain a travel lane at all times while replacing bridge expansion joints.



The Squad approved the merger with Onslow County Fire Rescue this evening. Members present, and absentee ballots were cast. Members asked a lot of questions of the County Rep, shared personal misgivings, and stories of times past.

A new chapter of The Squad will begin once the County votes to approve the merger. The name may change, apparatus may get shuffled around, and some new faces may show up and familiar ones may not.

The Squad has the best interest of the Community in mind when making this informed decision. The Squad will house, in the near future, an engine and perhaps some other apparatus.

We will continue to volunteer our time, motivation, knowledge, and passion to serving the Community we live in.

To those who came before us we honor you and will NEVER forget the sacrifices you made to make us The Squad we are today.

Stay tuned for more information and updates as they become available.



It's that time of year again! The 2019 Fire Grant is officially open today, January 2nd. For any questions, feel free to contact our staff in the Grants division at [email protected]. The application can be found at the following link --> https://apps.ncdoi.com/f?p=301


Merry Christmas to all far and near.

Onslow County Government

Onslow County Government

The network degradation that was possibly affecting 911 call routing and caller location for Onslow County has been resolved as of 12:39 Eastern on 12/6/18. Please disregard the previous notice and continue to call 911 for any emergencies.

Onslow County Emergency Services "Official"

Onslow County Emergency Services "Official"

IMPORTANT ALERT! If you are trying to call 911 and it doesn’t work, please call 910-989-5080 for Onslow County 911. We have received notice from multiple carriers there are issues with 911 service – wireline and wireless – across the entire southeast portion of the country.

Carriers are addressing the issues at their respective levels and working toward a resolution.

Call 910-989-5080 if 911 is not working for an emergency in your area.


Thank you for the 2018 Mullet Festival crew! A cold and windy weekend. George Swift, Jesse Owen King, Hannah Leohner, Julian Archie, Kristin Porter, and The Hayslip Family.


Please say a prayer for EMT Dave Marshall and his family. David Carl Marshall your in our prayers! Julie call if we can help!

Piney Green VFD to receive grant
Piney Green VFD to receive grant

Piney Green VFD to receive grant

“Volunteer firefighting is on the decline and we need volunteers now more than ever.”

Maysville Fire and EMS

Great opportunity to sign up!!

The EMT Basic open house has been rescheduled for Nov 4th at 4 pm at the Maysville fire and EMS at 404 main street. The college will be there to answer questions about the class and to sign people up. If more info call the station at 910-743-2709

#maysvillenc #maysvillefire #maysvilleEMS

Robin Knapp- Onslow County Commissioner

Prayers for ALL.

Folks, we on the BOC just announced a State of Emergency for Onslow County due to the arrival of Hurricane MIchael in Florida. Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle with 155 mph sustained winds with 175 mph wind gusts. Hurricane Michael arrived as a high end Category 4 Hurricane.....unbelievable.

The State of Emergency is effective immediately and will end at 1201 AM, Saturday, October 13, 2018. Onslow County employees are instructed to contact their immediate supervisors to receive additional guidance regarding work hours, etc. I pray for those in Florida in the path of this storm and I pray we in Onslow County will sustain only minor, if any, impact as Hurricane Micheal moves inland. Prayers are solicited. But, the threat of flooding, wind damage, etc., still exists. Please do not take this system lightly at all. Be safe to all of you and God bless you all.



The Federal Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) on October 3rd

The Daily News
The Daily News

The Daily News

“After consulting with downtown business owners, many of whom were devastated by storm surge, our mayor and board along with staff, we decided that two weeks just wasn’t enough time to safely hold the festival.”

Help out if you can; spread the word!
Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department

Help out if you can; spread the word!

Please consider donating to our brothers out in Eastern NC. They very much need help to get back on their feet after sustaining damage from Hurricane Florence. Shares appreciated too

Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department

Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department

We still have plenty of hot food here at the Piney Green Fire Department! Please share if you know anyone who may need hot food or clean water! Help spread the word!!!

Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department

Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department

We were able to get a small supply of food in so we now have more plates to give out! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department

Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department

Onslow County Patrons, We are now serving food to all those in need of a nice hot FREE meal and a bottle of water to go with it! We are going to be serving at Piney Green Fire Department today. Anybody is welcome! We will be serving pulled pork with green beans and a roll today.

Richlands Volunteer Fire Department

Richlands Volunteer Fire Department

***Please share again***

We will be serving plates of food again today. Serving will begin at 3:00pm. Please share with those in our community, as well as the surrounding areas. Thank you all for the support!


Any member coming back into the area who can pull some duty is GREATLY needed and appreciated! Please contact with Julian Archie to schedule a time. Thanks!


Broad & Gales Creek Fire Dept

Broad & Gales Creek Fire Dept

The Fire And EMS has received tarps and other supplies for people in need. If you need something call 263-222-3700
Thank you

Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department

Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department

We have citizens volunteering to help us with door to door welfare checks in our area. They will most likely be in white and blue vans going street to street reporting damages back to us. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to call the firehouse at (910) 353-3929

Richlands Volunteer Fire Department

Richlands Volunteer Fire Department

***Please share for those in need.***

We will have 1,000 meals to distribute today at 4:00 pm. Please share with your family and friends. Our station is located at 113 N Wilmington St here in downtown Richlands.

Onslow County Government

Onslow County Government

The American Red Cross will be providing meals today, September 18 at 4:00 p.m. to the community at several locations throughout Onslow County.
-Swansboro Library
-Richlands Library
-Sneads Ferry Library
-1380 Piney Green Rd. (parking lot/shopping center)
-New River Shopping Center (by Planet Fitness)

Please continue to monitor our social media pages for more feeding times and location. Thank you!


We are currently on generator power. Stay Safe Everyone!


The Squad is staffed!

Be Safe All!!

Turkey Creek Fire Rescue

Keep it going!!

Thanks Turkey Creek Fire Rescue!

HURRICANE TIP: If you lose electricity, phone service, & wifi, just update your voicemail message greeting to notify family and friends of how you are and keep them updated. You can change your voicemail greeting as many times as you want and can do it without data! Make sure to include date & time! Please copy and share!

Now is the time to Be Prepared. Check your equipment, plan, house, and Family. www.fema.gov Has lots of useful guides an...
Home | FEMA.gov

Now is the time to Be Prepared. Check your equipment, plan, house, and Family.
Has lots of useful guides and pamphlets to use and it’s free!

September is National Preparedness Month. Learn how to prepare your family and home at Ready.gov. Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.


Good Morning!

Swansboro EMS Rescue Inc has been working hard behind the scenes to set up talks with area FDs to seek out a mutual merger.
More info will follow in the coming days. Please be patient as we discuss with our membership.


3753 Freedom Way
Hubert, NC


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