SFC Joshua Hernandez

SFC Joshua Hernandez Current Army Recruiter. Former Marine. I'm just here to provide insight, guidance and mentorship for all that care to listen. Ask questions about anything. I try to bring honesty to the recruiting process, and I don't shy away from "harder" cases.

SFC Hernandez was born in Brownsville, Texas on 24 January 1984 and raised in Harlingen, Texas. SFC Hernandez graduated from Harlingen High School in 2002. On 05 August 2002, SFC Hernandez enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve as a 0311 Infantry Rifleman. After completing Boot Camp and the School of Infantry, SFC Hernandez was assigned to Charlie Detachment Company, 4th Marine Division, 1st Battalion 23rd Marines Harlingen, TX. In addition to his occupation in the reserves, SFC Hernandez simultaneously held three additional occupations to include full-time Construction Account Executive, part-time usher for the local movie theater and coordinating a part-time newspaper delivery sub-contracted route before being employed at Texas State Technical College Harlingen as the Coordinator of Education & Technology Program. In 2004, SFC Hernandez’s unit was activated and deployed to the Al Anbar Province of Iraq with an area of operations covering the City of Hit, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. Upon returning from deployment, SFC Hernandez was highly active in the South Texas community, resulting in being a three-time recipient of the President’s Call to Service Lifetime Achievement Award for Civic Participation and completing over 12,000 hours of community. On 04 April 2009, SFC Hernandez enlisted in the United States Army Reserve and served as the Battle Staff Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Battalion Noncommissioned Officer with the 319th Combat Support and Sustainment Battalion (CSSB). Since joining the United States Army, SFC Hernandez has focused on personal and professional development; completing WLC, ALC and earning an Associate of Applied Arts and Science in Digital Imaging from Texas State Technical College, Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science Interdisciplinary with a focus on Adult Learning from the University of Texas, and is currently pursuing a Master of Education in Instructional Technology at Texas Tech University. After completing the CBRN Reclassification Course, SFC Hernandez was personally requested to accept Active Duty for Operational Support orders with the 11th Aviation Command as the Command CBRN NCOIC and Training NCO during Army North’s Task Force 51 Homeland Security Command and Control Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Response Element Alpha (C2CRE-A) mission. During his assignment with the 11th AVN CMD, SFC Hernandez was selected to attend the USAR Unit Training Course, ATRRS Operators Course and specialized CBRN Courses to include Civic Support Skills Course and the CBRN Mass Casualty Decontamination Course. SFC Hernandez was officially recognized in front of his peers by the Task Force 51 Commander, MG Charles Gailes, for exceptionally meritorious achievement in support of Exercise Vibrant Response 13 during C2CRE-A operations; as well as, receiving an Honorable Commission as a Kentucky Colonel – the highest award granted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, for community service and impact. Selected to attend the Army Recruiting Course in 2013, SFC Hernandez was assigned to the Dallas Recruiting Battalion, Texas. Volunteering his personal time, SFC Hernandez has also spoke with over 500 high school students on the negative effects of bullying.

Operating as usual

2015 Annual Awards Board (Soldier Competition)

Found this on a DVD while packing for our upcoming move, haha.

Timeframes 00:09; 00:13; atn 05:08 are especially awesome. ;-)

One Week. 14 events. Single elimination. 4 categories with 1 winner per category.


YOU can do ANYTHING you set your mind to...especially when you surround youself with like-minded people.

Time flies...I need to get back in the ring. This competition has MANY leadership alumni throughout the force. It's remarkable that I can say I've competed & served with them. Hearing their philosophies and mental toughness/determination is STILL inspiring.

Army Physical Fitness Test (90 points per event required)
Weapons Qualification (M16 & 240B)
Humvee Egress (for time)
Weapons Assembly/Disassembly/Funciton check (for accuracy & time)
12-mile foot march (35lbs pack, for time)
IED Identificaiton (for accuracy and time)
CBRN Response (for accuracy and time)
Land Navigation (8 points, for accuracy and time)
Urban Orienteering (12 points, for accuracy and time)
Vehicle Maintenance (for accuracy and time)
Radio Communicaiton (for accuracy & time)
First Aid (for accuracy and time)
Written Essay
Physical Readiness Training Evaluation (for accuracy and understanding)

Visiting Midland/Odessa this last week brought me back to the Army Community Covenant signed between the Dallas Recruiti...

Visiting Midland/Odessa this last week brought me back to the Army Community Covenant signed between the Dallas Recruiting BN Cdr; U.S. Army Dallas Recruiting Battalion; Ector County Republican Women; UTPB - The University of Texas Permian Basin; George W. Bush Presidential Library; Odessa, Texas - City Government; Midland, Texas; Midland Police Department; Odessa Police Department; Army Recruiting - Odessa, TX; Army Recruiting - Midland, TX; Midland Fire Department; City of Odessa Fire Department (Central Station) and Odessa College

Army Birthday + Community Agreement in support of the Armed Forces = a GREAT year.

You can always count on West Texas to be truly patriotic and supportive!

Army Rangers...

Sometimes, after a great morning run and workout - you feel on top of the world...and you wonder:

"Is THIS what it feels like to be an Army Ranger??" 🧐🤔🤥

Then you watch a video like this...and think - "Damn. They're intense."

Would you voluntarily go through that training?

Wounded Warrior Run 2020!Great support from the U.S. Army Dallas Recruiting Battalion!

Wounded Warrior Run 2020!

Great support from the U.S. Army Dallas Recruiting Battalion!


I have one month left of recruiting.

Then, I'm at Fort Knox as an Instructor.



Happy Monday everyone! :-)

Remember this song?


I tell you, it would have been great to learn a trade. Especially if I only had to do that job 1 weekend a month.

Here's a Future Soldier's review - I love her last sentences haha

We aren't "as scary" as we look ya'll! lol


You know, if I had a "do-over"...

I would have LOVED to learn a trade.


I don't normally get MAD at the U.S. Army....BUT...

I'm mad. And jealous.

They are offering Student Loan Repayment up to $65,000 for those scoring higher than a 50 on the ASVAB!


Message me for more details.

What rank (pay grade) can you join as? Check this pic out...If you were joining TODAY - what pay grade would you come in...

What rank (pay grade) can you join as?

Check this pic out...

If you were joining TODAY - what pay grade would you come in as?

Google: "Military Pay Chart" to see how much $$$$ that translates to.

Curious about your options? MESSAGE ME. It's free. ;-)

Last day!!

Digital interviews available - LAST DAY of National Hiring Day (And it's associated bonuses)

Start a new career. Begin a journey. Have some stories to tell your legacy!


or click the following for more information: https://www.goarmy.com/info.html?iom=AKY2

SFC Joshua Hernandez's cover photo

SFC Joshua Hernandez's cover photo


Here's a little morning video to get your heart pumping...

Courtesy of the 2d Cavalry Regiment


2020 - Rules for joining the Army as a Prior Service Applicant

When recruiting Prior Service applicants (those with 1 or more days in the service)...we have to play by DIFFERENT rules.

When coming back into service, from the Army/Navy/Marines/Air Force/Guard/etc...

Do you keep your same rank?

Do you need to go through MEPS again?

Do you keep your old MOS or get a new one?

Do you have the same options as when you first enlisted?

Throw back Friday of me back in my prime. (Ha, yeah, okay)Army Culinary Specialist, power-lifting competitor, aiming for...

Throw back Friday of me back in my prime. (Ha, yeah, okay)

Army Culinary Specialist, power-lifting competitor, aiming for being part of the All-Army Boxing Team...

Great stuff Staff Sergeant Christopher Jones!

Also...why do you need muscles there? why? lol ✊😎

Staff Sgt. Christopher Jones, a power-lifting competitor, has always had a competitive spirit and a passion for fitness. Jones joined the U.S. Army at 34 as a culinary specialist with the dream of becoming a member of the All-Army boxing team.

Not long into service, Jones elected to become a human intelligence collector where he was involved in finding, collecting and analyzing information. Eventually, he discovered the special operations career fields and set his mind to qualify for selection to special forces. Jones completed Ranger School at the age of 40 and has since deployed with various Ranger battalions.

He currently serves as the language advocate for U.S. Army Recruiting Command at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Jones began his power-lifting journey in 2017 as a quest to see if he could bench press 150 lb. dumbbells in each hand. After reaching that goal, he had the bug to start competing. This year, he started with small meets but then kept winning. Six competitions later, he won the North American Championship in Las Vegas. He's broken five Illinois state records and plans to keep pushing himself to break more.

The Army is hiring culinary specialists, human intelligence collectors, special operations Soldiers and many other specialties during Army National Hiring Days June 30-July 2. More information can be found at https://go.usa.gov/xwyNV.

#RangersLeadTheWay #ArmyHiringDays #CallToserve


June 30 - July 02 = Army National Hiring Days!

We are built on 150+ careers that sustain and progress our Army.

Everyone play their part. Together, we get the mission done.

Learn more about our Army National Hiring Days by visiting:

Family Housing on base.  My wife and kids LOVED it.  Unfortunately, being a recruiter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of T...
On-Base Family Housing

Family Housing on base.

My wife and kids LOVED it. Unfortunately, being a recruiter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas - there isn't a base near me.

No rent due. No electricity bills. No Lawn maintenance costs. No water bills. I think I may make myself cry.

Here's an example of on-base housing:

Hear from a young military family about their experience living on base and how they value family-friendly conveniences, comfortable amenities and a social n...


We all start serving for various individual reasons.

We keep serving for various individual reasons.

At the end of it all - we know we served TOGETHER.

That's why you'll see two Veterans, generations apart, come together in brother/sisterhood - like they've known each other their entire lives.

It's a beautiful thing to experience.

What you don't know about the U.S. FLAG

Jim "The Flag Guy" Rodriguez enlightens us on some U.S. Flag history. Some good. Some bad...-ish.

Founded in Waxahachie, TX - the F.L.A.G. Program is dedicated to educating young minds with the history and etiquette of our nation's flag.

The Fly Lower And Gather (FLAG) Program is currently in 37 schools across Texas and Arizona and is always looking for supporters!

You can find more information at: www.TheFlagProgram.org

U.S. Army Dallas Recruiting Battalion


Happy birthday to those Soldiers that serve, have served and will serve!

To those that serve, have served, and will serve - HAPPY 245th BIRTHDAY!

The U.S. Army is always ready.

Join us in celebrating!

Can't wait...THIS SUNDAY is PASSION SUNDAY:1) Behind the Scenes w/Aaron RapozaLive Q & A with SSG Aaron Rapoza talking a...


1) Behind the Scenes w/Aaron Rapoza

Live Q & A with SSG Aaron Rapoza talking about the Army Combatives Program. His passion as an Army Combatives Master Trainer is the deepest I've ran into yet!

2) Flag Day (That's right, as in Old Glory)

I'll be livestreaming with Jim Rodriguez, "the Flag Guy" himself. He's the founder and President of The FLAG Program, a non-profit organization founded in Waxahachie, Texas that is dedicated to informing the next generation of Old Glory's history, etiquette and patriotic symbolism. There is NOTHING this (cough) young man doesn't know. His passion for sacred history will blow...your...mind.

3) Army's 245th Birthday! I'm allllll about celebrating birthdays. :-) Yep. Pretty passionate about that. Soldiers around the country and the DFW will be running 2.45 miles dedicated to our beloved U.S. Army.

US Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) CSM Tabitha Gavia Csm Stephanie MananU.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

The GREATEST GENERATION.Imagine this:It's the middle of World War 2.  Everyone's scared.- You are 18, 19, 20 - not even ...


Imagine this:

It's the middle of World War 2. Everyone's scared.


You are 18, 19, 20 - not even old enough to drink.

Maybe you've just graduated high school. Maybe you had just started your first year of college. Maybe you volunteered or maybe you got drafted.

You definitely DO NOT care what color of skin your buddy has or where they were born or what political affiliation they preferred.


You are one of the 156,000 American, British and Canadian troops about to storm a 50-mile stretch of HEAVILY FORTIFIED beach coast of the Normandy region of France.

It's the largest amphibious assault in American history.

Over 2,000 American casualties and countless more MIA.


Average life expectancy: less than 30 seconds.

As your amphibious assault vehicle approaches the beach, you begin to hear the clinking of enemy rounds hitting your boat. All that protects you at that moment is a ramp that will drop any minute now - so you can jump into chest deep water - and swim to the beach front.


Assuming you made it to the beach...

Average life expectancy: less than 2 minutes.


Still. They went. Still. They fought. Still. The GREATEST GENERATION.

God Bless them. God Bless them all.

Sometimes...when you feel like you need to clear your mind...It's time to go to the field. 🤓😎✊Who has ever launched one ...

Sometimes...when you feel like you need to clear your mind...

It's time to go to the field. 🤓😎✊

Who has ever launched one of THESE bad boys across the way?

"he referred me to another recruiter..."

Good 'ol PVT Langford in good 'ol Georgia. Great guy. All he had ever wanted to do was serve in the Army. So we worked together for almost 6 months in total, give or take.

I was the Station Commander (the one in charge of the recruiters) at the time and in transition to my next assignment. We started his paperwork, put a plan together and then I left to my next assignment.

I followed up with him after I got settled in, I found out he was still pending those same administrative actions.

At the end of the day, it's important to do right by those wanting to serve - regardless of who gets credit, regardless of how busy you are.

I ended up calling a few friends locally to get his paperwork looked at and pushed through. Now, his career has started and the fun begins!

Thanks for the review brother! Looking forward to following your progress!


How hard is basic training?

Drill Sergeant Mayorga explains it best: "Thousands have gone before you, and will continue to do so..."

YOU can make it. It's more mental than physical. Watch the video.

Full video: https://youtu.be/AxKGlICpbjQ

U.S. Army Dallas Recruiting Battalion

Most really don't know about the outdoor programs, Morale Welfare & Recreation (MWR) opportunities or BOSS Programs on base. Any base. Any branch.

It's truly remarkable.

If I could live on base forever - I would. No joke. 100% fact.

Check it out yourself: www.armyMWR.com

Did you know, virtually EVERY base in the world has an Outdoor Recreational Program?

It's true.

What's YOUR favorite outdoor activity?

Find out more at:


Today we honor our past to appreciate our present.

Regardless of belief or political ideals - you cannot mistake the importance of their sacrifice. Without THEM, without their bravery, without their American spirit, without their courage to FIGHT - we'd be nowhere.

We thank their families and their lineage. We remember them to honor their legacy. We thank them for paving the way for us. Make no mistake, without THEM, there wouldn't be US.

- Joshua J. Hernandez
United States Army
United States Marine Corps

LIVE Q & A w/Army Drill Sergeants

Welcome to the Dallas Recruiting Battalion's LIVE Q & A stream hosted by SFC Joshua Hernandez and the Army's Virtual Recruiting Team.

First segment = Interview with Drill Sergeant Mayorga
Second segment = Interview with Drill Sergeant Lebron-Brown
Final Segment = LIVE Q & A from the audience

Please enable StreamYard to access your FB profile for this livestream. Feel free to PLACE QUESTIONS IN COMMENT SECTION on any topic you'd like!

EVERY career has it's good and bad.  One thing I would definitely place in the "Good" column... - Stability.
Thousands defer plans to leave the military during crisis

EVERY career has it's good and bad. One thing I would definitely place in the "Good" column...

- Stability.

Across the military, uncertainty about future jobs or college opportunities is driving more service members to re-enlist or at least postpone their scheduled departures.


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