Langston Housing Initiative

Langston Housing Initiative Empowering the residents and friends of Langston, OK to become homeowners. On behalf of the town of Langston, we want you to know the tools and resources that will empower your family for generations to come.

Economic empowerment begins with homeownership. To that end, please partner with us as we build new homes in the Langston community, educate residents and friends of Langston about financial freedom, and take the Town into the next generation.


We are getting ready for the next homeowner seminar in March. Look out for another announcement!!! trains students become venture capitalists
11/22/2017 trains students become venture capitalists trains students become venture capitalists

There are very few black and Latinx investors, with only 2 percent of investment team members at VC firms identifying as black and just 1 percent identifying..

The Langston Center

The Langston Center

Jiu Jitsu classes for beginners. Come experience the martial arts in a safe, energetic, and positive environment for the whole family.

The Langston Center

The Langston Center

We are so proud to host the Golden Legacy Lioness girl's dance team. Family, friends, and good times...TLC.

The LANGSTON COMMUNITY SURVEY is here. You may complete the survey online, or fill out paper copies at TOWN HALLTHE HOUS...
Can you spare a few moments to take my survey?

The LANGSTON COMMUNITY SURVEY is here. You may complete the survey online, or fill out paper copies at


You will have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate for your participation. THANKS - Lets make Langston Great Again.

Please take the survey titled "Langston Household Survey - 2017". Your feedback is important!

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Community work and cooperation.

Community work and cooperation.

Langston Housing Initiative's cover photo

Langston Housing Initiative's cover photo


Tax check time is around the corner. Will you buy some stuff you don't need or will you put a down payment on a house?


Employment reduces your ability to see the table and chairs inside of the tree.
-Myles Munroe.

DLBarnett Development, LLC.

DLBarnett Development, LLC.

Could Gentrification Be the Answer to Urban Poverty?

Many people agree that you are, in general, what you hang around. You find versions of this wisdom in multiple contexts, “birds of the feather flock together”, “you are the product of your environment”, “if you want to be wealthy, hang around wealthy people”.

It is a nice thought, and it is typically applied in nice contexts...being smart, getting rich, and being productive. The concept also applies to whole communities. People that live in wealthy neighborhoods tend to stay wealthy. As well, people that live in poor neighborhoods tend to stay poor. A study published by City Observatory (Cortright & Mahmoudi, 2014) showed that 66% of communities that were “high poverty” in 1970 were still that way in 2010. The author’s central argument is that concentrated poverty is the crippling force of the poor and urban growth.

A Brookings Institution article (Grabinsky & Butler, 2015) suggests gentrification may be the answer to concentrated poverty. The authors point out that wealthier suburbanites moving into impoverished communities may A) demand better services, B) have higher expectations for clean streets and reduced crime, and C) increase the tax base to fund such services.

As a Chicago native, I see the process in real time. Driving down the west side’s main corridors, Madison Ave., Jackson, Roosevelt RD. and others, once vacant lots now accommodate mixed-use buildings and metro-chic dwellings, the inhabitants of which don’t look like most of the residents in the community. To the extent that this improves the lives of the residents, the jury is still out. What is clear is that Black and Brown people are exchanging their metro living for, in some cases suburban life, and in more extreme cases, moving to states in the south, what some have termed “Black Flight” (The Economist, 2011).

Residents tend to resent the displacement that comes along with gentrification. However uncomfortable or distasteful it is to see a community lose its flavor, there is a question residents must ask themselves. Will your life be better off because of that displacement. Given the likelihood of escaping poverty while at the same time staying in an impoverished community is next to nothing, heading for the burbs may be a better decision...that is until poverty finds you in the suburbs.


Good news everyone. We are planning on a follow up housing fair in March. Lets see what we can build in Langston.

It's really happening. What a success.

It's really happening. What a success.


Looking forward to seeing you tonight. It's gonna be great.


Greetings to you,

You are cordially invited to a Housing Fair sponsored by the town of Langston.

We have assembled experts from the field to address many things including

1. Principles of home ownership

2. Financial readiness

3. Down payment and assistance programs

4. Land purchase and development

The goal of this initiative is to educate and empower the Langston community to enlarge their personal and community territory.

Please come out and support us as we support you.

Langston Housing Initiative

Langston Housing Initiative


Langston, OK


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