Re-elect Pat Lindemann, Ingham County Drain Commissioner

Re-elect Pat Lindemann, Ingham County Drain Commissioner For over 25 years, Pat has served Ingham County as Drain Commissioner. Vote Lindemann 2016! For official business w the drain office, visit

Pat Lindemann has been serving as Ingham County's Drain Commissioner since 1993. As Drain Commissioner, Pat has overseen millions of dollars of projects and created state of the art drainage systems throughout our county. Pat's work is renowned around the country, he lectures at both universities and at a professional level to his peers, and is considered an expert in his field. Pat has won dozens of awards for his work, been featured in articles and magazines, and has been published. Cyndi Roper, Executive Director of Clean Water Action Michigan, even went as far as to call Pat, "the BEST Drain Commissioner in Michigan". In 2012, we need to come together and support Pat!

Photos from Re-elect Pat Lindemann, Ingham County Drain Commissioner's post

Photos from Re-elect Pat Lindemann, Ingham County Drain Commissioner's post

We had a great turnout at our Campaign Announcement this afternoon!  Thanks to everyone that came out!

We had a great turnout at our Campaign Announcement this afternoon! Thanks to everyone that came out!


We hope to see you today at noon beneath the Frandor Water Tower for Pat's Re-Election Campaign Announcement and tonight at his home for his kick-off party!


Drain Commissioner
116/116 100.00%

REP - Timothy J. Grant 42,002 35.49%
DEM - Patrick E. Lindemann 75,925 64.16%
Write-In 409 0.35%
Total 118,336 100.00%


Thank you, everyone, for your support throughout this election. I look forward to serving the residents of Ingham County for four more years.


RT @MagicJohnson: Only 4 days left until the election - everyone get out and vote! #WeDecide


Thank - you, City Pulse, for your endorsement!


Remember, our Fall Fundraiser is this Thursday from 5-8 PM at Dublin Square in East Lansing. Hope to see you there!


Going to vote absentee? Download the absentee ballot application now:


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Election Results: 9:45 PM

"The Ingham County Clerk's Office reports incumbent Pat Lindemann holds a commanding early lead over challenger Mark Grebner in the Democratic race for Ingham County Drain Commissioner."

Preliminary results from the Michigan primary: The Gongwer News Service is calling the state’s Republican U.S. Senate contest for Pete Hoekstra. The


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Today, we are honored to have received the endorsement of the Lansing City Pulse.

"“Who would do the best job as Ingham County’s drain commissioner?” The obvious answer is Lindemann. For as brilliant as he is, challenger Mark Grebner, a longtime county commissioner, knows admittedly nothing about the technical aspects of the job. When asked for his plan for the Montgomery Drain, he laughed off not recognizing the name, calling himself just a “civilian.” The Montgomery Drain is what needs to be fixed in order to stop the Red Cedar River’s pollution — and anyone wanting this job should know at least that much.

Grebner admits bolstering his pension is part of why he wants this job. We think it’s too big a part. He says he’d serve no more than four years, which would give him the pension boost he wants. Then Ingham County could start over again finding someone to lead this important office.

Moreover, Grebner has had more than two decades on the Board of Commissioners to raise all the issues he has raised only in this campaign. He and other elected officials have failed the public by their silence if indeed Lindemann runs his office as badly as Grebner says.

Grebner says he would be just a manager if elected and wishes the position were reduced to an administrative appointee. Michigan elects its county drain commissioners — and rightfully so. It’s the state’s only elected official who can impose a tax without a public vote. Projects from this office must promote the free movement of water without flooding. In this era in which state elected Republican officials are doing all they can to give business the freedom to further wreck our environment, being able to elect a county drain commissioner is vital to our water. And electing one with Lindemann’s vision and experience is, too, despite his imperfections."



7/25/12 (517) 490.1394

Clean Water Action Endorses

Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann

Lindemann is outstanding leader and clear choice in Democratic primary election

LANSING – Clean Water Action today announced that Ingham County Drain Commissioner Patrick Lindemann has earned the organization’s endorsement in the Aug. 7 Democratic primary election, calling him the state’s most effective drain commissioner.

"Pat Lindemann is the best drain commissioner in Michigan," said Nic Clark, Clean Water Action Michigan Campaigns Director. "He is an award-winning, cost-conscious advocate for common-sense solutions to saving taxpayers’ money by enlisting nature as a tool for combating pollution and preventing flooding.

"Pat Lindemann fights every day to make Ingham County a better place through natural drain projects like Tollgate Wetlands that save money and make our waters cleaner. Clean Water Action strongly endorses Pat Lindemann for Ingham County Drain Commissioner."

Clark noted that Lindemann’s work in Ingham County has won national awards for low impact, cost-effective storm water management. In 2007 Lindemann was honored with the Hero of the Lakes Award by Clean Water Action and in 2009 was chosen Environmentalist of the Year in the Lansing City Pulse Top of the Town awards.

Clean Water Action, with 250,000 members, is Michigan’s largest grassroots environmental organization and empowers people to take action to protect Michigan’s waters, build healthy communities and make democracy work for all of us.



From yesterday's LSJ:

Of the six Democrats on the County Commission interviewed for this story, none shared Grebner’s level of concern (though Republican Commissioner Randy Schaefer expressed enthusiasm about Grebner bringing fiscal prudence to the office). All six Democrats said they’d be supporting Lindemann in the August primary.

“There’s a process to really look into and review those things, and nobody has brought anything forth,” said Dale Copedge, the commission’s chairman, who expressed some dismay at the negative tone of Grebner’s campaign.


But Lindemann is raising one questions that is, perhaps, harder to answer: why Grebner, who has served on the County Commission for Lindemann’s entire tenure, didn’t raise any of these issues before.

“He has the chance to increase his pension, and he’s saying I’ve done such a bad job,” Lindemann said. “Where has he been for 20 years?”

From yesterday's LSJ...


From yesterday's LSJ:

Grebner acknowledges that he’s leaving the county board because the pay is too low. He makes no bones about the fact that serving as drain commissioner would be a substantial boost to his pension.

“It would be lucrative, and I look at that,” he said. “You have to look at it.”

WILX Video

Why does Mark Grebner feel that he deserves a huge pension increase paid for by the tax payer?



We hope you'll join us tonight!


At the home of Lynne Martinez 306 Leslie Street, Lansing, MI 48911

5 - 7:30 PM

Host Committee (in formation):
Cyndi Roper, Anne Woiwode, James Clift, Becky Jo Farrington,
Julie Powers, Lynne Martinez, David Holtz, Bethany Renfer, Matt Flechter, Nic Clark, Helen LeBlanc, Sarah Mullkoff, Dave Errickson, Mike Berkowitz, Mary Brady and Susan Harley.


As Ingham County Drain Commissioner, Pat has changed the face (and the drains) of Ingham County by protecting our precious natural resources, creating opportunities for sustainable, eco-friendly development and implementing innovative water management projects that help keep our neighborhoods and communities safe.

Pat has set the green standard for drain commissioners in Michigan through cost effective projects that protect local water quality. He earned the endorsement of both the Sierra Club and Clean Water Action, and he is the recipient of Clean Water Action’s “Hero of the Great Lakes” award. Pat is a founding member of the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council, and he received City Pulse’s "Environmentalist of The Year” award.

Pat is being attacked by his Democratic opponent for doing the right thing. Let's stand with Pat and support his re-election bid!!!

Suggested donation $25 but any amount is welcome. Let us know if you'd like to join the host committee (517.490.1394).


From Mark Grebner:

“I have no fundamental interest in being Drain Commissioner” and
the “thought of four years in the drain office is bad enough”.

When asked about his pension increase if he were to be elected...

“It is very true that I will benefit substantially”

“I will certainly accept the money”

From HOM-TV interview, June 2012


Lansing, MI


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