State Representative Fred Durhal III

State Representative Fred Durhal III This is the official page for State Representative Fred Durhal III (D), Assistant Democratic Leader, who serves Michigan's 5th House District, Detroit.

Representative Fred Durhal III is in his first term serving Michigan’s 5th District, which encompasses Central Detroit, the lower West Side of Detroit and Southwest Detroit. In the Legislature, Durhal will bring with him a passion for education, community stabilization and civil rights; a passion which is matched with experience. He served as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Northwest Detroit as the director of a literacy program for young children. He has also collaborated with Village Builders of Northwest Detroit and Motor City Blight Busters to help stabilize neighborhoods within the city. In 2011, Durhal joined other leaders to fight Michigan’s controversial emergency financial manager law in Benton Harbor and across the state. Public service is in Rep. Durhal’s blood. The son of former State Representative Fred Durhal Jr., he was exposed early to civic affairs. Before starting his term, he had already spent time on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives, in committees and around the Legislature. He will use these experiences to be a strong representative for the House District 5. Durhal is also a product of a good public education. He is a graduate of Detroit Public Schools, attending Guyton Elementary, Spain Middle School and Detroit School of the Arts. He later attended Eastern Michigan University, where he studied political science and music education. Currently, Rep. Durhal is a member of the Detroit Branch of the NAACP, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and a former member of the Teamsters Local 377. He previously served on the board of the Dexter Elmhurst Community Center. He sits on the House Appropriations Committee, serving as minority vice chairman of the General Government Subcommittee and sits on the Corrections Subcomittee. - See more at:

African American Crisis Coalition ( Emergency Statewide Call)Monday April 13, 2020 @ 8pmThis call is to address the imme...
African American Crisis Coalition ( Emergency Statewide Call)

African American Crisis Coalition ( Emergency Statewide Call)
Monday April 13, 2020 @ 8pm
This call is to address the immediate & urgent crisis within our community because so many African Americans are losing their lives because of Coronavirus . This call will explain in detail the severity of the situation.

The mission of the African American Crisis Coalition is to educate The African American Community on the consistent inequalities that run rapidly through our communities. We aim to enhance the quality of life for all African Americans by inspiring, educating, and providing training on healthy living...


Over 90 Votes on the docket today in Session. Its gonna be a long day.

House Democrats Announce Budget Priorities Ahead of Snyder Proposal

Michigan House Democrats know that a budget that works for our citizens, starts with putting their priorities first.

Ahead of Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget proposal this week, House Democrats have released a video announcing their priorities for the 2018-19 fiscal year budget, ...


Yesterday I voted NO on HB 4647, commonly known as the "MPSERS bills," which attack teachers pensions and retirement. House Republicans passed this bill in a partisan fashion, without the recommendations of our teachers and House Democrats.

I was raised in a household of educators. I mention that because I know the sacrifice and struggles that teachers face daily. They often become social workers, parents, charitable providers, just to ensure the success and future of our children.

Overcrowded classrooms, lack of resources, and issues that are beyond their control are met daily with humility as they perform one of the most important duties in our society; Educating our children.

Yet, yesterday our teachers, their futures, and sacrifices were totally ignored. Politics took priority over the security of our teachers contributions, and their futures.

Instead of addressing the issue of the unfunded MPSERS debt, Republicans decided to create a plan that does not address the debt, protect teachers pensions, or encourage an environment that would be conducive for future educators.

The plan creates a "new" hybrid plan where at-least half of the risk and costs are now transferred to our local schools who are struggling, and educators who are already underpaid.

This legislation also creates plan where if it becomes underfunded, the state can raise the retirement age of educators who are greater than 5 years from retirement,

If the "new plan" becomes 15% or more underfunded and the legislature chooses to not properly fix this underfunding, than it closes completely and the state must pay for unknown billions in transition costs.

This plan kicks the can of debt down the road and adds to the ever growing problem of teacher shortages.

Teachers are one of the most important groups of professionals in our society. Until we address the disparities that they face, we are not only doing a disservice to our educators, also the children they educate.

We will continue to fight for our teachers and their futures no matter how ignored they may be by some.

#MPSERS #SupportOurEducators


Tonight, House Republican passed HB 6066, which will require and make it mandatory, that a citizen who wishes to vote MUST present their State Issued ID to vote. I spoke in opposition to this bill, as it is a direct violation of the Voting Rights Act. This bill, disenfranchises voters and promotes voter suppression. I was quoted as stating that it is reminiscent of Jim Crow Laws of the south that affected many African American voters, aka, Poll Taxes. I will continue to fight the discriminatory legislation produced by Republicans. We should make voting more accessible and easily accessed instead of placing barriers on voting.


Today on Labor Day, let us be reminded of the importance of our Labor Unions and Organizations. Without our Unions there would not have been a Middle Class as we know it, hour lunch breaks, 40 hour work weeks, paid sick time, vacations, and leave, safe working conditions, and the rights of workers to be protected and not fear for the loss of their jobs based on discrimination whether it be race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or creed.

With that being said, let us not forget that today we still fight to enjoy some of the freedoms we enjoy.

Our middle class must be protected. There should be opportunities for everyone. If someone wants to work they should be able to find a good paying job.

Women still make less than their male counterparts as a whole in non-union positions (Equal Pay for Equal Work).

The rights of workers to be protected are still under attack with legislation that is designed to eliminate collective bargaining like Right to Work, Progressive Wage, and the all out assault on our teachers.

And last but not least, we have to end the privatization of some of our most crucial services.

I will continue to fight with my brothers and sisters in Labor to protect our workers and Middle Class and I'm proud to do it.

-Rep. Durhal

#LaborStrong #ProudlyWorkingWithLabor #Organized

Rep. Fred Durhal III Offers Superintendent Amendment to DPS Bill Package

In the fight for local control of DPS for our School Board, I offered an amendment to ensure that if there is a Financial Review Commission, that it would only have the power to appoint a Chief Financial Officer, and not a Superintendent for the District.

The amendment would strike the Financial Revue Commission power to appoint a Superintendent.

Rep. Fred Durhal III Speaks Against the Final Passage of House DPS Bill Package

After a long day of fighting, attempting to stop this bad package of legislation, I could not help but to speak one more time before these bills were to be voted on. I did not plan on speaking to these bills, however, I would not be able to rest knowing that I did not paint a picture of what our students experience, and what I have experienced as a DPS student. #IAmDPS

The legislation fails to make reforms that will help kids succeed, instead focusing on state-controlled micromanagement, prioritizing charter schools and pun...

The DPS bills that were passed out of the Appropriations committee, we're not reflective of what Detroit and Democratic ...
Rep. Durhal Votes No on Harmful Detroit Public School Bills

The DPS bills that were passed out of the Appropriations committee, we're not reflective of what Detroit and Democratic lawmakers want to see. Our students, parents, and teachers deserve better.

LANSING — State Representative Fred Durhal (D-Detroit)

Today I voted NO on the General Omnibus budget. While this budget is not the worst budget to ever be passed in Michigan,...
House Democrats Want More Out of State Budget

Today I voted NO on the General Omnibus budget. While this budget is not the worst budget to ever be passed in Michigan, there are still grave concerns that need to be addressed such as privatization, no increase in Revenue Sharing to help our local communities, Pay Equity for Michigan's women, and transparency for State Government as it relates to the leak criminal defense fund for Flint. I look forward to working on improvements in this budget as it reaches the Senate and conference.

Here you will find my quote in why I voted NO on the General Omnibus budget.

House Democrats are concerned that a continued lack of funding focus on

Today was a proud day in the Michigan Legislature for me. My bill, HB 4187 has finally passed the Senate and his headed ...
Durhal Legislation Passes Senate, Heads to Governor for Signing

Today was a proud day in the Michigan Legislature for me. My bill, HB 4187 has finally passed the Senate and his headed to the Governor's desk with the anticipation that it will be signed.

This will not only mark the significance of passing my first bill to become a Public Act (law), however, this will ensure that we protect our motorist, seniors and children in neighborhoods, and our taxpayer dollars for highway signs, structures, and railroad crossings.

I look forward to passing many more common sense laws in the months to come, and I work tirelessly to ensure Michigan is a place where its citizens can live, work, be educated, and proud to call home.

LANSING — State Representative Fred Durhal III


I sponsored an amendment in Appropriations to end the privatization of the food service contracts in Michigan's Correctional Facilities. From the time food services have been contracted and privatized in these facilities, there have been nothing but issues.

There have been issues of unsafe, tainted food, that includes maggots, rodent feces, and expired food. Regardless if a person is incarcerated, they deserve to be treated as human. There have also been security issues within our prisons, that have arisen from misconduct by employees contracted that have even included a contracted hit on an inmate.

Privatization does not work. It is time that we protect our taxpayers dollars, our Correction Officers, and citizens in our state.

LANSING — State Representative Fred Durhal III (D-Detro


Today my House Bill 4187 was passed out with the recommendation of immediate effect through the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously. We are now one step closer to HB 4187 becoming a Public Act (law). This bill would provide safety for children, seniors, motorist, and communities. This bill also addresses vandalism, destruction, and the degradation of highway signs, structures, and railroad crossings.


Today we honor the memory of one our Greatest Leaders for Civil Rights in our country, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today, as African Americans we enjoy many of the freedoms that were fought for tirelessly by this great man.

Dr. King gave his life for our freedom, the ability for African Americans to be recognized equally, and also to have the same opportunities as everyone.

The sacrifices he made for us must never go in vain. The fight for education rights, good jobs, fair housing, justice, peace, and the advancement of our people, still exist today.

Some of the dream he envisioned during a tremendous struggle and fight for freedom, is something that has come into fruition. That being said, let us not forget that we still have a long way to go and that his dream in totality has not been realized.

As freedom is gained, the fight to maintain our rights and defend them while they are under attack, is equally important as achieving the rights that are deserved primarily.

All of humanity was fortunate to have such a great man walk the face of this Earth, and fight for us.

Thank you Dr. King for everything you have done, and I promise to continue to fight for the dream you envisioned and protect the victories you've already achieved.

-Rep. Durhal

As cuts are being made in Detroit Public Schools, it is imperative that we keep what is most necessary. Teachers should ...
Reps Ask Detroit School EM to Keep Bilingual Clerical Staff

As cuts are being made in Detroit Public Schools, it is imperative that we keep what is most necessary. Teachers should never be one of the first cuts looked at. Particularly bilingual teachers in communities that have language barriers.

LANSING — State Representatives Stephanie Chang (D-Detr


Happy Veterans Day to all who have served in our Armed Forces. I am appreciative of all the sacrifices that you have made to protect our Country and provide a blanket of freedom that we all enjoy. I will continue to fight for our Veterans and make sure they receive the support and care they need when they return home. Thank you for service. We are all indebted to you.


Still in Lansing on the House Floor waiting to vote against this "Roads Plan" that is not really a plan. After the Michigan Senate was done with the House Republican plan, it was clear that there would be no winning for working families and communities in the road funding debacle Republicans have created.

Instead of making the plan better, there has just been a shuffle.

I can't support a plan that will put the majority of the costs of roads on the backs of our citizens and those who are most vulnerable.

The plan is as follows:

The plan is funded by $400 million from a higher gas tax and $200 million from registration fees, a flip from the original House Republican plan, while trucks are still not charged for their weight that crumbles our roads and bridges.

And where does the other $800 million come from?

We still don’t know, which leaves public safety, education and health care at risk, with the $1.2 billion needed not even phased in until 2021.

It’s clear that the Republican idea of road funding is to hurt as many Michiganders as possible.


Happy Labor Day to the hard working men and women, who are the backbone for our State, Country, and even around the world. I am thankful for the sacrifices made to enjoy some of the rights that we have today as working Americans, and it would not be possible without our Unions. Solidarity Forever!

I am in favor of fixing our roads for our citizens in our State. What I am NOT in favor of is a plan that would cut reve...
Durhal Says Republican Roads Plan Would Hurt Communities, Residents

I am in favor of fixing our roads for our citizens in our State. What I am NOT in favor of is a plan that would cut revenue sharing to our cities, education, healthcare, services and programs to the most vulnerable in our state. My statement is below
below about the GOP roads proposal.

LANSING – State Representative Fred Durhal III (D-Detro


Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Same-Sex Marriage. No matter what one's belief is, everyone deserves equal rights and deserves to be treated fair by law. Congratulations to all the Same-Sex couples in Michigan and across the country for this historic ruling which guarantees them the same rights as everyone else. #EqualRights4Everyone


Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers in my district, my colleagues, and across the State of Michigan. Being the son of a great father, I know first hand what a father means in a child's life and the sacrifices that they make for their children. So as we celebrate Father's Day let us appreciate all they do and what they mean.


Today I voted against HB 4609 which was the elimination of the Earned Income Tax Credit. (EITC). I am very disappointed that House Republicans just voted to end the Earned Income Tax Credit. This helps low income families and working middle class families to be able to have some relief at the end of the year, and help solve some issues that affect them. Instead of attacking those who are most vulnerable, we should be examining ways to make sure everyone pays their fair share.


Today on Memorial Day, we remember all those who have sacrificed their lives to ensure that we have the freedom and safety we enjoy. I am thankful for our men and women who have served and thankful for all those who are currently serving. Thank you to the families of those who have served or are serving as well.


I would like to send a very Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in the 5th District and across the State of Michigan. As I fight for women and their rights in our State, it is important to take the opportunity to express how much their sacrifices mean. Thank you for all you do!


Fred Durhal III
Assistant Democratic Leader
State Representative
5th District


S-589 House Office Building
Lansing, MI


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Dear Rep Durhall III, SB 637 & SB 894 are unconstitutional and strip away the property, health, privacy and safety rights of the people of Michigan. By allowing an exponential increase of a possible human carcinogen into the environment, they are a violation of your oath of office. Please oppose these bills if they come up for a House Floor vote. There are safer ways to close the digital divide. I am counting on you to protect the health, privacy, and safety of myself and my family. Please message me if you would like more information on why to oppose these bills. Thank you!
House Bill 4691 will be coming up for a vote soon. It calls for a presumption of substantially equal parenting time as the starting point in custody evaluations for parents after separation or divorce much like the presumption of innocence one is afforded in every other court of law. Either party is afforded the opportunity to rebut the presumption if there are signs of abuse or neglect. This would be a vast improvement over the archaic practice of many Michigan counties where one parent is deemed ‘custodial’ and the other parent is marginalized to ‘non-custodial’ and only sees their children every other weekend and one evening per week in the majority of cases. Could you please tell your Facebook followers where you stand on HB4691? Thank You.
Thank you for your support of the Good Jobs for Michigan bills, State Representative Fred Durhal III! They will provide a critical tool to help our state attract high wage jobs.
The Good Jobs package will make creating new, good-paying jobs Michigan's #1 priority. Research shows that an overwhelming 77% of Michiganders support this legislation. A diverse coalition of over 65 major job providers, community leaders and local officials, economic development experts and labor groups from across the state also urge you to support the Good Jobs for Michigan package. It’s so critical for Michiganders, families, schools and communities everywhere. We hope we have your support, State Representative Fred Durhal III!
Dear Michigan Congressional Delegation and State Lawmakers, We believe it is time for Michigan's elected leaders to acknowledge that escalating climate impacts pose a serious threat to our state’s economic stability and the health and safety of its citizens. Current efforts to mitigate a change in climate are insufficient to avoid major negative consequences. Therefore, we request that you support solutions to protect the interests of all the people and businesses of Michigan from this threat. Please consider: Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists are convinced, based upon the evidence, that human actions have warmed the atmosphere and oceans causing our climate to change. Michigan is already experiencing climate change impacts, and they are expected to worsen in the next several decades. According to the 2014 National Climate Assessment Report, climate impacts in Michigan include increased heat wave intensity and frequency, more extreme rainfall events and flooding, and changes to our forests and certain fish species. These combined stresses are leading to detrimental effects like crop failures and decreased agricultural productivity; increased invasive species, reduced ice cover, and more toxic blooms of algae in the Great Lakes; and sewage overflows that contaminate our waterways and put increased stress on aging infrastructure in our cities. A 2015 joint report by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and University of Michigan scientists found that current and predicted future impacts of climate change are detrimental to the health of Michigan citizens, especially children, and senior citizens. The report documents increases in respiratory illnesses, vector-borne diseases like West Nile Virus, and water-related diseases in certain areas from sewage and septic failures and toxic algae blooms. Climate impacts are disproportionately impacting the health, safety and economic stability of low-income and minority communities. People with lower incomes living in urban areas are especially at risk from exposure to extreme heat and are less equipped to recover from extreme weather events that damage their homes and property. A warming climate intensifies allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems from air pollution, sources of which are often located near low-income, minority communities. Businesses of all sizes and from all sectors face serious economic risks because of climate change. Disruptions to supply chains, increasing insurance premiums, escalating energy costs and lost productivity due to power outages are all concerns. Additional public sector expenditures on hardening our infrastructure will be borne in large part by businesses due to weather disasters. Action on climate has co-benefits including reduced air and water pollution and improved public health. The U.S. Department of Defense recognizes climate change as a threat multiplier in unstable regions in the world. There are effective response options for Congress and State leaders to consider, which can be economically prudent, politically viable, and scientifically sound. Such options could substantially lessen future impacts. Michigan is well positioned to benefit economically, including more jobs, from action to reduce emissions while remaining a leader in technological solutions such as our growing solar and wind industries. Businesses will benefit from greater certainty regarding policies to address this problem. The longer we wait to act on climate, the greater, and more irreversible, will be the harm done. The world’s major faith groups and religious leaders have all made powerful statements saying that climate change is real and that we have a moral responsibility to take action to correct it. In light of the above, we urge you to support meaningful discussions and actions on climate that lead to reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses. The United States and Michigan must lead in solutions to this global problem that affects all of us.
Fred, the Good Jobs package will make creating new, good-paying jobs Michigan's #1 priority! Research shows that an overwhelming 77% of Michiganders support this legislation. A diverse coalition of over 60 major job providers, community leaders and local officials, economic development experts and labor groups from across the state also urge you to support the Good Jobs for Michigan package. It’s so critical for Michiganders, families, schools and communities everywhere.
Congratulations on the passage of your bill to honor those that struggle daily with multiple sclerosis. Your efforts and successes are to be commended.