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Heilige Energy Heilige Energy is a progressive technology based company that provides business coaching and consulting services, as well as stress management tools and techniques to support creative entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Heilige Energy is a progressive technology based company that provides business coaching and consulting services, as well as stress management tools and techniques to support creative entrepreneurs and business professionals deliver leadership and stress management workshops to corporate teams throughout the United States. Studying under Dr. Kirill Korotkov, Ken received an Advanced Certification in Electro-Photonic Imaging focusing on increasing natural cellular communication through frequency, intensity and waveform. Developing expressive modalities, energy transformation-processes, event encoding/decoding regimes, his studies led him to exploring facultative symbiosis and its relationship to the human energy field. As a Licensed HeartMath® Coach, Ken utilizes science-based technologies to identify baseline readings of your stress levels and emotional triggers. He works through scientifically-proven techniques to monitor, evaluate, and measure progress against individual goals. These techniques work together to bridge the gap between heart and science in a way that will reduce stress, build resilience, and enable you to make more coherent choices. Ken is an innovative, Bioenergetic Practitioner specializing in teaching self-regulation skills for all ages as well as practicing Quantum Medicine. With years of helping individuals and organizations develop resilience and improve productivity, Ken has the skill set and experience to work with you to develop scientifically-based bodywork and biofeedback training to enable you to create a state of optimum health. Learn to reimprint your stress response towards higher resilience and adaptability with easy to use tools.

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With this recent Jim Carrey video floating around, I keep seeing many perspectives on the topic of consciousness. I feel that just as the media can mislead us on the perspectives of truth, so can many of these articles and takes on consciousness.

Everyone in this human experience plays a role and their is no separation, we only experience the illusions of separation when we allow fear and survival (ego) to poke through.

Everything and everyone in this universe is an interconnected network of energy. All playing a role in the overall global consciousness of this human experience.

While I agree with Jim Carrey with many of his perspectives, I just can't find a way to accept that none of this matters. I do feel that many of us are focused on things that lead toward more entropy, making us feel as though nothing matters. Such as the material world, surface level awareness, which to me has always come through as a loop of chaos.

I guess what I am getting at is that we are all pure consciousness, all experiencing life with different levels of awareness of that consciousness. Consciousness is not something you find or achieve, it's what you are.

Separation is not something that can ever really be achieved, it only exists because we allow the illusions of it to manifest within our lives. We judge others when the reality is that we are all 99.9% the same. That's why it all starts with eliminating judgement of ones self.

This is a huge topic for me, always has. Seeing information floating around that is saying things like Jim Carrey found consciousness just makes me chuckle, it's like saying Facebook found Facebook.

We are pure consciousness, an interconnected web of consciousness that flows together. Every aspect of that web has its role and matters.

Black, White, Hispanic, all races and religions are connected. It's the illusion of separation that creates resistance. We are all Energy, embrace that concept. It will change the way you see this world.

And don't ever think you don't matter, there are 100 Billion stars in our galaxy alone and each and every one of them matter. We can spend forever trying to count them or we can just enjoy the light they allow us to experience. Same rules apply with each person that enters and departs from your life. Enjoy them, they are merely a reflection of you.

Join me on October 29th and 30th for a 2 Day Seminar on Choice Point - Aligning Your Purpose, this workshop is ideal for...
Align Your Purpose

Join me on October 29th and 30th for a 2 Day Seminar on Choice Point - Aligning Your Purpose, this workshop is ideal for anyone who is looking to better define their true purpose. Seats are limited - Workshop Cost $100.00 Per Person.

The Choice Point (AYP) Program helps you to:

Accurately predict ideal conditions under which your business, idea or financial goals willsucceed

Maintain confidence, calm and clarity for important decisions, even when you’re in the chaos of crisis or a whirlwind of emotions

Identify your core purpose and understand how to begin living it immediately

Experience a renewed vitality and zest for life because you’re doing what you love on a daily basis

Dramatically alter the course of your life

Spark change and inspire others, creating ripples that will affect greater amounts of people., whether or not you consider yourself a leader right now


First, you will develop the ability to forecast and identify your greatest moments of opportunity. This involves understanding patterns and the nature of cycles – from the very large global or universal cycles down to the smallest. Because whether you realize it or not, these patterns and cycles affect your life direction and ability to fulfill your purpose as much as your own personal cycles and patterns (though we’ll address those too!).


Second, you’ll want to discover your core purpose (which can evolve and change over time) and then identify the larger natural and social patterns that best support that purpose, so that you can then align with those patterns. This way they work for you, rather than against you. It’s like hitching yourself to a shooting star that will land you in the new world and life experience you desire.

When you harness your choice points by intentionally engaging these two phases of alignment, you can truly unlock the energy and wisdom you need to create and attain everything you have ever wanted in your life – success, happiness, wealth, spiritual awakening, transformation, and even global change through your own hands…


The Align Your Purpose (AYP) Program Facilitated by: Kenneth Pollin - NES Practitioner, Evidential Medium 2 Day Align Your Purpose Program ( Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm, Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm ) This 18 Step Align Your Purpose Program has been designed as a stand alone course and also has been integrat...


Entertaining ones skin pigment to establish their intent and worth of ones life is allowing the perspective of separation. We are all connected and color or belief doesn't have to divide us. We are all energy and all energy is matter, so I guess we should be saying #allenergymatters :)


Trust your heart, it has more power than you could ever imagine :)
Heart Facts:
The heart communicates with the brain and body in four ways!
1. Neurological communication (nervous system)
2. Biochemical communication (hormones)
3. Biophysical communication (pulse wave)
4. Energetic communication (electromagnetic fields)
It starts with the Heart!
Source: HeartMath Institute

Ariel Garten provides a demonstration of Muse

I am so EXCITED to announce my partnership with Muse, the brain sensing headband that helps you get the most out of your meditation practice by giving you real time biofeedback of what’s going on in your mind. Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety.


Ariel Garten, the co-founder of Muse: the brain sensing headband, takes viewers through a detailed Muse demonstration.

Handheld Pain-Relieving Device -- The Doctors

I have been getting a ton of questions on the new technology that I have implemented into my energy healing practice. The below video gives you a great explanation of the system I use and how it can benefit you in pain management. So amazing to be a part of such a progressive treatment process!!!


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