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R Neil Ferguson - Lewisville City Council I love our city. I am pleased voters have overwhelmingly elected me three times. I look forward to continuing my service on City Council so long as voters continue to believe in me as a leader and innovator. [pol.

adv. authorized by R Neil Ferguson] It is an honor to server the citizens of Lewisville. This is a job I take very seriously, and embrace with all the ethics, preparation, energy, commitment I can muster. In return, it is a job that continues to bring me a great sense of satisfaction, even when the going gets tough. Through three previous election cycles, I have been the fortunate recipient of repeat voter approval, urging me on to continue my work on City Council, assuring me that I am continuing to do right for our city, and seeking to make life in Lewisville better each day. -Neil Ferguson Lewisville City Council - Place 2


Spending my morning with Keep Lewisville Beautiful’s Spring Clean Up. Nice turnout of volunteers today.


It continues to be a great night for Keeping Tradition Alive Jam Session in WFP. Thank you to all the firefighters who came from across the country for performing, and every who is here enjoying the performance. We love our annual KTA.


“It’s easy to criticize from the stands. What’s hard is doing something. It’s not just that people like to criticize other people, it’s that they like to criticize other people when they haven’t achieved much themselves.”
- Rob Walling.


Three days of the Annual City Council Retreat are now done. As has been the trend for sometime, items are big picture, long-range. and consequently complex by nature. The to-do list collected and reviewed at the end confirms that. We have challenges to meet, but also a solid plan to address them.

I would give this one an solid A+ both for scope and depth. Time was well spent. Now we all get busy refining and implementing solutions. My hat's off to our very talented staff for all the hard work that made this brainstorming so productive, and remarkably keeping it all on schedule.


The City of Lewisville is now accepting vendor applications for ColorPalooza 2019: A Celebration of Spring, the annual outdoor arts festival, to be held on Saturday, April 6, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., in historic Old Town Lewisville. Applications are available for food vendors, artist/exhibitor vendors, food exhibitor vendors, and “Eco-Alley” vendors. Non-profit organizations are also welcomed, and encouraged to provide an interactive craft or art project in keeping with the festival theme. The application deadline is Monday, March 18.

Colorpalooza features a wide variety of exhibits and interactive events with a “spring feel” for the whole family. The festival features Chalk this Way, the annual sidewalk chalk art extravaganza; live musical performances on the Lonestar Toyota of Lewisville Stage in Wayne Ferguson Plaza; Do-It-Yourself Tie Dye; strolling entertainers; cultural group performances; midway attractions; and more.

Visitors will get to show off their artistic abilities, watch skilled artists create one-of-a-kind artwork, marvel at and create colorful sidewalk chalk art, and learn how to better care for the Earth and make their homes more environmentally friendly. There also will be emphasis on interactive events for children, including inflatable play structures and creative arts and crafts stations.

Vendor applications can be downloaded at LewisvilleColorPalooza.com. For answers to vendor-related questions, email Jamie Milstead at [email protected].

Note: To qualify as an Artist/Exhibitor vendor, all products on display must be handcrafted, hand-stitched, homemade, or manufactured by the applicant or applicant’s representatives. Examples include paintings, sculpture, pottery/ceramics, textile arts, photography, hand-carved items, handmade jewelry, bead work, up-cycled materials, mosaics, hand-sewn quilts, crafts, leather-working, metalworking, stained glass, and blown glass objects.


After reading many comments, resolutions, and quips posted on New Year's Day, this is my own simple advice for 2019 and beyond:

Whatever you do,
Wherever you go,
Whomever you meet,
Or already know:
Vow to take less,
And seek to give more.

-R Neil


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All total, I made it to 8 of the 16 scheduled Night Out apartment and neighborhood events last night, thanks in large part to Sergeant Baker, so fully one half of them had a personal visit paid from both police and one of their city councilmen.


It’s National Night Out, and like previous years, I will ride with an NRO Officer to multiple neighborhoods and pay a visit — one of my favorite annual voluntary council activities where I can connect with many folks around Lewisville.

My NRO tonight is Sergeant Joel Baker, and we will be visiting locations across his district. About to head out! First stop: Somerset Appts.

ROUTE 66 TV S2 E25 "Love is a Skinny Kid" [opening scene]

A very young Burt Reynolds was filmed in Lewisville in 1962 in a small role on the TV show "Route 66". The episode is "Love is a Skinny Kid", and Reynolds first appears starting at 5:34 (show below at center of image with head turned to right, just behind Tuesday Weld in mask).

We're in a small Texas town (again) called Kilkenny doing a lube job on the 'Vette and get attracted to a commotion involving a woman getting off a bus weari...


It is official -- there is no mathematical chance of a reversal, so I am declaring my victory in this race. I will soon begin my third full term on Lewisville City Council. Thank you to every voter who supported me, and added thanks to all who brought additional voters to the polls to vote. You proved that common sense and real results are the important factors in local government.

In as disturbing a campaign season as I can recall seeing in recent years, voters looked at what two candidates have proven they recently did for Lewisville, ignored the noise and nonsense of national talking points we don't control, examined commitments and accomplishments not credentials borrowed from others, and the majority concluded I will best serve our citizens fairly and wisely.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to a very small but highly dedicated and motivated group who helped hands-on, giving up huge amounts of their time and energy. That list begins with my wife, Jean, and my daughter, Claire. And it includes three stand-out helpers, plus three more who endured the heat and sometimes crazy hours to get the word out via one way or another. I also owe a huge debt to those who helped me fund the campaign the way I prefer: a number of small donors, because I don't accept the kind of donations that might make voters ask questions.

You know who you are, and without you on the team, I could never have claimed this victory. You also all honored my request that, no matter what, we would act honorably, and never do one single thing we would be ashamed about. You went above and beyond the call, and I owe you every inch of the success.

P.S. Less than twelve hours after the runoff polls closed, with the help of a most value worker, I believe 99% or more of my campaign signs were off the streets. It is possible a couple are still somewhere. In total, I lost close to 50% of what I began with across the past month. Most were used up after signs were initially placed, and during frequent (almost daily) reconnaissance trips to repair or replace damaged and missing signs. That recovery count includes some signs in private yards that I will get back when it is convenient. Thanks to all sincere supporters who offered to display one during the runoff, and those who either reported signs missing or needing work, or who set them upright. You helped me a lot.


I realize you have been waiting and wondering when I would post a victory statement. At this time, all the results you have read are "presumptive", based on who has the lead, but not final. Odds of the results flipping are slim to maybe none.

Let me explain. Of the 768 mail ballots were sent out, only 407 were returned as of Saturday night. The cutoff for those is today (Monday, June 18th). It is not likely that many more will arrive today, but there is no way to know until the day is over.

I also did not received the customary concession phone call from my opponent over the weekend, which would verbally acknowledged me as winner. Otherwise, that would have personally given me the go ahead to announce a clear win. But minus the courtesy call, once Monday is over and any last mails-ins show up, and they show either no significant change or additional votes for me (and I'm not worried about seven more overseas ballots that have a longer grace period to arrive, but may not show up), I plan to post a victory statement. For me, it is then done.

It has been a long (and hot) road, but I'd rather be sure, and I can wait an extra day for that.


Lewisville, TX


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