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American Donkey & Mule Society, INC The World's Largest Single Source of Information and Services for all Longeared Equines from Miniature Donkey to Mule, Mammoth to Zebra Hybrid.

ADMS houses five registry books for all types and sizes of Longears (Miniature donkey, Standard/Lg Standard/Mammoth Jackstock, Mules, Race Mules, and Zebra Hybrids). We provide information on care, feeding, training, registration, pedigree, and more.

Operating as usual


We are seeing FAR, far too many discussions in groups about whether or not to castrate male mules. This also includes donkey jacks that are going to pet homes. FIRST, no male mule should be left intact. EVER. There is zero need for him to be intact. He is sterile. He cannot breed. However, his brain (the one between his ears) doesn't know that, and his hormones will take over at some point. DO NOT LEAVE MALE MULES INTACT. They should preferably be castrated while they are still nursing, which gives them nursing on mom for support, and she will keep him moving to help with drainage and healing. Male donkeys that are not to be used for breeding should also be castrated. There is no need to keep them intact, especially if they are going in with other livestock or to be used as pets/around children. The main difference for a castration in longears vs horse is the vet must be certain to ligate (tie off) blood vessels while they are in-hand to prevent excessive bleeding.

Folks with Poitou donkeys are asked to reach out to Jeannette Beranger at The Livestock Conservancy. She can be reached ...
Heritage Breed Association Survey 2020

Folks with Poitou donkeys are asked to reach out to Jeannette Beranger at The Livestock Conservancy. She can be reached at 919-542-5704, extension 103. She is the point person for the Poitou census of American donkeys.

We are working closely with the French society to make it possible to get our donkeys registered and counted, so we're very hopeful that this new effort will aid the breed's numbers.

Also--if you wouldn't mind connecting with your membership about a survey we are doing, that would be great. The closing date is Sunday, Sept. 27th. Here's that link:

Password: askBA9970

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You will all be happy to know that finally after an hour on the phone and jumping through many, many hoops, we managed to get back into the web-builder portion of the lovelongears website and it is being updated! All the forms and fees are there, prices are correct, and we are updating anything that had a pre-2020 date on it! Huzzah!


We are having a lot of problems with incomplete and incorrect paperwork. If you are not actually doing the registration yourself (putting the donkey into your name and then transferring to the new owner) then PLEASE make sure you hand them a complete application including the back of the app. All the info they need is there, and there are a lot of new owners that are getting short-changed (not knowing about membership fees, to send photos). It's frustrating for them and for us. In addition, NO papers will be transferred without copies of a bill or sale, or a transfer form. Same applies to lost/ reissues. If you cannot produce the forms, we will not be able to transfer the papers. Don't lose them. If they are legitimately lost, you will need to apply for copies with our affidavit letter. No exceptions. Period. Too many people have abused this rule. It is not fair to us or to others.


We are still battling it out with the Post office. Due to the lockdown in the cities, we put a forwarding order on the mail. It took forever to get things. Now they won't extend it, and someone decided to put "box closed" on the box EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT. If you got mail returned, hang onto it for a week, then resend it. Now that we can travel again, we can start going to the box. We are open, the box is NOT closed, we are in business.


Yes, we are open. Working remotely, as we have pretty much done for a couple of years. The Website has all the correct information on it even though the date is off. Fees and forms are still the same, no changes. What is shown is correct. Still have questions? PM or email, [email protected]. THANKS!

Not that anyone is or should be moving animals right now, First EIA Case of 2020 Confirmedin Kleberg CountyAUSTIN, TX – ...
Outbreaks | Equine Disease Communication Center

Not that anyone is or should be moving animals right now, First EIA Case of 2020 Confirmed
in Kleberg County

AUSTIN, TX – Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) officials confirmed Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) in one horse on a Kleberg County premises on March 16, 2020. This is the first confirmed case of EIA in Texas this year.

The premises has been quarantined and will not be released until TAHC's requirements are met. TAHC staff are working closely with the owner and local veterinarian to monitor potentially exposed horses and implement biosecurity measures.

EIA is an incurable, infectious viral disease spread through blood-to-blood contact, not through close proximity or direct contact. The virus can be transmitted from an infected equine to an uninfected or “clean” equine by biting flies, the use of unsterilized or contaminated medical instruments, or through a blood transfusion. The most common clinical sign of acute EIA is fever, which often precedes the development of other signs. In chronic cases, symptoms such as weight loss, weakness, anemia and swelling of the lower legs, chest and abdomen may occur.

The TAHC would like to remind horse owners that all Texas equine participating in Texas events must have a negative EIA test, performed by a private practitioner, within the past 12 months. Horse owners should keep the EIA test document or "Coggins papers" available when traveling with horses. Contact your private veterinarian for testing.

Any additional Texas EIA cases this year will be posted on the Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) website,

For more information on EIA please visit passing along this info from the TAHC.

Updates on current disease outbreaks are listed here as they occur and will include the date listed, disease name, location and current status. Specific premises will not be named but the general location by town, county and state will be listed. When locations, events or horses are at risk they wil...


We are working remotely at this time. Our office is isolated and we have plans in place for the remote operations. Our mail will hopefully be forwarded as we are unable to physically get to the PO at this time with the large cities on lockdown.

Please continue to use the formdesk for new registrations. If you are sending in registrations via email, please put the animal name in the message header and also sign your full name to your email (this is to help us file and find things!)

We realize we ask for the original certificate back in transfers and updates. You can mail them in, but realize it may take longer if the mail is forwarded, or the PO stops (fingers crossed, they have said they are still delivering).

We will do what we can to accommodate everyone and still keep getting paperwork to you. The printer assures us they will still be on schedule with the next BRAYER, so there is still an April 1 deadline. Bulk 1 of Volume 1 and V 2 have already been mailed for those paid (and late pays) so you should have them already if not in a day or so.

We appreciate your patience and support through these times. It is very scary and difficult for us. We'll stay open and do what we can for as long as we can. Please feel free to share this message, or forward (in entirety) to those who may not be on FB. Encourage people to call to get their facts straight from us as well. Thank you,

Leah Patton, office manager, ADMS


We all work remotely at this time. We are working on everything that we already have and anything coming in via ONLINE and email. We are hoping the PO box mail will be forwarded to an easier pickup location this week (right now, we cannot get to it at all). IF you want to continue to use formdesk for new registrations, please do so. We have all the means to process these. If you are scanning and sending via email, please include the full name of the animal in the subject line, and sign your emails with your full name as well. This helps us sort emails later in a much easier fashion!

We realize we require you to return certificates for updates and transfers. That will still be the case, but you may have to delay sending them (or we might) depending on how the postal service keeps running. Our local PO assures us they are a necessary service and kept open through other problems like Bird F*lu and *An*th*ra*x, so they intend to keep going through this. We will do everything we can on this end.

If you have sold an animal and need to record the transfer of ownership RIGHT AWAY, please contact us here on FB or preferably by email, with some kind of written statement about the transfer. Include the NAME of the ANIMAL in the subject line of the email so we can find it faster. We will record the transfer electronically and generate a cover letter for you as proof for the owner if needed. Otherwise, please hold off and explain to your buyer about the situation - they should understand - registration of animals is not a vital operation right this moment, but we are going to do what we can!

Please leave phone messages as needed as well. The Bulk mail for V1 and all of V2 was mailed out already, and you should have them in a day or so if you do not. Please email (preferably) or leave a voice mail if you have not and we will check the database. For anyone you know that is NOT on FB but has questions, please copy this entire message and send to them if they have email. Otherwise, please ask them to call and get answers directly from us. We appreciate your help and patience!

Leah Patton, office manager, ADMS


As so many events are cancelling due to emergency lock-downs of mass-gathering, please directly consult the organizers of any venue if you are unsure as to whether they will be continuing in any April or later date. Thank you!

Columbia TN Mule Days April 2-5 has just announced they are canceled. This is all we know, again, check online or call venues directly, we will share if possible info comes available.


We're open! We're isolated... and remote. As long as the mail is running we're still getting your registrations taken care of and mailed! Keep sending stuff in- online is fine, too! Printer tells us Bulk1 (v1) and Vol 2 were mailed 3-4-20, but we don't know how long they will actually take to arrive. 10-14 days is a minimum, if you still haven't gotten anything after that then please email us and we'll see if we can look things up! Thanks!

PS _ a good time to reorganize your tack room, check your trailer over, file your stud reports, etc, etc.


Phone is out again, phone company looking into it, they don't know why either, except all the massive construction going on at the new lake. DO leave a message, or better yet, an email, and we'll get back to you asap.


I will be out of the office tomorrow as my brother is getting married - please leave messages on the phone, email, or here and I will get back to you asap. THANK YOU!


Looking for information - if anyone has a 1997 ADMS High Point belt buckle, would you take a look and see who manufactured it? Looking for a gent who has lost his, attempting to see if the original company might have a die still. We do not have this year in the ADMS collection. Thanks!


I (Leah) will be out of the office this next week, but there will be people handling mailout and registrations, checking the phone, and I will be checking email. Please note at this time we are unable to process Credit cards at all, so please send a check for any owed dues or with registrations. Thank you!

Producer Comments Needed for USDA Study on Payment Protection When a livestock dealer’s check bounces, should the farmer...
Livestock Marketing Association Policy

Producer Comments Needed for USDA Study on Payment Protection

When a livestock dealer’s check bounces, should the farmer or rancher who raised the cattle be able to get them back?

USDA wants to hear from the livestock industry regarding potential changes to priority in livestock dealer default situations. The comment period is open through June 24.

While most people agree producers should be entitled to repossess livestock they sold and have not been paid for, too many sellers have learned the hard way that is not usually allowed under current law. Often times, when a dealer fails to pay, that dealer’s bank takes first priority in the cattle. The Eastern Livestock default in 2010 is the best-known example of this. Eastern owed approximately $112 million to creditors, and many sellers of livestock received less than 5 cents on the dollar from Eastern.

In the 2018 Farm Bill, Congress directed USDA to conduct a feasibility study on Dealer Statutory Trust, which has been proposed by members of congress to improve seller recovery. As a part of the study, USDA is seeking public comments.

A Dealer Trust would give unpaid sellers of livestock first priority to reclaim livestock. If the livestock are resold, to a feedyard for example, the buyer would still take clear title of the livestock as they do today. In this situation, the money the feedyard paid the dealer would be the trust assets held for the unpaid seller.

Modeled after the existing Packer Statutory Trust, a Dealer Trust would provide recovery in addition to the current USDA required bonds, which average a return on claims of only 5-15 cents on the dollar. A Dealer Trust would not create a separate pool of funds or mandate changes in day-to-day business.

LMA supports a Dealer Trust and encourages the whole livestock industry to participate in the USDA comment period. Producers selling through a livestock auction market are paid for their consignments through the market’s federally required custodial account regardless of if the market receives payment from the buyer. When there is a default in these situations, instead of making a small commission for their selling services, the market ends up like the ranchers who sold to the defaulting dealer directly: unpaid for the full price of the cattle.

Other organizations that support Dealer Trust, giving unpaid sellers priority in livestock and related proceeds/receivables, include National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA), American Sheep Industry (ASI), and numerous state producer groups.

To learn more, visit To submit a comment to USDA by June 24, go to

Why Submit Comments USDA is requesting public feedback on Dealer Statutory Trust. LMA supports the creation of a Dealer Trust, which in the event of a dealer default would provide unpaid sellers of livestock priority to reclaim livestock or, if they have been resold, proceeds/receivables from livest...


So very sorry all. I have been in and ou of the ospital for the last 7 days with a life thretening emergency and am still not in the clear. Specialist to see tomorrow to see if this is over or will need surgery. We are trying to keep things running, please be patient. thnks, Leah.

Meredith Hodges

Meredith Hodges

Neonatal Isoerythrolysis (N.I.) is a condition in which the mare creates antibodies against the foal’s red blood cells, and then passes these antibodies to the foal via the colostrum. Once the foal absorbs these antibodies, they result in lysis* of the foal’s red blood cells within 24 to 36 hours after birth. This red blood cell destruction is widespread throughout the foal’s body and can lead to life-threatening anemia and/or jaundice. All legitimate mule breeders should be aware of this condition, especially because it can occur more often when breeding donkey jacks to mares than it does when breeding stallions to mares within the same species. If the hybrid foal’s blood type is the same as its mother’s, then there is no problem. However, when the jack and the mare have different blood types, and the foal possesses the jack’s blood type, there is potential for N.I. to occur. Read more about this at


Due to a death in the family, we will not be in the office on Thurs April 3. Please continue to send mail, email or leave phone messages and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.


We have been informed (luckily in advance) that our immediate area will be powerless for a minimum of 5 hours on the morning/afternoon of April 1st, as they switch over to a new power substation grid. We will not be at the office on April1st, as we feel it best to completely unplug all computer type devices and our battery backup, which would beep in confusion for hours as it searched for power. The answering machine should still work as it is digital, and emails will still come to the box. We'll answer those as soon as we have reliable power back on. Thanks!


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Is there a photo reference for color of miniature donkeys? For example, the difference between pink vs light red, white vs ivory, etc. I have a newborn white with very light buff color in patches around his body and also a light buff colored cross. The color is very faint as if hiding behind the white. What color should he be classified. Picture on cloudy morning. (Belly is dirty from being born in the rain and mud.)
Would like to share Hawaiki Stud in Victoria Australia New arrival of twins they are doing really well healthy and happy
Dear ADMS I know you can always use articles for the Brayer. I posted my story on donkey, driving and draft FB pages and people are loving it and are being inspired to get out there and try new things and not give up on their dreams. So I thought I would share our story with you in case you wanted to put it in your magazine. Thanks Trish Geer-Temecula, CA I am thrilled! When I started this journey 10 yrs ago I wanted a team/pair I could drive by myself since 95% of the time I have no one to go driving with me. I had no idea what I was wanting to do was so damn hard and uncommon. I mean we have all seen the movies and pictures of a single person working a team in a field or driving down the road. I’ve seen videos of older men driving and working teams all alone since I was a kid so I didn’t think it was all that uncommon. Boy was I wrong! I am more educated than most about equines so I did ask lots of questions and asked for lots and lots of videos. I even drove them in town and around traffic. I was promised they were well broke teams and I could do exactly as I wanted, which was to be able to harness, hitch and drive alone safely. Yeah well that did not happen. 2 teams, 2 runaways and 2 major wrecks should have sent me running the other way. But nooo I was just so damned determined. I started looking for a quite beginner team in 2010. We bought the first mule team in 2012, second haflinger team 2017 and then Kristi Bronson Kingma’s mammoth donkey team in 2018. So to finally be able to do what I was able to do a week ago Sunday is HUGE! My husband helped me harness and hitch because it’s just easier with two people. But once hitched and doubled checked I was good to go, and go we did. Some might think I spoil them with all this verbal communication, pets and hugs and then being a human treat vending machine. In my defense I don’t just give them a treat for nothing. They need to earn it. They come when I whistle, they obey verbal commands like step up, gee, haw, over, back, come, walk on, trot, easy and whoa when loose or on a loose halter and lead. And I can hand them over to another human and they will do the same. We fully trust each other now. They know I will keep them safe and not ask them to do anything that will get them hurt or put them in harms way. When a mule or donkey really loves their owner and where they live changing zip codes really puts them in a tizzy so they are not happy about the move. So it takes time for a new owner to prove yourself worthy of being their new partner and commander in chief. Then learning to work together in harmony. But we did it! Oh and yes mama’s boys will be “spoiled“ forever because they make mama so damn happy! LOL So if you have a dream don’t give up, keep trying and working towards your goal. Winners never win if they give up and walk away.
I wanted to share this with you all. I recently had a bust made of my hinny, Rojo, who passed away in June. The artist is David Bruce of JMD Ceramics. He started with a plain ceramic bisque of a mule head, which was lovely in and of itself. He surprised me by removing the classic mule ears and replacing them with smaller, quizzical hinny ears which perfectly match the photos I sent him. I did not expect him to do that. I thought I was going to have to just imagine around big ears that weren't quite right. David was very attentive to my wishes, finished the piece quickly and shipped it with enough Styrofoam to build a raft. I was very pleased. Here is the finished product, along with the pictures of Rojo I sent him to work with. The portrait is by Amber Seber. The color on the bust did not turn out as dark as I wanted; however, that's because I specified a mottled, glazed finish. David says that this finish is not as stable as his usual go-to, so shades may vary. I'll post a link to the plain ceramic bisque, so you can compare and order if you wish.
Pretty young mule at the auction yard in Bowie TX. Oh my goodness! Poor little thing. Obviously looking for mom. :(
I am considering doing an inspection to have my donkey registered. Could anyone tell me a little bit about what they are looking for in the donkey inspection? Thank you!
Mohave County residents with information as to the identity of the alleged shooter are encouraged to contact the BLM’s information desk at (928) 718-3729. Lake Havasu City resident Floriana Hanna, who advocates for animals via social media, has raised $500 in pledges for information about the shooting. The 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act makes illegal the act of injuring or killing a wild horse or burro anywhere in the U.S. Intentionally harming a wild horse or burro is punishable by fines of as much as $2,000 and imprisonment of up to one year.
Mustering wild donkeys on APY Lands to see hides bound for Singapore
Thanks for all you do!!
7 horses and 2 donkeys were shot and killed in Missississipi yesterday. A total of $7500 in reward money is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of this crime.
Joseph takes first place in formal class at Hants County Exhibition Nova Scotia Canada thanks bits and bridles for the cooler
Ranch and Farm World is seeking Affiliates in all parts of the country to assist us in our efforts to ensure every resource is available at the tip of your fingers. We currently have over 50,000 listings from all corners of the country. It is time to Monetize these listings as well as adding more to our site. is your ONE stop Website for All Things Ranch and Farm.... Launched almost 14 years ago, it has been a Free Resource to the industry. If you have a Passion for the Industry this country was founded on, contacts in the industry and a desire to make money while helping folks out, send us a private message with your background, interest and a phone number. We will contact you and discuss the opportunities!